Love Poems About Mentor or Mentor Love Poems
by Tom Woody |
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Hold Your Head High

keep dwelling in the clouds, my mentor said
and shun those who would drag you through the mud
their heinous wish to keep you seeing red
is Satan's lure for drawing out first-blood

for in this world malevolence abounds
and evil lurks in every corner nook
to tit for tat in idle chat with clowns
is like a fish who can't resist the hook

but in the sky there's love and harmony
you'll find yourself immersed in dreams of peace
I'll help you in your quest to stay angst-free
together we'll find joy and sweet release

forever may this be my firm resolve
to rise above the fray and thus evolve

*inspired by a friend

by Ink Empress |
Categories: destiny, devotion, love,

Poetic Dreams

My ink keeps bleeding your sweet name tonight
Whilst this heart's pleading time to sprinkle light
Silent hummingbirds beneath starless skies
Weave misty metaphors through midnight eyes

Will roses ever be a kind mentor
When fate unfolds a sharp thorny traitor
Can love resketch hereafter through brushstrokes
Interpreting fields where twin flame evokes

An immortal enticing bonfire 
as angels of romance ascend higher
I yearn to feel your poetic veins near 
realizing there's no sign of you, here

Without us, this quill refuses to rhyme 
distance between oceans remain a crime

by Catherine Labeau |
Categories: graduation,

Mentor Love

thank you thank you to my mentor
she seen in me in me no one could see
write your poetry but use virgule
and diligent I write tons of nonsense
with no virgules as I am a bad student
but you forever in my heart never to be forgotten my mentor.

by Anne-Lise Andresen |
Categories: destiny, fantasy, lonely, love,

- a Lonely Path With You In Heart -

Listening to your voice whispering
The moon is my mentor
With the search of your aura and pounding heart
The answer to this makes all the difference
Because my longing sings about my dear angel
Such feelings reins all my energy
No one can live among broken walls
The wind blew out the candle, chilling
In search for every space, every need and even secret dreams
As a landscape into the timeless time

10.10.2015 A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: for her, friendship,

A Tribute To Andrea Dietrich

she’s a faithful friend
a mentor, a confidant
a trusted teacher
of poetry forms
loyal, loving me for me
with no conditions...

on one occasion
she set aside precious time
to study ALL of my work
yes, from first to last
offering kind opinions
on what she thought were my best...

she loathes the lazy
practice of copy/pasting
bland, boring comments
or: ‘Nice work! Love it! Congrats!’
(short but not so very sweet)
enough already!

she’s funny and fun
honorable and honest
sometimes brutally...
(she knows I need it)
confidence sans cockiness
now THAT’S a lady...


by David Shawn Dodson |
Categories: appreciation, fathers day,

Thoughts of the Day

We have a laugh, and drink a beer,
Play some golf, and hunt for deer.

Your patience and wisdom, is without test,
Your confidence and clarity, is at its best.

Mentor and Dad, is what you are,
Saved and glad, your faith will go far.

I’m thankful and blessed, with a father like you,
Proud at its best, for the little things that you do.

Love and care, are words that I say,
Friendship to share, on Happy Father’s Day!

To: “Pop”

by Sharon Gulley |
Categories: cancer, caregiving, deep, garden, mentor, psychological, recovery from,

A Summer of Lastingness

In a summer of lastingness, long ago,
what you had in store for me my love,
I could've never known.

Through the depth and channels
of the heart, you have shown me
life begins, where the loving starts.

Like an unfolded rose growing in the
morning's misty dew, you feed me
and then sheltered me as I grew.

If I stood before you today my love
you would see a full rose in bloom,
not at all hindered by gloom. 

A strong stem, no regrets, no sorrow.
Only togetherness with you, full of
brighter tomorrows.

Thank you for all you planted in the 
garden of my hardened soil.
A summer of lastingness has forever
brought tenderness instead of toil.

by Lewis Nyaga |
Categories: appreciation, friend, mentor, word play,

The Young Philosopher

I listen calmly to him
Slowly nudging him on
As he expounds on philosophy
Hidden gems are revealed
Polished and inspected
This one owns a gold mine
This one has hidden gems
I love to see them exposed
That's why am silently probing

by Jan Allison |
Categories: i love you, mother daughter, tribute,

My Amazing Mother

My wonderful mother who I love and adore From the day I was born you have been my mentor You give me a huge smile when I walk through the door I cherish time spent with you like never before M Monorhyme Contest Sponsored by Broken Wings 12 syllables per line Checked with how many syllables 04~12~17

by Randall Smith |
Categories: love



Never a father
But an Uncle
many times...

