Love Poems About Curtal Sonnet or Curtal Sonnet Love Poems
by Vladislav Raven |
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I Drown Within Your Most Beautiful Eyes - Valentine Collection

(Valentine's Collection)


I drown within your most beautiful eyes,
through wonderful visions of precious love.
What visions I shall come to visualised,
come my beloved to Heaven above.
Sapphire eyes do become my paradise,
I now join your dreams, my beautiful dove.

I now swim within your lagoons of blue,
entranced by the blue sheen shining love-light,
Ever I see the glory that is you.
I lose myself in your eyes shining bright,
you are my delight.


by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: lost love,

In Awe

One day there walked into the little store
which at the age of sixteen I worked at
a gorgeous boy. I must have dropped my jaw!

Like a Prince Charming – someone to adore -
was that wonderful dark-eyed young man that
I saw!

I pinched myself because it seemed unreal
that he saw me (this boy who had no flaw)
and wanted very much with me to chat.

I think of him today and still I feel
in awe!

Oct. 30, 2020 for Sara Kendrick's 'The Speaker' Poetry Contest

by L Milton Hankins |
Categories: anti bullying, discrimination, integrity, pride,

Comes the Inevitable Moment

Comes the inevitable moment to decide at last
Whether to stay or go; whether to love or hate
Whether to stand aside or bravely engage issues
To defy the odds and stand proud before the mast
To be late or early, to depend on timorous fate
Heart ripped asunder over questionable virtues.

Yea, lest anyone think fence-sitting is admirable
Or ignoring the necessities of every day’s wishes
The day arrives when we all must compensate
Stop the handwringing and become comfortable
By manning up to what life dishes.

written the week of June 20, 2021

by Ninette Carey |
Categories: body, heart, heaven, soulmate, visionary,

With All My Soul

I reach for you.....  With my eyes into the heavens  
I reach for you.... With my hand to feel your peace

I reach for you. .. With a heavy heart then blessed with your love

I reach for you.... With all my fears never afraid when you envelope  my spirit

I reach for you ...To guide my days in the warmth of the sun I partake in your love

I reach for you...With All My Soul. ..To Give Thanks. ..for Your Blessing

by Okologo Uche Ken |
Categories: fantasy,

Wild and Foolish Love

Knowing that you exist in my heart
Even when you always decked on your hat
To lure the one that has giving you tough 
Times as you often attempt to ride on the rough
Edges of her frigid and rigid mind,
One is not amazed that blind 
Love can easily turn someone wild
Although the individuals with mild 
Hearts sometimes falls into wrong
Hands and it takes quite a long
Time to realize that infatuation
Breeds unwarranted tension and depression
Caused by emotional hurts and heartbreak,
That is usually the end story of a fake.
 A poem written by Uche ken Okologo. 4/30/2013

by Angel Plant |
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I Like

I like to lay on a bed of roses
With your arms around me
Play peel a boo
With the clouds

Feel your lips on mine
Your body next to mine
Watch you gaze at me
With a big smile

Have lunch on the ground
Dance to the music
While bodies sway
And love comes alive

Walk on the beach
Holding hands
While running along
With the waves high

See the dolphins play
Watch the skies so blue
The clouds of velvet
As I touch your skin

Take a trip for two
On a cruise
With a ship
That rocks as we make love

See the flowers bloom
In the April rain
Read a book
While I cook

There are so many things
I like to do
I can't name them all
I'm with you

by Bridget Bennett |
Categories: anniversary, courage,


no i don't make sense
i'm most always tense
and my heart has dents
but why should that stop us?

my theories are juvenile
my thoughts are in a pile
and my worries go on for a while
but you won't notice.

i don't have much
i can screw up everything i touch
and my morals sometimes wind up in a bunch
but i won't stop being in love with you.

no i'm not pretty
my days are most always shitty
and i have too much pity
but my soul is open to you.

by Sillytoy Boys |
Categories: abortion, best friend, betrayal, boy, break up, child abuse, farewell,

