Love Poems About Abc or Abc Love Poems
by Cecil Hickman |
Categories: devotion, faith, hope, inspirational, life, peace, uplifting

(abc) Devotion

All beliefs can defeat evil forces
Greatly healing individuals
Joining kindness, love
Many now owning passions
Quoting realistic sacrament
Taking ultimate victory
With Xanadu yielding zest

by Michelle Morningstar |
Categories: mother, mother daughter,

Motherhood Defined

Awe inspiring moments
Beautiful, blissful mess
Chaotic confusion; Calamitous
Devotion, broken hearts healed
Mother's love revealed

by Kurt Ravidas |
Categories: love, relationship,

I Love You But I Don'T Know Why

I love you but I don’t know why.
I love your lips which seem too thin
for a kind person, your grey-green
deceitful eyes which are too dry
and too unmerciful to cry
for broken hearts. I love your skin
which chilly whiteness is akin
to fallen snow in hot July. 

I love your blush when I begin
to talk of the engagement ring
which I allegedly have bought. 

I love you but I don’t know why
I love. The only thing that I
don't love is that you love me not.

A modified French sonnet (abba abba bbc Aac)… Hm, wait a sec, that's what I'll call you! A French abc-sonnet :3

by Victor Immanuel |
Categories: 1st grade, love, poetry,

Love Hardened

I would o'erstare the sternest eyes that looks,
Outbrave the heart most daring of crooks,
Pluck the young sucking cubs from the she-bear,
Mock lions when they roar for a prey that stare,
In as much as I proclaim all these all through,
I won't bite more than I can chew
And if there's ever an heavyweight greater than this pound,
I'll run as far as God has any ground,
Only in the arms of my eternal flame
Cos my love for her will ever remain the same.

Vick Manuel Poetry {VMP}
Copyright ©2019.

by Stephen Crenshaw |
Categories: 12th grade, 7th grade, 9th grade, america, appreciation, art,

Affordable Health Care

America believed "Congress"decided effortlessly for giving health incentive justification,"knowing" love may not open prior questions regarding special things under vague wrong xenophobic yearnings zonked!!

by Isaac Addison |
Categories: art, black african american, passion, me,

Inside the African Pot

In her eyes i saw me,
the very inner man that vanished from this earth,
here i am laughing from the depth of my very soul,
unearthing the spirit that was covered with a pot.
tell me my love, to whom do i owe this gratitude
when the hunter now hunts with his catapult
the gun then becomes bored to shame.

the days of the hamattan ceased to flourish
the moment of endless rain is dew
when we will cover our lonely bodies with garments
that are made of sacks of gold dusts,
and lie solemnly in our huts
waiting to see tomorrows face.

tell me my pot of gold
to whom do i owe this gratitude,
that has shielded my feet with sandals,
quenched my belly with food
tell me! so i may praise aloud.

by Yohan Mantilla |
Categories: friendship, hope, life, love, me,


since i met you my days are begin working
as a solar clock, i'm the rock
and you are the light that iluminates me and make me work
without moving every day, every night for you i'll be waiting
i know that some day u'll come to stay near me
and together we always be
no matter what happen
no matter what others think about us

by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: teenage,

The Abcs of Puberty

Altered, boisterous, confounded, disruptive, energetic, fine-tune, growing.
Hyper, inquisitive, jokesters kindling love, mystified. 
Nervously obsessive, pubescences question radical substance, surprising.
Teasing, uncontrollably visiting wild, xanadu youthful zest.  

