Love Poems About For Kids or For Kids Love Poems
by Audrey Haick |
Categories: fantasy, life

Only For Kids

Living on a dream
             wishing on a twinkling star
                            only for the kids


Note:  For all the "kids" on PS with love, Audrey

by Funom Makama |
Categories: celebration, childhood, children, christian, christmas, jesus, religion,

Christmas Poems For Kids And teenagers: 4 Hours To Christmas

It’s eight, I’m waking up late the aroma of mummy’s fry gives me so much joy to cry It’s nine, admiring my gifts so fine counting the time to display this, I’ve been hoping since may. It’s ten; guess who’s here; Uncle Ben can’t wait for his Biblical stories as the Kitchen scents with currys It’s eleven; I wished for this hour since seven dancing through the city square I’m so happy Life is fair. Hurray! It’s Christmas and I don’t want it to pass so thank you Jesus, for this gift of Love!

by Funom Makama |
Categories: adventure, animal, fantasy, life, love,

Beautiful Animal Kingdom

Oh, no star, no fan, no fame, no nerd how they see, hear or feel is how they treat no cash nor need to be rich, life is red low in rank but same with man as meat each pair form from the need not to wed a cat’s a cat, no rank, all in one seat ants to lion, all be the same when dead fend for kids like with the rope of a kite that’s all it is when duty is on site more than a type can mix with no bite a dog and a bird can play and marvel lie the tiny head on a big navel love in a show to give a good novel.

by Funom Makama |
Categories: childhood, children, christian, christmas, jesus, religion,

Christmas Poems For Kids And Teenagers VII: Thank You Moods

I’m so happy B’cos I enjoy your love I do not deserve I’m so chosen B’cos I’m part of a royal priesthood I’m so loved B’cos you’ve given unto me a wonderful family I’m so special For you to die just because of me and my friends I’m so confident You’ve prepared a place for me in our father’s house I’m so fulfilled B’cos you’ve proclaimed “this is my beloved child, with whom I am well pleased” I’m so pleased To share to everyone your wondrous love and say “Merry Christmas”

by Funom Makama |
Categories: childhood, children, christian, christmas, jesus, religion,

Christmas Poems For Kids And Teenagers IX: The King Is Here

Joy to the world the king has come The ground his feet set upon becomes holy and mighty Peace to the world his hands make the waters still And his words, calm the wildest storms Hope to the world, death is no more the final boundary The curtain is torn for all and the oppress now have a refuge Love to the world, friends can smile and hold hands Families can dine and merry, We the children can sing and dance, for the King is here with us.

by Funom Makama |
Categories: childhood, children, christmas, jesus, religion,

Christmas Poems For Kids And Teenagers X: You Know what

You know what daddy got for me? A dress so long and colorful with a father’s note so meaningful You know what mummy got for me? A huge tasty candy so yellow with a promise, I’ll always follow. You know what uncle got for me? A new pair of lovely sneakers with fairy-ropes like whiskers You know what aunty got for me? My favourite Disney figure. Lord! I’m so standing on polished floor. Santaclaus! Santaclaus! He got me a book filled with pictures Love and happiness in abundant mixtures But I’m most loved above all these, b’cos Jesus gave His life for me Such Love is uniquely above all others Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!

by Funom Makama |
Categories: celebration, cheer up, children, christian, christmas, kid,

Christmas Poems For Kids And Teenagers V: It's Christmas

Smile oh ye people smile It’s time to merry and not to worry Laugh, all you living, laugh Please………honour the prince of peace Dance oh ye Angels, dance Worship and acknowledge His lordship Love oh ye Christians, love Alas! It’s the reason for Christmas.

by Jagdish Bajantri |
Categories: anger, animal, beautiful, princess, romance,

Not for kids

 Not for kids

 Graphite of pencil, 
 Writing by my shadow
  Smiling of sound
 War by dis maan
 Palette of gold like sun
 Dance of odours
love of my soul
  Rain of sea & sand
 Lighting of death 
 Pain of blank
 Romance of my princess smile
 Burning Haa Haa of my maan

 Not for kids , dear

With love all
jagdish bajantri

by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr |
Categories: childhood


we walk and talk
i take them out
they only love
one rout
and make a start
they love the park
when i small
i had a ball
i ways did

by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr |
Categories: art, childhood, love,


they love to run
jump in the sun
some love to boxes
and hop
some love water fall
love to play ball
i know i did as a kid

by ilene bauer |
Categories: rain,


Always in a heavy rain
On roads or paths that cannot drain
What forms, of course, should not befuddle – 
Yes, I’m talkin’ ‘bout a puddle.

Some are fun for kids to splash in
(Or adults, with boots in fashion);
Others look like little lakes
(Missing pipes cause those mistakes).

Great for pigeons, frogs or toads,
Puddles cropping up on roads
Make the traffic start to crawl
And those in cars just want to bawl.

Rain is needed, quite a lot;
Puddles, though, are really not.
Though kids may love that wet terrain,
To drivers, puddles are a pain!

by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr |
Categories: childhood


we walk and talk
i take them out
they only love
one rout
and make a start
they love the park
when i small
i had a ball
i ways did

by Stanley Dorsey |
Categories: analogy, care, humanity,

Grave Situation

So drunk the child took two years to walk
Who could tell, how well you'd  think and talk?
Out of lust you were born 
Parallel thoughts of love, a mothers scorn.
Bound integrity held for shame, 
Mama, the child and with whos name
There was more to be had
Sometimes good, sometimes bad
That's just the way it is, even for kids

by Reason A. Poteet |
Categories: 3rd grade, children, teacher, writing,



to take notes
from right to left.
Kind of quirky, huh?
I wanted to find out
why some people find it hard
to conquer cursive handwriting.
And how to make it much easier 
by starting all over again myself.

