Love Poems About Hindi or Hindi Love Poems
by jhucel del rosario |
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“I love you, pwera biro
Hanggang sa langit ang pag-ibig ko
Peksman ikaw lang
Mamatay man, Hanggang sa mabuwang 
Tayo na forever, pinapangako ko
Till death do us part hanggang sa dulo,
Never na ‘tong magbabago
Para  sayo susungkitin ko ang mga ulap at buwan
Ganyan kita kamahal
Wag mu lang akong iiwan
Puso ko sayo ay iaalay, Magpasawalang hanggan”
Pero tao ka lang NATUTUKSO
Isipan moy naguguluhan, Nalilito
Biruin mo sa loob ng apat na buwan at isang taon
Hindi pala Happily EVER After, “Hanggang sa Dulo”
Mahal na mahal pa rin kita, G@GO !!!
Ang totoo nga nyan, BREAK NA TAYO!!!

by shadab shaikh |
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Yeh khaalipan

Jab Meri Bechaini Mit Jayegi
Jab Mere Dilko Sukoon Mil Jayega
Yeh Khaalipan Mit Jayega

Do Pal Ki Chandni Ke Liye
Aj Bhi Zinda Hoon Main
Meri Khaamoshi Ke Ageh Aasmaan Bhi Khatam Ho Jayega

Kehne Ke Liye Toh Roz Marta Hoon Main
Thoda Aur Marne Ke Liye
Yeh Deewana Kal Phir Ayega

by Shadow Hamilton |
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Meeting of Minds

A dance to hidden music
with a handsome fellow
who seems to sense my mood
he holds me close as we whirl 

Then leading me to scented gardens
he points out the heavenly stars
telling me stories of each one
how they came to be in Dream Time

He romances me with his wondrous stories
telling of mystic places far, far away
all the time holding my hand tenderly
we stroll through the scented gardens

A feeling of peace and paradise fill me
so close I feel to him, love in my soul
this tender meeting of two separate minds
takes me far away to Nirvana in his arms

by Lisha Porwal |
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The Dilemma of a Student

Hindi, English, maths are mine Science so boring from my sight I wanna fight with social science Maths: my passion, English: love Hindi, you an Indian law All you Britishers meet me once I will show you in just a punch Not only me, but generations hate you So it's not a punch, some punches You were one, The event was one, You died only once, But appears in million And costs OUR marks Now you!, You are so deep And sweet Yet a freak Please be peasy Make me easy Coz, I like you When I get you Be a good sub Be a good sub grow up! On your own, all your problems solve up, And if not, I am to solve.

by Catherine Mary Airan |
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I traveled the world
And though it is vast
I still need a truth
That would always last

Studied some books
And know my mind too
The whole time God knows
Only love will do

Studied Religion and 
Forever I found
Even God loves Love
On this I expound

My Mom in my life
Always there for me
Taught me that true love
Would there always be

Love doesn't judge man
And I'm very free
From color or type
Of good company

True love doesn't die
"Oh Love, you'll abound,"
Despite all the bad
You'll stand your ground

Love's the Law for me
We are always free
Love keeps me alive
This is Love's decree.

by Omar Hachmi |
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I love you

The love was a dream so I hope that I keep the length of my life asleep 
The series was your love I do not want him to be the end of the 
If your love so I hope that breathe air 
If your love I want a cigarette that has become addicted to them 
The love was a wealth so I hope to live in my body 
The love was the most beautiful bird dreamed of his upbringing

Author : Omar Hachmi 

by Saahil Parwez |
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Zindagi Ret Ki Tarah

Khil-Khilati Dhoop Mai
Sarsarati Chhaun Mai
Lahlahate, Kumhalate
Hawa Ke Jhonkon Se
Zindagi Ke Kuchh Panne
Main Aaj Palat Raha Tha
Chand Kore Shabd
Arth-Heen Baaten
Khat Ke Roop Main Tere naam
Likhi Hui Kabhi Ki Mulaqaaten
Naakam Aarjuon Ki Raakh
Un Panno Se Dhuan Banke
Udi, Mudi, Chhitak gayi
Pakadna Chaha To Fisal Gayi
Zindagi Bhi To Ret Ki Tarah hai
Mutthi Mai Pakdo to
Kahin Na Kahin Se 
Fisal Hi Jaati hai.

by Saahil Parwez |
Categories: age, hindi, longing, love, metaphor, missing you, urdu,


