Love Poems About Ghazal or Ghazal Love Poems
by Abdullah Alhemaidy |


Love is the sweet, 
Yet truth is sweeter.
True love is the sweetest.

by Kim Rodrigues |
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Their eyes did set, foretaste the sweetest moon.
A chalice sip of mead, the lover’s moon.

Her reddest lips upon his lips in tune.
A chalice sip of mead, the lover’s moon.

The shuffling feet - a dance - the closest swoon.
A chalice sip of mead, the lover’s moon.

In brilliant light, betrothal by la lune.
A chalice sip of mead, the lover’s moon.

His vows arrest his heart — best bride of June.
A chalice sip of mead, the lover’s moon.

His Lily wife — la-la rose petals strewn.
A chalice sip of mead, the lover’s moon.


*la lune - the moon

by Juliet Ligon |
Categories: beauty, garden, heart, kiss, love, romantic, rose,

Take The Leap Into My Heart

Frolic into these open arms that need you.
Melt into my lips, and let them feed you.

Let the breath of love's kiss
and my eager feet lead you

into my heart's majestic garden.
Bloom freely, my beauty. I'll never weed you.

There is one trophy in this growth,
and it is, indeed, you.

Should my rare rose be cut,
my garden will truly bleed you.

For Debbie Guzzi's "Take The Leap" contest

by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: introspection, mother,

Apologies to My Mother

I didn’t appreciate you enough;  I'm sorry, I didn’t know 
Difficult  times, raising us was so tough; I’m sorry I didn’t know
Little money, food in limited supply, yet you never complained
I didn’t notice  your hands were so rough; I’m sorry, I didn’t know
While working two jobs as well as keeping us all safe, fed and happy
You always seemed calm , never  harsh rebuffs; I’m sorry, I didn’t know
I don’t think you ever had  more than one dress or a new winter coat
We had more love than material stuff; I’m sorry I didn’t know
Jeanie now a mom herself and understands what it must have been like
When I speak of mother my voice gets gruff; I’m sorry, I didn’t know….

by Ernesto P. Santiago |
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Words Whisperer

You’ve swallowed my misery, 
My old self, just by a smile;
By letting me feel the mountains move, 
You’ve freed me, just by a smile;
My twisted thoughts,
Have been untangled by you, with just a smile;
I offer my body and soul to you, O my words whisperer,
You’ve whispered me a new life, just by a smile;
I offer myself to you O, Jamlaila,
You’ve made me your man, just by a smile.

by Abdullah Alhemaidy |
Categories: heart, love,

Fifty Fifty

I asked my heart
Do you love her?
He says love, help, and save her.
My mind wonders!
After all that!!
All that were fifty-fifty 
My heart replied.

by Timothy Hicks |
Categories: anxiety, emotions, fear, feelings, first love, teenage,

The Lion Within

I've walked barefoot through boiling sand, you don't even know.
Tried many times to grasp your hand, you don't even know.

To letters written then burnt; signals typed then canceled -
I rode this crazy train unmanned, you don't even know.

Sent roses signed anonymous to inspire a smile;
I sat and watched but didn't stand, you don't even know.

A picnic atop the roof, watching stars reflect off
of blue eyes . . . all this I had planned, you don't even know.

Timothy stutters at the words so instead he writes;
he's tried his best to tell you and you don't even know.

by Mohamed Salih |
Categories: africa, cousin, creation, feelings, happiness, love, wife,

The Deep-Rooted-Tree

It never falls never drys,greens forever
Whenever it extends,it grows moreover
Our love is like that tree,greens forever
On the deep rooted tree,friends forever
Each bird sings fruitly ,And sends clever
Each leave drops water and rains lever
We runabout  as pilgrims every year

by Rajiv Jha |
Categories: beauty, hindi, romantic, sad love, urdu,


Ghum-e-aarzoo dil se, kabhi to rukhsat hogi
Kabhi to sahar hoga, shab-e-intezaar guzaregi |

Palkon me jiske, simat ti ho ghataein
Saawan pe bhi uska hi, ikhtiyaar hoga |
Kab tak rahe viraan, dil-e-anjuman aakhir
Kabhi to bahar chupke se, is or bhi badhegi ||

