Love Poems About My Child or My Child Love Poems
by Line Gauthier |
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My child,
As you climb
Life’s journey
To the best of my ability
I will have your back
And steady your ladder
Always I will encourage you
So whenever you look back
You will see my smiling face
Supporting and proud
Cheering you on
Unwavering I will be
At the foot of your ladder

Published in my 24-page photo/anthology ~A CHILD'S WORLD~ 2020

AP: 1st place 2020

Submitted on April 23, 2019 for contest THE SMILE AT THE FOOT OF A LADDER sponsored by CRAIG CORNISH

by peter walsh |
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Fairy Tales, Angels and Cuddles

What would we do without Cuddles 
They help us to get out of muddles 
When we're feelin' down, they replace a frown 
And they fill us so full of Love Bubbles 

Beethoven, Sparkles and Lulu 
Far greater than anything Tragic 
Eeyore, T-T-Tigger and Pooh 
In Dreams that are filled full of Magic 

Angels are made for believin' 
Even if we've never seen them 
They mind us at night, when we shut our eyes tight 
And they help the Dream Fairies to Weave them 

by Nedra Wilson |
Categories: mother,

Job Well Done

Job Well Done

Momma, when you died I ask God 'Why'
He answered me quickly 'HER JOB IS DONE'
I started to cry pleading out to God
'That's my mother and I love her Dearly'.
God simply wispered close to my ear
'That's my child and I love her Dearer'.
I did'nt give up moma I CRIED out more 
'I want to make her happy in life
and give her things that's nice'.
I heard a strong voice right close
to My ear no wisper just clear.
I understood momma than and there
that there's nothing on earth 
good enough for you here.  By: Nedra Wilson {NOLA Poet}

by Veronica Aicher |
Categories: son, people, people,


A telephone that seldom rings
So many songs I never sing
I open the door, but no ones there
Where are all the people who say they care
The world outside keeps going by
As I look out the window and try not to cry
Where did all the people go?
The ones I love, I miss them so
Long days turn into night
It's oh so lonely till early morning light
If I could only be what I used to be
I know how proud you'd be of me
But only then do I realize
The lord is very very close by
Then as I wipe away a tear from my eye
I hear him say, my child do not cry
And then I'm happy like I used to be
Because I know he's here for me

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: uplifting, love,

I See Beyond

I see beyond the clothes you wear, The color of your eyes and hair, The things you both love and deplore, Your status, education, or All other worldly things. I swear. . . My love for you cannot compare To any other’s. I’m aware Of what you need that you might soar! I see beyond. You are my child; when in despair, You need to know how much I care. I understood your soul before Your earthly sojourn! Evermore I’ll guide you. Come to me in prayer; I see beyond!
For Paula Swanson's Poetry Contest: I See Beyond

by angela lee |
Categories: family, happiness, love, god, god, love, me, time,

My Man

There was a time I had
Give up on men,
I prayed oh lord I’ll
Wait on the man you send

In ’93 God sent me the
Man of my dreams
His heart was made of gold

He fell in love with my child
And we had our ups and downs
But kept us together any how

In ’94 we where married
In ’95 I bared our son
That wasn’t a lot of fun

Since then time flew by
And God kept him in my life
Our love is stronger than it ever was

Just know you are the half
That makes me whole and
I will love no matter where 
You go

Dedicated to my hubby,
Whose in Iraq serving his country

                                                        Angela Lee

by Charles Henderson |
Categories: faith

Afterglow II

Day fades quickly into night.
I try, but cannot fight.
Life wanes with no respite,
I pass into the light.

Far below, I hear the roar
of waves that brace the shore.
I pass the lofty eagle’s soar.
God calls, I am no more.

Instead, I pass with awe and grace,
through time and finite space.
I am a form, no shape, no face.
Yet, not alone in this strange place.

Within myself, I feel god hover.
I am my wife, my child, my brother.
I am the love of father and mother.
I am myself alone, yet altogether, one another

© Feb 20 2010	Charles Henderson.

We all wonder about God, death and an after life.  These are some of the answers I have 
reconciled in my musing.

by Wilfredo Derequito |
Categories: introspection, nature

Pasture of Green

Come to my pasture of green,
this place that I love so well;
come and share all its bounty - 
every plant, flower and tree.

Come to this meadow of green,
harvest the fruit from the vine;
watch the rain gently falling -
silvery as a dew in the morning.

