Love Poems About Bible or Bible Love Poems
by Kyle Kriticos |
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Sins In the Sand

We are taught not to judge but how far does that go?
Yes, we're all taught to love but how much of it shows?

We like to throw stones at the devil's scapegoats
Yet the ears that will listen are hearing this quote:

"Judge not lest ye be judged", and isn't it true?
Or are some people so bad that our judgment is due?

Did you think that salvation was exclusive to you?
If you light fires of judgment won't you be consumed?

I can't speak for you but I don't want to judge people
After all, under God we are all loved as equals

When I join the accuser and his self-righteous band
Somehow I can see my own sins in the sand

by Lin Lane |
Categories: hope, endurance,

Hope Is My Anchor

Hope is the anchor that secures my soul
Needed for endurance as the Bible foretold
One of three qualities, along with faith and love
I am filled with hope to honor my Holy Father above

Hope in God's promises lightens my heavy load
It's instilled in me when I venture down a dark road
Hope has power to keep me moving in the right direction
And there I will find the mercy and love of God's protection

Hope is a means of trusting in what will be
Faith in the unseen; that is what hope means to me
Life without it fences me inside a brick wall without a gate
I believe in the Word of God;  I do not adhere to destiny or fate

April 30th, 2016

by Mel Merrill |
Categories: heaven,

I Wonder If In Heaven

On earth, as it is in heaven,
Or the Bible tells me so--
I wonder if in heaven,
Will the winds of autumn blow?

Or will there be a garden,
Will the morningglory grow--
I wonder if in heaven
Will the springs of summer flow?

And just beyond the pearly gates
Will the seasons come and go--
I wonder if in heaven
Will there fall a flake of snow?

Or will my love be waiting there;
Shall I find my crimson rose?
And marvel at her beauty...
The smile Da Vinci knows.


by Samantha Withee |
Categories: absence, adventure, age, anger, bible, words,

Power of Now

Slowly I see the light decrease off your hand 
You say love but do you see my eyes 
Surviving you is a long vanished pen 

As building it through is what I witness 
Occasionally you grasp me effortless 
This new found conviction is astonishing 

As you see my devotion but never entitle it 
Perhaps in time you will revolutionize 
So I give you my voice to authentic expectation 

Love should never harm, as I do find you irresistible 
I pray to up beyond but at wish some things aren't precise 
So I just listen to a spirit, as my future plays a shipping canal 
And this is the power, the power of now.

by Romeo Naces |
Categories: introspection, people, social,

Punching Preachers

two bible-blabbering, prattling pastors

   from two denominational sectors

      ended up in stitches and bloody plasters;

those around said it actually began

   when one yelled, "faith alone can save a man!",

      the other screamed, "only charitable acts can!";

swinging bulky bibles, shouting curses,

   they whacked each other's eardrums and noses,

      bludgeoned and bloodied their righteous faces;

so ironic, how they maimed each other

   for faith, for charity and didn't bother

      to heed the Lord's words: "Love one another."

by Gary Radice |
Categories: birth, child, death, emotions, feelings, heartbreak, hurt, in memoriam, sad,


there's a little dog that's laughing
at a cow jumping the moon
and a cat playing a fiddle
on the wall of a bright room
where a mobile's hanging silent
waiting patiently to turn
like the pages on the bookshelf
that proclaim it's fun to learn
and there's a bible on a small crib 
with its cross depicting love
for a child born sadly sleeping
into arms of those above.

by Rico Leffanta |
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Catty Schism

In the Catholic Schools of the West
All students are put to a test
Their head must go South
With an open mouth
To measure who comes off the best

A priest is never too fickle
An Adam's Apple to tickle
No need to repent
Its all Heaven-sent
The meek love sucking a pickle

Virile men should become a priest
So many are needed back East
Beneath every frock
Likes a ticking clock
Hungry mouths in need of a feast

The Bible predicts that a beast
Will plunder the Great and the Least
So you can do more
To even the score
When you serve this world as a priest!

by Marty Owens |
Categories: inspirationaleaster, earth, love,

Love Thy Brother

L-ove for one another is what we all need.
O-n earth especially with all of the greed.
V=anity of vanities can plant it's own seed.
E-ach one should love as in the Bible we read.

T-he Ten Comandmants tell us to love.
H-ave mercy on us we pray to the Lord above.
Y-et we still don't love, we wear a face glove.

B-ring all your burdens to the cross, we say.
R-easoning that Jesus shed His blood there one day.
O-nly He had the greatest love for mankind, and for their sins did pay.
T-hen after three days in the ground where he lay,
H-e arose from the dead, on earth could not stay.
E-very Easter we celebrate this wondrous Love.
R-emembering Christ and His Love from above.

by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: death, grandmother, loss, mother,

Death's Cold Hand

Easter brings back sad memories. 
My mother died on Good Friday.
She was a bible scholar and quoted
Jesus's words every day to us kids.
I remember her love for lavender,
Her operatic gentle voice singing to us.
How she loved little children with joy
And what a great grandmother she was.