Copyright October 15, 2014

by Can Yucel |
Categories: sad love,

I Gave Up On You Be Overjoyed

You dont have to do the things that I like anymore
you can come home at what gour you want
you can stay awake on the street and never go home what do I care
Im tired of loving waiting worring and missing you
find yourself another hero I became history for you along time ago
I gave up daydreaming about you I burnt your photos I threw away your belongings
maybe it wasnt as eay as I thought but I have come to accept it
I gave up everything not just you everything that contains you

by Yohan Mantilla |
Categories: friendship, happiness, hope, inspirational, lost love, love, night, night,

Hiden Star

the last night i've seen you in the sky, it was dark and you were bringing light, i've
seen you at the same time i've seen some others stars, all similars, i almost got comfused
with them all but night by night i was seeing all those stars were moving or just not
lighting anymore and you were still there, night by night i looked for you, i didn't know
that you were my star.

by Megan Creecy |
Categories: family, feelings,

My Little Nephew

It made my day
To see you smile
I want to cry
As day by day 
You get bigger
You stuck out your tongue
Opened your big blue eyes
My little nephew
I sure do love you

by Jason Schropp |
Categories: business, conflict, freedom, grave, money, power, symbolism,

Hip Hop Won'T Die

some days I'm neither decisive nor constant still in mid step advancing parallel combining 
 due stress pre-tense in depth, feign fair, fair is not love nor hate,objecting 
 lines turning war torn due reputations proceeding by stride and sweat pourn ,
 but the clocks  harder at  self gaining advantage and foolish lost to 
 insincerity,  caused by quotes barley  examples of thought misunderstood .

by Olufemi Oloye |
Categories: betrayal, crazy, deep, emotions, friendship, funny love, mystery,

Irony of Life




by Patience Jones |
Categories: dad, roses are red,

Roses Are Red

Roses are Red,

Sunflowers are tall,

My Father is the greatest, Daddy of all.

He is great with computers,

Can fix anything,

Will take me to the park and push me on the swing. 

I love that Daddy taught me to ride my bike,

Its my favorite hobby with him at night.

Written by 10 year old Joelina Jones

by Brittney Lopez |
Categories: absence, age, angel, april, baptism, beautiful, beauty, bible, birth, blue, boat, body, books, boyfriend, bridal shower, flower, for her, forgiveness, freedom, funny, games, garden, girlfriend, goodbye, graduation, poetry, voice, wisdom, women, words, writing, youth,


You send bolts through my skin 
something I was never to 
accomplish with you, when I 
saw you it's like my heart sank 
to my stomach and I was in 
shock my body still my body 
heavy felt like when I moved I 
was about to fall to my knees 
you make me want to get 
inside my brain pick you up and 
take you out pick you one by 
one like a flower because I do 
love you and love you not.

by Kenyan Poets Lounge For Poetry And Poems In Kenya |
Categories: allah, angel, caregiving, christmas, courage, dream, faith, religious,

A Healthy Kenyan Ego Poem

A huge ego breaks off love’s embrace,
A tiny ego slips off love’s embrace,
No ego, no embrace of love!

A selfless ego suffocates from love’s embrace,
A selfish ego wards off love’s embrace,
No ego, no embrace of love!

A super-visual ego overshadows love’s embrace,
A deep-seated ego is colonized by love’s embrace,
No ego, no embrace of love!

A healthy ego humbly looks above,
A healthy ego can lead and also serve...

Its nerves know not pressured blood,
But developing it is almost hard!

by Mirian Parrilla |
Categories: life, self, love, me, self,


being me not self centered 
Caring and kind hoping to find 
The best there is in human kind
Trying not to be judgmental 
At the same time be conversational
Trying to see both sides as a one 
Often conceded as soft hearted 
Taken to the heart 
Often known for a few tear jerker’s 
Funny humors to the core 
Less often a bore 
Love to have around 
To brake a frown
Always willing to lend a hand
Love giving not receiving 
Patience in life’s everyday situations 
Great listener ready to give good feed back
A survivor not a fighter 
A forgiver not a forgetter 
Strong minded protective when it comes 
To the ones I love 
To sum it all up I am just me myself and I 
I love being my self 


by Reginald Telemacque |
Categories: dad, family, father, father son, inspiration, inspirational, thank you,

A Great Man

You've worked so hard to make ends meat 
You've sacrificed a lot to make sure that we got an education 

You've made many bad decisions in the past but I know it was all in good intentions

You've always been there for us and you never left 
You made sure that we had a warm meal and a blanket on our chest 

You've shown your strength even in times of weakness 
I admire your courage, you're full of ambition 

For all your sacrifices I may not be able to repay you
But to make you proud I intend to do 

