Love Poems About Howl or Howl Love Poems
by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: beauty, immigration, magic, metaphor, pride, summer, sun,

Sun Dance

~Sun Dancing~         

Bright yellow sparks glisten around the landscape
Sheer environment expose  
Warmth slinks down every step        
So--  Invigorating 
Spur like rays muster in long light
The wolves wait to howl
Soon--Bunch of flowers 
Huddle in with sunlit love
Luminous rave  

By; pd

(For contest) 

by Laura Breidenthal |
Categories: absence, allegory, beautiful, blue, creation, dark, inspirational, loneliness, lonely, longing, loss, lost, love, miss you, rose, sad love,

You Know I Love You

Winds may howl,
Wild animals growl,
The forest grows cold, 
For I am lonesome and old
As the sun peaks through the clouds, 
I hear your soft, young voice so loud!
And though you speak dead man's lines,
You speak them with majesty divine
As I am wrapped in  my woe,
I only want you to know...
...that roses die black and violets lose blue,
But I will never die
And you know I love you!

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: dog, lost love,

My Saddest Day -A Dog Gone Tableau

My Saddest Day(A Dog Gone Tableau) 

I Had to leave him
(though he yapped and whined)
at the adoption drop off,
(I still loved him so)
with folks that I'd entrusted
(he was my dear friend)
with his safe keeping.
(He'd turned old and blind)

His mournful howl followed me
(when we let him go.)
as i exited the door
(How can my heart mend?)

My two poems for the Intermingle Contest of Craig Cornish: 
My Saddest Day, written a while earlier than actually posted on 9/21/2014
& A Dog Gone Tableau, posted 10/17/2014 a few days after I wrote it.
By Andrea Dietrich

(The idea for what to use was inspired by my wonderful friend, Harry Horsman)

by Anthony Biaanco |
Categories: lost love,

love Leaves

gently rustles silver leaves
gliding through open windows
a golden summers evening
like a cardinal's rubied wing 
warming the brutish bluish soul
of winter's icy cheek
like a spray of ocean blossoms
bursting from a magicians sleeve
into caverns of lonely hearts
rooting oh so very deeply
like a siren sweetly offering
a sextant for the wayward bow,
just before it strikes the reef 
and leaves in a flaming howl


by liam mcdaid |
Categories: flower, howl, imagery, lost love, love, mirror, sad love,

Lost In Love

Holding you inside one fragile beautiful flower blossoming dream
Sweet you are my love painting words breathtaking within all wishes

Silvery streak of moonlight shimmering a star 
only now I read between the lines trailing thoughts 

How can you ask someone to stop loving without care 
an impossible task even for the hardest of hearts  

If I were the last person on this planet sunshine through clouds 
that's how it draws to me you're asking me not to love you 

Misery likes company cuts deeper than a knife wounds beauty
never was the answer to love in our friendships face

by Justin Bordner |
Categories: desire, howl, winter,

A Midnight's Trail

Your poetry talks to me in the moody night
a voice of indigo telling me secrets of pain and love
while Luna licks my ear with impatience for my excitement, 
I begin to walk faster, like a wolf on a scent, your red scent,
following shadows into sounds of howling winter
seeking just one more whisper from your passion
one more paw print in the hard snow of destiny,
will I ever find your lair of love in the cold night
I swear that I can see the copper glow of your eyes -


Categories: sad,


I wander about
like a fish out of water
in the surf blue sea

Me a traveler
in the congress of gray rocks
where carcajous howl

A vacant lot mind
wavered in the breeze empty
land soul never rests

Heart sighs seeks haven
warm breasts of the beloved
in my country home

I see the river
boatmen singing love ballad
flows out of water

Out of Water - Poetry Contest
Sponsor	Sheri Fresonke Harper

by connie pachecho |
Categories: howl, romance, sensual,

Love On The Riverbed

Love On The Riverbed

He pitched a tent on her banks
Her teeth clenched as pegs dug deep
Campfire sparks, heat's erecting 
The winds howling in lost flight

connie pachecho


Categories: lost love, love

The Company Kept

The wants of her heart beckoned of lonely streets
Like the summertime wail of the Snow Fence
When empty winds through weathered pickets
Howl for the cold company it keeps

by shadab shaikh |
Categories: addiction, age, anger, conflict, confusion, dark, death, depression, desire, emotions, for her, grief, heart, heartbroken, hero, hindi, how i feel, howl, jealousy, leaving, life, loneliness, lonely, longing, loss, lost, lost love, love, miss you, missing, missing you, moon, moving on, natural disasters, nostalgia, pain, poems, sad, sad love, sin, sorrow, sorry, spoken word, stress, suicide, trust, truth, words, writing,

Yeh khaalipan

Jab Meri Bechaini Mit Jayegi
Jab Mere Dilko Sukoon Mil Jayega
Yeh Khaalipan Mit Jayega

