Love Poems About Places or Places Love Poems
by Silent One |
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They Walk Amongst Us

They walk amongst us, but in silent ways, spreading peace and love without any praise. When thunder roars and lightning strikes in rain they watch over us, healing bleeding pain. Yet we do not see their celestial light, nor do they shed feathers within our sight. Happy to hide behind unknown faces, empathy guides them to deprived places. Heal and soothe, they prevent tears from flowing, touch our hearts to leave our spirits glowing. From Sydney to London, Rome to Bombay, provide moments that take our breath away Their acts of grace form a ripple effect, kind gestures that help people to connect.

by Linda-Marie Sweetheart |
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Sequence of Love

"Sequence of Love" Love possesses many faces occurring in romantic places culminated by embraces ... Love illuminates the soul intertwining halves to whole fulfilling a human, earthly role ... Love radiates rare quality increasing to a sweet degree of everlasting ecstasy ... Love invades enchantingly perhaps, appears repeatedly, but only once, comes sacredly ... eventually ...

by Jslambert Mister Roboto |
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Viagra Falls

There once was a man from Niagara
whose wiener's so long it would stab ya'

but when it got little 
his pills became skittles   
until he O.D.'d on Viagra

© ~JSLambert  2011*****A classic "stiff" competitor, standing "firm" amongst other "members" in the "thick" of the competition:) hope everyone gets "a rise" out of it!

by A.O. Taner |
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Don't rush to wash off the sea salt 
drying on your skin;
the hopes it carries from other oceans,
those remain yet to be seen.

by Richard Palmer |
Categories: adventure, people, places,

Jamaica Nuff Love

Beautiful Jamaica,land of my birth,
This little dot,specially prepared by Mama Earth,
World best seasoning,grown by our dirt,
And the Jamaican Rum,bad nuh blouse and skirt,
Beautiful Jamaica,land so sweet,
A formal dinner or a party in the street,
Our vibes,our style so unique,
Our warmth,our culture,no other can beat,
Jamaica,Jamaica,land we love,
Touring Jamaica feel free like a dove,
Our rivers,beaches,beautiful sunlight up above,
Sample our tasty meals,you'll find one that you love,
Jamaica,Jamaica,land so great,
Great runners,great music,embrace our taste,
God or Jah Rasta Far I,embrace our faith,
Take a trip to Jamaica,it's never too late.....

by Tim Smith |
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Fly To Me

Fly to me my love on the wings of hopes and dreams come and be my passion a lover's symphony Be my guiding star light show me all of nature's best come and be my pillow where my weary head can rest Take my hand and walk with me on life's ever winding road keep me safe and steady hold me in our home Let's sleep beside the moon tonight camp inside the corners of my heart be my one and only my desire, my love, my start

by James Fraser |
Categories: baby, kiss, life, love, passion, people, places,

When Love Creates

Eyes to eyes now meet Tenderly our lips touch We, adventurous Rhythmic vibrations rejoice When love creates little ones .

by Brian Strand |
Categories: childhood, life, love, passion, places, time

Rites of Passage

Remember the day
Apron strings loosed,untied
as maternal voices faltered and cried
Remember the day
When a soprano voice lost its elan
and a boy became a man
Remember the day
Peer pressure would not hide
and diffidence was replaced with pride
Remember the day
Desire,with warm whispers heard
questions,answered with just three words
Remember the day
Filled with joy and love
a union blessed from above
Remember the day
Holding a first-born,so wee
as two self-absorbed,became three
Remember the day
Trust was born-a-new
a changed life came into view
Remember the day
Genesis as a work of art
with gifts to share and impart
Remember the day

by Jimmy Anderson |
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One Hundred Percent Love ( a Collaboration W/ S.K.A.T. Poetry)

“Pretty lady”, let me love you, take you places you’ve never been
All the pain you’ve gone through, I’ll make sure it don’t happen again
I promise to always comfort you, your burdens I will bear
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to prove to you I truly care!
As long as there’s a sky, and those stars continue to shine above
You will always see it in my eye what I feel for you is 100% love!

"Sexy Man," you are what I want plus more. 
Your comfort mopped my tears right off the floor. 
I love the way you caress and touch me. 
Arousing the inner beauty for all to see. 
My world you conquered when push came to shove. 
I give you my thoughts, my emotions, my lust, and my "100% love."

by Charmaine Chircop |
Categories: death, longing, love,


He left her side
Going...   She knows not where

The last sound of footsteps
fading away

But...   He will come back

Looking through old photographs
Love letters and places

He will be back.

He will come back     to her caring arms
Her compassionate eyes
Their secret ways      and her smiling face.

He will be back

A little bit too early

A little bit too late.

Far too late 

Far too late   to unlock the door to his desired faith.

Far too late     for begging apologies

No one has ever returned from the dead.

