Love Poems About Satire or Satire Love Poems
by Michael Tor |
Categories: joy, love, sad, satire, sorrow,

You Wont Steal My Joy

The Las Vegas shootings were Horrific. 
The people running as the rapid fire was 
sounding off in the background!
  The wild fires in California, fifteen people
 dead, and it is not controlled yet!
   Hurricanes Maria, Irma, Jose, southern 
coast is devastated, Puerto Rico is in need
of help!
   Pizza Gate Pedophile rings in America!
   Players kneeling and disrespecting our flag
 for which Men and Women have sacrificed
 their lives for.

                   Enough is Enough!

      You will Not Steal My Joy, I reach for the remote
 and turn off the "Joy Stealer" the TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Tor  Inspired by Andrea Dietrich

by Flippant She-Creature |
Categories: funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, health, lost love, love, mother, parody, romance, satire, sorry,

Shall I Compare Thee To Your Mother's ****

Shall I compare thee to your mother's ****?
Thou aren’t more lovely, but more flatulent.
Rough winds do shake it; and bring on a farce
And all her clothes hath all too short a rent

Sometime too hot-headed of hell doth burn,
And often is the true nature exposed;
And every foul from fowl; my stomach churns,
By reason, or by nature's raging closed.

But thy infernal diet shall ne’er start
Nor gain possession of which now I grasp;
Nor shall we meet again; let’s stay apart,
When in eternal sounds the voice does rasp,
So long as men can breathe or eyes can cry,
So long lives this, and I bid thee goodbye.

by Just That Archaic Poet |
Categories: evil, satire, woman,

She Sold Her Soul In a Bathroom Mirror

Wicked Witches vicious Wishes
Worst of Curses Hexed
Paranormal Victim Witness
Poltergeist are Vexed
Rows of Sixes Superstitious
Sacred Scrolls and text
I see dishes fly malicious
And She is surely next.
Sold Her Soul and burnt the Bridges-
The Devils love Her Best!

*ABAB Witchcraft Contest Entry*


by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: betrayal, career, dark, evil, satire, true love,

Life With T-Rump Xxi

Donald's faithful to his red star
Putin loves the Don from afar
Bizarre it may seem
It's been Vladimir's dream
To have an American Tsar

by Jerry T Curtis |
Categories: satire,


I love to make a comment 
as everyone knows well
Some are good and some are bad
but who can really tell
I may or not,  be that honest
a position I can sell
by simply adding to a post
The letters "LOL

by Hyle Chu |
Categories: confusion, dedication, depression, devotion, forgiveness, girlfriend-boyfriend, health, imagination, introspection, life, loss, lost love, love, mystery, passion, people, philosophy, recovery from..., sad, satire

Carbon Monoxide (Co) Week 2: Carbon Cabrona

Smokeless inhales hurt.
I cough tar on my shirt.
As my black lungs breathe,
Shrilling exhales wheeze.

Falls me
Down to
My knees.

The nicotine cracks
My will.
My composure

I want 
I must 
Have this.

I sink
The brink
Of madness.

by Jay Loveless |
Categories: satire, words,

Starcrossed Lovers

If your face is on my mind,
your eyes held glimmering in mine,
the taste and feel of smooth sweet skin,
the passion burning within,
my resolve falls to tatters,
your love is all,
that matters.

don't let your next words be a joke,
I'm searching desperately,
for the truth you once spoke.
If flickers like lamplight inside of you,
you can't understand the power,
of what your words do.

A simple caress,
the calm intake of your breath,
the soft strength of your arms,
I'm captivated, entranced, enthralled.

Sharp tongue,
daggers for words,
steel eyes,
all things that hurt. 

Will you lead me,
like Romeo led Juliet to their death,
already you steal my breath.

by Joe Dimino |
Categories: community, friendship, humor, humorous, love, poetry, satire,

