Love Poems About Didactic or Didactic Love Poems
by Mark Frank |
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Fall for someone that want to see you rise

Too many want want want
So they will take take take!
For your own well-being 
Get away from them

Fall for someone that want to see you rise
Fall for someone who want more for you
Not more from you
Let the cure of simplicity be
A reminder that love can exist in the right amount!

Loving in the wrong direction can be an obstacle
Caught up in passion can become didactical
A lesson for some
Because loving in the wrong direction can become a burden!

Fall for someone that want to see you rise
Fall for someone who want more for you
Not more from you
Let the cure of simplicity be
A reminder that love can exist in the right amount!

Mark Frank

Copyright 2022

by Richard Palmer |
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The Sweetest Sensation

Passion,staring into lust,
Noses,sharing oxygen.
Our lips connect,
Lips start to stray,
Nibbling ears,kissing necks,
Closely drawn together,
Nipples piercing hairy chest,
Nails sink into back,
Head-board knocking the wall,

Knock knock,knock knock,

Deep moans,skin locked,
We counter attack,

Knock knock,knock knock,

Screams of pleasure,
Waking the whole block,

Knock knock,knock knock,

Nuclear explosion,
Volcano eruption,
AHHHH so hot,so hot,
The sweetest sensation,
 I ever got......

by Neal Carl |
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Good Morning Lord Jesus!

Good morning Lord Jesus,
With you I'll start my day.
Reading your word for direction,
So I can walk in your way.

To start each morning,
In prayer and meditation.
Talking and listening,
A two-way conversation.

To lay at your feet,
All that I am.
So I can be your servant,
To every child, woman, and man.

As the day goes on,
Together we will face.
Those trials and temptations,
That could bring me disgrace.

At the end of the day,
I'll take time to reflect.
Confessing my sins and failures,
Your forgiveness I'll not reject!

Neal A. Carl

by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
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Finding Joy This Season

To find the greatest joy,
give selflessly.
Share your gifts, your time, your love -
be the smile others long to see!

To find your heart’s content,
show gratitude. 
Open your eyes and give thanks for life -
walk with a hopeful attitude! 

To find desired love,
Love others with God’s eyes.
Search beyond the surface seen –
you may be quite surprised!  

To find your Christmas spirit,
return to innocence.
Slow down, have fun, believe again –
remember the Lord’s presence!

for Regina Riddle's Didactic poem contest, 12/7/14 

by Andrea M Christian |
Categories: death, devotion, faith, husband, life, loss, lost love, love, nature, passion, peace, romance, uplifting, wife,

Speak of thee

                                        He is above us in the clouds 
                                run through the fields and speak of thee
                                              He will grow roses

                                       I will be the stem of the roses 
                                       for I shall never leave your soil

                                     You will be the tree I grow beneath 
                                             and he will be our rain.

by Ernesto P. Santiago |
Categories: devotion, faith, father, life, love, peace

If Only We Ask

What makes you 
Think? That your life is 
Lost in misery,
That you choose to live
In trickery!
Is it because of not having
Wealth? That your fervour is on the wane!
The place we live is full
Of mysteries
And the paradigm to ones' happiness
Depends not on the possession we possess, 
But rather on how we live our life!
Your problems today will be the same 
Just like yesterday 
For tomorrow is another day for us to dwell in
This rotten world because we're only passers-by!
So why not spend your time
With the one that loves you most, the Father,
The Almighty Creator who made us all
For He knows what we want
And truly a great provider
If only we ask 
In His Holy Name!

by Dr. Upma A. Sharma |
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Didactic poem

Didactic poem

Searching God
Be kind to His souls,
Temple bells will ring,
Hymns breeze will sing!

Unsaid love
Unless you share,
Longings will not end,
and passion will pretend !

When surfaces,
Bitterness will be high,
and relationships will die !

Never enough for need,
Will let you down,
Humanity will drown !

Sharpens the mind,
Glows with each sunrise,
and we are witty and wise !

