Love Poems About Science or Science Love Poems
by Arturo Michael |
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Moon Captured By Her Spells

Blue skies and rainbows

Science fiction and fables

Poetess and poet are making love 

She’s writes the verses to undress me

Great lines that flower in her hair

Her lips of ink are red and rosy 

Each stanza goes straight to my head

I want to read and read her

Over and over

Every day, any time 

From cover to cover

She writes of loneliness and sorrow

Of broken hearts that never mend

She is the dream I need each morning

Moon captured by her spells

I want to read and read her

Over and over

Every day, any time 

From cover to cover

Blue skies and rainbows

Science fictions and fables

Poetess and poet are making love

by Cecil Hickman |
Categories: history, life, love, mystery, nature, science, space

Half-Lit Moon

Haze up in the heavens encircles this orb.
Half-dark, half-light, shines from above.
Twinkles of light appear to absorb.
Fractions of darkness within lighted glove,

Speaking to lovers held in each other’s arms.
Answering questions of science to some,
Floating around spreading blessed charms,
Listening close at times, hearing a hum.

Lovers for centuries, graciously, captured by,
Sweet serenity and magical mystery,
Others entranced with secrets, which fly.
From words written and spoken in history.

Satellite, orb, lady, they are all the same.
Mythical goddesses, gripped in flame.
These tales have spread so many games.
This object seen most nights has no shame.

by Nicholle Selah |
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Make Love To Me

Look at me like you'll never see me again
let your eyes drink me in like the sweetest of wines
(look through me)

(Can you see my soul?)

Kiss me, sweet and innocent like your first
thrilling like prom night
(let me taste your love for me)

Caress me with sure and convident hands
slide your fingers over my skin
Nerve endings fire... isn't science sweet?
(You make me shiver)

Combined the three as two become one
Pulses rise, tempetures

Enter my world baby
(Over and over again)
Bring me closer to heaven with each stroke
We can explore it together.


by John Grinsell |
Categories: love, romance, science,

Many Worlds

Maybe there's a multiverse.
I'm hoping that it's true.
Many other worlds out there
in which I'm loving you.

by Kelly Deschler |
Categories: love, relationship, science, soulmate, together,


We read each other so perfectly
two minds with a single thought,
when we combine, baby it's explosive
chemistry like ours cannot be taught.

The electricity gets me jumping
and attacks the heart's beat,
this experiment you concocted
has revived the frog's feet.

Like a volcanic lava lamp
an eruption of emotion flows,
the heat welds me to you
our bond that nobody knows.

We met inside this classroom
where my opposite attracted to yours,
like magnetized paperclips 
we were linked right from our cores.

We're closer than Dr. Jekyll was
to his hidden self, Mr. Hyde,
but, I can take you by the hand
as we go along for the ride.

by A.O. Taner |
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the shortest road
is the one that you know
the longest road
is the one that you love

by Vee Bdosa |
Categories: god, hope, humanity, love, science, space,

The Astraunot - John Glenn

As certain as I see the world below
some things I'd overlooked, within my haste
come to my mind, and in it now, I know
we can't allow what time remains to waste.
What God's become, because we've let it be,
would change if only you'd see what I do,
spread out below, right here in front of me
a fragile sight--most delicate a view.

To see the whole thing, as it is complete,
the total world, big pictures only show,
is recognizing what's beneath our feet
was made by one who knows more than we know.

   My question's not to ponder as to how
    God made the world--but how to save it now.
           © Ron Wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

by Mark J. Halliday |
Categories: art, conflict, inspiration, world,


Creative, artistic, musical, analytical
Brother of Michael and Susanna; son of Fred and Marlyn
Lover of Nelly (Bourieau) H., science fiction novels and films, private serenity 
Who feels respect for God and humanity, love for nature, worry for the Earth’s future 
Who fears mediocrity, retirement, economic collapse leading to a popular insurrection
Who would like to see successful sons, grandchildren, his songs produced/recorded 
Marina, California (for the moment) 

by Viviane Leite |
Categories: angst, faith, introspection, life, love, mystery, philosophy, religion, sad, science,