Guzarte waqt ke saye, kuch bechainiyan hongi
Betaab dhadkano ko, mera intezaar hoga |
Kab tak khafaa rahegi, wo shokh nazar aakhir
Kabhi to dast-e-dil se, shabaa pyar ki uthegi  ||

Is umeed par chale, har sham meri sansein
Kal ke ujale shaayad, milne ki ghadi hogi |
Andhere me ghira main, sochta hoon ye har waqt
Hogi raat ye badi, ya meri umra badi hogi ||

by C.N. VunC |
Categories: lost love,

Yellow Tulips

There is sunshine in your smile, my love
Though I do keep asking myself, "why love?"

All this pain when I have little to gain
In my heart all I can do is sigh, love

Your lovely presence makes me feel pleasant
And thoughts of you makes me want to fly, love

Reality hits me and thus I flee
Your refusal makes me want to cry, love

I remember times we were together
That is all it takes to make me high, love

Hold in my heart what we had from the start
All the way until the day I die, love

These thoughts I keep it, hold it in secret
Hopeless love, I bid farewell, good-bye, love

by Laura Leiser |
Categories: god, prayer, spiritual,

God Is Near

When you're troubled in the night, God is near
and you cannot see the light, God is near.

Life's paths can be uncertain, you may fear
shed a tear, but don't lose sight, God is near.

If you search with all your heart, you will find
that He hears you, fears take flight, God is near.

When you look to God to guide, every day
pray you'll know His love and light, God is near.

Laura's burdens are His, so remember
I'm His child, in Him delight, God is near.

Written on 3/13/2016

by saqib rao |
Categories: friendship, urdu,


o Far Stars Say How To Beautify,
So Near Earth Says How To Modify,

So Many Birds Say How To Justify,
So Many Buds Say How To Glorify,
Drops Of A Rain Say How To Purify,

A Lot Of Animals Show How To Serve,
Nature Of Light Says Don’t Be Curve,

Our Body Also Says Support As Nerve,
Soil Of A Desert Shows How To Absorb,
Eyes Of The Eagle Say How To Observ

by Nigel Fox |
Categories: love, romance,

My Muse

I beg for a haven prison please let open your gates
freed of enraptured weak thoughts now still your love dominates

My rivals for your love shall all be all rejected 
thoughts love turning their vintage wine a sour inflected

Smashing statues broken mirrors just convexities
captive my loves wounds just absorbing concavities

The hunt is over and I hear the call to prayer
lover a man contented now no more solitaire

by Shabeeb Hashmi |
Categories: art, beauty, i love you, sad, social, society, urdu,

Subha ki hawa jo kashbo-o-yar lay aye

Subha ki hawa jo kashbo-o-yar lay aye
Meray chaman main naseem-e-bahar lay aye.

Tu ronaq-e-mahfil bazm-e-charagan hai sanam
Teri ada meray chehray pay nikhar lay aye.

Chamakti rahti hain ankheen abgeno ki taraha
Nigha uthi tu saroor-o-khumar lay aye.

Sakoon sa rahta hai teri suhbat main aksar
Mareez-e-ishq kay liay sabr-o-qarar lay aye.

Yeh shartay mohabat thi kay wada yad rahay
Woh sham ajab thi jo tera intezar lay aye.

by Ovidiu Bocsa |
Categories: art, devotion, education, faith, family, friendship, growing up, happiness, hope, inspirational, life, love, religion, urdu,

Ghazal for you, my reader

I hold the rainbow and an arrow, for you, my reader;
The thrill of good  tomorrow for you, my reader;

The butterfly of happiness will fly from our book
To find a reason and a certitude, for you, my reader;

You don`t remember this verse I took 
In the hand of light, for you, my reader

It was at very beginning a word, for you, my reader
And wonders made by Lord, for you, my reader

Temptation of good , to see the truth ,this festival 
of hope with favorable look, for you, my reader

