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by James Marshall Goff |
Categories: life

Who I Am

My Inventory:

high-performance yo-yo
poetry books
fishing poles
ice-fishing hut
pocket knife
sharpening stones
life's artifacts
Grandpa's Fishing Hat
hope and joy
Guardian Angel
wooden snow-sleds
more poetry books
camping gear
Babar, the Stuffed-Elephant
McCoy Cookie Jars
nature field-guides
ties I don't wear
family heirloom recipes
suits I try not to wear
treasured photographs
170 poems
antique lamps
my Children's love

......and You

       my Savior

           ....... Jesus Christ

by Paul Callus |
Categories: travel,


I read with greed John Master's books,
to Indian culture introduced.
I grew to love a distant land;
by her allure I was seduced.

To Indian culture introduced,
I felt the urge to go and see
the striking beauty of her face,
the charms bestowed abundantly.

I grew to love a distant land
where the traditions are held high,
religion, races, culture, tongues
are deep-ingrained - will never die.

By her allure I was seduced,
this vibrant country in the east.
I plan to take a closer look
and let my eyes in wonder feast. 

Contest: Shall We Retourne
Sponsor: Debbie Guzzi

by James Peranteau |



    Like bolts of lightning I’ve
felt the words from my fingers
              come forth

               My heart
               my brain 
         sparking thoughts

Out of them I dust the books of
           love with words

       I fantasize with paper
                and pen
      I cross fiords and skies
      I cry out loud from the 
       high rocks of the sea
            the bolts riddle
       they rhyme the words
       and charm the hearts
   they uncover my thoughts

by Michelle Faulkner |
Categories: appreciation, books, community, together,

Library Love

Lingering among the stacks
Interval of serenity, a luxury to
Borrow a world, then bring it back
Riches of printed page, once few
Are carried throughout the community
Requiring only a card to belong
Young and old both given opportunity

Lending literacy to growing minds, strong
Out of many streets, they share the room
Vaulted ideas have a place to bloom
Encyclopedias of adventures to unpack!


by Darlene De Beaulieu |
Categories: books, poems, poetry, words, writing,

I Met a Poetess At the Book Store

Before this virus came around
On Saturday's I'd go to the mall
One of the places I like to go first
Would be the bookstore to enter
I would look for poet's poetry books
There are lots of books to choose from
As I walk through the aisles-
I noticed someone sitting at a table
She had piles of books stacked high
So i chose a chose a book and read 
It was titled Love-I bought it
The author and I chatted
Then she signed her book
Her name is Beleza Angel
The title was Pieces of Me
Will be a book i will always keep
This will be a special book
I met a poetess she wrote poems
She published her poems
Beleza Angel a book keepsake
She is on instagram & Facebook

by Joshua Aguire |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, introspection, life, love,


Why stay in Oz, girl
Wishing for changes?
Turning your mirrors to books
So you can rewrite the pages

You’ve got a beautiful heart and mind, girl
Why look at the flaws?
I can’t even see the tin
Or the rust or the straw

I think your worst side is your best side, girl
Don’t throw all those little things away
I don’t want your 'out of date' style
Or your blemishes to change

So open your eyes, girl
And look in the mirror
You’re perfect to me
Couldn’t get any better

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: friend,

Best Friend

I find her most congenial, and we
have everything in common; it’s a fact!
With all of her opinions I agree.
Our shelves with books and nic-nacs all are stacked.
To exercise at Vasa gym she goes.
I also love that place, and all the time
she’s my companion at the movie shows!
We love to write and love to make a rhyme,
and we are also glad to be a girl
and wear cute clothes and use accessories.
When on the dance floor, how we love to twirl!
My closest friend is such a cinch to please.
If you’ve met “me,” you’ve met my friend. No lie.
She also calls herself “myself” and “I.”

Dec. 13, 2019 for Regina Riddle's Best Friend Sonnet Contest

by May Fenn |
Categories: bereavement, death, funeral, loss, obituary, sorrow,

Death Is Not the End

Death is not the end,
For love goes on
And you will find the evidence
Long after I have gone.
The flowers that we planted
Will blossom without end,
You’ll find me in their beauty
As to their needs you tend.
The books we read together,
The laughter in the pages,
Will continue to give pleasure
To you throughout the ages.
So do not mourn my passing
You are not left alone,
You’ll always find me waiting
In the places we have known.
The bond that grew between us
Will not abate with time,
It will go on for always,
I’m yours and you are mine.

by Cona Adams |
Categories: community, friendship, people, writing,

Southern Hospitality

(A Blank Verse Sonnet)

