Love Poems About Mothers Day or Mothers Day Love Poems
by Panagiota Romios |
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Mothers Day Love Monoku Potd

   A star in the sky, bright as the sun, strong as a Mother’s love.


    A collaboration by: Elena Eagle and Pangie Romios 

by Demetrios Trifiatis |
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Love's Incarnation

Mother is...

The incarnation of God's eternal love within the perimeter of temporal life!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
        14 May 2023
Happy Mother's Day to all mothers of the world!

by Daniel Turner |
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My Mom

My mother was your average country mom
She wasn't gorgeous. Some might call her "plain"
But had the patience to diffuse a bomb
Her eyes grew narrow, when I caused her pain

She never raised her voice nor slapped my face
Still taught me right from wrong and not to lie
Made sure I bowed my head when dad said grace
Encouraged me to find new things to try

And even though she worked, twas not for greed
She took great pleasure from the "simple things"
She told me, "Faith in God," was all one needs
That real love doesn't come with any strings

My mother was as gentle as a dove
My prayer this Mother's Day, she knows she's loved

    by Daniel Turner

by Briauna Brown |
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A Triolet For Mothers Day

Bearer of three bountiful births,
How could we show our gratitude?
 —It would not compare to your worth.
Bearer of three bountiful births,
Our angel that walks on this Earth,
  For our love, you always renewed,
Bearer of three bountiful births,
  How could we show our gratitude?

(For my mom, Christina Marie. I love you more than words could describe.)
Date: May 3, 2019
Celebrate May with a Triolet (tree-o-lay)
Sponsor: Adrea Dietrich

by Janis Thompson |
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For Mothers Who Have Passed

For Mothers Who Have Passed 

For mothers who've been passed some years,
you may have gone but love remains.
At fewer times do we shed tears
for mothers who've been passed some years.
We lay a wreath of flowers here.
Remembrance is the mourner's claim
for in the heart your honor's dear.
You may have gone but love remains.


by Liam Mcdaid |
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Always and Forever Happy Mother's Day

A gentle caring feeling grows with age 
always precious heart of gold each and every year 

Sings in your love undying devotion holds Heaven on wings 
golden treasure the sun shining deep warmness 

An angel inside a breath of unconditional kindness 
within my mothers voice loving you true forever one song rings

by Arturo Michael |
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You'Re the Joy That I Breathe

~  Mother of roses  ~

                              ~ Roots intertwine our souls ~

                                                     ~ Aromas of love ~

by Sunlite Wanter |
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Grandpa Was a Carpenter

Grandpa was a carpenter
With his saw and hammer and plane,
He built houses and a church and furniture
So many knew his craftsman name, and then

And then he had to slow down,
No Social Security or pension had he,
But not one to ever give up,
He built flats for flowers from seed.

Lowly little pansies caught his love,
He planted his own flats ‘til faces would show,
With the peaches from his backyard trees;
This carpenter man sold all he would need.

His hands were rough, his eyes held a twinkle;
His hugs were so tight, my dress had a wrinkle;
I’ll always remember my Scotchman grandpa;
He gave me my dear mother, after all.

by Demetrios Trifiatis |
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Harbor of Love

Mother: God’s harbor of love where souls anchor, before setting sail for life’s turbulent seas! *

© Demetrios Trifiatis
     7 MAY 2016

* TO all mothers of the world! Happy Mother’s Day!

by Jasonpoet Boyd |
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11:07 AM 8 May 2012
Mothers love 
Mothers have patience
 Mothers remember when and understand
 Mothers protect and nurture
 Mothers listen and impathize
 Mothers correct and explain
 Mothers play and teach
 Mothers hold and be quiet
 Mothers laugh and smile
 Mothers cry and pray
 Mothers smile 
Is this you or someone you should be.
 Mothers are like dads they make mystakes too 
But they always love you no matter what you do
Happy Mothers day Aunt Virgie and thank you for all you are

by Thabang Ngoma |
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Her love is a hot pot of oats
Radiating all the warm colour codes
Fuel for their endless conquests
Homing for her love requests

She lends them her wiser ear
Learns them her fine wear
She imparts her keener senses
To their lesser, commonsense(s)

Go my princess, go and find your toad
Leave breadcrumbs on your chosen road
My spirit will follow your byways
My hope will guide you always

A mother to all of the big five
In the deep end, ever ready to dive
She carried all five on her back
Barefoot, blistered hard as a rock

by Gordon Alexander |
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Mothers Day 2019

You are my beautiful partner
You're such an amazing mum
Our family is so happy
Because we have lots of fun 

This is due to you being so ace
A true inspiration to the human race
Jack, Jeni and Josh love you so
You're Our constant were letting you know

Our beautiful mummy bird
We can't say in just one word
Your fun your cool your fantastic
Always there not like elastic

You're a fixer a maker a doer at best
This we say without jest
We love you mummy with all our heart
Even when we are apart

I write this on thier behalf
As they're  too little like a baby calf
Sweet Josette don't change your way
From all of us Happy Mothers Day

by Abraham L |
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Happy Mothers Day

Today is precious, and you’re so special predestined from 
The foundation of the earth. Wise men with their wisdom 
Designated to say, happy mother’s day to all the fine women 
Of worth.

Good mothers are those who care and understand
And you are among the few. Lay your hair down
Hold your head up high, enjoy today brand new. 

You’re so very special, and great at what you do,
You have trained me well, the right path I should take
Without your love and care my life could be at stake.  

