Love Poems About Epic or Epic Love Poems
by Christie Mills |
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My Father Is a Soldier

My father is a hero.
He stands so tall and proud.
His hands are firm, But gentle.
He stands out in a crowd.
People stop to Thank him.
For Freedom he does fight.
My father is a Soldier.
But he's my Dad at night!

by Justin Bordner |
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Before the Fire

I remember when our love was simple
a preamble to the heart tremble and the gods' gamble
when we didn't owe each other anything and our artistry meant everything, 
we were free of hope and suffering, living on the feeling of belonging to love rising,

We made a lexicon of lightening and splendor of thunder
rendezvoued in the sharp rain of rage and grew gold roses in rebel's plunder,
taught truth not to bet on beauty but to bite into the meat of rugged reality, to taste our mettle, 
you became the priestess of my noetic eyes, and I, the priest of your poetic pain, we were miracle -


by Afolabi Muideen |
Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, adventure, age, allegory, anger, anxiety, betrayal,


Cessation the love
Household has been scattered
When love lost

Humming in the community
Malicious gossip in the society
Disorder in the society
Degrading the society
Society has been scattered
When love lost

Humming in the state
Malevolent rumour in the state
As the day chameleon to night
Insomnia in state
Peace elude state
State has been scattered
When love lost

Mystery to nation
When    love    lost

Oh! It is a dream
Why do we stop loving
While love exist
Love is above all existent

by Chelsey D Moore |
Categories: memory, mystery, sad,

Love Secre, No More

I love you today,
An yesterday.
I loved you the days,
Before those ones... .. .
Yet kept a secret
  No one knows
Silents DON'T last 
        forever.. .
 A child's laughter
Ain't easy to hide you

by Balbir Singh |
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Creatures Know True Love

Baby, every-time you try to avoid me

A cute bird sings to make me calm
A naughty cat tires to help me laugh 
A stupid dog barks to divert my mind!!!

Baby, the creatures of all type feel my heart
Love me the way I love you
So creatures continue to have faith in true love!!!

by Sakshi Das |
Categories: beauty, blessing, confidence, creation, faith, god, heart,

O Lord

O Heavenly Lord I Love You,
Little angel sing words fairly true
God you created twinkling stars 
Lord, you enlighted our tiny hearts,
I wonder! How you made our mother earth
A cycle of death and birth,
How you made the lovely blue sky 
How you created the mountain so high
Where is the end of your creation
Lord you are the father of all Nations
O Heavenly Lord I Love You,
God never be far ever near,
You are in our heart and soul O dear
O Heavenly Lord I Love You,
Little angel sing words fairly true
I shall remain always close to you 
O Heavenly Lord I Love You,
Little angel sing words fairly true

by Jay Loveless |
Categories: absence, age, emotions, lost love,

I Can Never Be

I can never be your fallen angel,
There can be no us in truth,
I don't wish to rip your heart out,
I must love another in my youth. 
Your writing speaks an epic to my soul,
For that's what writing does, 
It twists and twirls and winds around,
And makes us fall in love. 
In these ways, and with my words, 
I'll send passion to you,
You'll feel my love across the sky,
But I can never be just for you.

by Brian Strand |
Categories: art, tribute,

Prb Visual Vanities

beauty acclaimed
  of love locked out
palettes in 
   meretricious effect
      the sensual
with intense
ethereal brilliance

   singleness of heart
in the truth
   beauty &symmetry
a gilded tapestry

image of woman
  a creative

         arts sake
in epic

by Lamar Johnson |
Categories: confusion, faith, happiness, love, parody, passion, peace,


"Emotions are hard to deal with"
That is a statement that everyone who has met Cupid can agree with...
Some would say it a FACT...
Others say it an OPINION...
After dealing with emotions for so long...
I realize that Love has a twin...
Name: Unknown to mankind....
She changes her appearance....
Many of us meet her and never recognize her until the end...
Just like my little twin...
Love's twin looks, feels, and even talks like Love...
One problem...
That's not Love...
Now I can recognize Love...(JRT)
It's ironic but her twin is (JRT)
Long story short...
When you find YOUR Love...
Keep her...

by Taiwo Lasisi |
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Spirits In Love

I choose you,
Like the moon;
Of a new blue

Not for the beauty
But in your eyes;
Purity thrust
If you are not,
Life would be lies

I choose you
Like the bird choose the sky
In your heart
I'll build a beauty land
With swad
Of fairies of light

Just me you
And the world
Like a trinity
Nothing could separate us
Only divinity
But as our love 
Is refined
By the divine
Eternity couldn't dare
Break a bond
We couldn't even care
Just like a song
We are 
Spirits in love

by Lamar Johnson |
Categories: faith, friendship, hope, life, love, peace, me, me,

I Hear You

I can only hear what you tell me...
That is all I can believe...
I'm sorry I have portrayed these thoughts in your head...
I didn't mean to...
But understand me... 
I went out on tree limb...
And fell....
I was falling...
And I hit the ground on the Westside.,,
The way I felt... 
The rocks cut me deep...
I swore to myself I would never try to climb another tree...
But you made me feel different...
And when the wind blew I fell...
As I fell I heard your voice...
Not Red's voice....
Come to think about it I still hear it...
But we good.
I said I was hear for you and I meant it...
Don't give up on me yet....
Cause I Hear You....

by Olin Poems By |

Suicide of the Devil

A dagger to the heart.
Warmred oozes down his chest.
He slumps.
No pain, pleasure instead,
His heart now a hollow shell,
He is man.
Capable of Love or Hate,
He chooses neither.
The embodiment of devil may care.
This is how the devil died and I was born.

