Love Poem: Liam Irons
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Written by: Dominique Webb

Liam Irons

Liam is a qualified green keeper at a golf club, 
Attended Mill Vale Middle and Queensbury Upper, 
He’s from Dunstable and gained a degree, hub, 
From Dunstable College in Business clever. 

Born on the 17th day of December in year 1990,
He plays for 61FC in the South Midlands league, 
And also plays for Saints FC on Sundays, frisky, 
But was spotted playing on a Saturday, intrigue. 

His Paralympic debut was in Rio, they placed fifth,
He just loves the game: “…I definitely think [that] 
I would love to get into coaching when I can’t, [sith] 
play anymore…[because] it's life changing.”  Rap.