Love Poems About Vaasokht or Vaasokht Love Poems
by Nancy Jones |
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I Wanna Write a Poem

But it scares me.

I read what I've written
What  you've written

Damn, that's GOOD.

I wanna write a poem
but the muse has deserted me
or maybe I deserted her
or maybe she's a he

Who the f-word knows?

But I wanna write a poem.
One about love and charity
One about caring as much for you as I do for me
One about seeing things other people can't see.

I just wanna write a poem.

by Thomas Martin |
Categories: angst, girlfriend, love hurts,

Some Girl

Sure that she was a real pearl,
Many calls, always no answer, 
Would have sung in the streets for her!
Would have jumped off a bridge for her.

Guess not really in love,
Or just not into me sick of, 
Erasing  my effusive calls,
Or yet again too much schmalz.

well that's the very sad end
Of my going off the deep end
For some girl I soon forgot,
Wish could say was distraught!

by Hilo Poet |
Categories: angst, anxiety, betrayal, goodbye, lost love, write,

Dear Joan Letter

*Image of Letter of Do's & Don'ts by WB. Writing "What is life but a succession of preludes to unwritten words . . . " Quote by_Constance La France Dear Joan Letter You said I'm the one yet you're bad in math, You with someone sent me on a warpath, Physical brouhaha, caused a bloodbath, Think twice is a plus in the aftermath, Prior noted opinions, a steam bath, Prompts I, some poetic sociopath. 2022 November 18 *3rd Place* WRITING CHALLENGE - ''V'' Forms ~~Constance La France: 2022 November 23 PSGC & RZ & HMS.

by Hilo Poet |
Categories: autumn, extended metaphor, imagery, sad love,

Autumn Fuse

*Image of Second Autumn by Medium. 

Autumn Fuse

Twas an Autumn pink,
when my heart did sink,
she had alleged, loving has edged,
Twas an Autumn blue,
when I'd heard tis true,
let us not stall, it's on the wall,
Twas an Autumn red,
when you'd always said,
it's not exact, it won't yield back,
Twas an Autumn gray
when I heard you say,
that we are through, I'm done with you,
Twas an Autumn black
an old friend named Jack,
intro'd my girl, who was my world,
Now that winter has come around,
a lamb was lost; a man was found.

2022 August 26

by Victoria Lucas |
Categories: betrayal, death, desire, horror, jealousy, love,

More Than This

An ache deeper than pain
Damn the one who tempted me

   You're irresistible 

Dissolve in the acid bath, and
Appear to me as an apparition

Panic as my flesh melts at the sight of you

I've never seen your eyes quite wide
As mine roll from their sockets, 
descending to the tiled floor,

Joining the collection of my bones,
      bones and guts and eyes galore 

I knew you wanted more than this

I knew you wanted more than this

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: analogy, angst, anxiety, depression, how i feel,

You Bring Me Yourself Demeaning Yet I Love You Still In Spite of Your Negative Self-

You held my energies my heart beating in alignment with yours; Yours truly, displeasures you corrupted your body pure; I love you in spite of your imperfections your reckless cover; Self-destruction callous ignoring your inter life’s beauty; I care for you deeply, though you bring me demeaning; You won’t stop yourself destruction ways; You won’t stop misbehaving so I’ll just love you away ALWAYS! 6/24//23 Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. ?2023

by Delice Arleen Skelly |
Categories: heartbreak, heartbroken,

Destroyer of Love

Love so easy when stars align One kiss one touch you are mine We enter realm of truly sublime What went wrong? I missed first sign 'twas the criticism you did design no longer can I worship at your shrine You took my love so freely given Forget forgiveness you won't be shriven.
This started out as a vaasokht but am afraid it did not follow rules entirely.

