Love Poems About Suzette Prime or Suzette Prime Love Poems
by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 12th grade, anger, angst, anxiety, discrimination, imagery, immigration,

Go Away

wars drugs poverty famine fear rape death and degradation that's the impoverished world desperate immigrants flee and yet we won't let them in go die on the other side of our new wall stay away from what’s ours we should be ashamed to call ourselves Christians there's no kindness in our hearts or tolerance for others even though God's commandment says to love our neighbors as we love ourselves (Suzette Prime) 8/11/2018

by Linda-Marie SweetHeart |
Categories: lost love,

Sweet Taste of Love

   "Sweet Taste of Love"

sweet taste
of true love
is divine essence
sprinkled from heavenly skyline by Angels.

thin line
severs love
hate resonates heart 
dagger thrusts ---

love conquers life if hearts remain faithfully
as the golden arch shatters dreams caged in death.

*For 12 lines or under Contest. 

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: inspirational, love, peace, philosophy, uplifting,

Open Hearts

love fest
welcome here
our community
open hearts and open palms
expressing and receiving other’s feelings

Universality will be possible only when we focus
on human qualities that unite us. Respect, politeness,
cooperation, friendship, inclusion, teamwork. This stems
from the ability to listen to, and most importantly hear
other’s ideas, that are not necessarily our own, and allow
them to flourish also.

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, beautiful, faith, god, love,

One And The Same

love's much more than an incredible feeling a chemical reaction an imaginary wish or a synonym for lust it is also a gentle, intimate touch a shared memory a hope a spiritual bonding of hearts and souls and a gift from God it's like a silent promise that goes unspoken and yet gets heard nonetheless a dream dreamt within a dream love affects the human heart mind and soul God is love love is God they are interchangeable and indistinguishable from one another for they are one and the same (Suzette Prime) 2/1/2021 What is love Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Unseeking Seeker

by Linda Alice Fowler |
Categories: faith, god, hope, love, prayer, religious, spiritual,

Say It's So

I may show kindness in myriad ways, love in many more but how do I show hope and faith to those whose lonely lives are tattered and torn as I sit sated in mind and body safe within my home, my family, my church? invite them inside for a meal and a warm fire or if in line at the store, pay for their meager purchase your giving spirit is your crown wear it with humility and true selflessness and praise God for your blessings that duplicate with each one you give away amen

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, emotions, feelings, god, judgement,

A Moral Compass

the Lord will not judge you on how often you pray or on how earnest you pray prayers are merely words they hold no meaning for God he has no desire to be praised or worshiped that was never our purpose that's why he gave us free will we were created with souls a moral compass that forever points us in the direction of love and we will be judged not on our interpretation of God's will but on how we shared His love with our fellow man (Suzette Prime) 01/02/2021

by Charmaine Matson |
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Your Love

Sometimes its hard for me to put it into words, sometimes its hard for me to even think, I don't want to go another day, not knowing if you love me.
It's hard for me to spend another night with out you..I need your arms wrapped around me...I need to feel your kiss upon my cheek..I need to be able to look upon your face as the sun begins to rise in the early are the breath that I breathe...

by Subimal Sinha-Roy |
Categories: analogy, feelings, love,

Perception In Contrast

green forest slant sunrays pierce foliage you sparkle whisper in the air of joy make rippling melody on strings of my heart you turn into my music i love dark forest cloud drips through the leaves melts you flows in tears within my eyes wind whistles morose music the tune creates you i yearn
January 13, 2021 For Brian Strand's Contest All Yours (Jun 25)

by Clifford Villalon |
Categories: birth, blessing, humanity, love, peace,

Magis Of The Orient

Sent from East
With presents on hand
Wishing, walking with glued hand
By land traveled from Orient far
Praying, bowing before the mightiest Star
Never before in a lifetime
  the World changed half-time
Like magic under spell
  World rejoiced where true believers dwell

by Janis Thompson |
Categories: character, happiness,

when baby dances

when baby dances the whole world shows its sunshine and the smile on my face is from down inside my love stirs something like a quickening pulsating rhythm from feet to my brain in syncopation to the heart and back again when they saw baby dance they threw dimes, nickels and pennies brother picked them up as baby danced and danced now, baby dances, twists and gyrates his nakedness only for my lusting eyes happiness is worth nothing until it's shared 1/25/2021

