Love Poems About Golf or Golf Love Poems
by David Shawn Dodson |
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Thoughts of the Day

We have a laugh, and drink a beer,
Play some golf, and hunt for deer.

Your patience and wisdom, is without test,
Your confidence and clarity, is at its best.

Mentor and Dad, is what you are,
Saved and glad, your faith will go far.

I’m thankful and blessed, with a father like you,
Proud at its best, for the little things that you do.

Love and care, are words that I say,
Friendship to share, on Happy Father’s Day!

To: “Pop”

by Ken Rone |
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Golf Love

Play life together
Trust faith and putt your ball true ~
    The hole will widen.

by Panagiota Romios |
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Cats and Summer

like twins they indeed do become

warm, sleepy, peaceful bodkins

in God's universe, love and the sun

8pm PST

by Barbara Gorelick |
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For the Love of Golf

As poor Bob left  to play the short nine
His nagging old wife began to whine
"Its golf or its me!"
"With that I agree!"
His lawyer told her just where to sign....


by James Horn |
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Can Love Golfing Game Haiku

Can Love Golfing Game Haiku

Golfing we will go
On great course that we all know
Will be fast not slow.

Game is never grim
Sand traps are a minimum
And other obstacles.

Broke a rule or two
To liven up my haiku
Bring it some justice.

According to all
Of my great calculations
Handicap is low.

Great golfers will be
And then maybe you and me
Can love our own game.

James Thomas Horn
But I am not a golfer.
Oh, dear.

Retired Veteran and Poet

by Mary Rotman |
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Ocean City 2001

for Jake

He is a sun-bronzed god
reigning in my heart,
with his regulation
golf course hair
and sturdy legs;
winning smile, and
eyes that reflect mine
except that his twinkle.

He stands, indignant and proud,
with all the power his
5 1/2 year old ego can muster.
He is sweet with the affection 
only an innocent heart can bestow.
He is my best work.

My only son.

by Carolyn Devonshire |
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A Prayer For Humanity

Dear Lord, have mercy on our souls sins of inhumanity are rampant ISIS beheads not only Americans but their own citizens as well our leader plays golf instead of taking action reports of hungry children span the globe terrorists act like puppeteers please take their power strings away let Your children see a better day we take responsibility; You gave us free will so I can but pray for the innocents, the children may their futures be brightened by the love in Your heart and the sacrifices made by Your Son Judgment Day seems to be approaching let there be a line at heaven’s gate Amen
*Written September 3, 2014

by Simon Hamill |
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Miss You Wife

I've just found the love of my life,
I'm taking up golf
And getting rid of the wife.
My troubles have just started
I don't know what to do,
I can't work the dishwasher,
Or the microwave too.
I've got piles of dirty washing
All over the place,
My kitchen and bathroom
Are a total disgrace.
But I look on the bright side,
(I say this with a frown)
My house might be in a mess,
But my handicap is coming down.


by Sunlite Wanter |
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By a Spring Fire

By a Spring Fire There is a place Where boughs of singing birds are swaying; Little colts with wobbly legs are playing; And bluebonnets and paintbrushes grow. Once my love and I rode horses, o’er Rolling hills like rough golf courses. So long, long ago. Now you are gone and I grow old; Shut away from days of gold; And the evening memories glow, In the fire of early Spring’s cold.

by Sharlotte Newan |
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I Love You In Green---March 2015

I love you in green

why you lay upon the prettiest hills

I have ever seen.

around the mouth of the Lakes

from far and near

Beautiful green grass I see

waving as the wind blows

ever so lovey , standing tall.

a luscious green covering of

grass over this mother earth.

I love you in green

as I hear hole in one,

while watching a little white ball

rolling on smooth green tuff,

golf is the name of the game

but the color green that I so love

is what driving me in sane.,because

I love green.

by Patrick Maitland |
Categories: love,

I'D Rather Be With You

I could hit a golf ball
Or drink on a pub crawl.
I could watch the champions play
But there are better things to do today
I could be with you.

