Love Poems About Memorial Day or Memorial Day Love Poems
by Zamreen Zarook |
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Fake Words

Fake Words – Zamreen Zarook

God have given us mouth,
Not to speak to north and south,
Tongue is given under an oath,
So it’s our duty to protect them both.

Girls chat fake with boys,
Having a notion that the boys are toys,
They often make varied noise,
Thinking to keep a trap on handsome guys.

Boys are also human being,
So it’s not possible being clean,
Things varies in the way they are seen,
So positive thinking will make you keen.

Boys’ minds are pure,
As it is pure bio,
So don’t try to pour vino,
Which will take decades to get cure.

by David Palmer |
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For Memorial Day

Upon my life, I do declare, my dear,
My Darling, Elizabeth, that I do
Love you from the depths of my soul to the
Greatest reach of my fingertips, from where
My boots tread, to the lengths my heart can reach.
My most Precious One, my heart sank like stone
Descending lost in murkiest shadows
With each tear coursing down your lovely cheeks.
I would never volitionally choose
To leave your side, for intertwin’d our souls
Remain. The Enemy charg’d, our line held,
Yet I took shrapnel in my chest. Still my 
Fondest desire is to see your face
And kiss away your deep clouds of sorrow.

by Sarita Milliner |
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Memorial Day Tribute

Memorial Day Tribute

Memories of the Men and Women, who served,
Emotional tributes so well deserved.
Moments of solitude with thoughts preserved,
Outpours of love so vividly observed.
Revolutions of dangers you so bravely swerved,
Inhibitions and fears suppressed and reserved.
Always ready to protect, even the undeserved,
Loyal to a fault, with energy conserved.

Dedication and valor are the pins you ware,
Attributes of service, loyalty beyond compare.
Your selfless acts of duty, always remembered through prayer!

Written By: Sarita A. Milliner © 5/30/16

by Mazhar Butt |
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Love,Life and Death

Life and death
Are mysterious things
You love a living one
in your Heart, 
By your heart 
You also  love a dead one
But in your Mind, in your memory
When your beloved is no more 
When she is dead
Your love shifts places
From Heart to Mind 
You want her corpse to be removed
as soon as possible 
and buried, burnt in fire
Or left to the vultures
depending on what last ceremonial plan
 you believed in 
and chose to perform
Living ones are loved 
Dead ones too 
but death is so scary 
that whenever someone dies
one tries to get rid of him atonce!

by Jessie Conner |
Categories: absence, inspiration, memorial day,

A Memorial To All

to remember is 
never to forget
it's a day of love
and quite a bit
Focus on the fallen
and hear them 
calling out
to speak their stories
out loud

the people who 
fought to keep us alive
every day we 
know they tried

some succeed 
some failed
we remember them all
to all we hail

hail our love
and heart's to all
to those who fly and
those who fall

by Christopher Bunton |
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Solemn Rows Of Ivory Stone,

Etched In Blood Of Those Gone Home,

To Be With Him.

Never Ending Flow Of Love,

From The Place That Is Above,

Reminds Us Of Them.

by Dorian Petersen Potter |
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Lighting a Candle - a Word Sentence Acrostic Style

~Lighting A Candle~
(Word / Sentence  Acrostic )

LIGHTING a candle for all those who have died
A most thoughtful and kindly request done, since lighting a
CANDLE is the least, we can  do,
FOR those who have sacrificed their life and all, so
THOSE of us can live in a better place.Let’s remember those fallen heroes 
WHO have died in all the wars, who, 
HAVE fought so bravely in the name of love, peace & freedom and 
DIED.Let's never forget it and so let's pray for World peace.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


~Author's Notes:

My very humbled tribute to all the fallen war heroes.

by Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu |
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Your Kiss From Heaven

My heart longs to hug
and to snug
In ur warm arms.
Not to be left in darkness.
We used to snog
On the large log,
Feeling ur tenderness
And every sweetness
Of yours lips.
Your swaying hips
Astounded my senses.
There are no pedestals
Reserved in the heavens
For girl wit such outlooks.
You exist in my fantasy
Visiting in my fantasy,
For a gem I have lost.
Heaven's taken my best.
I need no other kiss
But your kiss
From heaven.

by Tom Valles |
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Maternal Blessings

Who first gave to us the gift
Of how to love each other?
Was it not from infancy,
We gleaned it from our mother?

