Love Poems About Parallelismus Membrorum or Parallelismus Membrorum Love Poems
by Cecil Hickman |
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Unknown Providences

Lust so cold, love stays warm
Advice given is words forgotten.
Gifts that are free have a catch.
Hidden destiny, life so scorned.
Living high, lost in the dark.
Spirit lost, not ever free.
Falsified love, eternally angry

by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: beauty, love, sensual, sexy,

Kafka Conversation

"Women are traps
that lay for men
said Franz Kafka,
"in order to drag them into the infinite."

But why not,
Women are incense
that invites men and other women
and all genders in-between everywhere
into the infinite

EarthMother incense
invites infinite
enlightened mind
empowered body
of FatherSun

Lighting fragrant dawn
powering fertile dusk.

by Kim Van Breda |
Categories: christian, universe,

The Road To Greatness


The road to greatness lies in serving others
LOVE begets LOVE
That is Gods way

Complaining and arguing make no sense at all
Controlling our anger we stumble and fall
Strive to become blameless and pure
Shining stars in the universe obeying God’s call

The road to greatness lies in serving others
LOVE begets LOVE
That is Gods way

Inspired by Philippians 2:14-15<>

by Megan O'Day |
Categories: death, depression, fear, happiness, hope, love,


I am the color that stands for love.
I am the hearts that fill up your box.
I am the rose that sits on your table.
I am the dress you wear on a date.
I am the ribbon on a perfectly wrapped package.
I am the stripes on the American flag.
I am the sign that warns you to turn back.
I am the anger on your face.
I am the pen on your test, “F”.
I am the horns on your biggest fear.
I am the color that stands for love,
But I am also the blood that drips off your knife.

by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: beautiful, girl, i am, i miss you, love, repetition, sound, universe, wind,

My Care

Baby I'll show you how out there is my care...

Waiting for the peak,
and swimming for the peace,

we will own our own home-
in the universe there is room,

come with me,

I am a shot in the dark,

white teeth,
and the buzzing of bees,

open your heart to me...

Open it on time,

we will gyrate and shine.

Because now you're mine!

In time we can rewire an empire-
show up in the mesmeric fire,

it is us...

It is the fine,

it is the trust...

We will show up and will our must,

because because,

you are beautiful!

You can be beautiful...

My outspoken love.

by Mirian Parrilla |
Categories: faithsister, sister,

My Sister

hay sister i feel your pain
far away as iam
i feel your tears threw the years
ill always be here and there
for you
what ever you do
don't lose hope
hang on to the rope
he will pull you out
no need to shout 
he hears your cry
they reach the sky
when it rain's it pour's
but there is alway's the door
to the lord
to keep us dry
to keep us safe
to give us love
to give us hope
hay sister your not alone
he is there to help you 
get therw the storm

by Jill Spagnola |
Categories: appreciation, hope, visionary, wisdom, world,



A human is afflicted
Constitutionally impaired

Stricken with a penchant 
For humans inherently despaired

On the conscious level
Feels sensations of suffering

Gleans paramount endearment
For their dark proclivity

The human radiates benevolence
To the inviolable entity

Transmitting a vision
That life is worth living

Furnish with the knowledge
That existence must seek balance

Those who shine on others
The beams reach them too

Love begets love
Let us walk in their shoes

                                                                             Sunshine Williams

by Mercury Anderson |
Categories: betrayal, crush, for her, heartbreak, lost love, repetition, sad love,

False Hope

You smile.
You wave.
It's false hope,
You gave.

I loved.
I hoped. 
You rejected. 
I coped. 

My heart.
My soul.
Is jaded
You know. 

You're smile.
You're wave.
The false hope
You gave.

by Hailey Coraggioso |
Categories: beauty, blessing, child, hope, love, mental illness,


It's the way they look at me.
As if I haven't lost my hair.
It's the way they play with me.
As if I were their age.
It's the way they worry about me.
As if that's what should be done for my scars.
It's the way they tell me I'm beautiful.
As if it's common knowledge.
It's the way they hug me.
As if I'm their anchor to this world
When in actuality, it's quite the opposite.

by Janis Thompson |
Categories: books, history, perspective, race,

Page of Volumes

There is page one of volumes. It has writing but from planned illiteracy. Pain marks many pages but there is beauty. As dark people, we gave our light to the world. Where there was death, we made life. We had no voice, yet we were heard. Our bodies were chained but our minds were free. From the seat of hatred, love was born. We are not like others but fashioned in sameness. We are invisible but have been present since time began. Scorned, reviled and whipped, we flourished. There is page two of volumes. 5/30/17

by Anil Deo |
Categories: chanukah, character, christian,

Song of Deliverance

David sang of Deliverance
Blessed in God's mercy
We sing of forgiveness
Great is God's Love
Our sins washed away
Transgressions out of sight
Humans love disobedience too
You know us inwardly
Yet Grace is available
When we turn away
From sins besetting humanity

by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: forgiveness, integrity, lost love, passion, peace, power, romance,

Tomorrow's Warm Integrity

What love we could become
still breathing
could never actively restore
what I have stolen
and you have thrown away
more protesting loudly

What I have stolen
could never be worth more
than all your warm felt passions

Compassion freely given
and I have coldly paid
to not feel again

It feels so easy to love you
more than me,
and I have always loved you most
when I can know,
without self doubt,
you might again love Us

As we are today,
unlike yesterday's diversions
and not yet quite as great
as tomorrow's still open gate.

by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: allah, christmas, earth, god, humanity, joy, peace,

Choosing Love

I feel victimized
by the commercial success
of what was once a silent,
for Emmanuel,
Allah WithIn Us

I wonder
when I become red-faced angry
about not being able to CONSERVE
sufficient power to have my sacred way
right now

If this is entirely different
than when I feel disempowered by fear
of losing what
and whom
and when
and where
and why I have chosen
to love too LIBERALLY

Without restraint,
without constraint,
without greed,
without ego-aggrandizing need

Without anthro-privileged boundaries
to loving
divine embrace,
humane grace

PeaceFull face 
of sacred EarthTribe,
Divine Beauty,
Humane Unity,
hypostatic Integrity.

by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: conflict, earth day, health, integrity, light, peace, power,

Dancing Green Divas

S/he is troubled
about how to dance more green
in this overwhelming Anthropocene

And has grown to love 
an outside starlit image
of Universal Red SageGod 
resiliently dancing under the shifting stars

Safe and warm inside 
felt unconditional embrace 

Of sacred fire circle singing 
Green MuseGoddess
solidarity love songs 

sacred crowning harmonies 
of sunlight's healthy survival
empowering win/win wealthy
organic soil 
root systemic

Like Sun inspiring Earth

Like transcendent wind 
immanent water,
coinvesting in cooperative mind-song
over body danced whirlwinds 
of liberally conserved