I Like To Think

I like to think that love
is Universal – even little
green men, on boggy worlds
having such fond capacity

like to think that stars
share brilliance affectionately,
giving an extra beam, here and there,
to a fellow where a twinkle lagging

like to think, that vagabond comets,
trade heartfelt sonnets in the passing

like to think that you would love me
forever...even if I wasn't so
poetically cute and clever:)

by Valerie Bellefleur |
Categories: satire, me, me,

Hallmark Moments

Hallmark moments:
I like your face
Your flaxen hair
Your remind me of 
My old grey mare
You skin is soft
Your eyes are blue
But I hear you wear
A size twelve shoe
I see your mother
In your face
Remind me not 
to forget my mace
You are a special 
love, my hon
If only you didn't
weigh a ton
You are the fairest
of all maids
Its such a shame
You gave me Aids
Your Gothic look
and tasty lips
Make me want
to bring my whips
You left me on
that April day
I never dreamed 
You might be gay
You made me
You made me sigh
I never thought
you were a guy

by Alkas Poetry |
Categories: allusion, creation, humorous, satire, wisdom,

Miranda Saying

While love is totally blind, the body behaves  as voyeur in  mind

by Tom Bell |
Categories: adventure, imagination, on writing and words, satire, wedding,


A poem including following words/phrases;
Nuclear waste
Baby food
Smiling Moon Face
Dog waste
Malicious love
Miracle of Fatima
Broken alarm clock

Lets see what you guys come up with;  by Feb. One
Bonus points if you add; Peanut Butter and Jelly with Meatballs the daily special


by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: irony, language, leadership, satire, word play,

The Art of the Airbrush

Angel Deaths
A dark dawn
Still more illegals cross the border
  ~ They've 'done nothing wrong'

Peace and Love
Olive Branch, in mouth of Dove
In corpore sano, mens sana*
  ~ 'Recreational' Marijuana?

Build Back Strong!
Build Back Mighty!
Billions plucked for
  ~ Day Care 'Infrastructure'

O, such beating of chests
Such thumping of fists
Anxious, we await
  ~ Euphemism's next twist

*Latin expression: 'In a healthy
  body, a healthy mind.'
  ~ Euphemism's next twist

by Solomon Ochwo-Oburu |
Categories: children, satire, song,

These Little Ones

These little children seen around
Have something in them mysterious
That thing adult cannot understand
‘Cause they are too child-like to impress

These little children play and conflict
They cry, get angry and mourn in unison
Yet a thousand times they love and play
Even when conflict has been too much

These little ones so licitly seen around
Ideal values of community they hold
But adults ignore them as childish things
Yet their power of community is broken

When a child talks adult is just amused
When adults speak child just wonders
Although rubbish things they could be
that destroy power of human community

by John Loving Iii |
Categories: parody,

The Blank Page

nothing beautiful, nothing sad
nothing useful for this pad
no ideas for me to write
with pen and paper 
gathered with light
no great hope, no great fear
nothing to give cause for tears
no loud cry for justice denied
no high praise for made up eye's
nothing to set hearts on fire
no hidden wit for political satire
none of the sweetness love begets
and the acts of hero's we often forget
the memories have faded
the times i've made love
and nothing beacons from heaven above
but i dare not abandon
this art i love
tis my existence
my gift from God
perhaps tomorrow 
i'll know what to say
but for today all i'll have
is this empty blank page

by Solomon Ochwo-Oburu |
Categories: life, satire,


Whatever sin you commit
do it diligently

Whatever promise you make
count the costs

Whatever love you commit to
include some degree of deception

Whatever ambition you have
pursue as a lunatic

by Anthony Scandrick Ii |
Categories: anniversary, baby, beautiful, beauty, caregiving, child, childhood, confusion, courage, dark, dedication, depression, devotion, freedom, goodbye, graduation, growing up, happiness, hope, humorous, lonely, lost love, love, mystery, passion, satire, slam, sorrow, sorry, success, suicide, teen, thank you, uplifting, write,

Dear Michelle

You almost had me,
I wanted you,
The way you stuck to me like super glue,
I was feeling you,
But I knew,
I could never have you,
But, the way you looked at me,
The way my body pleads,
We can never be,
Because I’m too old,
And your only thirteen.

by Masereka Amos |
Categories: sad, satire, success,


A cloudy, gloomy, cool, rainy morning
Fresh, transparent, and sparkling,
Muddy dreams pouring and droplets springing

And all my things left in an open to get dry
Love, trust, life, joy and here is none to supply

I place not a blame
They art wet all the same
Found it interesting as a computer game
To see these teardrops of shame

Sorrow shared is half the sorrow
But I have the audacity to see tomorrow

Rain has seasons
And also reasons
To bind boundless
For with time it will be cloudless