Silence can deceive                                        
One's quiet to understand
Another to destroy

by Brian Morton |
Categories: desire, humor, innocence, loneliness, love, science, youth,

Bottled Love Haiku

If love is a drug
my chemist doesn't have it.
Where can I find some?

by Joe Dimino |
Categories: allegory, allusion, art, poetry, science, symbolism, writing,

Every Poem An Invention

Every poem
An invention
Some would say:
When a romantic
Creates a breathing rose
In the mind
For the heart of another
A far superior find
Than all
Man’s Relativities—

Let Einstein rest
Of his atoms
And Galileo
Further divest
In some far
Distant sky,
Too far off
For modern
Perhaps now,
As I,
Would also decry:
That the artist, alone,
Sees and lives,
A true icon,
Beyond the grave—
A slave not to science,
But to love and beauty;
With far more inquisitive duty,
That of revealing
The Universe
The soul of it

by Hyle Chu |
Categories: confusion, depression, devotion, fantasy, girlfriend-boyfriend, hope, imagination, introspection, life, loss, lost love, love, mystery, passion, philosophy, recovery from..., sad

Carbon Monoxide -Co- Week 3: Talkin' 'Bout My 'Noxide

The steady pull
of temptation--
a tease on
my resolution.

When I can sleep, 
I take what dreams 
afford me.
In these dreams,
my 'noxide comes
to ward me.

Her smoke is an invitation.
my conscience
falls for
the con science
of my imagination.
I give in
and reality spins.

Between the sleeps, 
I lie in sanity. 
I wonder:
Did I give into 
my humanity?
did I'd err?
Is that
smoke in the air?

by Cecil Hickman |
Categories: faith, fantasy, happiness, hope, imagination, life, love, peace, people, philosophy, science fiction, social, spaceautumn,


It is 2012 within the season of autumn in that year.
Humankind knows not whether to be sad or cheer.
A new sphere arrived; they call it planet kunzite.
In an orbit opposite of earth, aligned perfectly right.
Was it our doom, or salvation we awaited a sign.
Upon the next moon, our answer came so divine.
Planet kunzite was to be our new home to live.
To go in peace and harmony with only love to give,
No more wars or anger for any human to spread,
In the stars surrounding, words are there to be read.
Kunzite a jewel for everyone, especially new born,
So upon each morning a new greeting shall adorn.

by Joseph Spence Sr |
Categories: hope, imagination, life, love, nature, people, places, science fiction,

Natural Reflection

Just like a flower
Sunshine stimulates her face
Sparkling with love

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: angel, blessing, love,

Home Rule

Until science can decipher our past 
almost blind to reality in home truths 
they are no more knowledgeable than the rest of us 
as each of us walks a different path of knowledge

 I find truth in the words of God 
more powerful and with great conviction of meaning 
than anything science has to offer 
Call a spade a spade 
proven wrong time and time again
results speak for themselves
we are all seeds of his olive branch 
inner peace filled with faith and love 
is the only science without appetite for destruction

by Abdul Malik |
Categories: on writing and words,

What's What

Love lusts,
Hate hurts,
God goads,
Devil dares,
Death dumps, 
Life longs,
Hope holds,
Soul survives,
Faith fools,
Religion rants,
Priest panders,
Politics preys,
Public pays,
knowledge knows,
Wisdom wins,
Science sums,
Time tempers,
Patience prevails,
Marriage mars,
Wife whines,
Husband hustles,
Sex sells,
Cash corrupts,
War wrecks,
Peace pleases,
Work works,
Rest rusts,
Spring soothes,
Monsoon moans,
Summer sizzles,
Autumn ails,
Winter woes,
Nature nurtures!

by Ann Cantu |
Categories: angst, imagery, longing, moving on, nostalgia, perspective,

Once More

Accept equality, admit to science 
That you always believed -
Why wouldn’t love be free?

San Franciscans and summer lovers 
Flocked here seeking illusion.
They saw pretty colors, but no truth.

I extended my hand, warmly 
You grasped it, looking onward 
To clover crowns and daisy chains.

