Love Poems About Musaddas or Musaddas Love Poems
by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr |
Categories: angel,


baby your my pride
your my guild
love you by my side
my love for you is wide
your everything
all the love brings

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: garden,

Growing Tomatoes and Flowers

Elephant ears with a green glow.
Gives nature a magnificent show.
Please visit and stay down below.
One of my plants looks like a sweet bow.
Zinnias, marigolds, roses too.
Sharing their pretty. Each one brand new.

Daisies planted softly in the ground.
More beautiful garden rarely found.
Sunflower’s face so prettily round.
Tiny grasshopper providing sound.
My work is happy. Dirt therapy.
Flowers my main productivity.

Angels, faeries, dragonflies too.
Sit next to pasture where cows go moo.
I have no qualms about what to do.
I’ll also grow tomatoes for you.
Soil so dear; flowers and veggies love it here.

by jan hansen |
Categories: feelings, good morning, health,

love illusion

Love’s Illusion 

I will give you all my thoughts and my displeasure
and love of flowers, you will know everything 
about me and play like a string on your harp.
You will find my dog-like eyes of adoration
unnerving, dismiss me and only call me when   
needing comfort from a lost love affair.
And then, yes, he died, you escaped the scene of
ending in a panic of the secrets untold.
From the depth of your mind, it turned out to be
so utterly self-absorbed your life had been flirty  
the Wiener Waltz only played on a festive occasion.
I loathe myself for loving you.