Written December 5th, 2014
For contest 'Didactic poem' by Regina Riddle

Awarded 3rd place

by Matthew Anish |
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Towards a Capitol of the World

     The differences betwen us 
are less than is commonly imagined
   We all need food, family, and love
     Meeting people from differnet cultures 
   has emphasized this to me 
The true capitol of the world 
   is in the depths of the heart 
Dancers on an earthly stage 
We gyrate to weather, politics, and culture 
In the end we share more than we don't share 
By letting our eyes and souls meet 
we can find common ground 
War is something that can be overcome
We should build bridges, not bombs
Teach love, not war 
Let the old and the young join hands 
Feel the earth beneath our feet 
Realize that in the end 
We are all stewards of this blue orb

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To laugh is to risk appearing a fool
To weep is to risk appearing sentimental
To reach for another is to risk involvement
To expose your feelings is to risk exposing your true self
To place your ideas your dreams before a crowd
Is to risk their loss
To love is to risk being loved in return
To believe is to risk despair
To try is to risk failure.

But risks must be taken,because the greatest hazard
Of life is to risk nothing.
The people who risk nothing,do nothing,have nothing,are nothing.
They may avoid sorrow and suffering
But they cannot learn,feel,change,grow,love and live.

Categories: loss, lost love, love,

After You Were Gone

after you were gone
your presence manacled my soul and lingered
long on the streets of my conscience

caught on desolate fields of loneliness
silence and tears remembered
the beauty you created

your absence was felt on the breast
of my memory and the air I breathed
jammed at its doorways 
and death looked me in the face
and my eyes wept for your return

in the hearth of desires
your enchantment remained a lingering shadow
in every whisper on steep slopes of hope and I cried

every lip prays for the resurrection of our souls
and at the village square 
steps wait to see us walk our chiefly walk again

by Hakeem Sotayo Aro |
Categories: devotion, father, love, peace,

Moral Suasion

Fathers-in-spirit do not teach your congregations
Suicide, massacre, fallacy, bombs, and guns
But facts, piety, love, and peaceful co-existence.

Fathers-in-flesh do not teach your young ones
Neglect, war, begging, rum, and abortions
But care, peace, jobs, juice, and obedience.

Fathers-in-power do not inflate elections
Accumulate billions, dictate the pace, and obliterate our positions
But listen, agree, and act to what is being said by the Audience

Father-in-heaven allow our pleas to act in turns
For you are a witness to these burns
As we shall use these as lessons and evidence.

by Leon Stacey |
Categories: faith, father, husband, love, on work and working,

Made Man

Before his appointed place
And before his work and living,
There was a man
God did create.

Before he had a voice,
And before the woman was given
There was a man
That God did make.

by David Smith |
Categories: analogy, appreciation, bible, blessing, celebration, character, community,

Life May Not be Fair

Life may not be fair,
But we can still choose to treat each other fairly,
Love each other dearly,
And perform acts that are kindly.

If we do these things blindly,
Things will automatically,
Improve exponentially.

by Anil Deo |
Categories: analogy, life, perspective, philosophy, truth, universe, wisdom,

For Friend LISA RICCI, Foreground Background

The universe is in your eyes
(It exists in processing; God's the background)
After this life, the energy Pole - and the eyes -
Allow Consciousness Pole to arise
They are always together, Dear Heart!
Like background ( or SPACE itself) in art
As crucial as Foreground (the details, the stage)
WE love the Energy Pole for love is in the eyes
But then we call Space, THE Background, "DEATH."
No Dear Heart, Space is the Ground of Being
"Thou shalt make no idols before Me."

by Brian Strand |
Categories: poetry, word play,


on the verge of love,
mutual discovery unveiled
in their secret world;
lips to lips ,sealed,
hearts in passion pound
ardour's whispers sound;
need unchains desire,
pleasure's fever fans a fire,
each flame thrusting higher;
in duet's crescendo choir
realisation exceeds hope,
promise, with trust elope;

enchantment metamorphose
as love,sublime,grows 

a quatorzain is a stanza or poem of fourteen lines

by David Smith |
Categories: analogy, anti bullying, appreciation, baptism, character, courage, love,

Without fear or favour

Without fear or favour,
Will you be remembered for this kind of behaviour?
Or will your epitaph be of a different flavour.

Will you be remembered as having no backbone?
Staying on your cell phone,
While others are cut to the bone.

Will you have showed how tough your love can be?
Or will you have preferred to wait and see,
What our re-action would be.

Has, fear of being out of favour?
Ruled your behaviour,
In place of Love your neighbour.

