Love Poems About For Kids or For Kids Love Poems
by Mary Nagy |
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Princess Needs a New Car

Princess just wants a new car.
I have told her that hers will go far.
'Oh, it's really not cool
driving this crap to school.'
'Do I need that emotional scar? '

'The kids will all laugh at the rust.
When we race, I'll be left in the dust! 
I will save up some cash
then we'll make a mad dash
to the car dealer surely you trust'.

'He will make us a wonderful deal
and I'm sure you will know how I feel.
I will love you so much, 
My siblings... I won't touch.
Just get me behind a new wheel'! 

Now she'll be cruisin in style.
She'll be happy for only awhile.
There will always be better
and we'll try hard to get her
a car that will make princess smile.

by Daniel Turner |
Categories: appreciation, forgiveness, love hurts,

An Unpaid Debt

With less tomorrows than I've yesterdays
In looking back I have but one regret
Before that last tomorrow fades away
I wish that I could pay an unpaid debt

Back to a summer day so long ago
How frivolous we were with innocence
Two kids in love and way too young to know
Decisions made in haste have consequence

In tenderness I'd kiss away her tears
I'd tell her I am sorry for her pain
Give back the love I'd carried all those years
Convince her that her gift was not in vain

I'd ask for her forgiveness on my knees
Tears of contrition I would surely weep
Then thank her for life's sweetest memory
And with her blessing peacefully I'd sleep

  October 10 2016

by Keith Bickerstaffe |
Categories: angst,


He hurries home late from the office
and hesitates out on the lawn,
the mists are swirling like her dress,
the moon is frowning down.

The music in her soft blue eyes,
that hungry look upon her face
makes him tremble like a teenager
fumbling his first date.

Hoping she's gotten home safely,
beguiled by her lingering perfume,
his wife and kids are sound asleep,
he tiptoes through the family room.

Bedeviled by such fervent yearnings
full-compounded day to day,
a strangled heart, a tortured soul,
old love, new love - there is no easy way.

by Rylee Woods |
Categories: emotions, love,

Fairy Tale Ending

what is love?
How do we describe some thing we
can't touch or even see.
Love is an emotion
Kids don't understand the true
meaning of it
But for us its an experience that 
you never want to lose that feels 
amazing like a book that you turn
into reality...Like your fairy tale ending

by Robert L. Hinshaw |
Categories: love, wife,

Eternal Love

'Tis clear
My dear

You are
By far

My girl
A pearl

I fell
Pell mell

For you
To woo

First kiss
Pure bliss

Asked thee
On knee

Be bride
My pride

Said yea
Great day

Next thing
A ring

Now wife
For life

Three kids

She died
I cried

Love ya

POTD  9 Sep 2020

by Tony Bush |
Categories: people, sad, sad,

A Vessel Dreaming On

Misinformed as ever was,
  as sad as sad can be,
for no one cared or dared to love
  a creature such as she.
Time rolls past and in its’ dust
  she wonders where it’s gone,
left standing still with faded eyes,
  a vessel dreaming on.

As crazy-paved as garden paths,
  and blinder than a tree,
holding court with ghosts of kids
  who never lived to be.
Imagined loves she never met,
  no truth to rest upon,
just make-believe and pharmacy
  a vessel dreaming on.

by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: husband, nature, wife

-divorce Club-

~~ Divorce  Club~~

Haiku   * divorce trip *
broken promises
eclipse of the sun and moon
dreams that fall like leafs.

Limerick  * never settle*
Like a  gun to my head of course
I married the end of a horse
love was never real,
kids no big deal.
Wow! I gain more money after divorce!

Couplet   * forever vows *
I meant them words "for better or worse" during our holy matrimony
The better now has hit me, once  the Court ordered alimony:-)


by Brenda Meier-Hans |
Categories: brother, fun, happy, mother daughter, sister,

I Am

I am mother (father) sister daughter
Favourite aunt, SELDOM rant
Pan Flute player, dragon slayer 
Own nothing pink, at least I think
Teach Sunday school, kids find that cool
I am not to lean, I’m sure you’ve seen
Curly hair, I seldom swear
But if I do, God help you
Sing in a choir, now I’m on fire
Love my dog, I want a blog
I am very kind, at least in my mind
Love good movies, never been much of a sleaze
I just gave you a look inside my book
So for now I take a bow.