Do Pal Ki Chandni Ke Liye
Aj Bhi Zinda Hoon Main
Meri Khaamoshi Ke Ageh Aasmaan Bhi Khatam Ho Jayega

Kehne Ke Liye Toh Roz Marta Hoon Main
Thoda Aur Marne Ke Liye
Yeh Deewana Kal Phir Ayega

by SKAT A |
Categories: abuse, death, evil, lost love, pain, sad, sorrow, suicide,

Devil's Hidden Ranch


Coyote howl, dogs growl
Gunshots, dead cow
Red barn left unlock
Horseshoe upon death's door
Tequila in a cup
Salt of cocaine, shadows of insanity
Guitar string, sad song
Bandit near the door, wife on the floor
Yelling out her name, he's gone insane
Loaded gun, life is done
Far and near ending his intoxicating fear
The road under the sun
A coward in his path
Responding to the Devil's wrath

In a Hidden Ranch in Mexico!!!!!!
:)   SKAT

by Jeinara Odonio |
Categories: absence, art, blue, dark, desire, devotion, earth, emotions, eulogy, eve, feelings, hope, how i feel, howl, i love you, image, irony, joy, loneliness, lonely, longing, memory, missing, moon, night, pain, passion, poems, relationship, romantic, stars,

Yellow Moon

She watched as the earth fell asleep

Waited for the yellow moon

soft kisses of unfaithful wind..

Images..Images on her head

Nostalgic memory of a forgotten love

Flashes of things she tried to forget..

Her eyes caught the reflection of the moon

locked inside the rain on her cheek..

She was standing alone..

Her grieving heart sought

solace from the moon

She petitioned the stars

Where is he this very night?

Cruel..oh so cruel..

Beneath the silence of the sky

she bowed her head and cried..

by Shanity Rain |
Categories: animal, beautiful, dog, kids, howl, humor, love,

Bambi and lily

   Who would have guessed/ the love carried for a beagle no less

   Lily howling at the moon/ with ears long as her toes our ****

   she gave birth to Bambi with no tail/ jack a be , 3 yrs later she is ours still

   no describing the love for our girls / dressed in pink shirts and curly frills

   the girls don't like when we leave home / they show us for leaving them alone

   the pillows torn and howling non stop / we love our girly beagles until we drop

by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: depression, friendship, funny, love, nostalgia, places


I raised an Australian dingo,
no name came to mind but Ringo;
he jumped on me,
ripped my clothes daily...
it costed me plenty of money!

Only once I left him alone;
good grief... my furniture was torn!
Oh, should I be mad...
or be kind instead?
I'll sleep over it for tonight!

All Ringo did was run, bark and howl,
mistaking a small cat for an owl;
They took him away
to the zoo today;
he'll whimper form his cage, not rest!

I'll take him back, lest he behaves;
his lesson he'll learn:  good manners!
Now, Ringo just stares
to earn forgiveness...
it's fun to play with him and laugh!

by Jeinara Odonio |
Categories: desire, freedom, grief, life, loneliness, longing, nostalgia,

The Call of the Wild

Sharp fangs flashes as he growls
threatening to bring death
the eyes flames in fury
looking for an escape

He once ruled in his kingdom
the predator in a solitary wild
strength was his armor
never feeling sorry for his fights

One day a trap caught the king
in an iron throne, a crown he was given
yet he rejects the admires
for it is not what his heart desires

he longs of his life back
he was a beast, fierce and wild
freedom is his definition of love
one the master will never understand

The death that echoes in every flight
the chase that severs wretched life
the danger of the wild
now he cries his lonely howl in the night

by Phyllis Babcock |
Categories: lost love,

Frozen Love

Silvery moon cast shadows
On winters fallen snow
Cracks of ice melt deep down
Echoes of the past resounding
Cold winds howl
As heaviness encases
One by one dreams fade away
Killing the fire that once burned inside
Snow sucks the warmth
Ice crystals refuse to melt
Coldness engulfed the heart
Look at what it has done to me
What it has done to you
We drift in frozen water
Drowning in our sorrows
Frozen crystals of time
surrounding our soul
Tearing our world apart
I float on endless streams
Clutching to stay afloat
Our love dangerous yet beautiful
Encased in blocks of ice.

by liam mcdaid |
Categories: angel, beautiful, beauty, dream, feelings, joy, love,

One True Gift

Star of a thousand dreams 
your loyal servant kneels
Brightly warm shining jewels 
Golden promises to protect 
Holding love precious beauty
Light softly gleams a blessing 
from your beautiful soul 

Miracle of life burns 
A candlelight flickers 
With breathless fire 
inside whispering winds howl 

Each heartbeat skips
Opening chambers door 
Blood of passion flows true 

Flowering petals 
Blossoming silk kiss 
Uniting under one banner 
Dancing to the tune of joy 
happiness our universal goal 
Eternal life embraces you 
Sweet loving rose forever in paradise

by Peter Dome |
Categories: desire, hilarious, howl, humor, women,

Good Home Wanted

Are there any nice ladies out there
Who'll take on a nice guy like me
I'm fully trained good with children
And flea free.