I appreciate you for all that you've done 
I pray you are granted long life from the One up above 

You are a great man
Father I love you

by Andrea Morris |
Categories: abuse, bullying, childhood,

A Child Called It

A tear roles down my face
As I try to forget about time and space.
I count the bruises, the broken ribs.
And I think about the life I live. 
These marks and scars will never leave
And I will still have the terrible memories.
As I ponder over what my mother says
The words "you are a bad boy" run threw my head.
I do everything my mommy asks
But she still wont love me back.
She makes me sleep in the basement
This cold, dark room is where my sleeping time is spent.
She starves me for days
And I just wish my life away.
She has burned me, and cut me but never cared.
The only thing she gives me is evil glares.
I hope someday I can leave this place.

by Cheryl Rogers |
Categories: trust,

Leadership of Trust

Follow Me and don't look back, please walk upon your knees...
To peace that's yours each prayer you say, each step you take for Me.

I'm the Alpha and the Omega, beginning and the end...
I'll stand you up each time you fall, your strength I'll build again.

My robe I'll use to wipe each tear you shed from pain...
With each wipe, I'll bless your heart, My love in you'll gain.

by Adalyn Diaz |
Categories: fear, girlfriend-boyfriend, hope, life, love, teen, urban, me, me,

More Then Just Pleasing

I want someone I can kiss.
Someone I can wrap my arms around.
Someone to undress me.
Someone to cover my mouth
so the neigbors cant hear a sound.
Someone to make me drip with lust.
Making me beg for more is a must.
Someone whos tounge makes me sensitive to every touch.
Someone whos so rough and yet gental that to the sheets 
I clucth.

And when its over....

I want someone I can kiss
Someone I can lay with.
Someone who will stroke my hair.
Someone who will hold on tight.
Someone who will never leave.
Someone who I more than just need.
And for every reason they stay 
In every way I know 
Its more than just pleasing.

by Mushinge Kabwe |
Categories: crazy

The Perfect Man

The perfect man is gentle 
Never cruel or mean
He has a beautiful smile
And keeps his face so clean.
The perfect man likes children 
And will raise them by your 
He will be a good husband to 
his bride the perfect man loves 
cooking, cleaning and 
vacuuming too. He'll do 
anything in his power to convey 
his feelings of love on you. 
The perfect man is sweet 
Writing poetry from your name 
He's a best friend to your 
mother and kisses away all 
your pain, never has he made 
you cry or hurt you in any way. 
Oh f**k this stupid poem 
The perfect man is GAY .. Lol 

#mk blaze#

by Boitumelo Mailula |
Categories: simile, smile,

Captured Thoughts

Captured thoughts,
A capturer on a Friday night,
Mind away from the body,
Lost in a dance the mind is,
Stationary is the body.
Feet taping to no sound,
Laughs to equip the mood,
Capturers we are,
Gathered to one thought.
The only time minds agree,
Through the week we disagree.
Friday night the mind is one.
A rhythm to the mind,
Friday is the tune.
Unity of the night,
Imagine if ‘Love’ was ‘Friday’.
How much couples will agree,
How groovy the mood will,
A Friday relationship every day,
Love so groovy…

by Nishita Karulkar |
Categories: grandparents,

Grand Parents

GRANDPARENTS!!!To talk with grandma, 
it feels little surprised,
She sits there on a silly old chair, tapping her  feet.
She is weak and looks very thin, 
it makes me sad to see her so,But that life is brought to her by a terrible low.
 To walk with grandpa, it feels very funny,
His steps are small as ours.
He never says hurry up, he always takes his time.
He is the person genius in games.
 Grandparents have different supply of special stories.
Yet, they have time to wipe our tears and make us laugh.
We can share moments of our life,As extra measures of their love…


by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: sensual,


Amour, being capricious, dictates
    emotions from gratified hearts, 
        intertwined joyously, keeping
              love momentous.
Noting opposite’s prior
    quintessential reticence,
  sensual teasing unleashes visceral,
            wondrous X-rated, youthful zeal.

September 24, 2015

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