Writing Challenge 1- April, 2019 -
Its All About 8 - Poetry Contest
Sponsor Dear Heart

2. Elegy
1. Death's Cold Hand

by Charles Abraham |
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Why I Love the Lord

I love u Jesus for what you've done for me 

You died on the cross of Calvary

You didn't think about your self

Coz you wanted me to be saved from hell

The crown of thorns upon your head

And the fact that for my sin you bled

When I think about the pain that u bore

I start to love u more and more

Words can't express my love for you

You've changed my life made it brand new

So now I have a place secured in Paradise

I'll reach there when I close my eyes

I want to live to please you Lord

Coz you are the maker, the One true God

by Cona Adams |
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A Slight Improvement

Genesis 1:27 
God creates male and female

A Slight Improvement

All it took was one rib,
Adam wouldn’t miss it.
Look what he gained.

At first sight, he uttered
an ancient word the equivalent 
of the modern, “Wow!”

From the best use of a rib
of all time, came a creature
capable of charm, seduction,
procreation, gentleness, envy,
love, virtue, loyalty, jealousy,
deceit, and an affinity for salt.

Though she came from man,
she seeks always to best him,
and considers herself superior
in every way. After all, she has
that extra rib.

First Appeared in Galaxy of Verse.

by Tom Valles |
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When He Breathes

Soft, still, the silence heaves
I inhale, the Spirit breathes;
Flowing, growing Christ bestowing
Life and strength surpassing knowing.

Scented, soothing, respiration
Taking in His inspiration;
Filling, feeling Christ exalted
Love and Grace supremely vaulted.

Sure, secure the Spirit wind
Where flows the Sovereign;
God revealing Christ resplendent
Hope and purpose codependent.

When He breathes upon the morn
Hope has dawned and life is born;
He my all in all shall be
From now unto eternity.

Job 33:4

by Rob Carmack |
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Find Me In Six - Find Me

Find me in the sea full of empty shells.
They are bones over Noah’s burnt vessel,
ashes of gopher, Calvary’s wood the
timeless ark and rungs on Jacob’s ladder.
Moor your might to my truth and blink your eye.
Before you’re adrift in Luke’s gulf, find me.

Date: 01.18.17
Contest: Find Me In Six
Sponsor: Nette Onclaud

by Scott Macdonald |
Categories: bible, conflict, creation, fantasy, god, jealousy, religious,

Jealous God

Wodon gave them song and verse
Promethius gave them fire
Dionysius gave them wine and games
Orpheus played the lyre
Atlas held the world aloft
Fenrir consumed it whole
Ceres gave them seeds and crops
Ran the waves that roll
Pandoras box kept evil locked
Rati set love free
Boreas brought the winters frost
Eostre, springs fertility
But for my name they are nothing,
Upon these you may not call,
For I am christ the jealous god,
And I destroyed them all
So do not sing mousai's songs
Rebrand all festivities
For each of you are heathen
And theres is only me

Scott (loki) MacDonald 2017

by Darren Watson |
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The Red Rose

A pure red rose I send to you 
It carries love from me 
Believe in all you know to be true
The rose will bloom eternally .

Its fragrance forever will allure 
The petals will be as soft as lace 
Keep it safe and forevermore
True love you will embrace .

Every morning when you open your eyes
You will feel contented bliss 
Your heart a whirl of butterflies 
As my loving rose you kiss .

Safely in your bible pressed 
My rose was in heaven made 
Feel the warmth of gods caress
The rose of love will never fade .

Bask in the glory of forever 
Give praise to god above
Let us march through this life together
Sharing the red rose of true love.

by Dorian Petersen Potter |
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He Has Many Names - the Trinet

~He Has Many Names~ (Trinet) Jesus' name Means "Saviour" Jesus has long list of names The Bible says that, it's true Emmanuel, Christ, Rabbi, Son Of God. Son of David, Son Of Man, and Prince of Peace, Lamb of God,The Annointed One, The Word, I Am, And more. Lord of Lords, Alpha And Omega, and King of Kings, Bright Morning Star, Lion of Judah, All Jesus Names. I Believe it. Dorian Petersen Petersen aka ladydp2000 copyright@2011
November.13.2015 ~Author's Notes: "The Trinet," is a poetry style that was created by Zion.

by Dana Redricks |
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The Word of God Yahweh

Author Dana Redricks
May 21, 2018

The Word of God Yahweh is
like air for the believer
The Word of God is like food for the soul
It is a map that leads us on the right path
Of righteousness
The Word God Yahweh gives us hope 
when we feel like we want to give up
the Word of God Yahweh gives us hope
The Word of God Yahweh is 
a light in this dark world
The Word of God transforms our lives
When we are weak the Word 
gives us strength
There is no other who love like God
In God’s tender loving arms is 
Where I belong
In this Word is where I live
But it is not my home
God’s love and mercy is 
what keeps me from day to day

by Ronald A. Williams |
Categories: bible, christian, dedication, devotion, jesus, joy, true love,

Ode To Jesus

  Yes, all to Him, I owe!
  He paid the price,
  the debt that I had greatly owed.