by Ts Poetry |
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In cerebral moments of euphoria we allow the mind to wander where the body wishes to fly where waves wash along seashores anecdotal to our new found virgin sky in fissures we do fuse igniting within a spark an inner euphoric battle epic killing off of time and space we are one with the night beheld in the blackness of trust crushed by stone and stirred until we are strong cast to the grail of one another inseperable like the wind filling holes we rise above the rubble tossed across the sand

by Ebbin Florence |
Categories: age, happiness, heart, strength,

New Book

Turn the pages of life.  Turn the pages of the past to discover the new
Characters and chapters of life.   Find you in the middle of your life's script . If you keep the same page opened and
If you read the same negative script of your life you continue being the same
Person with the same problems.  Start to open to  new chapter chapters of life .  Open   to new life experiences of new people and new places.  If the characters in your life are dragging you down and getting you down in the dumps divorce them.  Open to a new heart and new love of life and see the new story untold unfold.

by Meru Groen |
Categories: hope,

Kingdom of Love

lives of passion upon the earth where stars shine and hearts break an epic sojourn to find Him behind the mask lord of nothing emperor of emptiness with endless eyes and limitless heart restoring our faith and the Earth when comes His kingdom of love

by Johnathan Howard |
Categories: adventure, betrayal, confidence, dark, heart, humanity, lust,



I was drowning
stuck inside my head
banging clawing inside 
the walls. The

Crying screaming
yelling awaiting
one day I will be free 
from this prison.

One day will be free
some will come along
and maybe love once

As await in my head
longing to be free
drowning and stuck.

foxsolo 11\2\2018

by Richard Nnoli |
Categories: africa, confidence, courage, motivation,

Let Hate Be Your Enemy

let hate be your enemy

with out love 
the heart is heavy

it bleeds and create

it torture it victim
to no avail 

it never bring happiness
but darkness

it slowly kills it victim
to isolation

with out love
the heart is empty 

it bleeds no go value
to it victim

who bears no light 
to life 

but destruction without
no godly soul 

it is too bad to hate 
cos it fruits are ugly

so instead to live in darkness 
let hate be your enemy

by Richard Nnoli |
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The Best Things In Life Are Free

The best things in life are free 
Love is free 
Peace is free
Kindness is free 
Happiness is free 
Joy is free
Care is free
Togetherness is free 
Expression is free 
Opinion is free
Choice is free 

The best things in life is free 
The universe is free 
Our planet is a free zone 
Life is free 
The air is free 
To live freely is to live fullfiled
To fight is free 
Our world is free 
Our reality should be free 
Our education should be free 
Our mentorship should be free 
Our knowledge should be free 
Above all our freedom
Should be free cos 
The best things in life are free

by Nancy Jones |
Categories: death, life, love,

Who Knows What Love Is

that's all

by Michael Hornschuch |
Categories: lifelife, me, life, me,

An Acrostic Poem of Michael

My life is a journey not yet complete as
I live with wide eyes’ open towards adventures that
Come to me daily through this wondrous epic called life while  
Having the opportunity to live two polar opposite life styles in one life time I
Am able to recognize the miracle of God’s hand as he guides me with Gentle nudges 
Even as I’m convinced he has left me hanging I soon realize his ever subtle presence
Love is the  answer to my questions of what God is through suffering the past...

 I now know PEACE.

by Richard Nnoli |
Categories: africa, courage, deep, growth, relationship,

The Rich Also Cry

The rich also cry
Be happy for all you got 
For great expectation 
Are never guaranteed 

The rich also cry 
Worry not for another mans meat
For his trouble you don't know 
So as the cries he shade in secret

The rich also cry 
What is good 
Is bad for the bad 
In this world be grateful
For you live not by your
Self power
But nature  
For love so many rich 
Don't know till now

The rich also cry
He runs the town
His rich and sleepless
So many want to have a rich 
For money now is the new 
Yet peace he knows not
While you admire the rich
The rich also cry

by Journey Mcknight |
Categories: art, caregiving, forgiveness, friendship, love,

Our Resolution


by Elaine George |
Categories: tribute,

A Tribute To Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake

The tale Tchaikovsky wove that day
Lives on and on upon a stage
Spun by  pirouettes ...and plie's
An epic story of love conveyed
Through the beauty of  ballet
Prince Siegfried and his Queen Odette
Who gave their lives without regret
To live forever bound together
As beautiful birds of a feather

As two swans upon a lake

Author:  Elaine C. George 

Authors note:  Plie' is  a french word 
pronounced Plee ay

by Justin Bordner |
Categories: gothic, heart, nature, women, endurance,

She Is Gospel

When a woman is just a woman 
the world waits not for her wishes and woes
It seeks to rape the rose of her youth and ravage her assertive reason,
she must become more than mortal meat, she must rise to where hot spirit flows
accelerating the bloodletting of her zen into a hostile zeitgist, she makes endurance a weapon,
the gestation of her gestalt confronting the civil and savage alike, sharp beauty is all she knows
becoming a love hunter with no remorse, womb driven, wasting no color of season,
learning to weep over the bones of bastards, to scream through shadows,
reaping light from simple eyes, heart uncommon
Eve believes God as she grows -


by Justin Bordner |
Categories: desire, encouraging, joy, love, romance, spiritual, voyage,

Union of Ultimates

Come to me my eastern star, to your love mystery Avatar,
travel the path of my tantric wish to where touch is holy spectacular, 
discover the dharma that has delivered the dream of Ardhanarishvara
into the spine of your psychosexual lifeline, the vine of divine quanta
polishing the pearl of vipassana embedded firmly in the crown of your psychic flora,

Bring with you the faith of infinite love fire
that fuels the physics of fantasy's fearless desire
votives of violet vibration, the birthright of a Lotus Queen
born between motives of midnight storms and sunrise rose opening,
we will ride the ancient equinox that lusts for our sacred senses uniting -