In June, we traveled south to Memphis town,
a public poets' fete with Southern flair.
The mid-south heart unfolded nationwide,
an open cloak of warmth spread far afield
in concert with the sound and sense of rhyme.
A graciousness so coupled with its pride
to sharpen all who came in studied hope
and reasoned well effect, to prove result.
Yet seasoned poets put their pens aside;
the books they found, devoured with eyes and minds
already voiced the thoughts mankind repeats,
our ageless chants for hearts in love or pain.
        The weather's pull to southern ports advanced
        the lure of southern charm from heart to heart.

by D.W. Rodgers |
Categories: lost love,

Pretty Picture Postcards

I get pretty picture postcards
from faraway places,
not many but over time
they accumulate 
on walls, fridges 
and marking pages in books.

Mostly from old girlfriends
writing to prove
they are still alive.
"Amazing scenery, wonderful people,
haven't had a decent cup of coffee since Montreal,
watch out for the water in ice cubes.
Wish you were here (Not!)
all my love xxxx"

Still on a dull grey morning, 
a message from Mexico, Italy,
Vietnam or New Zealand
is at least intriguing.

Me, I never send postcards
as I never go anywhere
but I get pretty picture postcards
from faraway long ago bitches
every now and then.

by Craig Cornish |
Categories: books,

Lonely Libraries

(English Sonnet Rhyme in Iambic Tetrameter)

What tomes in lonely corners dwell
where undisturbed and rimmed with dust,
forgotten tales that once were held
and stained with tears and love and lust -
now sit untouched like aging queens;
more interest in apparent heirs
like Kindle tablets - pageless screens,
dull bootless script where no one shares.
So empty when a page is turned,
no weight of paper in its place
and when it's done no conference yearned -
there is no book ... just empty space.
The halls where all the books are kept
will haunt until their dust is swept.

by Dah Dahlusion |
Categories: absence, age, dark, lonely, loss, love, spiritual,

Between Happiness and Sadness

Between happiness and sadness
 —silence; an angel prays:

I kiss the loneliness of old people, 
their temples like handfuls of winter; 
their hearts
are used baggage, 
memories speak to them, 
they smile and
tell me stories from their youth 
—sadness falls; 
silence passes unspoken
—they remember the dead. 

I kiss the loneliness from their temples
and sadness lifts from their mouths.

From my first book: 'In Forbidden Language'

©dah / Stillpoint Books 2010
all rights reserved

Search Amazon Books: "in forbidden language/dah"

by Edwin Alluso |
Categories: child,

Our Little Boy

Our Little Boy

Our boy named Dione Henry
Comes from our fathers name
He’s so cheerful and friendly
But sometimes he’s naughty
He loves to play and full of energy
Even his stomach is empty 
At the end he is so hungry

He dream of becoming a pilot
Reading his books he always forgot
But playing games he did not
I’ve thought to tied him with a knot
So he could stay in my front
And guide him in his right plot
To show his wisdom that he got

I know that he is our little boy
Who loves to play with his toy
Sooner you’ll become a man
Enjoy your time and have fun
I will always there to guide you
To reach your dreams I'll support you
I’ll be there for you because I love you

by Annabelle Jane |
Categories: life, love,

Half To Share

Books half opened Lines half written A bridge half built is halfway there. Bones half broken Lives half hidden A heart in half has half to share.

by Shani Fassbender |
Categories: lost love

You Are Gone

I’m lost everyday when I wake, at the emptiness lying next to me
When I read the morning paper, the news is not to share
My coffee is never waiting for me anymore, neither is your kiss
Solitary walks are shortened, without companionship
The meals do not taste the same, the flavor you added is missing
I fall asleep watching movies, and books hold no interest
Some of the light has vanished from the day
As more of the darkness is invading my nights
While I’m sleeping, in my dreams you tease 
I dread all the tomorrows, where you will not be

by Hadia Faisal |
Categories: 1st grade, angel, anxiety, beauty, books, break up, night,

I Walk the Night

Time for this girl to cuddle up bed..
But of course after two, I sleep like dead.

I try hard to get my beauty sleep.. 
but number of thoughts at a time creeps.

Sometimes left and sometimes right...
Then come into mind, my bro’s fight.

Miss those night of romantic chat..
Which slowly turn into a verbal spat!

Some memories brings tears in my eyes..
Yup, the eyes which makes you hypnotise!

Tell all thoughts to get a grip.. 
again, cross my mind, that school trip.

Miss those love which knew no bound.. 
yeah, the same, that gave me wound!

