Love Poems About Epyllion or Epyllion Love Poems
by Tianna Anhorn |
Categories: allegory, imagination, love, passion, people, people,

Activity #28

"Such beauty"
"Such grace"
"Such wonder"
"Such waste"

That is what they said to me
As she climbed the forbidden tree

Some said she'd make it
Some said she'd fall
Some tongues stood still
As she climbed through it all

When she reached the top at last
She found the magic had just past

She climbed down
Without a fight
As people left
Saying they were right

As the leaves began to stir
I stayed there, waiting for her

As people fled
Leaving just us
She came to me
Saying, "It's not lust."

To prove her love, she climbed the tree
So now I know that she loves me

by Benson Langat |
Categories: best friend,

I Love You

You'll always be my only,
Your beauty is so much my weakness.
Your smile is usually-
The only reason i end my days in happiness.
Your wonderful figure,
Added on to your spectacular look,
Makes me so eager-
To hold you in my arms...look,
I cannot keep this in my heart,
I can hide it no longer,
Because it really hurts,
As it stays the longer.
I don't think there's any better way,
That i could say this to you,
But i'll say it anyway,
I love you.

by Sibusiso Ntombela |
Categories: love, me, love, me,

I Love You


I compare this love with none;
You are able to keep me happy,
With just telling me I love you
Your touch is neither like nor other;

My heat beat much faster,
When am with you sunshine.
When am near you,
You make me feel alive inside.

You completed me while,
Some pieces were missing in me.
Can’t even go a day,
Without being touch by you,

Without being kissed by you,
Without being with you beautiful,
Having is like having it all in live,
I love you
                                                                                                                             DEDICATED BY SBUH AKA S.M.S

by Demeter Edwards |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, romance, me,

Show Me Your Love

Dance along with me
utter that special word you love me
give my eyes, your cunning smile
show me you care, even if its just for a while
fill my empty-heart with your deep surprise,
then afterwards shade me from that hot sunrise,
be my strength, the remedy to my health
be my treasure, that luxurious wealth.

Demeter Edwards

by Emma Hughes |
Categories: angst, confusion, dedication, devotion, fantasy, hope, imagination, life, lost love, love, romance, time

From Dusk Till Dawn

Distant You Were In Tortured Dreams

*Even My Imagination Won’t Let Us Entwine*

Your Eyes Spoke Miles of Unavoidable Truths

*Honesty That Should Only Exist in Reality*

Every Night I Loved, Every Day I Lost

*When Will This Ache End?*

You Took Away My Rest and Left Me Exhausted

By Your Commitment to Haunt Me

*At Last Illusions Evolve to My Hearts Contentment*

From the Touch of Hands

Now Those Nights Could Never Cause Resentment

by Benjamin Amsden |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, love

Tanabata Knock

and snake oiled gleaming

That day of grey Tuesday was remediously teeming

Simply chilli,
chopped onion,
or tragedy-eyed streaming

Girls Gone Wilderness, 
two sopping wet cupfuls

I opened, then poured some number of n-tuples

We were one o’ those 
fight nail,
tooth pick olive,
and lemon twisted couples

by Asad Abdalle |
Categories: fear, lonely,


fear to uncover a mysterious pain
reach a depth of darkness hell
she blocked me out, and 
heaped hills within hills
masked her ravaged heart 
with forceful smile
her lips stayed shut, yet
spoken without a sound
crumbling body ruins, 
banned from a touch of love.
wistful eyes drowned 
in a floating tears
throaty voices rambles
with a shrilling voices
in a haughty wall, oppressed,
is where she lays in frail

by Charles Fuller |
Categories: devotion, hope, inspirational, love, visionary, wife, sweet, me, sweet,

My Eve.