And here, YOUR NAME I put, while writing a Ghazal:
A nosegay of perfumes, a tender touch for you, my reader

by Shanity Rain |
Categories: imagination, ireland, magic, nature, passion, romance, symbolism,

fork in road

   mixing words and rhyme , devote passion designed,  
   colors and shades blend , my vision I send ,a path 

   a mystic Irish presence , calming senses , 
   whispers in ear to follow stay near,  a path
   all pain considered wisdom is delivered,  
   making the changes needed to live yet give, a path

   past ,present, future fate, open the gate, 
   presently undecided  the road divided, a path

   the long destination refuse to show desperation, a path
   my soul on fire my love desired,   a path

by Abdullah Alhemaidy |

I Miss You

With you is a bliss
But your turn away from
The heart that feels an abyss
"I miss you" he says
"I really do" he resays
That's love from that & this
Tis as it is. Lips press .

by Susan Gentry |
Categories: desire, fantasy, imagery, love, lust, passion, relationship, sensual, together, words,

I Want You

I see the look in your eyes... I want you.
There is no way to disguise... I want you.

I come near you... your body talks to mine.
Loud and clear... never denies... I want you.

I think of us together... skin on skin.
We caress... releasing sighs... I want you.

Passion fuels our need... for more... and yet more.
We whisper in moans and cries... I want you.

Baby, may our hearts consummate each day.
To these words... our love relies... I want you.
Written 3/22/2016

Ghazal Form
Couplets - 5
Syllables - 10 each line
Refrain - I want you
Rhyming Words - eyes, disguise, denies, sighs, cries, relies

by Abdullah Alhemaidy |

Is it love

Is it love?
Love to see her name in the list.
I forgot mine!
Yes it is.

by Destini Williams |
Categories: loveurdu, me, me,

Love Killer

Slay me with your love
Stab me with your touch
Bite me with your lips
Break me with your tight clutch

by Cynthia Alvez |
Categories: love, urdu,

I'm Going To Write You A Love Song

Not by request
Not even my best,
Hoping you'll just select a poem
With no sense in the title...
No clue in the first line
That it is divine.
Pick one at random,
Perhaps previously ignored
By those who do not tarry...
Without songs or rainbows
No butterflies and no lies.
Only words needing to express
The current stress of my life
At this particular moment,
Sent out in poetic line
To be classified as good, bad or
Browse here, through my pages
Of verse
Not rehearsed...
Tell me what you think or not
But Ive got to move on now
To the next twist and turn
Of thoughts
By  circumstances beyond my control
My bold mind running free.


by Azhar Sabri |
Categories: love, romantic,

Kal raat chandani thi

Kal raat chandani thi,  mousam mein nami thi
halki si woh barsaat or barf jami thi
Per raas na aya azhar woh nazara
Mai tha, meri tanhaayi, bas teri kami thi

by Nigel Fox |
Categories: love, passion, urdu, love,

My Love my Muse

I beg for a haven prison please let open your gates
freed of enraptured weak thoughts now still your love dominates

My rivals for your love shall all be all rejected 
thoughts love turning their vintage wine a sour inflected

Smashing statues broken mirrors just convexities
captive my loves wounds just absorbing concavities

The hunt is over and I hear the call to prayer
lover a man contented now no more solitaire

by Timothy Hicks |
Categories: hope, metaphor, philosophy, urdu,


As houses shake people think of red, when comes thunder.
Safely in our rooms, on our warm beds, then comes thunder.

Will you sacrifice yourself for those that you love like
In those romantic stories you've read, when comes thunder?

Even the most sturdy of men will feel like brittle
Glass and sense vast approaching dread, when comes thunder.

Women will lite slender candles to illuminate
Their tattered bibles, their daily bread, when comes thunder.

As I write this I hear something familiar yet strange,
"You are not alone, Timothy" said the loud thunder.

by saqib rao |
Categories: children, friendship, urdu,


    If there was a shop of happiness
    And If I knew about it
    I would buy every happiness for you
    Even if my life be the price of it..!

  Kaash koi khushiyon ki dukaan hoti
    Aur mujhe uski pehchaan hoti
    Khareed leta har khushi aapke liye
    Chahe uski keemat meri jaan bhi hoti..!