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: introspection, muse, senses, spiritual,

The tides of change

the very moment we feel a ripple know duality is at play aliveness on earth plane in this mind body felt as vibration within if we be free of blockage that that arises soon fades else it spirals inside form bringing about change thus it may be best to remain empty inviting divine love within 16-January-2021

by Regina McIntosh |
Categories: blessing, god, love,


His love lights the soul with silent echoes, whispers of assurance His love sings to hearts with melodic waves of joy bright hues caressing darkest nights hello love never leave me please alone, I don’t know the way of faith, hope, great truth inspiration that prays for laughter and peace hymns to break free from heartache His love guides me through storms that rage, miscalculate the breath of rain, faith grace blessed with praise Suzette Prime Poetry Contest Sponsored by Emile Pinet Jan. 4, 2021

Categories: life, success, wisdom,

Advice for My Child

come reason with me 
if you will 
practice living honorable principles 
seek the noble paths 
of virtue 
fair play 

my child 
my forever dearest one  
love your God
love others more than yourself
you will then delight in your life successes 
my delight will be in you  

Written on January 3, 2021
For Suzette Prime Contest 
Sponsored by Emile Pinet

by Slight Buckling |
Categories: 3rd grade, children, homework, math,



dear son
please hear us
please take the handle
of the tool hewn from our lives
you need but pick it up to reap what we’ve sewn
to understand - to see the value in the flat page
and yet you stand with fist clenched in anger
unwilling or unable

how do we reach him
find patience
find love
the fragile mystery of a child’s mind 
is a precious and dangerous thing to hold

February 3, 2021 

Inspired by the poetry contest “Suzette Prime” sponsored by Emile Pinet.

by Isaac Rios |
Categories: cheer up, hope, light, love, philosophy, stars, uplifting,

The Light That Love Holds

Kindness begets more kindness It is a free gift to you Pass it on Let the next person appreciate the love So they may reciprocate More love A small light Shines brightest in the darkness Illuminating everything around it Like the stars in the night sky Be a light that never dies Someone will appreciate your luminescence shining through the night With awe And aspiration to be A light that does not wither For they now know the power That love holds

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: god, spiritual,


we went to the temple to pray that we may feel Gods presence finding there souls seeking end to their sorrow in as related to transient earth life goals their fears reinforced by priests to control the herd so we sat still wondering at the foolishness of mockery thus man made attempting to cage God in their narrowness even though it is apparent to us all that the void of soft silence in each breath intake ignites a love flame in our heart as proof of God 05-January-2021

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: heart,

Trust Yourself Gladly

Soul truth
Honest love
Trust yourself gladly 
Rock enthusiasm 
Live your life to the fullest and greatest inth 
Follow your own truth, generating enthusiasm for your projects.
Throw the chaff out from the corn, forming your own ideals. 

Written 1-04-2021
Contest: Suzette Prime
Sponsor: Emile Pinet 
Syllables checked with 

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: spiritual,


choosing to exit limitation of space time pause flow of fragmented thought awareness heightened in void wherein ego disappears distilled attention osmotically imbibes through purity of intent divine bliss magnetism throb vivifying form with ecstatic rapture with each cell of our body aflame in love felt as a purring within the Sushumna consuming form as it were from inside outwards leaving us to burn moment by moment time dissolved continuum when we thus be to become bliss itself as the one without a second in a singularity beyond space time where we remain forever as long as we choose to thus be 25-January-2021

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: jealousy, love, winter,

No trace remaining

vanished in thin air
in seconds
no trace remaining
of passion's fiery kisses
   enchanted evenings
   everlasting nights
swift plunged into the icy abyss
where memories brittle crack --
winters of discontent in jealousy sown

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: muse,


at the days end make a list of the thoughts spiralling about within and once we are so enabled we move on to the next critical measure dwelling upon what is not fear or desire a shocking revelation we do behold as we see truth to our face in the mirror of clear light to rise from stupor here and now in stillness and shift to love 06-January-2021