From the dust of Earth I came
A dry unnamed brittle soul
Before life’s humid breath
Filled my chest with curiosities

                     And you cast from pallid bone
                     Alabaster innocence and life’s sweet milk
	Slipped from me as I dared to dream
	Perchance of you to come

She, who was given to me
To help bear my every burden 
Gifting to me sweet life as 
Partner, lover, mother and friend

	She, the beauty of true feminine spirit
	Whose every soft line and thoughtly curve
	Was created for only my adoration
	…And I only for hers.

by Sibusiso Ntombela |
Categories: love,

Am a One Man Army

Am a one man army


                                                                                                                                    WRITTEN BY: SBUH AKA S.M.S
	                            FOR: ZAMOKUHLE MAZIBUKO

by Grace Williams |
Categories: fantasy, love,

The Lady of the Lake

He did not hear her foot falls, for he lay immersed in water. She stepped soft under the starry vault The lady of the lake. He had disturbed her si- lent lake with his loud cries and splashing. She came with one simple goal in mind: to kill the tresspasser. But when she got close to his noble face, eyes closed and floating, she did not feel aught but love for him. Her new lord of the Lake
*Do people think that I should write another verse about her acidentally drowning him, or about a wife that she stole him from?*

by Christie Mills |
Categories: fantasy, imagination, love

Bedtime Prince

I look for you within the night.
With tall tale words of wishful flight. 
Thy eyes are gazed upon you brightly.
With hopes, and dreams at heart.
 I do not believe in Fairy tales, But a yearning in my heart. 
I seize to fantasize of unrealistic things.
For my knight in shinning armor has faded with thy dreams. 
For when my eyes are open, and reality settles in. 
If only you could turn back time, and do it all again.

by Laura Mckenzie |
Categories: devotion, love, passion

Undying Love

With every last breath
With every last murmur
Before I close my eyes 
I shall be always grateful for you!

by Paula Moyer |
Categories: confusion, girlfriend-boyfriend, loss, lost love, love, passion,

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

What can I tell you 
That you don't already know?
That I know how rain looks
When I'm standing on my head?
That the clouds on Friday
resembled ice cream?
That is takes approximately one minute and thirty-two seconds to swim the 
border of the town pool?
Or I forgot my locker combination and cried?
Or that I ran out of shampoo from washing my hair three times a day?
Maybe you'd care to know that I'm now an expert at crosswords, and I've learned 
how to spell your name in four different languages?
What can I tell you that would make you see?
That breaking up really hurt me?

by Tianna Anhorn |
Categories: lost love, love, passionlost, lost,


We used to love
We used to dance
But now it seems
We've lost that chance

So much has changed
So much is new
I only wish
I somehow knew

The stage is set
The curtain falls
And now it seems
We've lost it all

We move on
We keep up pace
As we try to hide
Every little trace

by Christal Gill |
Categories: anniversary, husband, love, passion, romance, wife

30 Years

How do I begin to tell you how
grateful I am to have you in my life? 
I'll start by saying what an honor it is 
for me to be your wife. 

You're my best friend in the good times 
and my rock in times of sorrow. 
You're the reason for sweet yesterdays 
and my promise for tomorrow. 

I never thought I could feel this loved 
until I became your wife. 
You made this year and every year 
the best one of my life. 
Happy 30th Anniversary
Love You,
Your Loving Wife.

by Motloang Matabane |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, lost love, love, dream, dream, moon,

From One Keeper To Another

My love,

Under the influence of the essence of our joined spirits
and the cover of the moon lit night, i promised you forever
Forever to be by your side
Forever to bare your load
Forever share your laughter and joy
Forever to only dream of you...that dream has come true
Forever to love you
Forever never to hurt you
Forever never to disappoint you or cause you pain...but i did
Forever can still be as long as we imagined it once was
Under the influence of the essence of our joined spirits
and the cover of the moon lit night

Forgive me, awaiting your response
The Keeper of your heart

by Michael Soto |
Categories: beauty, betrayal, desire, feelings, heartbroken, love, passion,

Desperate For Love

I sat beside love and felt her hand;
Her passion put a barricade on my mouth.