Who first gave the loving touch
Of tenderness and care?
Was it not a daily gift
Of mother being there?

Who first kissed us on the cheek,
Who studied every trait?
Who would work and toil for us
And who would always “wait.”

Who would stop to listen
And who would kneel to pray?
Who would show the Savior’s love
Day, by day, by day?

From birth until the grave
We forever gain so much,
By laying hold of mother’s love
Like she laid hold of us.

by Liam Mcdaid |
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Halloween Night

Dearest brother in Heaven
I pray for you always
especially this time of year
as you are so very sadly missed
In everything we say and do
you live forever
inside peal drops
In a part of our heart's
held very precious dear bro
Every prayer 
wishing you happiness 
filled with joy dancing 
with the angels  

My brother drowned this night pulls  heavy in sadness Halloween night whilst on holidays with his children in Majorca a sad family time of year

by John Paluszek |
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Running, after more than you, can hold.
Taking, someone else’s love, and leaving.
Children are fearful of what they’re told.

Can’t you see I’m the one who’s freezing?
I was just a child with a trinket 
Never knowing that it’d be, more to me

When you were gone to, too far, from me.
Steady with your hands close to my heart
Never letting our world’s tear us apart

I know, your icicles 
I miss the beaches that we played on
You missed the child in your own eyes

Now you’re gone, 
But I’m still not here.
Why can’t you wake up 

I’m not ready
Please, just take your time, don’t leave now
I can’t fight this world alone.

by Trevor Mcleod |
Categories: appreciation, beauty, bereavement, blessing, love, memorial day, passion,

The Rainbow

The rainbow was a token in the sky
to monitory value claiming none.
A beauty radiating through the sky
with colors raying light unto the sun.

A rainbow for the feelings in our heart.
Where hesitation's telling us to wait.
Our breath held back in aww of what's to come.
And time been stopped to gather up our fate.

The moment time has gone and changed forever.
And promised there'll be better days ahead.
The rainbow calling all of us to whisper:
there'll never be a better place instead.

by Kurtis Scott Aka Curtis Futch Jr |
Categories: adventure, memorial day,

Hear the Bells

they ring they sing
some ping
the reason
its love season
to share and to care
and the sick to get well

by Davina Browne |
Categories: blessing, family, fantasy, memorial day,

The Sky Above

say it loud, 
to the sky’s, 
say it proud, 
to the clouds, 
say you no longer, 
want this pain, 
sing it loud,
to the clouds,
 scream it high, 
bring down the sky, 
pray heaven lands safe on the earth, 
just for a day or maybe a while, 
we can see our love one's and smile,
 just like visiting hours,
 they fly by and all too soon,
 you will have to say goodbye

by Rizwana Bhurani |
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Personal Memories

"Somewhere over the rainbow we'll play", is baby Ella's clarion call, Doting Aunt agrees and starts with La Ti Do Re Mi Fa Sol, Tiny fingers move, full of questions, curiosity, in her wonderland small , Busy get the twosome, a session filled with love and music all, Magnum opus of the duette is soon due to enthrall. Contest - Personal Memories Sponsor - Laura Loo Date- 25/03/2016 Picture #2 re-enter for -Best of LAURA Loos 15/09/2016.

by Nilofar Shaikh |
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Important Date

Just as usual so many times I wrote today's date,
On the board, my diary, books, papers etc,
Wherever it's important to state,
I had completely forgotten about it off late,
There was nothing for which I was to wait,
Yet my mind started thinking at a faster rate...
What was so significant ? What was so great?
I got my answer straight,
Before the sun could set,
And I just smiled.... Hey it was 8 ... 
A special day written in bold on my heart's slate,
It was when not just our eyes but our lips also met,
I am glad it is a part of my fate,
I wished to share the same feelings with you ,
My darling My soulmate....

by Surajit Dahal |
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Lovely Were Those Days

I dream of lovely days,
The day I met you,
The chat we had, the love we shared
Jubilant were those ways.

