Love Poems About Free Form or Free Form Love Poems
by Constance La France |
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Free Form Sonnet - Love

I heard you whispering all night listening your handsome face picturing your hand strokes my hair and you kiss my tear and forever love I declare in the distant other words and the song of birds the most beautiful heard and a soothing voice came to proclaim my child leave the pain give love to the Lord he will become your sword ___________________________ January 2, 2020 Poetry/Free Form Sonnet/Love Copyright Protected, ID 120-1213-453-03 All Rights Reserved, 2020, Constance La France Written for FFI Blog Series 53 - sonnet FF Brian Strand Podium Place 1

by Michael Jordan |
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Crystal Dove

I rode upon a crystal dove
Straight into the arms of love
Offered up my heart and soul
Every man should have a goal

I have found honor in my life
I respect and adore my wife
For her these words are true
I am the thing’s I say and do

To open the lock turn the key
Take a look up inside of me
For I have nothing left to hide
Love has helped me find pride

As for my life these words are true
I’m proud my heart belongs to you

Brian suggested I should try a
Free Form Sonnet - Written for
my wife Antoinette - Her love
transformed me into the man
I am today - I'm very proud
and very lucky to hold her heart

by Gerald Dillenbeck |
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Earth Tune

I love our richtimes
moments stolen from starched yesterdays,
we live warm steam scentimes
through future's dualdark crime.

I miss our deep earthtones
our space for free reign
before we missed race rhymes
shouting thin through bland bones.

I know our lovetones
our place for free form
we fly empathic spacetime
where Earth's reasons have rich rhymes.

I love your vast humor,
co-passion with fools,
your red flows rich manna
free grow golden life rules.

We live our fast humor
compassion's love fool.
We love co-paced echoes,
co-rise life's kind cruel.

by Leon Enriquez |
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Prime private plan
Muse makes mad man

Lines loiter late
Dance dizzy date

Fuzzy free form
Nature nudes norm

Ply pretty pace
Finesse funds face

Cool creates craft
Deed dangles draft

Ask ample acts
Foible frees fact

Love language loud
Poise pickles proud

Limpid looks laze
Charm clever craze

Mix mellow minds
Free frozen finds

Soul sighing sleep
Kindle kind keep

Rich rapture rhymes
Treat troubled times

Leon Enriquez
01 May 2015

by Johnny Rhinem |
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About, The Spirit Of Elijah

You live your life in a free form flyer....
A journey back through these tides be time ?
His clock upon the wall; much clearer this view, today.

by Judith Hensley |
Categories: love, music, passion, romance

Chord in Minor Seventh - Sequita's Blues

She's enigmatic jazz
Duke's "Sophisticated Lady"
An original, unrepeatable moment
Ella's scat
spontaneous, extemporaneous
Melodic variation
Rhythm like a pulse
Miles' s dissonant resolution
Ornette's free-form come to life
A nuanced persona
informed by her own harmonic base
Billie's smoky ode to Miss Otis sans regrets
Like Bird when he drenched his sax with sweat
as he set the air aflame
Like aural combustion between us
too hot to be ever put out

by Leon Enriquez |
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Crazy Profound, Part 2

Boom blossoms bright
Live love's last light
Sense sacred sights

Raise ripe refrain
Sing sweet sure strains
Pleasure primes pain

Let love linger
Touch true trigger
Force feed finger

Come claim clear case
See sensuous space
Lax lines love lace

Health heals huge hurts
Dig deep dense dirt
Free form funds flirt

Play plots prime point
Apt aim anoints
Jerk jams juice joints

Crazy curves call
Tempting tales tall
Senses soon stall 

Leon Enriquez
14 Feb 2014

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: allusion,


Bright blooms
Rich rooms

Prime peace
Etch ease

Reap rites
Word writes

Free form
Niche norm

Glimpse grace
Front face

Heart highs
Sweet sighs

Mind moves
Great grooves

Wear wit
Fond fit

Dare dream
Spell streams

Love lights
Sheer sight

Know keep
Play peeps

Verse verb
Kind kerb

Poise plays
Dream day

Clear choice
Veer voice

Calm cheer
Niche near

Take time
Charm chimes

Leon Enriquez
13 July 2016

by Leon Enriquez |
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Forge fate
Glimpse gate

Time tells
Words well

Plot pun
Free fun

Wise wit
Bright bits

Love lives
Grace gives

New norms
Free form

Thrill trance
Deep dance

Spell strange
Rich range

Cheer comes
Spread sums

Calm cheer
Niche near

Grand good
Meek moods

Leon Enriquez
10 September 2016

by Leon Enriquez |
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Craft choice
Prime poise

Brave boom
Zest zooms

Be brief
Ground grief

Rich reach
Err each

Test taste
Hurl haste

Calm cheer
Signs seer

Love looks
Bright books

Daze dreams
Swift streams

Prize peaks
Sweet streaks

Live light
Blaze bright

Free form
Nice norm

Clear craze
Mind maze

Leon Enriquez
15 November 2016

by jack horne |
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I reminisce, I miss
the way we used to kiss;
but now she's turned to ice.
Ah well it was so nice...

*this form is rhyme - as the rules said it was free form (any form accepted), but the site will only permit free verse...

written 1st April for James' I reminisce contest

by Brian Strand |
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FREE FORM sonnet

on the verge of love,
mutual discovery unveiled
in their secret world;
lips to lips ,sealed,
hearts in passion pound
ardour's whispers sound;
need unchains desire,
pleasure's fever fans a fire,
each flame thrusting higher;
in duet's crescendo choir
realisation exceeds hope,
promise, with trust elope;

enchantment metamorphose
as love,sublime,grows

by Ron VanHooser |
Categories: allegory, love, passion, romantic love, sweet love, together, true love,

Jazz in the Night

Nocturnal jazz played on 
your body, improvising, 
light touches and tastings; 
blue moans, soft and 
seductive with muted 
tones of desire. 

Swing rhythm unites two; 
blowing red passions, 
hot be-bop dances, and
free form movements 
that improvise fantasies 
with their own beats. 

Midnight songs of 
ardor released in the 
oncoming dawn; 
the concert is over 
and the players 
now sleep, together.