I am female
Sorry I just found a fluffy beautiful pink bath robe.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
Frank Herrera’s Contest:
I am

by Richard Palmer |
Categories: life,


Dark skin,brown eyes,broad nose,
Handsome,from head to toes,
Very fashionable,wearing the latest cloths,
Full of vibes,got crazy flows,
Photogenic,see my album,crazy pose,
Not average,rated among the pros,
Love by many,feared by my foes,
Cherished by the ladies,not bragging,God knows,
Love my kids,very dear to me,
Love my life,very clear to me,
Positive thoughts I give to thee,
A better world I would like to see,
If that's not what you want,let me be,
Enjoying my life,in the arms of the Almighty....

by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: death, grandmother, loss, mother,

Death's Cold Hand

Easter brings back sad memories. 
My mother died on Good Friday.
She was a bible scholar and quoted
Jesus's words every day to us kids.
I remember her love for lavender,
Her operatic gentle voice singing to us.
How she loved little children with joy
And what a great grandmother she was.


Writing Challenge 1- April, 2019 -
Its All About 8 - Poetry Contest
Sponsor Dear Heart

2. Elegy
1. Death's Cold Hand

by Linda Walden |
Categories: kids, heaven, i love you, mom, mother, son,


I’ve seen all my life
So many people come and go
Passing so quickly
Leaving a faded memory
Of the moment we crossed paths.

So sadly I must say is true
Rarely do I see anyone
Staying around long enough
Getting to know me.
Hardly does a person stay.

You, Bubby, My only son,
The most important man to me,
I’ve come into my life only
To stay and never ever leave
Me all by myself.

So grateful to know you,
And proud as a mom can be
You’re the greatest 
Young man this world has seen.
My only son, my BUBBY.

To see you smile, hear your voice,
Always fills my 
Heart and soul with love.
My only son, my hero, 
Sent from up above.

by Daniel Turner |
Categories: appreciation, thanksgiving day,

Thanksgiving Day

Around the grown up table bowed in prayer
Familiar faces etched upon my mind
Back then, I never thought the love we shared
Would be so rare, to be one of a kind

How blessed we were in fam'ly fellowship
When kids would play outside 'til called to eat
We held our backyard football championship
While moms and aunts swapped recipes for sweets

And then we'd form a circle holding hands
Each one would say what they were thankful for
As faces disappear I understand
The love we shared will last forevermore

Thanksgiving Day we'll gather once again
I'll say I'm thankful for my time with them

by Kate Mcnaughton |
Categories: brother, daughter, children, happiness, love, nostalgia, sister, thank you,

Me and My Sister

i mind when i was wee
playing games with my sister

we kept each other free
me and my sister

we loved with all our hearts
protecting each sister

even after having kids
joined each sister

Combining all these things
playing all the games
loving with our hearts
loving each others kids

We are glued, me and my sister!!

                By Kate Mcnaughton.

by Jean Murray |
Categories: home, house, how i feel,

Where I Live

In a stone cottage surrounded by trees,
I live here listening to birds and bees.
The **** crows each morn, wakens me at dawn.
I curse the beast, then rise to face the morn.
I love my work in the Maternity.
Just three days a week, then I am set free.
I live in Ireland, that beautiful isle.
I am spoiled for choice where to spend a while.
The beach, the forest, the National Park?
All are within range, if my car will start.
Hardly a sonnet but you get my drift.
If SO's not fussy, I'll give him a lift.
My kids have been blessed to grow without fear.
All want to return to have their wanes here.

by Keith Bickerstaffe |
Categories: love,


At the beach in your bikini
blowing off those also-rans
you posture in your playful way
with Gucci sunshades and 
the latest Grisham novel.

At the gala you're exquisite 
in your slinky cocktail dress.
Simple, black, short and sexy,
you shimmer like a morning mist, 
the chandeliers are dancing in your eyes.

At the condo in your nightgown,
(the antithesis of sex), 
tucking in the kids
and softly singing them to sleep,
you're Wonder Woman in your plastic curlers.

I know I have the best,
without a doubt, it's true,
whatever outfit you put on,
my 'winner' still is you!

by Jamie Grattan |
Categories: depression, kids, suicide,

Dying Hurts

Swallowing pills to end your life,
 You are a mother, a daughter, a wife.
The pain and turmoil you've buried inside,
 Must be intense to have chosen this ride.
If you could see the love and care,
 Your children have, they need you there.
To kiss and hug their pain away,
 To comfort them, and be ok.
I hope some day you'll see I'm right,
 Push through the fog and see the light.

by Cody Turner |
Categories: lovebeautiful, beauty, beautiful, beauty,

Beauty In Your Eyes

A twinkle that shines
So big, So bright
Although disguised
the Beauty in your eyes
Your beautiful smile
So tempting, So kind
but there's still
The beauty in your eyes
The beauty in your lips,
runs straight to the hips
but there's still 
the beauty in your eyes
Your gentle touch
means to me ,So much
but there's still the beauty in your eyes
As I lay to sleep
I can't help but dream
About the beauty in your eyes
As time will go by
I cannot stride 
from the beauty in your eyes
In the beautiful sky's
Like kids with kites
 I love the beauty in your eyes.