The moment you called me up, 
Delicious was the tea,in my cup
Terrified were I, shocked and shiver,
Rattled with the waves of happy river.

We talked night and the day,
So much to talk, so new to know,
Sitting by the beach or the bay,
Cuddling by the chilling snow.

by Tom Valles |
Categories: dedication, devotion, freedom, independence day, memorial day, military, patriotic,

The Patriot

The U.S. has a heritage
Born of might and blood.
I will not disinherit it
For wrongs some fools have done.

I will stand with hand on heart,
For those who fought for me.
I rise devoted as a part
Of a nation proud and free.

Our privilege was paid in full,
So high a cost was tendered.
Some knew crimson-dampened wool;
Others, shrapnel-shredded members.

There is no greater love or act
Than to die for the gain of others.
To leave a home, to defend a pact
Or give all for country and brothers.

So I stand with a broken salute.
I do not sit or kneel.
I weep and tremble, the pain acute
For so many died for me.

by Kethushan Aravinth |
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Hardest Days

Hardest days that I came over
Are no more here to break me silver 
I was blind for some useless reason  
And It couldn't yet found for what the motion
I took you beyond,Over the vision 
And now I'm here,without the notion 
Burning sun found some water 
Water just gone, regreting slaughter

Poeple said "It happens for a reason" 
But now I swear, It happend for caution 
No one is perfect, even my girl 
She just threw me down like a hazelnut whirl

by Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu |
Categories: allegory, angel, christian, devotion, faith, flower, friendship, goodbye, happiness, happy, heaven, how i feel, inspirational, joy, memorial day, prayer, religious, spiritual,

The Padre of Old St Anthony

There he stood in the 
garden,a gentle fellow 
with glowing gown; 
radiating glory.
  His countenance was 
that of an Angel,
The Padre of old St 
  As I approached him,he 
gave me a warm.
Then he told me why he 
came to the mission,the 
mission in old St Anthony.
  We knelt down to pray,I 
thanked the Lord for a 
man such as this.
   Then the chapel bells 
the rang,I heard a 
voice"child it is time."
   I looked,lo saw I a fiery 
figure beckoning him to 
  He stood up and looked 
at me with tender love in 
his eyes.
   Then I knew this man 
was an Angel,the Padre 
of old St Anthony.
   With joyous heart,I left 
the vicinity of old St 

by Patrice Trice Jackson |
Categories: blessing, for her, for him, memorial day, men, soulmate, true love,

Man's World

mail your king your heart with love
manage your union with integrity, honestly, 
   and grace
march to beat of his drum; his ego that is at ease
marry with faith he’ll lead you to righteousness
men are the head in open the path to
marvelousness, metapsychology, money, muscle.

by Deepak Devkar |
Categories: lost love, memorial day,

In the Dark Moon Evening

In the dark moon evening,
Your memories had come.
To show that everything
Which we had done.

I was thingking then,
Which songs would have to listen.
I was remembering then,
The gifts which I had given .

Then I remembered our third meeting .
The blue-colored dress you had worn ,
Which resembled deep your eyes crying 
Near the fully grown field of corn. 

Your eyes were showing the regret ,
That you were trying me to forget .

by Matthew Mueller |
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The Names We Hold So Dear

The list gets longer year after year
Of the names we hold so dear. 
On this day we long to mourn,
As we celebrate the lives of those 
With names we hold so dear.  
We channel them in times of need
Whether it's love, happiness, or fear,
Those with names we hold so dear. 
To this day, your sacrifice is clear
That you died for those so near. 
So let's shift gears and raise our beer
"To those with names we hold so dear!"

by Holly Bohto |
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Memorial Day Disfunction

Packing up your things today
 No way that you can stay
Your time to fly away
 Keep your demons at bay
Not making any headway
 Tired of you in replay
Cashing in your sick pay
 No more a fiancé
Fifty shades of your grey
 This is my power play
Live with love a better way
 This memorial day
Our independence May

by Katherine Stella |
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Prisoner of War

prisoner of war
                                         captive combat soldier -
                                              longing for rescue

Tribute To
 P.O.W  /  M.I.A.
You Are Not Forgotten

Bring Em Home
Never Give Up Searching

Happy Memorial Day
Love Kathy And Jenny