To strengthen strongly
When the atmosphere is misty
And words exchanged wrongly

by A.O. Taner |
Categories: addiction, april, best friend, computer, confusion, courage, culture, cute love, earth, emotions, encouraging, environment, fantasy, farm, feelings, funny love, garden, happiness, happy, i love you, i miss you, inspirational, internet, irony, july, june, kiss, loneliness, love, magic, me, metaphor, nature, parody, repetition, satire, science, social, technology, tree, women, world, youth,


follow on facebook,
adore on pinterest,
fall in love on instagram,
kiss on a hunch,
all under a tree.

by Marilyn Hernandez |
Categories: brother, family, lost love, satire, sister, urban,

Wasting Water

Sniff, sniff; smell that?
The bridges are burning,
There goes the kinship, 
You’ll never be earning,

‘Cause blood is thicker,
Or so you claim,
You carved in the truth,
The name of your game,

You tattooed your duplicity,
And pretended not to know,
Insulting our intelligence,
With the seeds you sow.

To use us in your time of need,
When all your blood ran out,
But you’ve wasted all your water,
And now you’ll live with drought.

Conveniently, when your fire’s doused,
You’ve got your blood transfusion,
Your loyalties have been restored,
Our familial bonds? An illusion.

But we were already prepared,
‘Cause water is much quicker,
It was only a matter of time, 
And we were watching the ticker.

by Linda Barr |
Categories: brother, funeral, inspirational, loss, passion, satire, heart, heart, love, red, rose,

This Human Heart

My brother is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. I still remember that day

His Human Heart He laid red rose upon white casket Tears were hidden behind dark glasses People are such righteous asses This question I just had to ask it A wounded heart will not outlast it This human life quickly passes This human dream was love’s excess Why was his love so very wrong? Gender doesn’t really matter Human dreams are still shattered He laid red rose upon white casket Was their love so very wrong? The question I just had to ask it His human heart still sang love’s song.<>

by Peter Lewis Holmes |
Categories: fun, poetry, satire,

Metaphor and Simile We Flog Them So To Death

Oh I am a little metaphor
I love to play a word,
today I am a fortress on 
Tuesday I’m a bird	

On Wednesday I’m a simile
cos I’m like a train, storming
into history,to  play this wordy game

On Thursday’s I push the boat out,
ploughing through the waves, then
Fridays I’m like a scimitar, slicing 
through the raves

And if you catch me weekend,  I 
won’t hold a grudge, just take me
as you find me,  wink, wink,
nudge, nudge, nudge.

by Gerard Keogh Jr. |
Categories: death, husband, lost love, satire

Ten Little Indians

You perfected your lies to an art.
You succeeded in breaking my heart.
I shed not one tear,
for the hour is near,
when arsenic will keep us apart.

by Dan Keir |
Categories: adventure, angst, autumn, business, confusion, dark, dedication, depression, fear, grief, growing up, happiness, happy, hate, health, home, hope, humorous, imagination, inspirational, introspection, journey, life, lonely, loss, lost, love, on work and working, pain, parody, people, relationship, retirement, sad, satire, school, social, stress, success, sympathy, time, work,

Reflections: Midlife Crisis

P     aranoia permeates, etching itself into your fractured face,
A     cacophony of constant pressure; life remains a stressful race,
N     othing to hope for, no positives like promotion in the workplace,
I      nability to love, relationships lift anchor and set sail without chase,
C     hildren crushing dreams under mortgages; age grows with disgrace

by Ken Duddle |
Categories: eve, love, mythology, satire,

The Original Sin

As Adam and Eve walked through the garden Their love grew and grew They gathered berries for their supper And leaves for a brew. Later as they lay naked under the stars Adam kissed Eve and gently stroked her thighs They heard a sound, turned in fright And saw a vision before their eyes. 'Stop, sin no more or go to Hell' Spake the fanged head But then it spoke no more As with a stone Adam hit it till dead. Adam turned to Eve with a smile 'We still have much to learn and see But what I'd really like to know Is what was in that tea?

by A.O. Taner |
Categories: anxiety, appreciation, beautiful, beauty, character, confidence, culture, dark, fantasy, fear, feelings, forgiveness, happiness, happy, hope, i am, i love you, i miss you, jealousy, joy, life, loneliness, lost love, love, meaningful, miss you, motivation, peace, people, philosophy, prejudice, rain, romance, romantic, sad love, satire, smart, sometimes, storm, strength, symbolism, together, true love, uplifting, weather, wind, wisdom, world,


On that same afternoon 
in a commune not too far away, 
hope got caught while 
stealing from the market of desires; 
luck got expelled for
cheating on the bonus questions;
love, on the other hand, turned into 
rain and escaped the cloud 
of acquired fears.