Love Poems About For Children or For Children Love Poems
by Raul Moreno |
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Robin Gass

Born and raised in New Jersey,
  A true hearted Jersey girl.
With a natural gift of wordplay,
  Poems emerge as her pen swirls.

With a love for children, music,
  Animals, words, and people.
She lives by the golden rule,
  By making others feel equal.

Bearing a kind and caring heart,
  She makes friends forevermore.
And spreads her love at home,
  With her family and 3 Labradors.

She loves to joke around,
  And making others laugh.
Here’s a tribute to our friend,
  New Jersey’s own Robin Gass.

Dedicated to Robin Gass 
for her neverending support.

by Tom Larrow |
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Happy is a Child

True joy is to hold a newborn child Their God's gift to make you smile you'll never find more earthly worth then two souls joining who give birth Grandpa's pride and Grandma's idle for these new parents it's their child To hold, love, teach, nurture and guide They do it all with a smile and pride All of the fear, worry, happiness and joy Unequaled by any store bought toy The richest people, you'll see around Are playing with children on the ground Long life, for a child, to breath earths fresh air Hear the echo, as all repeat the same prayer
Contest entry for "Children in rhtme"

by M. L. Kiser |
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Christmas Festivities

Has much joy and celebration,
Rolled into twenty-four hours of elation.
It echoes with laughter,
Sees caring, generosity and love scatter.
Too much food and drink,
May ruin it for some;
As it ends the heartburn, will come; 
Set in for the night; to dreams we’ll succumb.

For children,
Each one is filled with magical
Surprises galore,
That, for each child,
Invokes memories of the previous ones while.
Very often it also
Invokes and joy and mirth; even
The holy family’s’ stay at, the 
Inn and Christ’s miraculous birth.
Everyone does not celebrate it; but they will break bread;
Some celebrate Hanukkah, Ramadan or Quanzaa instead.

by Peter Dome |
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Dogs are Fun For children

Jump sniff chew scratch
dogs loved to be stroked on their backs
Run pant stretch bark
dogs love playing ball in the park
Digging holes with their clawed nails
Long ears and wagging tails
I love dogs
they are such fun
throw a stick and watch
them run.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. Dec.

by Veronica Aicher |
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Happy Holiday

Happy Holiday to each and everyone of you
May your hopes and your dreams for the new year all come true
It'a magical time for children of all ages
To show how much we care and try to remember the reason we are all here
To love and show compassion
Not just at holiday time
But all through the coming year after year

by Jerrell Jones |
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The Old Couple

Their lawn chairs in the sun
Outside a standard door--
They are considered nonproductive.
They passed their buying power
For the next to last measured lot.

The old man putters about the yard.
Turning earth for flowers that she wants
Beside the fence of hedge and vine;
And to a reel gone out of style,
He dances with his dog.

She feeds all birds and stops to watch
A squirrel glide like a leaf
Among the thoughts of friends
Whose deaths predict their own;
The papers tell them so.

She brings him tea and stories,
Retelling all that made them glad,
And love for children who had fled in fear
Of palsied hands to faster places
Where an hour can wear no dust.

by Wilma Neels |
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Stitch by stitch they share their love and spirit by knitting dolls and other toys for children the array of colors used fickle but constantly pretty the elderly’s contribution to charity.. Pretty things for little things
050620111845 Contest: Anything Handmade HM

by Anonymous Norman |
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Sod is in the T.V.

Their trying to tell you something,
It’s being shown on the screen,
It’s being told in music, ding ding,
But you were indoctrinated by thirteen.

Mtv shows you Masonic ritual,
Flashing symbols in your third eye,
Leave you in crisis, needing spiritual hospital,
You’ve had an overdose of an intoxicating lie!