As I look at the beauty around me
I see just how much He loves me.
I'm blessed with His gifts on earth -
the seasons, plains and valleys.

Lay down in my pasture of green
to gaze at the clouds high above,
hear His voice from the hillside
softly calling "My child, I am here."

Come to the woods, see His face
etched on a tender, young leaf,
revealed in a brook's peaceful sigh,
whispered by the wind's lullaby.

by Panagiota Romios |
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My Daughter

One can have money, riches and diamond rings.
Searching in stores for resplendent things~
But a loyal and loving daughter cannot be bought.
She's God's gift to me, that I
 never sought.

When friends and family leave,
She knows how fully I grieve!
A knock on the door I do not expect,
There she stands with a special gift.

Her endless and enduring love I don't deserve.
Nor her constant friendship like a bubbling brook.
Her brown eyes and sparkling smile,
Enable me to walk all lonely miles.

She is in my heart, she is my child!

by Sarah Jane Smith |
Categories: love,

Love that guy

My guy
strong and handsome
Wipes away my fears
Takes away my pain
His kiss is heavenly
His touch is sensual
Without him I would be lost
He loves me more everyday
Every day I love him more
He is my hero
All that I need
My lover
Father of my child
Just waiting for him to propose-of course I would say yes

25 September 2015

by Anna Hopper |
Categories: growth, i love you, mother daughter, my child,

Grow for Molly

Grow tall
Grow your horizons, wide
Grow up
Grow on the inside
Grow yourself, all around
Tower above me
And smile down
You can grow, rapid
Or you can grow slow
Grow at your own pace
As long as you grow
Grow a little
But baby please
Don’t grow away

by Sandra L. Weiss |
Categories: child, love, motivation, parents, voice,

Always and Forever

If you leave, my heart will follow you.
When you cry, I shed your tears.
If you have no voice, I will speak for you.
When you are lonely, I am your companion.
When life is difficult, I will lead the way.
If you have an enemy, I will fight for you.
When you are lost, I will always find you.
If you are afraid, I will comfort you.
If you haven't found love, you have mine, until you do.
When I leave, my soul will follow you.

For you are always and child.

by Constance La France |
Categories: life,

Free Form Sonnet - Love

I heard you whispering all night listening your handsome face picturing your hand strokes my hair and you kiss my tear and forever love I declare in the distant other words and the song of birds the most beautiful heard and a soothing voice came to proclaim my child leave the pain give love to the Lord he will become your sword ___________________________ January 2, 2020 Poetry/Free Form Sonnet/Love Copyright Protected, ID 120-1213-453-03 All Rights Reserved, 2020, Constance La France Written for FFI Blog Series 53 - sonnet FF Brian Strand Podium Place 1

by Constance La France |
Categories: birth, death, life,

Love Cast A Spell

At my birth a ringing, to mother's heart I was clinging- I loved her smell. She taught me what was best, and to my child head a kiss pressed- Love cast a spell. And when her life ended, was I, who with love attended- Weeping farewell. __________________________ May 29, 2020 Poetry/Rhyme/Love Cast A Spell Copyright Protected, ID 20-1256-606-03 All Rights Reserved, 2020, Constance La France Written for Triple Stanza Couplet Tail-Rhyme Contest sponsor, Charles Messina (birth,life,death) Third Place

by Sharon Gulley |
Categories: bridal shower, daughter, devotion, memory, mother daughter, my child, wedding,

Daughter Of Mine

 Beautiful Daughter full of grace
 I pray that time caresses your face.
 Today is only ribbons and bows,
 Tomorrow it will be life and all for you
 it holds.

 Silk and satin, then leather and lace
 candy covered kisses, dance class and
 all the silly faces I hope I never miss.
 Then someday you will stand up tall
 all in white you will pledge in your wedding
 trend and beside you will stand the man who
 promises to love until the end.

 I will go back to today, when I was watching
 you as you played and I'll then give a smile for
 I'll know how precious you are to me, then and now.