Plumbers Helper
Best friends
with you....

Always on an adventure....

Support Engineering
The big house
on an acre
of lawn.

All of it gone
Or given away
A lost five years

Then I re-found you
and became a
and Best friend.......Again.

by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: husband, lost love, sea,

Whispers At Daybreak

Such tender whispers waft on salty air
On foggy mornings waves are brushed in gray
I hear you then as winds caress my hair
Your murmur’s soft, but I know what you say

The day will soon come when we live as one
You know I miss the sea scent in your clothes
Our earthly union – life had just begun
You asked for “waders;” I said, “What are those?”

On morns like this I put your waders on
Reach out and search in misty sea for you
The realms that separate us will be gone
To vows we made so long ago, I'm true

My lover, teacher, mentor and best friend
The bond between our souls will never end

*Entry for Brian's contest, December 2018

by Hgarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: family, friendship, lovelove, poetry, time,

Poetess Carol Brown

Her         Thoughts   Declared    In        Beautiful   Rhyme
Love       Dreams     Feelings     Time     Forever    Time 
For          Life              In         Poets     Reading    Poetry
Poetry     Is             Poetry      Will        Poetry      Shine
Subdues  The          Penned     Write      Poetry      Shrine
The         Answer      With        Love       Living       Sign 
Mind       Eternal      Love        Poems   "Psalms"     Poetry          


   Author's note  I call this Dedication My Rhyming Double Free
   VERSE  READ it left to right or top to bottom left to right

by Constance La France |
Categories: mother,

Crosswise - My Mother

Your beauty      your kindness      your laughter
So honest         so friendly           so serene
My anchor         my rock              my haven

My tranquility     my mentor         my mother 
Within me          in my heart         in my soul
I pray                with tears           at your grave
Of love               unspoken           of words

October 31, 2019

Written for FTI Blog Series - Kin
Brian Strand

"This form (which I have labelled crosswise) was popular in the 17th century.
It can be read in almost any direction." Brian Strand

by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: abuse, anti bullying, best friend, clothes, fashion, mentor, slam,

Enemy Wear

"Enemy Suit"

If you are my online styling enemy, 
Then I love you more than poop and snakes combine 
I'd pray to God, every night, 
'Ask him to fill your room with termites 
Once in a while, I'd ask him to give you grace 
In hopes today, you don't expose the green monster face 
Enough said for the time to be.

My dearest enemy, my mentor
I want you to know, you taught me well
Tonight I Will Put On My Enemy's Clothes
And I'll be the fake friend that hugs you

Hugs, Hugs, Love, Love Linda

by Perry Campanella |
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Your My Dear Friend

We have been together
treasured joy now for many years
we trust each other with our
emotions, with affection, tears,

Any day when you are sick or hurting
I feel your pain - significant other,
when either-one needs attention
we help one another...

These mutual friendly feelings
for assistance, approval, support
form our tight bonds,
usually never broken

Sharing visions, time together
we respect each other,
regardless of shortcomings
I know you, "I love you anyway"

by Amy Green |
Categories: dad, love,

Pappa For Father's Day

This day - a marvelous devotion to my Dad,
who is emissary to the bonds of familial love.
Man who bestowed life upon me, you stand above
any man God created, hero role- you always had. 
Gallant and fair, even when you were mad.
When life got too hard you gave me a shove- 
Now I am a fortuitous woman, ti's you- because of.
Immortally your daughter, for this I am glad.

Protector, mentor - a few ways to define you
What really counts, though, is from the heart,
Copiously you bestow this gift so true-
The whole of your being, faithful you impart
Family matters, and no other- is your world view
Beings intertwined together... Never shall we part.

by Ngoc Nguyen |
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Candid Lines To a Septuagenarian's Lonely, Lovely Lass

Food, ale, smoke, sleep, and solitude—
     these are the things which I live for;
provide for me lamb barbecued, 
     and I'll demand of you no more!

O lovely lass, whatsoever's the matter—
     why so downtrodden and alone?
Be not vexed, if you feel so much fatter
     than most, dear, for we love our own.

