Love Poems About Celebrity or Celebrity Love Poems
by Poet Destroyer A |
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The Squirrel

~My Nutty Squirrel Poem~

Up in a tree, on a branch
Now you see me, now you don't!

Sneaky and fast, I'm adorable
Now, why would you hunt or shot me for fun?
Do you like, how fast I run?
I'm not just another chipmunk 
Stuffing my face with nuts,
I'm classy and beautiful, 
The  best  part  of   nature.....

Red pointed ears, I hear you drawing near.
Chuckle, chuckle, caffeine free
I saw you looking at my fine coat.
Fluffy and curious, touch me and I'm Calling PETA!
See YA---  Life Is Beautiful!!!
I'm stuffing these nuts back into my mouth 
and Jumping onto another tree :) The End
Love The Squirrel from another World.  

by Jim Dunlap |
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A Golden Brooke

He lives upon a printed page,
marching golden in a dream.
His words described a brighter age --
which quaffed the milk and lapped the cream.
Fate brought him forth to love and live --
scion of a proud and noble race.
All he sacrificed and all he'd give
was deeply marked upon his face.

No gold survives the final frost:
in his prime death carried him away.
In wars, a nation's best are lost;
as then it happens still today.
    His home was England, vale and hill;
    across the years, he's with us still.

by Verlena S. Walker |
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Of Love of War

of love of war
the staff of a prophet, seen fairness not imagine, sings shouting out, obscenity recognized, yet in search of fame, seeking stance the moment arises, seek of voice of power, godsend renown supremacy, yet prophet not acknowledged, kept desire of a great life, sought skill of voice, articulate hardly ever, cheek no longer free, famous self seldom bite snarls dogma, link of country of faith, kinship all that’s true, fair play desired fame acknowledged, pent the home front, covetousness war or peace love or hate, just yelp puppy love, nice _________________________| Penned on September 28, 2014!

by April Gabriella |
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Leonardo Dicaprio

Dedicated to my love: Leonardo DiCaprio

For how many years have I loved you
I think it has to be about eighteen
We were both so young in those days
But I still longed to be your queen
With each film I fell more in love
With each role you reminded 
"This is what true talent is made of"
Beautiful Leonardo
How keenly I feel
How much I love you
Probably too much, but still
You have shown true beauty
You have shown true grace
You're a perfect specimen
Of the human race
You are of the greatest actors 
Of this generation and more
For there will never be another
That I so much adore

by Sandip Goswami |
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They are not rich.
They have no car. 
They have no fat.
They have no dream.

They are not so-called educated persons.
They are not news.

They are struggling for existence.

They have not any exceed of life 
Which is poison. 

They live with their old parents.

They have innocent smile and intuition.

They created their poor house as rich home.

They are my celebrities.
But I am not communist.


by Jan Terry |
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A Tribute To Robin Williams

A good man's gone, loved by us all
on the screen both big and small.

The fire is cold, the lights are out.
His soul's moved on, without a doubt.

The laughter's gone that masked the pain.
The house is still and peace does reign.

He fought his battles on life's wild ride,
but lost his war with the demons inside.

How can one thrive on acclaim and wealth
without the love of one's own self?

I hope you found the peace you sought.
The life you lived won't be forgot.

July 5, 2015

by Mark Toney |
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Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind

Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind

Farrokh Bulsara a.k.a. Freddie Mercury
British singer, songwriter known universally
Confirmed he had AIDS and then died the next day
His music through Queen still rocks us all the way

Came a man from Zanzibar named Farrokh
Whose tastes were both flamboyant and baroque 
For fame he was ready
Changed his name to Freddie
After his death millions still love this bloke

A Heathrow baggage handler prior to fame
Wrote a song about his favorite cat, Delilah by name
In his personal life he was very shy, gentle and kind
His life and times are “guaranteed to blow your mind”

by Johnny Sumler |
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Sidney Poitier

How are the Lilies of the Field
Above without Heat of the Night
A Raisin in the Sun shall brew
To Sir, with Love...A Patch of Blue

by Ashley Mack |
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My superman
 He doesn't wear a long red cape or fly in the air
 he can't kill off evil villains with the power of a single glare
 But what he does have is rare and cannot be seen
 I can't see no wrong in him, he's hardly ever mean
 He has a heart so pure and a charm so sweet I think he's heaven sent
 All the girls get googly eyes but they can't have my Mr. Clark Kent
 But ladies don't be discourage there's a superman out there waiting for you
God will give a man that will change the world from the earth to the moon

by Jan Oskar Hansen |
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The Muse

The Muse 
I remember it well when in the summer evenings
I went to see her we drank wine and made love
Embraced we slept to morning light.
Stay with me she said to rest a bit longer I will serve you tea
No, I wanted to go home savour the night in privacy 
Feed the dog, go for a walk and write about my love for her.
It ended like a morning dream; she had found a man who 
Drank her tea and stayed with her till he was too old
And she sent him to an old people’s home.
She had been my muse lives in my poems, but no,
I didn`t want to stay with her a painter rarely marries his model 
But she will always be there hanging in some gallery 
Or on the wall in the lobby of some hotel.

by Elijah Zmuda |
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Stars In Time

If I could go back in time;
I would rename the stars that shine.

Hercules and Perseus would be replaced;
Elijah and Moses would take their place.

The Ten Commandments would shine brightly in the sky;
Reminding us that the zodiac signs were but a lie.

God's promises would be seen above,
As a wonderful sign of his love.