It’s time to break the spell, turn off the T.V.
With all its degrading, intoxicated role models,
How anyone finds this acceptable for children, spent on me,
Maybe this is why society is fuelled by self gratifying morals.

by adam hollingsworth |
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Such a Tired Disease

(first poem; at age 15)

They cheat lives
And close their minds
So empty inside
No more do things shine
Sitting in anxious chairs 
Lying love is all they care
Cheating all their dares
And stealing hope without a care
Your smile's lost in the devils moonlight
Dear child you’re engrossed in dark lights
Induced pain is how they bend
But it feels so good to feel again
The kids walk side by side
No smiles but hatred they only hide
They wish for happiness oh so dire
But all they feel is the rod on fire
'Please loosen up, ” the parasites plead 
A silent response is dead indeed 
For children trip and children fall
But they are forced, into this crashing call 

by João Camilo |
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For children in love

I carry in my heart, a little little clock
And when I move, it makes tick-tock,
never belatedly and always the same
either I am asleep or playing a game.
But one day, the clock did only tick
and no tock, I was worried and sick,
I went to see my doctor after a cure:
I would not die he held, I said: sure?
Of course I am sure, Your heart is fine
the blood runs swiftly, ruby as red wine,
All that happened is natural, calm down
There is no reason to worry or to frown:
While loving, a broken clock is never late,
Now buy her flowers and sweet chocolate.

by Kacey Greenlee |
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''Broken Light''

~Why will your love never be true?
Such an absent silence.
Wearing a heart I can see right through.
An emotionless ploy.
Faint face,as eyes that were always dim.
I remember now,the smile that was forever saved for you.
But, no return, left lonely.
I turned away from our broken light.~

This is for children who has felt abandoned by parents~

by Atour Tamrazov |
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For Children!

Some love should turn this life and time
To something more delicious:
They make the sky -blue and dreams - for children!

by Michael Gelb |
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What Some Men Can't See

What Some Men Can’t See

For years it’s been said that love is blind
Probably meant with men in mind

Women are different in many ways
With some men their in a daze 
All women have inner beauty of their own
And most of the time that beauty is shown  

Women are filled with loving care
Especially for children they love so dear 

Some men can’t see beyond their nose
The love in the family that grows and grows

by sagrika chowdhury |
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Summer days r enjoyable
Summer days r sensible
Children spend vacations
Away from hectic examinations
They feel carefree and happy 
And not at all snappy
Summer days are sweet
While playing v feel sweat
For children it's a 
To enjoy lots of ice cream
And engage I n soaring over high dreams
The days r carefree n lazy
That make us work something hazy
Summer days r harsh n dry
Summer days r chance
To something new to learn n try
V need scarf n sash
Keeping safe from being hot rash
My heart always cries
Of dear sun please
Don't snatch the shine of our eyes
Really summer days r beautiful
That always let us have
Parents love handful

by Patricia Lawton |
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The Poet.

I love the peace and quiet, when I sit alone at night
with everyone asleep in bed, then I love to sit and write.
I'll pick up my pad and pen and scribble down a verse.
Any words that come to mind, nothing I've rehearsed.
That is how it started when I found I'd all this time
I would sit and write for children, poetry, verse and rhyme.
I love to write of animals, creatures great and small.
write of woodland trees that grow so very tall.
Then also woodland fairy's that live among the flowers
or anything that springs to mind I would sit and write for hours.
Then I'd get them printed out for everyone to see
because that is what I love the most
Just writing Poetry.

by Teresa Harr-Pena |
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Out of Area
Was on the caller ID
I wonder which telemarketer
It can be

It was for children
Who were in need
Fro fallen sheriffs
Was they're plead

$25, $40, $50
What would suit you best?
I told her send the kids to me
I'll take care of the rest

She paused. I said, "I have no money"
She relies, "$10 will do,
How would you like to pay for that?"
I replied," With love that is true!"

Ma'am I am serious
Well, so am I
It should be against the law
For a child to cry

I hung up!

by Marty Owens |
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Blessings Flow

Carolina Blue Sky so high
With white fluffy clouds in the sky.

