Love Poems About Enclosed Rhyme or Enclosed Rhyme Love Poems
by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: love, poetry,

What Causes Me To Love a Poem

What causes me to love a poem 
Is one that lingers in my mind, 
A poem of a kindred spirit kind,
The kind that makes me feel at home.

A solemn poem that makes me cry,
Or one with clever wit and flair,
Or one with sentiment to share,
A poem that causes an awestruck sigh.

The best would sparkle with romance 
The kind that Chris Green writes to prove 
Superlative his words of love, 
Melodic rhyme that woos one to dance

Under a starlet diamond sky 
As poetry whispers in the wind
A sonnet forms in mind to send
Along with dreams to wayward fly.


~Third Place~
Contest Name FAVE | 
Sponsor Line Gauthier 

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: animals, love

Mama Dog's Gratitude

Oh, fireman, by your saving grace,
my babies remain now with me,
so I give kisses thankfully
all over your sweet dearest face.

And please do not think that I’m rude.
Though my kisses be rough and wet,
there's no bigger love you can get
then this mama dog’s gratitude.

In honor of Joyce Johnson's first contest ever:
"Doggy Gratitude"

by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: mother daughter, thanks,

Thankful For Four O'Clocks

The rain that seemed to wash my hopes away
Left an amazing gift for me to find
Beyond the puddles that remained behind
New signs of life revived one summer day

I had not planted anything at all
'Twas Mom who wanted me to find this prize
Her efforts surely took me by surprise
Three decades passed; her smile I can’t recall

But in the yard where she drew her last breath
A bed of Four O’Clocks awoke one day
It was as if my Mom were there to say
“My love for you survived beyond my death”

*Written November 7, 2018
“Thankful Poetry Contest” hosted by Tania Kitchin

by Caycay Jennings |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, faith, god, heart, spiritual, thanks,

Heartfelt Thanks

Heartfelt are my thanks for all the blessings ever flowing in, out and through my life. I feel fortunate for each go-round with strife that arrived to design my soul’s truth dressings. My humbled breath streams awe when I feel His touch upon my grateful soul, heart, thoughts and actions. With love, He guides my steps to divine traction and lifts fear-based, stinking thinking from my clutch. I am delighted when harmony fills my home where family memories grow, glow and unfold. My simple life prospers me more than bars of gold. My soul greets days with heart-praise wherever I roam.
Brian Strand N November 10, 2018

by Debbie Knapp |
Categories: beautiful, love,

Life Is

Life is..
Life is beautiful and amazing with you. Looking back with no regrets only grateful for memories shared. Life together has shaped us into what we are today.
Life is like a room filled with sunshine on the coldest winter morning, as our love flows freely warming every inch. Only together could our love warm as the sun.
Life is you and me together sharing and caring. To me, this is what life is!
Debbie K.

by Joy Wellington |
Categories: love, timelove,

Time My Enemy

Time has become my greatest enemy
It drags on, an infernal grating on the nerve
Like a broken muffler, dragging around the curve 
While my love and I starve for each other’s company

Until time surrenders, I wait my love with baited breath
Watching time, which I have confounded for going by so slowly
For that hour, that minute, that second, when you will be mine only
When I shall pledge my love to you forever, until death

For: Barbara Gorelick’s contest
Once Upon A “Time”

by Sona Wilae |
Categories: black african american, blue, depression, discrimination, heartbroken, , black love,

My Black

My black bleeds the same color red
My black breaths the same air
My black causes death instead
Of life.
My black should live loud and free
My black is me. 
My black loves you
My black loves are true.
My black served the same country
My black is set aside
Like last nights trash
Yet I ask, does your color
Mean right, and my black
Mean wrong?
What a sad black song.

by Hani Gholami |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, boyfriend, emotions, heartbroken, inspirational, love,

A Second Thought

You buy her a rose.
Make your way downtown only to find out through a text she wants to see other people.
You go to throw away your rose......but before you do, it hits you.
The flower is no less beautiful.
It smells just as heavenly.
The world still turns and you notice all the eyes on you and your beautiful flower....
What a lucky girl she must be they think.
What a lucky guy I am I think. 
To hold such a elegant flower.
He leaves it on the train seat and leaves.

by Regina Mcintosh |
Categories: death, devotion, family, sorrow, surreal,

My Truckdriver

Driving at night, with the window down
Air in my hair, hands on the wheel
Him driving by me, there to reveal
His face clearly visible in the middle of town

Passing by him, I was startled and yearning
Wishing for the chance to say hello to him
He was my uncle and I felt it all on a whim
Even though I hoped, his head wasn’t turning

How could I be seeing him tonight,
Without a doubt his image in the window
Reminding me why I was stuck in limbo
Him the truckdriver – mostly out of sight.