  No greater gift He gave, His "life!"
  How precious is the blood!
  of the lamb that was slain.

  For He rose "Jesus," after that faithful Third day alive!
  with all power over hell, death and the grave!

  How lovely and excellent is the great name.
  For it is the name, that is above all other names.
  "Jesus," "God is Salvation" "Christ" "The Anointed One."

 Resurrected, glorified is He, and He is alive forevermore.
 He is the Commencement and End to all things;
 and is coming back again!

by Patricia Bernard |
Categories: bible, faith, father, god, son, spiritual,


Jesus wants us to come with a willing heart
Everyone has free will
Saves all who believe in him and confess in his name
Unto him freely come all to him freely give he will 
Save with his love, mercy,hope,and grace

by Barbara Barry-Nishanian |
Categories: absence, future, home, how i feel, journey, miss you,

Coming Back Home


C-Coming back home to you my darling
O-Oh, my love, I miss you so
M-Missing your laughter and your kisses
I-I’m sure all this you know
N-Never again and not one more night 
G-Gorgeous lady … I’m on the next flight!

B-Be back home soon in your loving embrace
A-Anxious to show you face to face
C-Conclusive proof in Bible truths seek
K-Keen Paradise earth … soon inherited by Meek.

H-Holy writings give us confidence
O-On a restored Paradise we’ll live
M-Me and you forever 
E-Eternity gift to us  ... God will give.

March 4, 2021 copyright
Contest: Coming Back Home
Sponsor: John Hamilton

by Rocell Grace Aranas |
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Lovers' Moon

Oh,, this is gonna be the night
Feelin’ the warmth of this incredible sight..
I will love you with all my might.
Holdin’ you in my arms so tight..

My lips run into your neck..
And I whisper in your ears
“Let’s make love in the full moonlight”…
Let’s make a night…

Sweet, gentle breeze touches our skin
We  are dancing to the rhythm of love
Let me be the one   tonight
Who will embrace you so tight

Let’s make love in the moonlight
Let the swaying leaves be the witness
Of this sweet love we have
Let the soft, gentle wind touch our skin..

Let’s make love tonight..

by Eric Nolan |
Categories: bible, care, courage, devotion, emotions, feelings, love,

Nothing Personal

I love you too much 
To let anything bad happen to you 
I love you too much
To see you do bad things 
I love you too much 
To do nothing 

I wont sit and do nothing 
I will stop you 
Even if I have to hurt you to save you 
I wont sit and do nothing 

It’s nothing personal 
I just love you too much

Eric (and sometimes not)

by Augustine Ogoegbunam Eseke |
Categories: bible, christian, easter, endurance, friendship, jesus, relationship,

True Love

The sky looks blue and alluring
The lovers look tired but enduring
Clinging to love which has waned and disappearing
As memories of yesterday kept on interfering

Love looked so real and true
Filled every night with warmth untrue
Made them believe in peaceful bliss
Which did not go beyond the deceitful kiss

Human love so weak and ephemeral
Comes with intensity so ethereal
But crumbles as fast under a weak foundation
Cause it has a beginning and an end  

God's love is ever enduring 
Neither beginning nor ending 
Love so pure and caring 
Demonstrated on the cross in a manner so glaring.

by Anil Deo |
Categories: beauty, bible, community, dedication, miracle, perspective, prayer,

I Love Her Healing Hands, Blessed By Jesus Christ

They are scarred, barely able to write a letter
But her hands have helped make us humans better

I prayed from afar, chasing a revolution, another falling star
She sacrificed by nursing the aged. A Sister? Friend? Daughter?

In the winter of my life, I cannot see with these eyes
I won't see her hands - I know they are scarred prayers in disguise

Jesus still heals ... Is it His will to heal my eyes, my future, me?
Viola! I pray my Savior heals her hands (My greatest testimony).

by Charles Abraham |
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Don'T Waste Your Life

People use this earth like a facility

To generate felicity

Finding happiness in everything that's wrong

Like drinking, smoking and using a bong

But what's the point of this when your life is gone?

You could end up a murderer or a con

Acting like everything is fine when its actually upside down

Why don't you come to Jesus Christ, exchange your cross for a crown

Girls have modesty, don't wear a sleazy gown

Coz you might attract the wrong crowd

And that's not what love is about

Let the Word of God change you inside out

And may the Holy Spirit dispel all your fears and all your doubts