Yahi Sab Puchhte Hain Umr Itni Tumne Kahan Paayi
Main Kah Deta Hun Unse Ishq Mai Kab Log Marte Hain

Tumhara Naam Lekar Muddaton Se Jee Raha Hun Main.

by Rajiv Jha |
Categories: beauty, hindi, romantic, sad love, urdu,


Ghum-e-aarzoo dil se, kabhi to rukhsat hogi
Kabhi to sahar hoga, shab-e-intezaar guzaregi |

Palkon me jiske, simat ti ho ghataein
Saawan pe bhi uska hi, ikhtiyaar hoga |
Kab tak rahe viraan, dil-e-anjuman aakhir
Kabhi to bahar chupke se, is or bhi badhegi ||

Guzarte waqt ke saye, kuch bechainiyan hongi
Betaab dhadkano ko, mera intezaar hoga |
Kab tak khafaa rahegi, wo shokh nazar aakhir
Kabhi to dast-e-dil se, shabaa pyar ki uthegi  ||

Is umeed par chale, har sham meri sansein
Kal ke ujale shaayad, milne ki ghadi hogi |
Andhere me ghira main, sochta hoon ye har waqt
Hogi raat ye badi, ya meri umra badi hogi ||

by brian beasley |
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This form was made from star stuff
To radiate endless love.
My soul is whole, but part of
land, sea, and sky above.
I am whole, but only half of
Creations infinite expanse.
I think that you are Lila
The universe’s perfect dance.

by Saahil Parwez |
Categories: flower, hindi, innocence, love, metaphor, philosophy, urdu,


Ishq Chhupta Nahi Chhupane Se
Log Kahte Hain Ishq Hai Wo Mushq

Par Wo Kahti Hai Jaanti Hi Nahi.

by parth Shrivastava |
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Tere bina jo raat guzri 
Vo raat-raat nahi
Tere hoto ne jo na kahi
Vo baat-baat nahi
Meri zindagi me teri ahamiyat 
Uss shaal ke keede si he
Jo tu na ho to 
Resham ki bhi aukat nahi

by Courtney Ivie |
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Against the wall I was his devi
Pressed tight beside his soul
Skin so hot it burned through mine like a fever
Warming my muscles
Warming my pulse
Fueling my movement
Touching my body he was my sher
Braving my imperfections 
Lips so thirsty they tasted mine with frenzy
Spinning my thoughts
Spinning my surroundings
Driving my feelings
It was…
Underneath the materialistic piles
Cotton, polyester, and satin
He saw my secret nature
Underneath my pigmented eyes
Crushed Lala and gloomy brown
He saw my Élan vital
Underneath my damaged Pericardium
He found my beating heart.

by parth Shrivastava |
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Meri raho ke humkadam ban jao
Haato me haath daal humdum ban jao
Mere saathi ho mere reham-o-kar bhi 
Ab meri manzil ke tum sahil ban jao

Mene chaha he tumhe dil-o-jaan se
Har dhadkan se har armaan se
Mere raazdaar bhi ho tum aur ashiq bhi
Ho sake to ab mere dost ban jao

Ye rang sawla ishq ka meri parchai ban jaaye
Me rahu na rahu hum mukkamil ho jaye
Ye to chota sa tohfa he ashiqui ka
Zindagi ka hissa ban ke dekho din aur raat sabah ho jaye

Zarre zarre me zikar he tera
Ye khushboo itar he tera
Yuhi mekte raho tum dua he
Zamana bhi dekhe adab se
Ishq me iss qadar fanna ho jaye

by Vivek Agnihotri |
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Wo bahut dur hai, 
Par wo mere pas hai,
Uski kami me bhi,
Uske hone ka ehsaas hai,
Use chhukar aane wali,
Hawa ne mere Kano me kaha,
Use apna garm ehsaas bhejo,
Aaj wo jara udaas hai.......'agni'kosh

by sadashivan nair |
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I too am smitten, On thy lustrous glow

I too am smitten,
On thy lustrous glow;
Cologne of thy juvenility,
Is so stupendous;
None can stop,
Thee strewing in ambiance,
Alluring crowd;
My boggle is,
These moments of love,
May or may not last;
May leave me in loneliness;
Will be bereft,
For thy love;
Will be shattered,
If don't stay my side;
I too am enamoured,
But scared,
If Sun sets down,
Behind the veil of moon,

© Sadashivan Nair

by Anil Deo |
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What Love Is This