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: holidayworld, new year,

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 

H aving shelter and the means to keep ourselves 
A live doesn’t seem like much to ask, yet many
P eople strive just to pay the rent and somehow keep their
P oor kids fed.  Whatever can we say to those who
Y earn for just a bed? 

N ow I sit and wonder why we simply don’t 
E volve!  All the problems that exist, only 
W e can solve.

Y es, a New Year’s coming, and I hope we will 
E mploy helpfulness for those in need.  Let’s bring them love
A nd joy!  In this world of woe, we need to be a 
R ay of light, glowing, ever glowing though the world seem dark as night.

by Karen Powell |
Categories: appreciation, day, deep, emotions, humanity, people,

24 Hours

24 Hours

My observations are my own,
   They are a product of my realm.
I see good people reveal humanity 
I feel the desperation of an innocent man
I acknowledge the appreciation of my gift
I determine narration to be lies
I witness the love between mother and son
I loathe drunk drivers
I impose pride for vinyl collection
I depict pain in my son who lost his
I let the lyrics of my spinning disc alter my mood
I experience the gift of empathy to share with a friend.
I receive gratitude for guidance I give to the addicted
I witness the numbing of pain
I accept rewards for my passions
The properties of today will navigate my path in life

by Wandering Butterfly |
Categories: childhood, dedication, happiness, places, uplifting

Ah, Alum Creek

Ah, Alum Creek
A place I love to go

In the summer for a picnic
Or a jet ski talent show

The kids can run and play
Covered in sand from head to toe

Pack your 45
we've got UV rays to soak

Hitch up them jet skis boys
Dont forget the boat

"Out to play!" is on the door
"Will return" was all I wrote

-Miranda Lambert- 
02/15/2011 11:45 am
(My dad took us to alum creek every summer, I plan to continue this legacy for many 
summers to come)

by Jean Murray |
Categories: friendship love, fun, games,

Aging Valentines

Won't you be my Valentine
Even though we're past our prime?
Now our kids are up and running,
we could escape to somewhere sunny.

We've been neighbours now for years,
let's bring each other some cheer.
You lost your love, I lost mine.
Won't you be my Valentine?

Nights are lonely don't you think?
Instead we could be at the brink
of something new and exciting.
Isn't that thought inviting?

Life's for living I always say.
When the sun shines, make hay.
We could be so good together.
Please won't you tell me whether

you seek comfort just like me.
The kettle's on, I'll make tea.
I'll be yours if you'll be mine.
Won't you be my Valentine?


by Mike Dailey |
Categories: death, husband, lost love, wife,

Amber Liquid

Life without her soldier lover
Years in which she’ll not recover
From the news she got today
That her husband’s MIA
Not a trace of wreckage found
Just a note – his plane’s gone down
Now she’ll raise the kids alone
In a house not quite a home
Her husband just a memory
In her life that used to be
With ample amber liquid yet
She’ll try her best then to forget

by Audrey Haick |
Categories: fantasy, life

Only For Kids

Living on a dream
             wishing on a twinkling star
                            only for the kids


Note:  For all the "kids" on PS with love, Audrey

by Olusegun Arowolo |
Categories: mother,

Good Mother

A sun amongst dark stars in the blue sky,
A rose in the forest of wild flowers,
Her benevolence makes men not to cry,
Her tantalizing love falls like showers,
Mind and patience taller than many towers.

*Dedicated to all good mothers in the world especially my poetry soup friends which 
include Debbie,Gwendolen,Catie,PD,Carol, Andrea,Joann,Sara,Kim,Mandy,Rhonda,Linda-Marie,Crous,
Nette,Cyndi,Susan,Vicky,Anne lise, Gail, Modupe,Leonora,Maria,Constance,Yesha,
Joyce,ETC -to mention but a few.
Wishing you Merry Xmas as you celebrate with you kids and grand kids.

CONTEST:"Any five line  poem" sponsored by Rick Parise.

by Donald Waugh |
Categories: death, dedication, me, love, me, i love you,

Remember Me

Remember me when I am gone,
no need to shed those tears.
For I am in a better place,
where I have no more fears.

With Gods embrace I'm happy now
it's a lovely place to be.
There is no more sorrow,
it's as pretty as the sea.

Remember me my lovely child,
for I'll remember you.
Just pick up all the pieces,
and try not to be so blue.

The time has come for me to go,
so hold your head up high.
I know your feeling lonely,
I'm right here by your side.

Tell all your kids I love them,
and not to be so sad.
For I love you all so much,
I was proud to be your Dad.

I Love You!