I could be party fellow.
At a lively disco.
I could work late
Or take my secretary on a date.
I could do all these things
But my heart sings another song
I’d rather be with you.

We could sit and talk,
Or walk barefoot on the sand
Holding hands.

We could dine by candlelight
And whet our appetite
With the songs of yesterday
As our minds dance life’s cabaret.
I could look into your eyes and say
Don’t ever leave. 
Don’t ever go away

Of all the things there are to do
I’d rather be with you

by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: humor,

Black Sheep

I feel like a black sheep in a group hug.
Let me back up to the onset of my story.
I might have doctored my resume - I shrug.
I fear that they’d sight my age a bit hoary.

I’m happy as a minority amidst the lovely sheep.
Please don’t compare me to a wooly-coated wolf.
I’ll work my magic, soon as, i’m released from peeps.
They’ll be sure to respect me with a friendly game of golf.

I’d wag my tail with happiness if I could move.
My smile would be genuine, if released from the crowd.
My sleeves would roll, I’d part this sea with love.
Oh help me, this bleating echoes rather loud!

Eve Roper’s poetry contest
Pic #3

by Jack Horne |
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Rita's Zoo

She loves to cheat at playing cards,
The Aces hiding up her sleeves.
She prides herself on sleight of hand -
Is always loaded when she leaves.
But I’m a cheating cheetah too,
And I belong in Rita’s zoo.

She cheats at snooker, pool and golf:
The balls are moved, sometimes replaced. 
And no one dares to make a stand,
As she will argue, brassy faced.
But I’m a cheating cheetah too,
And I belong in Rita’s zoo.

At dominoes, at anything -
She cheats as brazen as can be.
Her lovers more than I could count,
She cheats in love and cheats on me.
But I’m a cheating cheetah too,
And I belong in Rita’s zoo.
Yeah, I’m a cheating cheetah too,
And I belong in Rita’s zoo.

by Dominique Webb |
Categories: football, sports, strength,

Liam Irons

Liam is a qualified green keeper at a golf club, 
Attended Mill Vale Middle and Queensbury Upper, 
He’s from Dunstable and gained a degree, hub, 
From Dunstable College in Business clever. 

Born on the 17th day of December in year 1990,
He plays for 61FC in the South Midlands league, 
And also plays for Saints FC on Sundays, frisky, 
But was spotted playing on a Saturday, intrigue. 

His Paralympic debut was in Rio, they placed fifth,
He just loves the game: “…I definitely think [that] 
I would love to get into coaching when I can’t, [sith] 
play anymore…[because] it's life changing.”  Rap.

by James Fredholm |
Categories: political, sports,

Golfing With Republicans

Someone once told me, you can learn a lot 
About people on the golf course.  As I 
Swing into the swirling wind, thoughts of
Last night’s undertow pull me back in.

Are these friends mortal but without regret,
Or are they pretenders of the ©old school?  
As I pull back my club with tempo and will,
In a rush of calm my dark thoughts  are repressed.

No longer can their hard words distract, my
Swinging form is in motion, gaining flow.
I travel through and release the ball with
Every ounce of faith and love that I know.

They watched that ball fly through the swirling air
It carried my unspoken heart and promises there.

by Kenneth Cheney |
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I Love a Cup of Tea

I love a cup of tea.
It brings much joy to me.

I love my pretty wife.
She’s the best thing in my life.

I love my daughter Kate.
As little girls go she’s great.

I love my son Steven.
His infectious smile, one reason.

I love to golf and fish.
More time for these I wish;

I love to read and write.
Two of life’s great delights.