What Love Is This
When I first saw your face I knew you had some grace - I did not know how much Having seen you, I also knew You were not my type: I was Hindu - I didn’t know: not very much Your Spirit is so gentle Your siblings have that mantle - I know you have love and Truth When I live out your dying for my family When your words carve messages inside me - LORD JESUS I can only weep at such love The mystery unfolds with the Holy Spirit Gentle Spirit, always One, triune as a Unit - Abba Father you direct all from above! © Amen & Shalom by Anil Deo, for EASTER: 03292017

by Saahil Parwez |
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Piya Baware

Piya Baware
Aaja Sanware
Nindiya Na Aawe
Ratiya Jagawe
Dil Ko Kahin Bhi Chain Na Aawe
Kaahe Tu Balmaa Itna Sataawe
Piya Baware
Aaja Sanware...

Pal-Pal Nihaarun Rasta Tumhara
Aankhon Mai Kaatun Din-Raat Saara
Dhun Tohari Laagi More Jiya Ko
Nainon Mai Barkha Kare Hai Ishara
Piya Baware
Aaja Sanware...

Sakhiyan Kahe Hain Hui Bawari Main
Kangan Na Jhumka Saji Sanwari Main
Jaagi Na Soyi, Tujh Mai Hi Khoyi
Birhaa Ki Dhoop Mai Jal-Jal Mari Main
Piya Baware
Aaja Sanware...

by parth Shrivastava |
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Teri ankhon ke aine me dhoondu khudko
Ki shayad mil jaye mere nishan
Andhere khwabo ki shamma he tu
Zindagi ka tu he rehnuma

Teri ankhon me khud ko dekha to laga
Jese manzil ke kareeb hu aa gaya
Jhooti nikali ye ankhein teri 
Mila teri bewafai ka falaknuma

Tere har sitam ko saha mene
Ki samjhegi mera dil-e-fasana
Teri adat baldi nahi 
Diya mujhe dukho ka khazana

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vo aakar mujhse

vo aakar mujhse ek sawal puch le,,
kaisa h uske bina mera haal puch le ,,,

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aadat h teri yaa beintheha ishq tujhse ,,,
jo bhi h,, tujhe dekh k sukun bda milta h ...

by parth Shrivastava |
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Aao chale hum tum 
Unn badalon ki or
Jaha ujiyara mile 
Aseem ghanghor

Chalo tod chale sanam
Duniya daari ki dor
Aao thoda age bade
Kinare ki or

Sagar ke ufaan me 
Reh gaye apne uss cchor
Ab gahrai me jeena chahta hu
Bache hue jeevan ko bator

Raton ka andhera 
Dode meri or
Aao sanam milkar jalaye
Diye thode aur


by Ravindra K Kapoor |
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Eternal Love

MY PHOTO POEM To view the Photo Poem pleae visit World Art Foundation or use following URL In the season of Vasant (Spring) We bloom to fill every heart Not only with our smiles But with the smiles of the eternal Love. Ravindra Kanpur India 21st Feb 2012 Explainations: Vasant or Vasant Ritu ( Season) is the Sanskrit or Hindi word meaning spring Or the season of the festival of joys and pleasures, When the heart began to feel afresh Like the newly bloomed bud and swings in the air With the wind flowing filled with the aching for love.

by Mizanur Rahman |
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Hume Galat Mat Samajhna

Hum to fakir-e-dua hai,
Hume kabi galat mat samajhna!

Juban youn hi lad-khadaye,
To Maaf kar dena!

Dil me dua aur juban pe ,
Muskurahat rakhna!

Jannat khadmo pe hogi,
Bas zikr-e-ilahi ko yaad rakhna!


                           Meezan Poetry:19/01/2019

Note: Fakir-e-dua= bagger of blessings,
Juban youn hi lad-khadaye=slip of tongue,
Zikr-e-ilahi=rememberence of God.

by Mizanur Rahman |
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Wo Shame Bhuj Gyi

Wo shame bhuj gyi,
Jisme rashni hua karta tha
Wo khuwaishe mit gyi,
Jaha ibadat hua karta tha.

Wo chahate bhi tut gyi,
Jisme khud ko mitane ki dil chahta tha
Wo dibangi bhi ruth gyi .
Jaha duaon me raat gujarta tha.

Wo Waqt bhi badal gya ,
Jo palko me raat o din hua karta tha
Phir Waqt ne hi badal diya .
Jisne mustakbil ko tamir karta tha.

Fursate chali gyi ,
Jisne ujale me khuwab dekhta tha
Masrufiate aa gyi,
Jo yaadon me bhi kabi duba karta tha