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: analogy, anxiety, betrayal, character, conflict, forgiveness, heartbreak,

So Unfaithful and Disrespectful You Say I Must Forgive You Always-

Oh!, I do love you my darling But alas all this animosity makes way For you're so lost and your mind railing So unfaithful and disrespectful you sway You share your body and soul with others Coming out stop turn yourself around we alone should be lovers as God forgave me, as He forgives us no matter what even though through this, I must forgive you
8/10/19 Written by James Edward Lee Sr.2019© From forth coming anthology “Old Gospel Songs Sung"

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: anxiety, appreciation, caregiving, confusion, feelings, heartbroken,

I Truly Love You Beyond My Breath Beyond Yourself-


I so care for you; I truly love you
You care not what you do to you
How can I care for you
When you won’t care for you
Apathy got you though you care about nothing false nor truth true
Self-destructions your horizon dew
Raining down self-hate you doubt you love your self
I so care for you; I truly love you beyond my breath

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. ?2023

by R. B. Cawis |
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Silent Song

What is life but a succession of preludes to unwritten words . .
                     Quote by_Constance La France

What is love, but a tale; a gust of wind blown in the dark. 
In dwindling hope, it is lost; for it failed to make a spark. 
The blank pages await for painted words to shed its grace;
But the blind feelings faded away in nothingness without a trace; 
For hope is faint for love's eternal inscription; 
A forgotten silent song without any dedication. 

November 18, 2022 

A Brian Strand Premiere No 53 Poetry Contest (6th place)
Sponsored by: Brian Strand

Writing Challenge V Form Poetry Contest (3rd place) 
Sponsored by: Constance La France

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: anxiety, assonance, confusion, desire, encouraging, forgiveness, i love you,

Ill Regards That You'Ve Hurt Me I Do Love You-

Ungrateful, Not faithful; Ill faded emotional you cheated on me, Told your hurt, thoughts and feelings to another; Yet it does matter, let's cut to the scene even though this I know you love me; I insist you first should summit your ills your hurt feelings to God first-then me This is how love should be shared concerns and thoughts provisions for I love you always ill regards to that you've hurt me
8/10/19 Written by James Edward Lee Sr.2019©

by Hilo Poet |
Categories: break up, love hurts,



Values warp love intrigue
Vexed liaison unfair
Vetted assails exacts
Volatile edged divorce
Vaasokht has six rhymed lines
Very old forms have eight
Views last two as unrhymed

*Syllabics checked via howmanysyllables

2020 October 28
*1st Place*
Pleiades 3
~~Joseph May

by L Milton Hankins |
Categories: angst, farewell, lost love, wife,

The Last Straw

She said she had stopped loving me long ago
Now, her goal was to make me miserable,
Not the least of kind affections does she show
And her villainy is far more than considerable,
It seemed to start after our first year of bliss
Which is something I will surely always miss.

Enough! Enough, I say, of this utter travesty
For it is clear enough, she is worthless to me!

written December 15, 2021

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: abuse, addiction, betrayal, emotions, evil, lost love, lust,

More Than Less Average--

There aren't no faithful men
You ungrateful man
You had a good thing I'm a good woman
Yet you abused me, so now you'll lose me
There ain't no faithful, truthful man;
No man, you sir no cause every man an adulator
And yet the few that are not...more than average;


by Yudho Sasongko |
Categories: love, teen love,

Love Croft

Flaws and faults blame each other.
Demonized like Succubus-Incubus.
Philautia, amour propre cursed lover.
Garden fountains, tears and mucus.
Morally peaceful dignity of lover.
Love is aloof and leaves the circus.

by Jim Yerman |
Categories: simple, thanks,


Today I’m thankful for simplicity….
for how often do we discover 
in love 
in life 
in everything we do…
as each day goes by…
how much happier we are…
when we learn to simplify.

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: analogy, change, cheer up, conflict, forgiveness,


Darling I forgive you yet I must part, so my love I am sorely displeased
Even in my forgiveness you have tarnished and dulled mine heart
I forgive yet still I must part, in your untruth displeasure you’ve called me out
Even in my forgiveness you are a lair a cheating doth
But to core values and heart of the matter
My heart matters in this I’m leaving you
For your unfaithful and lawlessness has finally stalled me out,
 Darling I forgive you yet I must part

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2024©