No matter what tomorrow brings along,
My love with be with you, your whole life long.

by Christina Holmes |
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Priceless pearl
my hidden diamond
love's sweet jewel

Heaven sent
Angelic countenance
Beauty so pure

Lovely daughter
your character delights
my devotion forever

Heartbeat on screen
My unbelief ceased
the moment
first squeezed my finger

by Richard Palmer |
Categories: funny, happiness, history,


Always find things to laugh about,
Laughing makes us stress free,
Nice things are not always, the first that we see,
So lots of time,we tap into great memories,
Remember when you fell from your bike or a tree,
Got bit by a bee or bullied by Tommy,
Running to the house,screaming daddy or mommy,
Sorry my child,a comforting hug,
Soothing the pain,with parents love,
They ruffled your hair a pat on the back,
Got it dressed and then a snack,
Now smile or laugh at the thought,
How sad things of the past,now makes us laugh.....

by Tonytocaa Camacho |
Categories: farewell, goodbye,

Farewell my child

At Gateway yin

Long sham temple

Pink laced Taipei doll

 Sealed Carmine red lips 

Chiseled etched 

Fine porcelain 

From the four 

Corners horn 

Erected  during 


Dragon tail rains 

Swept gale winds

Funnel golden sand

Through pearly whites

That smile no more

Slighting the whitest Pearl

Ever Beautiful

Lifeless love soul

Dress eroded salty seas 

Passages are lingering..


by Latosha Mitchell |
Categories: child, dad, father, fathers day, men, my child, son,

A Father in His Eyes

You are a father in his eyes
An angel in disguise
And even though your blood does not run through his veins
The love and care that you give, it stains.

What more of a gift to give a young boy who is very impressionable
Than an excellent, positive role model to look up to

You have captured his world
And made time to be a part
So much that he has created a home for you
In his heart

I want to thank you for being the perfect father figure to my child
And all that you do.
On this day and always
I am grateful for you.

by Ernesto P. Santiago |
Categories: faith, familystars,

I'm Just A Phone Call Away

When feeling lost, you know what to do

The heavenly stars 
warmly wink, like my eyes
to guide you

On the road you’ve taken, I let leaves tango 
with the wind, so you’ll perceive my presence

And, the cicadas chant 
with the river of hope. Their song’s my voice
to give comfort 

Hey, the stars want you to look at them
so they can snap a picture of you 

When the night is heavy 
they uplift the body from despair, for the soul 
to soar, like eagle, free

My child, know that I love you

by Brent Cloyd |
Categories: daughter, i love you, life, my child, nostalgia, princess,

Her Name Is Brittney

Brave hearted, an ambitious soul

Raving beauty, tip of the knoll

Intellectually tops the poll

Thoughtful friend, able to console

Thinker, for deep answers she’ll troll

New adventures in her life stroll

Exceptional, she has big goals 

Yearns for actions that make her whole

by Laura Mckenzie |
Categories: husband, love, passion, me, me,

To my husband

It’s the way you look at me
With that little stare 
It’s your kind loving touch 
That shows me you care
It’s your support for all do and share
It’s your commitment to our marriage 
That lets me know you’ll always be here 
It’s your faith in God that makes everything clear 
It’s the way you care for my child 
When she is sad or confused 
It’s your compassion as a lover 
That keeps me mused 
It’s your shimmering smile 
That makes it all worthwhile 
It’s your love for all living things
That makes you shine like twelve kings 
It’s all this and so much more
That makes me glad I have you to adore 
Loving you is so much more

by Darlene Smith |
Categories: blessing, culture, good night, native american, night, sky, spiritual,

I Am Here

I Am Here

When you wish upon a star;
You are given love from afar.
From the place where our peoples reside;
Star Peoples , we never denied.
When you wish upon the moon;
Those that were gone all too soon.
Awaken to hear your voice;
Keeping watch, by their choice.
When you wish upon the sky;
Ancestors will realize.
That you send up smoke and prayers;
Acknowledging, they are still there.
When you wish upon the Spirit World;
Whether you be man, woman, boy, or girl.
Great Spirit answers your song;
"I am here my child, you are not alone."

Darlene Doll Smith

by Roger Horsch |
Categories: child, love, mother, my child,

A Mothers Promise

I promised I’d always love you
from the day I gave you birth.
I promise I will love you more
Than anything on Earth.

I promise I will be there
Every morning when you wake.
I promise the love I give to you
I’ll never, ever take.

You are my life... You are my joy
You’re everything to me.
I promise I will do my best
and someday I hope you’ll see.

How God had finally answered my prayers
By blessing me with you.
I’ll always be there ‘til the day I die
‘cause my love for you is true.

by Ryan Farmer |
Categories: tree,

My Tree

My Tree, 
My child,
From seed to sprout
Then twig to bough
From shade to light
Together upward t`ward the sun
From hope to faith then love,
Embrace my death, 
And grow with me.