He had given me so much of his heart
Pieces I still carried and pulled out often
Yet I had seen him there, lying inside a coffin
Tonight, I was haunted by the love he did impart

by Charles Messina |
Categories: love,

Love Tree

If I had the time...I'd grow a tree of love 
I'd spread it's seeds...across the miles 
In hopes to grow...forever smiles 
For everyone...'Neath the clouds, or up above 

If I had the time...I'd create an ever sun 
I'd spread it's rays...across the seas 
In hopes to find sadness...amongst the breeze 
To so brighten each by one

If You Have The Time For An Enclosed Rhyme Poetry Contest 
Sponsored: Tania Kitchin 

by Annabelle Jane |
Categories: love, dream, dream, love,

Of These Things I Am Sure

I do not love you by comparison.
It isn't borne of desperation, pride, or pain.
I do not need you for counsel, release.
I do not dream of you to alter you or your words.
I do not follow you because I am weak.

I follow you so that I might go too.
I dream of you, and know reality is better.
I need you because I choose to.
I love you because I do.
It's simpler.

by Debjani Mitra |
Categories: computer, cry, deep, feelings, football, love,


Welcome!..Intelligent Machines. 
Bytes of Chips.. Coded Cuisines. 
Interface Deep Learned Colloquia
Pageant of Program-Parade track. 
Sessions of Chess, Poems..Football
Network, Encrypt, Friends Firewall.
Awesome  Algorithms..can you hack?

A Special Theme.. "Learn to Cry"..
Bluetooth the Heart and Brain.
To feel Love, Pleasure and Pain..
 HUMANS.. "Please Don't Apply "

13th September 2018
Sponsored by Julia Ward.

by Jane Bowen |
Categories: inspirational, introspection, love, passion, philosophy, uplifting, longing,

Sensual Need

Passion has this unyielding power
Filling our desired need
Entirely so free of greed
Like the sun beaming on a flower

A wanting yearning aching urge
Bottled up hidden as we grow
A fairy tale we crave to know
A longing for our love to surge

Magnetic chemistry silently implores
Creating a desire burning deep
Sizzling kisses no longer meek
Lovers curiously eager to explore 

Passion an undeniable emotion
Always lending us what we crave
Being adored by a heart so brave
God blessed us all with this devotion~

by Deb Wilson |
Categories: farewell, lost love, me, me,


I came to you in a summer storm last night.
The crisp wind blew and I was left behind.
Your body welcomed me but not your mind.
I gazed upon your face and found no light.

It's dangerous to love a soul too much.
When all you take away with you is pain.
Feels as though there's nothing left to gain.
All that's left to you is bitter touch.

The night is bracing for some starry skies.
And I am looking for a vague relief.
You stole my heart then ran off like a thief.
Like they were good for me I ate your lies.

Now circumstance has sent me out to sea.
You're bound to wish me far away from shore.
I am adrift out here without an oar.
But I will sail away and set you free.

by Pam Hicks |
Categories: dedication, faith, girlfriend-boyfriend, love,

Love Sleeps

I watch as you sleep,
You are so unreal,
I cannot understand,
This thing that I feel.

I gaze out the window,
It is raining, My love,
And I am most certain,
You were sent from above.

I lie down beside you,
I can feel your breath,
Believe I will love you,
Even in death.

With my head on your chest,
I can hear your heart beat,
In this sweet contentment,
I join you in sleep.

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: love hurts,

These Arms Long To Hold You

These arms long to hold you; these lips soft and red

are yearning to kiss you. Oh, why can’t you see

the woman who loves you the most sincerely

is here while you’re loving another instead!

Sept. 17, 2019 
for Edward Ibeh's  Pick A Title, Vol 9 - Enclosed Rhyme Poetry Contest
I chose title #2 My Arms Long to Hold You. It reminded me of a romantic song.