I truly honor, and respect my mother every day,
From January to December, and back around again. 
So mother’s day for me is every day because she’s my 
Dearest friend.

by Leon Wilson |
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Mothers Day

Today is a special day
For mothers everywhere
So why not give them lots of love
And show them that you care.

Shower them with flowers
And with chocolates too
For mothers everywhere today
really do love you.

They are there when you need them
They are never far away
So go and show your love to them
On this Mothers Day.

by Paula Goldsmith |
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Mamma - Silent One -POTD

Mamma you work very hard for our family
Always giving and never taking
Mother's Day is on March 10 in the UK
Mother's Day is on May 12 in the USA
An angel that is disguised as a mamma

by Demetrios Trifiatis |
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Thank You Mother

Mother, your rhythmic heartbeat, the first sound we ever heard
Your tender love the first feeling that we ever preferred

Your lovely face the first image we have ever conceived
Your soft kisses the first touching that we ever received

You are the main reason to this world we ever came
You represent all dear things that we can ever name

You are the angel who protects us from dawn till dusk
You are the one who happily performs our every task

That’s why indebted to you, we incessantly remain
With all our heart, thank you mother, in ecstasy exclaim!


© Demetrios Trifiatis
       09 May 2021


by Rob Carmack |
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Still sacrificing needs for us on altars that surround your heart.
Unwavering your love and patience raising the two gifts from him.
Suspended hope in burden when life’s hooks come to tear you apart.
A saving faith beyond the sunset of your life as it fades dim.
Now left a man, to know the best in me, my mother did impart.


Form: Acrostic: Iambic Octameter

Grateful to God and my mother.  A blessing I didn’t and will never deserve.   
A love upon me that I can’t fully comprehend.

by Scott Christie |
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Mothers Day Poem

Today's the day we take the time 
to let our mother's know,
that we appreciate they're role
in helping us to grow.
Although this day comes once a year
I think its safe to say,
that most of us cant wait that long,
we do it everyday.
Most people think they're moms the best
and in they're minds its true,
but one mom stands above the rest
and Rosie, that mom's you.
Thank you for your love, your strength,
your words of wisdom too,
but most of all I thank the Lord
for blessing me with you.

by Tom Valles |
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A Mother's Worth

Who can tell a mother’s worth?
Who knows the wealth of such?
What do children know from birth?
Their mother’s blessed touch.

Who can tell a mother’s worth?
Who knows the gains thereof?
What exceeds the wealth of earth
Like mother’s boundless love?

Who can tell a mother’s worth?
Who can count her gifts?
What on earth brings greater mirth
Than mother’s tender kiss?

Who can tell a mother’s worth?
Who gives her ample praise?
What gift can any give on earth
That begins to show “repaid”?

Who can tell a mother’s worth?
All of heaven knows and sees…
The height, and depth and girth,
Of the love He has for these.

by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
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Happy Mother's Day

Compassionate lovely siren
You didn't keep your silence
Words you utter -  timeless
To you my greatest reliance

Your love as huge as a giant
As your heart immensely pliant
Needless more to secure a license
Evermore you're my loyal alliance

More than a systematic science
Greater than a credible titan
Guarding me not to be frightened
Always my ways you enlightened

More than these
More than a diamond, 
That's how you are 'MA
My dearest Mama

MaY 11, 2014
2:12 AM


by Betty Bateson |
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I had often failed to see the love you freely gave to me
Protecting my innocence through all that life threw at me
Teaching me to see in myself what you always saw in me
You taught me love and grace by giving yourself completely

Then I became the Mother blessed with children of my own
To love and cherish daily with that same love you had shown
To have a child to love and teach is a precious gift to share
Memories of your love stay close because I know you care

My daughter is a Mother now with children of her own
She is busy with their lives but always has time to phone
I know she loves each child as they are hers and mine
The biggest gift a mother can give is truly the gift of time

by Dorian Petersen Potter |
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Dear Mom

~Dear Mom~ (Couplet) Mom,I miss your smiling face Your loving voice and embrace You're considerate and kind You are everyday in my mind Dear mom, it's you I do miss I send you a hug and a kiss You give me your tender love Which comes from God above I can't ever thank you enough For all the love you've shown me Grateful for all the things Through the years you've given me Dear mom, I miss your loving face No other love can ever take your place. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2015
May.10.2015 This is a heartfelt Mothers Day dedication to my very dear Mum and all the Moms in the world:)

by David Bucknell |
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For all the things that you do for me, 
For being my rock and crutch,
For always caring and believing, 
For loving me so much, 

Through all the mistakes and ups and downs, 
You've always been by my side,
For showing me how to live and love, 
For being my council and guide, 

My conscience, values and principles, 
All the goodness that I possess, 
These gifts that you've taught and shown, 
I'm able to honour and express, 

On this day and every day, 
I'll always be your loving son, 
Thank you for each and everything,
Thank you for being my mum,...

by Darren Watson |
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Happy Mothers Day

To every mother under the sun
I hope today brings you lots of fun
With lots of love and kisses galore
From all the children that you bore.
The reddest roses and chocolates too 
but most of all I hope you
 hear the words ,MUM, I LOVE YOU.

by Ndaba Sibanda |
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Special Love

They are special 
With a love essential
They and only they are endowed 
With the amazing biology of giving birth 
And the natural ability to breast-feed to satisfaction 

They are special
With a love essential
They and only they are the world`s 
Mothers and grandmothers and sisters 
Who can care and love better than a mother?

They are special
With a love essential
They and only they have love that knows
No time, hardship, distance, disability or old age
Because a mother`s love is the epitome of perseverance