There is no understanding of
The light in shaded eyes, or
Coy words slipped from tight lips.

Summers always end, she said. 
We sighed, nodding off to dream,
Once more before the apocalypse.

-ARCantu, 05/25/2023

by Joe Dimino |
Categories: humorous, inspirational, introspection, love, meaningful, wife, wisdom,

My Wife

I would take cute
over profound, any-day;
good feeling-full over
meaningful – God over
science, and my wife
when it comes to dinner;

I will take thick over thinner,
when it comes to gravy and
mashed potatoes; God over
politics, when it comes to
getting wife's
opinion when it comes to
right and wrong;

Beauty wins hands-down,
when it comes to images
and lyrical-sounds; God
on all my paths and grounds
as opposed to stone saints
and preaching clowns – my
wife's love, over a world of
wealth; without love, nothing
of true value, nor health –

by Dr Mohammad Golshani Niya |
Categories: humanity, peace,

Peace Is My Big Love

Peace is My Big LOVE in 3 languages
Philosophy of Peace

Peace is sweet Science
Science of Peace
Sience of Truce

Peace is a Silence
Silence of our province
Silence of Armistice

Peace is great scentence
scentence of non violence
Scentence of Solace

Peace is good Alliance
Alliance of Variance
Alliance of Fierce

Peace is Calmness
Calmness of Restfulness
Calmness of Easiness


Salute to PEACE
No war
No fight
No battle
No Trouble
No displacement
No misery

Only Peace
Only Humanity

By Mohammed Golshani niya
Poet of Humanity and Peace in 3
Languages English .Persian and Kurdish

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: lost love, science fiction,

Zombie Eyes

Is she a zombie...
Her eyes are vacant; her heart's
   fire extinguished, brittle ash

   Hush! She approaches
expressionless, gliding through
   a different dimension

by Anais Vionet |
Categories: 11th grade, school, science,


Theoretical physicists say that there’s really no such thing as “time.” That our perception of time is just how our minds work but that, in reality, everything is happening at once.

Somewhere, Harry James’ trumpet is crying out to lovers. Do you hear it?

Romeo is about to take stage for the first time - Kennedy is climbing into the convertible - and I’m about to meet my true love - will I know, did I know? Argh! 

Time passes by or stays, unseen. Contrails forever linger, flowers never die and kisses don’t end. 

This school day certainly feels like it’s lasting forever.

by Erin Cowart |
Categories: life, love hurts,

The Lies We Tell

Being a good person will take you far
Like one wheeled bicycles and dead battery cars

If you do your best things will turn out fine
Like gas on fires and bread with no yeast

Those jeans still fit
Like my hand in yours and yoga pants on a fat girl

Falling in love is fabulous
Like smelly garbage trucks and moldy fruit

Falling out of love is easy
Like rocket science and scaling cliffs

If you love someone they will love you back
Like cats love dogs and gay men love straight women

Like you love me….

by The Melody Sings |
Categories: adventure, girlfriend-boyfriend, life, love, science, science fiction

Catching Fire- Poem

This poem is inspired by the second book in The Hunger Games Series. Warning- Contains 

Sparks aflame
Fire and rage spread
Nowhere to go
Nowhere to run!

The capitol want's revenge!
They will do anything to get it.
Back into the arena I am sent
Pitting Peeta and I against each other.

A marriage proposal
never to be fufilled
they tricked us
It will never happen.

I have to go on
a twist in the story
Tick,tock,tick, tock
The arena is a clock

All living tributes 
taken out of the arena
a official is secretly a rebel
wanting to overthrow the capitol

But where is Peeta?
No where to be found
Caputured in the hands of the capitol
I must save him!

by A.O. Taner |
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One is love, 
Zero is everything else.

by Robert Pettit |
Categories: lost love, science,

Absolute Value

I hope this concept is familiar to you. I’m sure you are acquainted with “absolute value”. Points lie in the plane left of the y-axis. Integers can have negative values because of this. There’s nothing difficult here; it’s quite simple. Rene Descartes introduced us to this principle. In minus territory is where I find your value. Why don’t you just abscond and bid adieu?