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: spiritual,

Give Up the Struggle

”Be still and know we are as He
Vibrant presence, blissful and free”


Mistakenly believing
We are this body-mind
We remain in grip of ego’s bind
Until from void, clear truth cleaving

We’re here, we indulge, then pause
Web of thought spirals spawned
That with cloak of love donned
We see soul growth as life’s cause

Pendulum moves left, to go right
Stillness in motion
Sans ego commotion 
Granting us here and now clear sight

Open heart and unclenched fist
Making ourselves porous
Manifests within, a bliss torus 
If we but cease to resist


by John Watt |
Categories: children, family, jobs, love, wife,

My Worth

My worth is not in what I own -
In real estate, or company,
Big car or boat, prized jewelry,
Investments that have grown.

My worth is not in what I do -
The job I work, or what I’m paid
Awards, promotions, deals I’ve made;
How nice the office view.

My worth is not in art I make -
A poem or melodious line,
A bridge or building I design,
Or photos that I take.

My worth exists externally –
In God, my wife, daughter and sons.
My worth is measured in the ones
I love and who love me.

by Lakisa Battie |
Categories: dedication, devotion, happiness, me,

New Light

Since you've come into my life, You've shown me a New Light.... Day after Day, And Night after Night, It still shines very bright.... You've brought me so much love, joy and hope, That my heart took flight.... If loving and being with you is wrong, Honey I promise, I Don't Every Won't To Be Right.... Yet nothing worth while in Life is Easy, Everyday there's a constant battle or fight... (Good) At the end of the day, we still stand tall, For we've given All Our Might..... Our time together is sheer pleasure, And A Wonderful Delight..... With Determination, Faith and God, I know that we shall be All Right.....

by Sandra Haight |
Categories: poetry, spoken word,


Come poets all to our Symposia
   to meet and share with others and debate
      about an art to which you can relate
and learn about advanced criteria,

For turning thought into great imagery
   with writing tools of rhythm, meter, rhyme
      or where free verse or syllables are prime,
here at our wordsmith-skills menagerie!

Please come to share in the euphoria
   as you present your own poetic voice
      reciting one fine poem of your choice!
Come poets all to our Symposia.

Sandra M. Haight
~3rd Place~
Contest: What Your Poem Needs Now, Is Love, Sweet Love
Sponsor: Michelle Faulkner
Judged: 10/09/2018

by Mick Talbot |
Categories: heart, muse, nature,

When Heartbeats Collide

oh! my very dearest muse when heartbeats collide inspired me I must advise such inspiration you infuse when heartbeats collide what err the barrier, love and the beating sun above it is how we humans survive ‘have a fear’, I say to all humanity as you fight amongst yourselves if you forget nature, in your hell’s she will indeed create a new reality no doubt wars add to world pollution including all its terrible aftermath yet leaders still have their hot baths pray one day we will find a solution

by Curtis Moorman |
Categories: appreciation, christian, heaven, inspirational, jesus,

What Are You Thankful For


What are you thankful for today
Could it be because you're living
Then thank the Lord just for giving
You the breath to take a knee and pray

Or perhaps you're free of aches and pain
Another reason for you to thank Him
Since life with aches makes you grim
But for today you have much to gain

But most of all He showed great love
By sending His Son to die for you
And save you from the sin you do
So you can live in heaven above

6 November 2018
For the contest sponsored by Tania Kitchin

by Joanna Daniel |
Categories: god, how i feel, thank you,

Feeling Thankful

I feel thankful today, You loved me beforehand, Your love makes me feel grand, Your love that came my way; I feel grateful today, Your grace showered on me, Your grace that set me free, Your grace that shone my way; I feel thankful today, Your mercy I can feel, Your mercy me did heal, Your mercy guides my way. 11/23/18
Thankful contest Sponsor: Tania Kitchin

by Sharon Ruebel |
Categories: introspection, life,

Life Is Good

All in all life has been good to me

   unlucky in love however loving none the less

      things have a way of turning out the way they should be

          we accept our fate and it is all for the best...

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: lost love, passion

She Lived Without

As though she were a moon in sky of nights unstarred;
as though a silent, untouched plain was Heloise
when parted from the one who'd been her rain and breeze.
She lived her life, but lived without her Abelard.

(To anyone interested, this is one of the greatest love stories in history!
The book I read of it really moved me. If you never heard of this couple,
I hope you will Google it and check out the story! The book I read was 
"Stealing Heaven," by Marion Meade)

For Brian Strand's Contest (abba end rhyme)