Is fear or favour been motivating your behaviour?
When others ask you a favour,
Knowing the consequences could be dour.

Without fear or favour,
Is it possible for extremism to sour?
The news every hour.

by Brian Strand |
Categories: christian, health,

a LIVING sanctuary

shadowed by

by strength 

embraced 'neath
a banner of

by David Smith |
Categories: addiction, analogy, anger, baptism, care, hope, love,

Poets and Hope

God has tasked poets,
With keeping Hope alive,
Love in all their labours,
Anger under  control,
Sadness from overflowing,
Romance from slipping off the page,
And most poets can take heart from their effort,
To instill in others what they write in indelible ink,
For all who cross their page,
And read between the lines.

by Anil Deo |
Categories: bible, nature, power, prayer, religion, song,

Felt this Prayer Today

Source, o Mountains of mountains, Ocean of oceans, Galaxy of all galaxies, I bow in love

Jesus, you are the only reason we have any solace, any joy, any hope. You are Lord of Lords and my God, but Thou art more. My very heartbeat & very breath, are Thine, loaned to me. That is why Grace - chesed - is so much of your essence, Amazing Grace a hymn so loved. In the Holy Trinity, in Jesus's name, AMEN

by Deborah Finneran |
Categories: faith, health, hope, life, love, people, uplifting, visionary,

The Seven Wonders of the World

The Seven Wonders of the World

The real seven wonders were not built by hand, nor bought by any man
The Seven Wonders of the World, indeed, much more splendid & grand

The real seven wonders are part of every woman and every man
Given to us from God, part of His great abiding plan

To see
To touch
To hear
To taste
To feel
To laugh
To love

Oh that we may notice these wonders and recognize God’s love
He has given these wonders to teach us, as He reaches from above

The Seven Wonders of the World, exist in us each day
Let us live our lives in fullness & wonder, in every given way

by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: food, life,

Cupcake Bliss

Good things often come in small packages so
have yourself a few bites of cakey bliss. A
cupcake with a swirl of sweet on top, oh my,
now that will take you to confectionary heights
  Almost any flavor you might desire can be achieved.
And if you happen to be so lucky you might get a whiff
of delights to come…..if your patient! Be patient!
You know, sometimes it’s the little things in life
that count.
 A simple cupcake can give the day a lift,
especially if it has been baked with love. So,
forget the diet and take a moment to enjoy
this day’s simple little gift...mmm,mmm, good!

by john freeman |
Categories: angst,


There be the goats afloat of devil’s purloin ditch of mix of fact, the faker spoils “the child!” ~~~~~~ There be the child revived adults of quickened souls a Ga pe, Masters souls of love, “the saints!” ====== Note: 'American, Double Cinquain(Didactic)

by Gene Bourne |
Categories: angst, betrayal, character, corruption, desire, heartbroken, lost love,


Simultaneous the sting,
Those who two-time on the wing.
Each at fault began the fling.
Subterfuge, a complex thing.

Schedules smeared and rearranged.
Missing gaps in time explained.
Lies to memorize, maintain.
Learn the lying details game.

Shelf life of adultery
Locked away for none to see.
Those who trusted while deceived,
Hold, and rightly so, the key.

Gene Bourne.

by Joy Wellington |
Categories: forgiveness, hope, lost love, recovery from..., change,

A Note To Self - based on India Arie's song - Get It Together

A Note to Self
You and you alone 
can make the change
in your life to make it

Self you need to try a different angle
Years of trusting the wrong person
Has left you frazzled and depressed

Enough self-inflicted wounds on your heart
Cease the long waiting to exhale
Stop blaming others for your misfortune 

Make a change for your heart’s health
Flip the scrip this one isn't working
You and you alone can change yourself

For Poet ~ Destroyer's contest: ~~India Arie - "Get it together" 

by Jody Miller |
Categories: faith

St. Joseph

Foster father of our Lord Christ,
Pray for us,
In our time of need we pray to you,
Watch over our children as you did our lord Jesus,                                                             
We pray,
That they shall be blessed with good health,
And that all sickness shall be removed from their bodies.
We pray,
For the newborn children, that they shall live and feel the love,
We as parents and grandparents have for them,
So that they, one day shall know and feel the love of our Lord Jesus Christ