When the time has passed and gone by;
Just remember God never lied.

by Yann Rolland |
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Amy Whinehouse

Amy, Amy, what a voice,
As from heaven,
You’re a jazz singer,
Of the ones we can’t forget,
Sensitive, you felt guilty,
To refuse a photo,
You had too big a heart,
We asked you a hundred times,
How to hunt these people
So they can finally understand?
My God, what a voice,
What love, what love offered,
to all who listen to you,
You said thank you, tenderly,
I say thank you,
O Amy, what a voice,
It’s hard to understand,
I would have been in Belgrade to hear you,
Bye, bye, Princess, big black eyes,
Sing what you like,
It will always be more beautiful,
Only a Bach cantata,
Amy, Amy, what a voice,
An angel, angel in heavens.

by Jack Ellison |
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Wind Beneath My Wings

Watched Bette Midler singing “Wind Beneath My Wings” Brought a tear to my eye, such an emotional tugging on my heartstrings Like only Bette can do A love song so touching, so true Her smile exudes warmth and passion as she sings

by Zamreen Zarook |
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Fake Words

Fake Words – Zamreen Zarook

God have given us mouth,
Not to speak to north and south,
Tongue is given under an oath,
So it’s our duty to protect them both.

Girls chat fake with boys,
Having a notion that the boys are toys,
They often make varied noise,
Thinking to keep a trap on handsome guys.

Boys are also human being,
So it’s not possible being clean,
Things varies in the way they are seen,
So positive thinking will make you keen.

Boys’ minds are pure,
As it is pure bio,
So don’t try to pour vino,
Which will take decades to get cure.

by Jacqueline R. Mendoza |
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Qualities of Health Engendering Women

They see strengths
Not the limitations
These are people who will make you proud of yourself
They will tell you why you’re special
Trust you to the point you have to answer their expectations
They make you better than you normally are
You can be proud of yourself
They respect you 
For what you’ve done
Where you’ve come from
They see what you’ve experienced something real
Respect you for your courage
They live by their rules
They do not expect you to follow theirs
They are at peace to themselves
They are not proving anything to you
They are good listeners
Sincere in their interest in you
You feel important
They are available for honest
Genuine discussion
Makes you want to share yourself

by Apple Star |
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You are so beautiful with a voice so sweet
You are invincible when they keep being so mean

Your battles are frightening, but your smile's a diamond 
You are incredible for being able to fight them

An oxymoron in love with everyone but yourself
A free slave to humanity, a priceless pearl in your shell

Your heart bends but still unbreakable, your waist slender, your lips tasteful
You soul tender but unshakeable, don't let the men be so ungrateful

miss America, you're beautiful
miss Universe, international
traveled, experienced, far from elementary
in vino veritas, you sing the truth so eloquently

by Ahalya Nair |
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End of Humanity

Those terrifying noise of bullets being fired,
  Sights of corpses laying covered in blood,
  Still haunts the survivors of 26/11.
  Now those wicked minds have come back,
  They've claimed the lives of our protectors,
  They've again proved to be powerful.
  Mother earth can't stop herself from crying,
  She is witnessing deaths of her own children,
  Innocent people are being killed.
  They came, they killed, and they died,
  And what did they achieve?
  Curses from every corner of this world,
  Let us pray for those who sacrificed their lives,
  Let us pray for the change in those wicked minds,
  Let us pray for a peaceful world,
  Let us pray for unity, love and humanity.

by A.O. Taner |
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in the dream I had 
many appeared
extras plenty
but loved ones too

all had seen
that same dream
but only one got it
others had no clue

by Dorian Petersen Potter |
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Her Kindness - Rondine

~Her Kindness~ (A Rondine) Her kindness just touched all people on Earth Her beguile smile could light up a whole room She loved everyone we all did assume Much loved from the first moment of her birth More than we knew then she was by all worth Were all much mistaken with her wedded groom Her kindness just touched Much loved from the first moment of her birth Her life was cut so short, most tragic doom My eyes fill with tears when I see her tomb Remember always her beauty and mirth Her kindness just touched. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2012 January.27.2015

by Kim Merryman |
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Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow
NFL football pro.
His love for Jesus sets him apart,
as he lives his faith with all his heart.


by Bj Fard |
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Return of Your King

Reflections of imperfections have shown me a way that I can move mountains through my power of faith even though I can't see him I know he is real through the power of prayer and a Love that I feel It's growing inside me like a flower in bloom shall I reveal my powers or is it too soon I am reading the signs through my darkness I find a reason for belief in the light of mankind that I know shall overcome the greatest of odds the Love I seek amazes me especially through the flaws because now I am inspired through the hero's that bring my throne through the darkness on which I return on as your King.

by Jan Allison |
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The Glenn Miller Story

My favourite film which tells the story of trombone player and big band leader Major Glenn Miller This love story shows his rise to fame and fortune and tragic death His music still enjoyed by people To this very day Contest: Favourite Movie Sponsor: Nayda Ivette Negron 01~02~16

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Where To Start

A seriously sad seventh son of a soldier entered prime prejudicial puberty
With love and luxuriously liberal thoughts in his hyper hallucinating heart
He was set on dating a diabolically darling daughter of a serious celebrity
So should he go to Hollywood? Hail a bus? Hire a taxi? Where to start? 
Where to start? Where to start?

by Abdul Abad |
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Johnny Sins

Johny johny johny
Mat karyo anhoni
Neither this cricket
Nor you dhoni
Johny johny johny...
After failing to become a monk,
Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin became a wanderer.

by Jennifer Proxenos |
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Desmond Tutu Born 7th October 1931 Died 26th December 2021

The iconic Desmond Tutu died, impish humor, feisty Archbishop, so revered,
As we lay him to rest, may angels embrace him, a great loss, much endeared,
A Nobel Prize winner, spoke out about Afrikaners, how they tyrannically reigned,
Reprimanded black political elite, tributes poured in globally, now he's mourned.

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