Silly Toys and Sillier Boys

I looked at the toys and thought how silly

And what if I called him mr. Billy

He stroked my face and said it looked sweet

I knew he was the man I wanted to meet

I thought to myself how delicious 

It would be if I made myself Nutritious 

He gave me a lick 

So I gave him a kick

Yet I am a boy and you are a toy 

So forever alone we are

With our tiny baby feet

Oh how I love the silly little pinky toe

by Joe Hinojosa |
Categories: lost love, day, love, me, drug,

Fighting For Love

my boyfriend,s cheating 
my heart stop beating 

      my brother,s car wrecked 
and he's no longer breathing 

      my dad's on drugs and he beats my mom 
 because the flashbacks he had, in veitnaum 

      i love a women, but she don't love me 
it leaves me pondering with, curisoity 

      every day we fight for love 
 the situation were facing, will never give up 

      our dreams one day will become so true 
and you will realize how much, "i love you" 

     so for now, ill keep reaching for your touch 
cause at the end of the day, were still "fighting for love"

by Elijah Manke |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, cute love, emotions, love, marriage,

The Day I Met Her

It was a day that I will never forget.
She seemed like the epitome of beauty.
The way she laughed, smiled and the way she looked.
The way she walked was that of minuet.
On many day she resembled that of Aphrodite.
But than again she was already hooked.
A few months passed I had noticed she was sad.
I decided to ask how she was I mean, me little old me!
Her heart was broken she said I decided to invite her to dinner it was already booked. 
We dated for a few years after that and may I say she changed her name to McPhee.

by Gary Dye |
Categories: allusion, angel, bird,

Star-For Ann

I did not plan,
To meet and fall,
In Love with You!
It Just Happened!
As some things do.
What can I say?

I do not regret,
nor will I fret,
I kind of know.
I guess that you,
don't feel the way I do.

I will always love you.
No matter what.
You do or say.

I can not help it.
Nor would I.
want to.

I will just view You.
from afar,
like gazing at,
a twinkling,

And pray and wait,
and wonder.
the marvel,
that you are.

by Elijah Manke |
Categories: dark, deep, depression, fear, longing, love,

How Deep Is My Love

My love for you is thicker than honey.
My love for you is deeper than the ocean.
My love for you is greater than space itself.
When I'm around you I always feel funny.
When I think of you time stops, frozen.
I wouldn't give this love up for any wealth.
And yet these words mean nothing but sadness to me.
For another wants you and he is greater than I.
And so I weep for this love I have so deep.
So I contemplate whether or not I should be fodder for a tree.
I look at you and say I'm fine that I'm okay with sharing but it's a lie.

by Gary Dye |
Categories: analogy,

Always the God Poet

The Lord has always
in his own way replaced
What the evil one has stolen from me.

The Lord has always
been with me
when no one else was

God is good and God is
God is all their is !!!

Peace be with U

He gave me friendships
He gave me rainbows
He gave me Love
He gave me intimacy
He gave me everything

by Constance La France |
Categories: family,

Family Love

No two sisters were born more separate, I inherited traits of my father; she was the wild fighting spirit of mom. Fashion taste and even the food we ate, and we were different from each brother; each one. But, when mom passed we became united, we helped each other- each daughter and son; to have a great funeral for mother. And for us sweet sibling love ignited, and won ! __________________________ November 4, 2020 Poetry/Curtal Sonnet/Family Love Copyright Protected, ID 11-1300-214-04 All Rights Reserved, 2020, Constance La France Written for the Standard Contest, The Speaker sponsor, Sara Kendrick, Judged 11/21/20 First Place

by Anthony Wooldridge |
Categories: 9th grade, depression, friendship,

Sonnet 1

Just as life moves along,
We empty our selves as a bucket with a hole.
Moving forever onward,
Until me reach an emptiness,
One that cannot be known by those who are full.
The love of another, 
Just as the fluid in a bucket,
Fills us with purpose.
Without ones purpose what does one have,
But an empty shell moving every onward to a grim end.
Let oneself find themselves a friend who like a patch will cover you,
Allowing you to fill once more and continue ever onwards.
	A friend can help you persevere,
	A trustworthy companion wouldn't forsake a friend.

by Allan Terry |
Categories: inspirational love, love, lust, music,

Lover, Lady, Freind

can't say that
it was never asked
I don't know the answer
 don't bother yourself to ask
all I know is I love you
each day a refreshing new start
we're coupled up together
Baby you know you have my heart
love ya
love ya
I know you know 
I love you
something you and I came up
with together
we knew it from the start
we knew it first
in the beginning
my lover
my lady
my friend

From The Auther……..
(snap our fingers to the music
let your soul find the beat
get down right into it
let the music guide your feet
Aint nothing to it but to do it
we can dance all night long
swag, and swag
act lie you back aint
got no bone!)