I'm thankful that I am alive.
In this day and time to survive.

Great blessings from God up above.
Who sent down His Free Gift of Love.

His marvelous grace is bestowed.
For children He carried their load.

So now let us give Him all praise.
And to Him our hands we will raise.

by Gerald Dillenbeck |
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Wars Against Tyranny

Prized poets
gathered to discuss

On the side,
just between us,

Global RightWing tyranny
against our humane families
not quite so resiliently flush.

Truth is bicameral
co-passionately advocating
EarthPeace revolutions,
right now resolutions
in a nonviolently noetic
poetic rush

To make active EarthHealth love;
not so much
a reactive greedy gush

Of violently overpowering
disempowering war
waged in Othering
smothering madness mush

Not healthy for children
or wealthy for women
or compassionate men
who recall how to blush.

by Ricky Sholar |
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Words are like a work of art
The visions they create
They can show us beauty
Or show us how to hate

Words can tell a story
Of romance and of love
Or nursery rhymes for children
Or tell of God above

Words  can be persuasive
And create a law
Words can tell the news and weather
And tell what people saw

Words have even caused great Wars
Where many men have died
Sending home what's left of 
The ones who did survive

Shakespeare used them beautifully
As did Frost and Poe and Keats
Langston Hughs,  Maya Angelou
Emily Dickenson and Yeats

So choose words very carefully
Be aware of what you say
Cause words can really hurt someone
And they can't be cast away.

by thelast don |
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Diabolus Amare

It has no rain,

for there is no sun,

there be no reasons for children to run,

there is no light at the end of the road,

there is no kiss for the prince of toads,

there is no love as strong as this,

as the eyes of a snake and its powerful hiss,

only those days in which i miss,

could love so sweet not come with a kiss,

my hope is gone,

an i sing this song,

for all things we dreamed is only but done.

by resendos ros |
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i love you

I love you
I love your long hair
I love those smile with dimples on your cheek
I love those small eyes that form a line when you laugh
I love you for who you are

I love the way you care for others
I love the way you shower your love for children whom are not yours
I love the way you show concern to those whom are around you
I love you the way you are

I love how you believe in yourself
I love how you keep in persistent on doing what you want
I love how you tirelessly energise yourself and keep on keeping on
I love you for what you want to be

I love you

by Marilyn Williams |
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Easter Tide II

Easter time is a time for looking forward.
It's a time for shedding old skin and finding new 
thoughts and hopes of current dreams.

Easter time is a time to reflect on Jesus' Resurrection
and to feel the pain and love He suffered for us.

Easter time is also a time for children with chocolate bunnies
and sterling dresses of gold.

Easter time is a time to remember the old.  

So have the Best Easter you can with family and friends
and you will receive Blessings of many trends.

Happy Easter Everyone.

by John Bullick |
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The dog lies between us,
bridging the gulf
that's grown between us
over the years.

She whimpers, you groan
in your sleep.
I sigh awake,
longing to recapture
the dreams of our youth.

When we longed for children,
longed for someone to love
besides ourselves.

Longed with an abandon,
because we couldn't imagine
life outside ourselves.

Longed and loved
and hoped for something
beyond this bliss.

To keep us together.

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Coaxing Children to Read

our new librarian has such a fantastical sense of books.
and a love for children, whimsy and imagination.
she put up the perfect sign,
which made me love her immediately.

by Sara Kendrick |
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Come Along And Wish With Me

My first wish would be to help children 
Around the world__meet all their needs
Be it need for basics like food, clothing
Or shelter from the cold, water, __meds

This would include children in the states
Who in the city sometimes aren't safe
Then my second wish for elderly
Would be for love__ care continually

Then something for me that I long for
Health and strength to be able to care
For my family as needs arise
Granted these wishes__ life would improve

Wishes for children all around world
Love and care for elderly__last me