I love my group of friends.
Have a grand time with them;

I love my Lord and Savior.
Let’s all live on forever.

by Coy Bothwell |
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Sink your disgusting display last night 
but stick nigh close to a sick night 
one sick guide
a poem a write off the chart
to sick mind
and maybe be seen on your next door 
love your neighbors Internet WiFi

by Mike Dailey |
Categories: family, father, happiness, love, mother

A Grandson

I’m having myself a grandson
I’m beginning to swell up with pride
He’s going to be something quite handsome
If he takes after Granddaddy’s side

He’ll be smart, maybe even an Einstein
And play golf like the great Tiger Woods
His genes will have come from a fine line
For success he will have all the goods

Sure he’ll start out all tiny and helpless
But he’ll grow on you, you can just bet
When he’s grown he’ll be loving and selfless
A man just as good as they get

I’m having myself a grandson
His mother’s just beaming with joy
I can hardly wait for the outcome
A first for this family – a boy!

by Seeyam Brjmohun |
Categories: lost love


I wasted my life
When you stole my heart
I withered away
The roses you brought me

You married me
And I’ve cooked
You got drunk
And I’ve cleaned

My Hoover
Your TV
My microwave
Your golf


by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: golf, humorous, leadership, satire,


Arnold Palmer was knock-kneed
  when he addressed the ball
President Clinton smoked weed
  yet said he never inhaled at all

Tiger Woods fell in love with a Swede
  though their marriage did sputter and fall
President Biden's been known to mislead
  folks ~ He's still 'that senator' with a drawl

by Jan Oskar Hansen |
Categories: class, earth day,

The Vista

The Vista. 
It was a long climb up the mountain, cumbersome too
I used golf shoes, bought in a second hand shop, which
On reflection will endorse, but it had leather uppers

It was tiring, yet had no choice it was my mountain,
there were dark moment when I felt like giving up, but
the alternative was melancholy of the uncompleted.  

 I finally made it the top had no snow and whirling fog 
made it impossible to see and hear anything but my
laboured breathing and colourless wind of nothingness. 

It the way life is, those on the top see little of what is 
going on, one has to go down to ground level to see
and understand that love needs fertile soil to thrive.

by Joe Dimino |
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Missing You

Oh to have one's heart-string strummed by a 
loving angel-like hand! Like lumps on a head
are those lumps on the heart, a read of life's 
mixtures of orchids and desert sand. Oh to see 
an angel-like smiling back...divine halogens on steroids!~
a lost vision to my ailing heart -- deeply regretting
our divorce...the absence of my home...with a pool...
a country-club setting, and that enviable Master's style
golf-course you so hated. Missing you.

by James Horn |
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Egg Nog

Egg NOG  (Never Ostracize God.)

Should never criticize or Ostracize God
Him we should always love and laud
And not ever take advantage of
Treat like heavenly dove from above.

Everyone I know surely can afford
The love we receive from our Lord
And all that God does is dynamic
Wants you to put poem on a ceramic.

Now your poem can read everyday
And By God we won't be led astray
Should stop you from riding a horse
There in heaven on His golf course.

Some more egg NOG must drink
Instead of throwing down sink
May remain drunk in your abode
Not driving carrying a heavy load.

Jim Horn

by Tom Wright |
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A Date To Remember

On August 28th Nineteen Sixty Eight
That day God gave me a clean wiped slate.
God pardoned me from a lifetime of sin
Under the blood and not remembered again.
It was like a Mulligan in the game of golf
A do-over in life, causing others to scoff;
Friends failed to see, it was nothing I'd done
But I'd accepted Jesus, God's only son.
The cancer that once had my body bound
In an instant was gone and I was made sound.
He's placed in my path those whom I love deep
Giving me a desire to share and eyes that weep.
He put things in my heart beyond my understanding
From that day forth, I've found life less demanding.

by Pipping Stars |
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Braid My Hair

braid my hair watch you stare eyes evoke words choke coughing it off cough cough cough swallowing golf balls fluffy cotton candys how candid hand me your hand blink twice three times do it faster i love you braid my hair ?