by Elijah Manke |
Categories: longing, love, sad,

Trifled Love

I walk a fine line of love and misery.
As quiet sadness pervades my thought.
And the love I have is a gamble upon my sanity.
But I know this love is no ficklery.
This feeling is more powerful than any drought.
It's the only thing that brings out my humanity.
I hurt knowing I won't be able to be with you.
But at the same time I want to make you mine.
All I want to do is give up, since what can I, offer you.
At night I cry knowing that I've finally found true love just to let it go like dew.
Because I'm not good enough for you I never will be not in a 100 years time.

by Elijah Manke |
Categories: deep, fear, love,

The Locked Mind

He walks and he talks but all without feeling.
He sleeps and he dreams but in a broken mind.
He hurts and he breaks not understanding the implications.
They dance and they love his emotions are concealing.
He runs and hides in his mind blind.
She sits and she cries from the accusations.
She try's to to console him to understand him.
He tries to release and show.
He fears he will lose her he fears she will not love anymore.
They talk and walk with and all new vim.
Having broken through his throe.

by Melani Udaeta |
Categories: emotions, feelings, love, romance, sea,

A Never Ending Cruise

Everyday is a never ending cruise; 
Adventure lurks as we land at each port 
traveling the world with you beside me;  
Honey, with you there I simply can’t lose, 
perfect ship and luxurious resort; 
Wearing a smile like lights on a marquee
beckoning me softly to come aboard; 
Exploring with the gift of a passport 
you turned my dreams into reality; 
Tilted my face from the shadows toward 
                      the sea.

by Melani Udaeta |
Categories: emotions, feelings, love,


Woven into my hair the taste of smoke, 
an unnerving scent that just hangs around; 
I’m never far from this forgotten song 
with lyrics in my head I start to choke,
unable to breathe I fall to the ground; 
Fighting so hard but now I can’t be strong; 
Salty tears and a crying kiss goodbye
still I am instantly moved by the sound; 
I bled too much and learned you were lifelong;
Can’t escape you no matter how I try 
                 for long.

by Allan Terry |
Categories: adventure, analogy, anniversary, anxiety, appreciation, art, baby,

Might This Speak To Those

Might it speak to the lonely
Those who wish to be loved
Might it speak to those who
want and need to be loved
Might it bring together people who
wish to be together
and those who wish to see people happy, engaged and loved
Might it speak to those who need someone
and are loved enough to be loved.
and those who wish to expose themselves to newness
and overlook differances
to be together in the newness of coupling
but that newess is never dulled and always same
just like the first time
just like the first time
the newness of beginning from day to day
Might it speak to those
that one might love me

by Elijah Manke |
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The Beauty I See In Your Life

Will I never see the endlessness light in your eye.
For I have wished to view the beauty in them for many a year.
Because there is an endlessness in them I want to get lost in.

You have a smile I know I will see but nigh.
And a voice I always wish to hear.
And I know our relationship has yet to truly begin.

Go and have a dream with me where we can spend eternity.
We’ll see into a world of wonderment and amazement.
A place to ourselves where time has no bounds.

To a place we’ll fill since it was once vacant.
And while we lie upon the Meadows’s we will listen to all the Sounds.

by Elijah Manke |
Categories: bible, death, devotion, fate,


I sat in my lonely room.
Then I heard the noise of thunder.
There stood before me a man on a pale horse.

I immediately knew it was life’s doom.
My life was forfeited, for him to plunder.
He spoke I was shaken it was ungodly deep and hoarse.

You will be mine herald, he said to me.
Let them know that the horsemen have returned.
He gave me his scythe as proof, it filled me with dread.

For him I bent at the knee.
For him I would love to live in an earthly bed.

by Melani Udaeta |
Categories: emotions, feelings, guitar, love, music, romance,

You Save All Your Love Songs For Me

They may say you are playing to the crowd
trying to maximize all of those tips;
That well could be the actuality
as you come down and mellow out the sound;
Just right like a perfectly timed eclipse,
one note with an absolute guarantee
fits into the set right where it belongs;
Soft detonation as it leave your lips
at that moment what's inside is set free;
You save all of your beautiful love songs 
                 for me.

by Beata Agustin |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, devotion, god, jesus, spiritual,

Divine Sacrifice

Experiencing condescension Coming down from exalted fame Reaching out to my sinfulness Bringing to me great compassion Offering pardon of trust’s claim Granting eternal life’s fullness… My Saviour did such sacrifice To rescue me from hell’s fierceness Assuring His love midst grace-flame Paid by His blood of precious price Now, I’m sealed with divine likeness... To live for God!
*Ephesians 5:2 …Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweetsmelling savour. June 8, 2019