Loves dining walks in the park
And although I can be a handful
I do not bark.

I have been vetted
And love being petted
Everyone says awe when I enter a room
And poo! when I make a mess
Well I'm just a man
I confess.

I'm so loving and affectionate
And in need of a loving home
I'm so faithful
And will never roam.

I need a to offers. must be nice and have a yacht.please send picture of yacht. 

Peter Dome.Copyright.2015.May.

by Ken Carroll |
Categories: love,


I am animal
I am the wolf
your hunter and gatherer

I will hunt for you
lay my kill
at your feet

I will bite you
mark your neck
with my teeth

If the moon is full
I will howl for you

I become the wolf
for you this night
just to taste the blood
of your chocolate lips

In my wolf skin
I seek your summer brown body

I follow the trail
of your beating heart

The hunter becomes the hunted

You wrap your arms around me
Captured by your embrace
Time in relativity slows
all else fades into nothing...

by Marilyn Hernandez |
Categories: happiness, life, love,

What It Means To Be Human

I want to honestly smile
To show my laughter lines
To make them stretch and widen
Beyond any confines

I want to solemnly weep
To wear angst as my guise
To have sweet salty teardrops
Escape these arid eyes

I want to shriek and scream
To howl sharp and loud
To hear my voice break silence
Tear off this defensive shroud

I want to release these inhibitions
To live without my fear
To crack this stolid composure
So I can be sincere

I want to be utterly free
To lose all sense of control
To know what it means to be human
To live with heart and soul

by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: god, love, strength,


The howl of my agony, Thee heard, my Lord 

Coming from the depths of my suffering being 

The divine breeze, of Thy spirit, my soul filled
With such love, that the world has never seen!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
   02 FEBRUARY 2015

by Sallam Yassin |
Categories: leadership, memory, tribute,


Pure song of love - yours
In a melody
to faith and love
 In man's one heart - a leader of divinely touch in love 
Of heaven - a haven and bliss
Who saved his nation 
Out of calamity of hate
And  tyranny of race
Ruins and howl of dreary
To home of rainbow
In trance
Diversity in harmony 
Of love the sun of morn
Honor in rise, honor and rise
The dawn stretched to hope 
Mandela -  an icon
 In memory 
His Images Still for hearts
For minds in doubts of dark
In Africa
 for us - Mandela 
Still - a dare star of hope 
At horizons in haul of time

by Darlene Gifford |
Categories: autumn, nature, tree, wind,

Autumn's Chill

Gusting winds whip through the air,
stripping leaves off trees clinging there. 
And sunrays play hide-and-seek
behind darkening clouds, like children they peek.

Dear Lord, I love your crisp Fall days,
enjoying the sun's fast fleeting rays. 
I laugh as gusts of wind push me along.
And I hear the howl in Autumn's song. 

Black branches wait for quilts of white,
to cover them from the cold of night. 
I shiver a little as I hurry home,
knowing in this, God's Day, there hides a poem.


Dedicated to my poetry friend, Viv Wigley


by Michael Bell |
Categories: absence, adventure, longing, missing,

Oh Africa


Alone  I stand  on  foreign  land,
My  home  is  here, my  heart  not  true,
Oh ! Africa, your soul  I crave.

Through  destiny,  my  pathway ‘s made,
Where eagles rest  on  mountain  peaks,
My  youth is  back to  heights I  seek,

with  winds  that  howl  to oceans  roar,
I  found  my  place  at  nature’s door
Oh  Africa ! my  sacred  place,
 I  share  your love  of  open  space,

My star  of  hope, it  rises  there,
My home  my country’s life I share
Savannas  health that  rivers  bring
In habitat of  the lion king

©Copyright  M..A. Bell

by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: animal, best friend, deep, growth, health, howl, love, parody, son, sound, star, truth,

Underwater nation

There is going to be a jump,

the only one that could thump-
in this room of bloom...

What are you doing sitting when you could be a standing ox?

Are they out on patrol as you wann the metal into your soul?

Dive deeply hard Sims-
they made you corrupt,

these are dignities we divide,

they had no name before you arrived-

more cola now,

less socially sane,

yes please ignite the flame,

I said I loved you-
but in due course you became scarce,

the lizards re-arrived to show demise,

every ape was lionized,

I compounded the pedals lady,

they spun in pride,

I evoked medals baby,

I'm sorry they arrived.