Love Poem: Winner
Keith Bickerstaffe Avatar
Written by: Keith Bickerstaffe


At the beach in your bikini
blowing off those also-rans
you posture in your playful way
with Gucci sunshades and 
the latest Grisham novel.

At the gala you're exquisite 
in your slinky cocktail dress.
Simple, black, short and sexy,
you shimmer like a morning mist, 
the chandeliers are dancing in your eyes.

At the condo in your nightgown,
(the antithesis of sex), 
tucking in the kids
and softly singing them to sleep,
you're Wonder Woman in your plastic curlers.

I know I have the best,
without a doubt, it's true,
whatever outfit you put on,
my 'winner' still is you!