Concentrating on letter formations,
I practice by taking notes at church
and I am getting really good.
The hardest problem being
I can't read what I write
without a mirror.
Just as some kids 
find cursive
hard to

written February 14, 2018
for contest:  Quirks by  Madison Demetros

"My real quirk is a love for kids with learning problems."


by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: senses,


SWEET AND SOUR morello cherries sweetened-sour beneath warm crust scoop of cold ice cream only whipped cream tops my pie a centrifugal design royal anne cherries preserved in glass of whiskey sipping manhattan liquor may be quicker dope for my health, pitting cherries gripping one by stem love the cheeks of cherry red kiddos spinner play don’t mess with sour cherries maraschino soothes temples* 6/30/2017 Two-Voice Tanka, Thrice Contest New *Shirley Temple is a drink for kids Spinners - a new toy

by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr |
Categories: adventure, bible,


after they eat
some sleep
read the sign
kept this in mine
in deed cover there needs
read a book
while look
they love  idid

by Mmenyene Ekpenyong |
Categories: heartbroken,

Heart break

With no scourge nor fracture, I bursted in tears.
grumbling all night long, I broke my heart.
Spare me for chances, still you gave a crack.
Sneezing cell, bleeding DNA’s and littering oxygen.
Living me in pains, this nothing compared to failure.
Parching you severely ,you don’t admit forgiveness.
Heart break ! you hurt like crazy.
Pretending to be cool, you killing me inside.
Lying on my sick bed searching for a cure.
Scanning my life am scared to be a loser.
Love story for kids, death tells for me.
Burning me up, ignoring my tears
Neglecting the pleadings, your caging my emotions.
Still on my dying bed, you won’t stop biting.
Heart break ! , it’s over, you just killed a soul

by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr |
Categories: childhood


we walk and talk
i take them out
they only love
one rout
and make a start
they love the park
when i small
i had a ball
i ways did

by Beata Agustin |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, children, christian, faith, god, sweet love,


Gracious* love's good treat of no trick's deceit Great kindness-sharing midst candies to eat Grand delight for kids, absolutely sweet Godly hallowed win: selfishness’ defeat.
*Numbers 6:25 The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee. October 31, 2019 4th place, "Good Luck Halloween" Poetry Contest Sponsored by Eve Roper; judged on 11/19/2019.

by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr |
Categories: nostalgia,

christmas not just for kids

they love there toys
girls and boys
some let us pass by
its for you and eye
for we do
and for the kids all we did

by Swarnapali Liyanage |
Categories: motherme, me, mother,


Utter patience 
mammoth courage 
are worth to me 
more than the 
garnet bracelet 
as a souvenir 
SHE gifted me 
Evergreen love 
embedded in 
motherly warmth 
deeper than the deepest 
abyss on earth 
merges with 
her morals 
still emits fragrance 
through me to my kids 
Skills and wisdom 
milk of humanity 
SHE painted in my heart 
made me a "queen" 
to be loved by a man 
SHE led me to be 
A loving mother 
Not only for my kids 
To for  kids who need 
a mother too. 

          By Swarnapali Liyanage 

by james sturdivant.jr |
Categories: caregiving, devotion, family, life, love, passion, people,


The sponsors of Read
Are always doing a good deed
By encouraging the consumers to succeed
And showing support toward there every need
Read is a well known organization
Very serious in there demonstration
Caring and showing concern for kids and everyone
Making sure the kids listen,learn and have fun
When they all succeed we know the victory is won.

by Christina Roe |
Categories: write,

Bio Modified-Thoughtful Poet

Witty outgoing Creative sensitive
Love my Husband cat and being outside
better schooling for kids Bungy Jumping,Recycling, pollution reduction
I get scared sad and giddy
Afraid of small places Death and Spiders
Things I wanna do are bungy jumping hang gliding surfing
resident of the planet earth,

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: children, christmas, giving, hope, joy, uplifting, youth,


names randomly selected
a special secret mission
festive songs
bright lit trees
the holidays have me
walking on a cloud

shopping for the perfect toys
for kids i’ll never meet

there’s nothing like picturing 
early christmas morn
smiling little faces
opening their special box of joy
that i’ve infused with love

i simply can’t imagine a christmas
where I'm not santa’s secret elf

Published in my 24-page photo/anthology book ~THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS~ 2023

AP: Honorable Mention 2021

Posted on February 11, 2021

by Freddie Robinson Jr. |
Categories: children, christmas, fun, holiday,

Christmas Altitude

Happy childhood flight down the stairs for kids,
smiles a mile wide
Looking for toy surprises ... 
youthful spirits soaring sky high
Joyous laughter with each gift unwrapped
Parent Santas open the door
for a sleigh runway
Flying feet on a brand new bicycle,
reaching the proper Christmas altitude
Landing gear wheels spinning
on a motion vertical
Rubber stop from the new kick heels
Christmas sonic boom delight ... 
journey of love return hugs — 
Angelic-winged euphoric sighs 
coming back down to earth