Sweet lass, let me tell you a secret:
     if I were a young lad again,
I'd chase you for your gorgeous assets;
     but as I am three-score and ten

years old with wife not dead, then never
     could I be your white knight with steed.
So have hope, lass! For time, however, 
     in its fullness will meet your need.

by Dillon Ollivierre |
Categories: inspirational, god, god, me,

Blessed Be


by David Bucknell |
Categories: humanity, hyperbole, mentor, mirror, moon, mother son, mothers day,


For all the things that you do for me, 
For being my rock and crutch,
For always caring and believing, 
For loving me so much, 

Through all the mistakes and ups and downs, 
You've always been by my side,
For showing me how to live and love, 
For being my council and guide, 

My conscience, values and principles, 
All the goodness that I possess, 
These gifts that you've taught and shown, 
I'm able to honour and express, 

On this day and every day, 
I'll always be your loving son, 
Thank you for each and everything,
Thank you for being my mum,...

by Karissa Kelley |
Categories: family, happiness, love, meaningful, mentor, music, niece,

Personal Memories

To the beautiful Ella, Aunt Karen is teaching
Displaying how to play, the ukulele.. Ella is eager, she is reaching
And with every strum - a youthful new talent is breaching
Intriguing her with melodious sounds, to her, the tone is preaching
She resonates to the harmonized beats, that her soul is not impeaching

Picture #2

by Dean Masciarelli |
Categories: lost love

Letting Go and Moving On

Letting go and moving on

Written By Dean Masciarelli

January 23, 2010 (10:14am)

Letting go and moving on 

Is probably the 
hardest thing 

That I had ever done

Because I never felt so 
connected to anyone

And in my mind 

I honestly thought
that you were the one

Because you weren’t 
just my companion

You were also 
my mentor

And my best friend

And ever since 
you’ve been gone

I’ve tried to pick up
the pieces on my own

So that I could get
back to being
somewhat normal again

But that just 
hasn’t happened

So I am going to leave 
it in God hands

Because I just can’t recover 
from everything on my own

by Rizwana Bhurani |
Categories: appreciation, beauty, meaningful, mentor, mom,

Mom You Inspire Me

Mom,you inspire me. You are never tired you have a heart of pure gold Mom you inspire me. Smart as a radar faces thunderstorms with guts Mom you inspire me. Steady at hard times grateful for any moment Mom you inspire me. You smile when in pain pushes me forward in life Mom you inspire me. Never gives up hope you shower love,guidance,care Mom you inspire me. You instill morals Self respect has value. Mom you inspire me. P S-A haiku is a three line Japanese poem with 5,7,5 syllables each. Contest:Who has inspired you. Sponsor:Brenda Chiri Carroll. 27/12/2016

by Ngoc Nguyen |
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In Loving Tribute To a Sublime Poet

Does strife constrain me from thoughts of your mind?
     Does it impede my mind's-eye image of you?
     Even with my circumscribed point of view 
I know this,—that you're of most gracious kind.
A poet and a mentor, you remind
     me of a lost faith in what's pure and true,
     ideals once held by me and by the few
that all the innocents have left behind.
So, Anja, I laud you as a brother
with these well-chosen lines from this sonnet;
please esteem them (as you would your mother)
as if your very joy depends on it.
     A lodestar and guide, you have earned my love
     like the Bard whose muse came down from above.

by Lei Strauss |
Categories: joy, mentor, my children, , sweet love,

I Am a Teacher

A teacher’s life has never been easy.
8 hours a day is as cruel as an agony.
To teach is not just enough!
We touch hearts with sweet hands of huff.

Imparting the best lessons in life,
Try not to put them in the strife.
We always want the better for them.
Transform lives and make it a sharp hem.

Teaching is not just a profession.
It’s a soulful work of sweet love and devotion
Others may not see its worth.
But we make no worst on this earth.

I am proud to be a teacher!
An agent of change and a leader.
Joy and dedication are fiery alive.
Face challenges for the rest of our lives

by Jimmi Canada |
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Main Life

These crimes are committed by disarrangement,

the follow of the clue lies on the piece of her-
hallowing entertainment,

she is egalitarian,

she is fly,

but the needle goes high,

blind like pie,

imploding like lines...

The loaded sounds disrupt-
permeating throughout the club-
swinging at love,

it gets floated enough,

I shoot it in stuff,

but buff for buff-

I'm beatin' it,

lucky dove.