This way and that, I frown and see
So, there is no one left but me..!!

by Brian Strand |
Categories: places

The Wake

house was full
    of yesterdays-
    that filled
      wet Wednesdays
   hours upon the wall
a smell of love
      into offspring
       to timeless

by Abdul Malik |
Categories: inspirational,

Love To Laugh

All smiles
Go miles,

All cries
soon dies,

Face fears
shun tears,

All hate
can wait,

As such,
LOVE much,

Laugh off
a scoff;

Be kind
Save Wild,

Be wise
Shun vice,

Good deed

Find nooks
Read books,

All's swell
ends well!.

~A Brian Strand July 24 contest - Footle.
"Your Footle poem" contest by Judy Konos

by DM Babbit |
Categories: books, emotions, poetry, writing,

Embrace the Line

Embrace the line
   it flows straight yet narrow
   guiding the eye and the hand along its edge.
Behind lies the blanks waiting
   hoping for some beatific message
   to be filled in along the emptiness.
Focus and see the ink
   flowing from the pen
   in a cursive calligraphic display.
Words and phrases wrapped around a vision
   that waltz dances on the page
   then springing forth in calypso imagery.
Hears it, feel it, see it give birth
   in poetic prose and rhythms felt
   deep in the mind, heart and soul.
Embrace the line
   it draws attention
   and unexpectedly, 
poetry is born
   right there
   with love, inspiration and deep emotion
revealed along the lines.

by Audrey Haick |
Categories: faith, inspirational, introspection, lifelove,

All These Things and More!

Alive today, in this time, undeserving, yet, I am blessed…
By His divine mercy
By His eternal love
With a resolute faith 
With a loving family 
With special friends – a few
With hands yearning to heal
With a gift of verse -sometimes
With a gift of stitching - therapeutic
With a spirit for sharing
With a penchant for nature – no reptiles 
With a special love for roses
With a beautiful smile that welcomes 
With great fondness for the sea shore 
With an incredible love for books and music
With a heart that loves unconditionally
With eyes that still see some good
For all these things-everything and 

*Note:  For Dane-Ann's "Count Your Blessings" Contest

by Trina Hamel |
Categories: anniversary, beauty, books, boyfriend, butterfly, caregiving, child,

The Story

When I look at him I don't see a love story you'd
Read in a book or even see on the movie screen
I do see someone that is meant for only me 
Someone who doesn't judge or expect anything 
 but takes everyday as a gift and treasures
It with all my flaws and insecurities and still stands 
By me 
I see an angle heaven sent because even god knew
He would be 
A miracle in my eyes not a love story by any means
But a story written for me and him to read

by Daver Austin |
Categories: animals, love

Animals and Love

Animals teach us to love
They excel at all the simple things
They are no good at complex things
Making money
Reading books
Painting great art
Playing the violin
Making out income tax returns
Building machines of war

When we ask animals to do any of these complex things
They look at us with such curious eyes
Do nothing
We value them for their unobtrusive    simple ways
Feed them
Give them a place to sleep   (often on our own bed)
Pet them
Pet them
If this aint love    I'm a rooster's comb and cackle!

by Patricia Langston-Moran |
Categories: lost loveme, love, me,

Give Me Time

I have tears to be shed...
Books to be read...
Words to be said...
I love you.
I have a life to live...
and love to give...
I miss you.
I have memories to leave...
Moments to grieve...
And time to believe...
That you once loved me.
I have a horizon to climb...
Only moments of time...
to learn to love - me
Wait for me to do this
Don't leave me yet,
If you care.

by Lynn Hanna Barany |
Categories: friendship,

In Days of Snow and Sand

It was a loving relationship
Meant only to enjoy,
Never to be analyzed,
Not intended to destroy.

It was nice at the beginning
Full of warmth, and love and fun
Until the day it fell apart
In this game that no one won.

I suppose someday if we meet again
And by chance we feel there's more,
We'll spread our wings, and find the key
To open Heaven's door.

Until that day I still remain
A girl that held you hand,
When you carried my books
and walked with me
In the days of Snow and Sand.

Lynn Hanna Barany

by Lu Loo |
Categories: break up,


I bled for you so many days.
I tampered with evidence
in so many ways. I left you
alone with no tears to cry.
All my ears can hear is you
sigh. Forgotten memories
forced into my skull. I’m 
emptied when I used to 
be full. I took for granted
the love that we shared.
I could never accept that
you really cared. Afraid
of forgiveness while frantic.
I turned around and saw 
you panic. Too many books
left unread. Too many times
I’ve been declared dead. I
am confused under your
pillow tonight. The fear
doesn’t make us wrong or

Written By: Laura Loo
Date Written: April 26, 2016