Love Poems About Inscription or Inscription Love Poems
by Linda-Marie SweetHeart |
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"TOUCH" I want to touch your life and leave a mark ... ... a deep impression ... So you will think of me and of my smile ... ... my sweet expression ... I long to touch your life and leave a sign ... ... a warm inscription ... So you will care for me and keep in mind ... ... a clear description ... I need to touch your life and leave a joy ..,. ... an inspiration ... So you will love me soon in reality ... ... not imagination ...
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                                                   beauty's honey sight  
                                             inscription carves over heart

by ilene bauer |
Categories: loss,

My Wedding Ring

My wedding ring is very plain.
It’s just a band of gold
And with its mate, it’s like my marriage – 
Thirty-nine years old.

We chose our rings and had them then
Inscribed with words intended
To last a lifetime; substitutes
Are rarely recommended.

That ring is like a part of me
So I cannot explain
How in the shower, it slipped off
And tumbled down the drain.

We tried to get it back. Alas,
It seems to be quite gone.
I shed some tears and still feel sad
But life and love go on.

I’ll search for a replacement and
The moment that I choose it,
My husband’s new inscription will be,
“This time – do not lose it!”

by Stefani Leslie |
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Fruition Of My Inscription

An inscription of our fruition 
Is all I want today! 
I’m so commanding,
so demanding,
When I have something to say
And so confiding, 
so inviting 
when I talk to you this way
So instinctly 
And so distinctly  
My true love is here to stay.
your every sound,
Your so profound. 
It's your words I do adore!
Your every disposition, 
apparition, and description 
you are charming to your core!
I have an inclination 
That my true fixation
Always leaves me wanting more,
Because with everyday’s ignition 
I love you more and more!


by Michael Smith |
Categories: childhood,

Weeping Willow Why

I trace the harden, scars of bark
Merely, a piece of heart has healed
One by one and letter to letter
With tinges of smile as I feel
The puppy love that fades within inscription 
Passions scratched upon a Weeping Willow 
So far away are the lives in parallel 
All abstractions as... statues in a field

by Tim Smith |
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Here I Choose To Stay

Boundless streams the river . . . 

Boughs shake under tears of eden 
  trembles close  ever shall she take 

Fire on the causeway embers spark my seams 
   stoking skylight's freedom 
   crazing down my beams 

Standing in her present  hovers fill my floor 
   whispers fill the garden 
   breathless kneads my door 

Water beads the meadow  thunder rolls the one 
   passion waves her fingers 
   the rampart comes undone 

Inscription on the window  sorrow floats away 
   reflection clears with the honey 
   inside is where I'll stay 

Boundless streams the river baby 
    but here   I choose to stay

by CL Creek |
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Inscription on a flask to my wife

A Little Nip To Settle Your Stomach And Gladden Your Heart To Warm The Nights While We're Apart

by Edoja Faith |
Categories: beautiful,

The fact

Am bent over making a deep impression.

From the sweetness of my sweet expression.

Am contained over painting in your heart my dear inscription.

I am exhausting my thoughts that you may get a clear description.

In your very eyes i see the source of my inspiration.

I am compelled to confess I LOVE YOU for real beyond imagination.

by Paula Larson |
Categories: inspirational,


In faithful retrospect of tend,
do find rewarding more than fate, its rend
God's plan, as yours for mine, as lasting fend
fruition from my rhyme, does so amend.

In Holy vigil's sign, a hope to bend
accordance, in converse to bade, to send.
A thought to give you peace, voiding contend,
and love returns to hold voicing extend.

Some secret bonding, inspiration's read
awaiting its inscription ~ time's instead.
All grace abides forever, taking head
a frontage, a concern's avowed imbed.

So promised footage, spiraling, God's led ~
is asking . . . ask me now, what He has said!

by Sasa Milivojev |
Categories: love, love hurts, memory, miss you, romantic, sad,


Saša Milivojev - A MEMORY

Clear water
The smell of withered nature
I sneak through your thoughts
You lead me to oblivion
Shedding endless moonlight
Like a wonderful rainbow
I breathe you in
As warm southern air
In ecstasy
A trace in time
An inscription on the stone
A memory of you forever
Like when the painting fades
Take me to the past
So I can give you back
What you gave me
I disappeared in a gust of wind
That summer long ago
When sadness stood between us
The clock fell silent
And I continued promenade through


Saša Milivojev