I just couldn't come to tell her;
She became too demanding.

Love's silk smooth skin;
Her perfect imperfections.

Her cooking is phenomenal;
Before stale as stone.

Makes me wonder if she knows...
I found another Love.

Love, tugging back and forth;
Which do I choose...

My Mother always told me,
From her past experiences... Love is like oil...

It can be destroyed in seconds,
But can take a lifetime to recover

by Mason Cowell |
Categories: inspirational, life,

The Lion and the Lamb

He came to save us out of love,
the spirit came to him in the form of a dove.

To spare us he lay his own life down,
for us he took up the twisted crown.

For our salvation he bore the cross,
to cleanse us his blood stained the moss.

To give us life he lost his own,
though he did not even break a bone.

His body was lain in a tomb,
but he could not be held by a physical room.

In just three days he had risen,
there is no reason to fear death's prison.

by Karen Abbott |
Categories: holiday, love

Valentine Thing

Lo and behold! Who would have ever known? 
Two decades, plus --we’ve watched unfold.  

Each Step we share, whether here or there;
Amazingly, our love has grown. 

I must admit, if truth be told; this thing we have 
is like diamonds and gold.

Won’t you be my sweet Valentine? Hurry, come see me,
Before I grow old.

by Michelle Pryor |


one single rose
left on my door step
one single step
led u to me
one single kiss
felt on the nape of my neck
one single tear fell to the floor
a tear of joy
its our love and nobody's business

by Charles Fuller |
Categories: devotion, faith, inspirational, love, passion, peace,

Heaven In Hand

If I could reach out
And hold onto
A heavenly body
For every moment 
The thought of you
Warmed my spirit
I would ever carry
The overflowing
Midnight skies within
The palms of my hands

by Nayda Ivette Negron Flores |
Categories: feelings, love,

Romance Anticipation

My skin shivers anticipating your presence.
I smiled alone thinking about you.

Suddenly, you appeared before me.
Emotion surrender myself entirely.

Words cannot describe the feeling.
Reaction was a profound sigh.

Glances across the room talk without saying a
single word.
Expressions will be silent. Interpretation will
be according to your mind set. 

Nayda Ivette

by Andreanna Escamilla |
Categories: longing, lost love, love, missing you,


On the cusp of favor brimming in the flavor of missing minutes, laid about the streets curved around sockets of setting suns. Along roadsides and dug deep under sand dunes, I collect forgotten pearls planted in the dismantled timepiece of my chest. I close my eyes letting the hours, months, and years sink in. However broken these wheels and springs, for you, this pendulum forever swings.

by Amber Boillot |
Categories: devotion, faith, family, hope, husband, life, love, passion, love,

Thoughts of April

No clouds in sight
Yet no clear days yet
Believe in what’s right 
Which means loving you from the day we met

I feel the sun
Warmth I can’t explain
Only one other place, bar none
Where I can feel the same

The light you shine
Heals my wounds
From the worlds filth and grime
In the dark, you’re my moon

The gift you’ve given me
To live out my journey 
Guidance, strength, and love is key
For hopes, dreams, and wishes I see

Freedom with your heart
I’ve never wished for more
Never want to ever part
For my love for you is deep into my core

by Betty Burdette |
Categories: imagination, loss, love, world,


'Onest  Orion,  like an ugly face draws 

And night's damp... dawn - dew lies; 

Therewith, shadows of hallowed mist; 

I look for you....; 

You would hold me close;  know just 

what to say. 

Shadows' world flee,---'N disappear; 

Ghostly, ---Sounds W'd  melt away;  

And the fear of the unknown--- Pass like

 brightest day; 


My Darling, ...I look for you still....and long! 

It would be divine if you were here, 

with me; Mine, just mine. 

My heart would be...Free, and my world --- 

Angel "right." 


I'll be back again...tomorrow night; --- Looking