Just  a poem :)

by Darlene De Beaulieu |
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I Met a Poetess At the Book Store

Before this virus came around
On Saturday's I'd go to the mall
One of the places I like to go first
Would be the bookstore to enter
I would look for poet's poetry books
There are lots of books to choose from
As I walk through the aisles-
I noticed someone sitting at a table
She had piles of books stacked high
So i chose a chose a book and read 
It was titled Love-I bought it
The author and I chatted
Then she signed her book
Her name is Beleza Angel
The title was Pieces of Me
Will be a book i will always keep
This will be a special book
I met a poetess she wrote poems
She published her poems
Beleza Angel a book keepsake
She is on instagram & Facebook

by Charles Messina |
Categories: happiness,

When I Close My Eyes

When I close my eyes...and I see the night 
Sometimes things...appear so bright 
Smiling cheeks...and happy faces 
Sunshine ~ Beautiful places 

Ocean waves ~ Blowing willows 
Babies snuggled in their pillows 
Old men rowing in their boats 
Youngsters passing, love you...notes 

Happy women in sweet perfume 
Newlyweds...on honeymoon 
Chipmunks playing in the sun
Children running...having fun 

When I open my eyes...and I see the day
Sometimes things...don't look that way 
So let me close my eyes...tonight
And all I see, I'll see...just right

by Paige Hind |
Categories: beautiful, blessing, god, inspiration, love, nature, prayer,

As Snow Falls, Spring Falls

On my heart, a winter swathed 
Her spring flowers only right for 
When chill itself dons out windblown—
Attached there by my faithful arm.
Green there and here tell on you soft,
Your story's places in the snow—
While meek flakes sleep on my
From your heart, I shake only warmth.

The spring's time to melt frozen gauze,
My whisper in the landing seen
On ice's shine to you,
The winter sun— winter's end be,
When the looking snow further falls—
Our intercession, heart-to-heart.

by Sunlite Wanter |
Categories: angst, love hurts, song,

Sing Me An Old Style Song

Sing Me an Old Style Song

Sing me an old style song,
With pretty flowing phrases;
A story of love gone wrong,
In other times, in other places.

No trumpets blare, just sweet trombones,
A crooner, smooth tongued and mellow.
Hurting, aching, quiet, for me alone.
Sing me an old style song.

Let bottled tears stain my cheeks,
As your freckled nose appears before me.
For I cannot cry to beats and bangs,
Please sing me an old style melody.

That I may cry and cleanse my heart;
Empty and ready for a new filled start.

by Susan Jeavons |
Categories: extended metaphor, metaphor, muse, poets, time, writing,

Universal Muse

Universal Muse

She is light 
in dark, mysterious spaces,
integrity in immoral places .
She's hope
in spite of  uncertainty,
mercy for those with misery. 
She's an idealist 
in a realm of broken dreams,
conscious of her adversary's  schemes.
She's morality 
displayed for all to see,
enlightenment to all who wish to be.
She's time, 
yesterday, today, tomorrow,
ecstasy within a world of sorrow.
She's creation 
from beginning to the end,
solitude yet society's boisterous friend.
She's love in a world of sin and hate.
She's harmony;  
		this, the poet's fate.

by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: joy, romantic love,

You Are the Dawning

You are the dawning light of my day as
I wake with your warm body next to mine.
Your deep sexy voice, 
my mesmerizing music.
You are the lilt in my laughter
uplifting my soul to heavenly places.
Your sleepy smile, the antidote 
mending my heart.
You never cease surprising me 
as your love beams from those dark eyes, 
I reach up to feel my messy hair,
I swing my legs from bed to floor 
with thoughts of combing my wayward locks.
You grab my arm and pull me back 
to lay my head upon your chest. 
We lay there silent in our bed,
no sounds are heard except a sigh 
exhaled from my satisfied breath.


by Anne-Lise Andresen |
Categories: christmas, love, winter,

- Stuck In a Snowglobe With You -

In a moment of silence
The winter's crystals are filled
in a snowglobe with you

A window without curtains
Like two sparrows in the country of love
We escape from problems in line
and money that burns

To get away from Christmas and stress
This is one of the most magical places on earth
So close, cheek to cheek

We sit on this branch and shine
in our common air and landscape
Christmas is time for peace,
love and reflection

Take care of those around you
Christmas is a period of the year
it's hardest to be lonely

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

by A.O. Taner |
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the shortest road
is the one that you know
the longest road
is the one that you love

by James Fraser |
Categories: beautiful, green, places, rainforest, seasons, spring, tree,

Springing Sea of Green

I love it when Spring finally comes The buds showing their little sprouts Yes indeed from this seasons of four I'm awake many sleeping plants shout I love it when I walk through the parks When these buds turn to a sea of green Forgotten are the plants being so stark This birthing season just has to be seen I love it when I sit on the park benches When the breeze caresses Sakura trees The airs scented by their pinky blossoms Mother nature and man in total agree When I retire I'll grow a green thumb for I love it when Spring finally comes

by May Fenn |
Categories: bereavement, death, funeral, loss, obituary, sorrow,

Death Is Not the End

Death is not the end,
For love goes on
And you will find the evidence
Long after I have gone.
The flowers that we planted
Will blossom without end,
You’ll find me in their beauty
As to their needs you tend.
The books we read together,
The laughter in the pages,
Will continue to give pleasure
To you throughout the ages.
So do not mourn my passing
You are not left alone,
You’ll always find me waiting
In the places we have known.
The bond that grew between us
Will not abate with time,
It will go on for always,
I’m yours and you are mine.

by William Crocker |
Categories: lost love,

At the Airport

She left him for awhile And it seemed alright. . . . Until . . . The sound And touch of her Was gone. He failed to sleep And the hunger disappeared. He could not feel the soft caresses Of places only God can see. And emptiness, Like soft shadows, Moved within his soul. . . . Then, he knew . . . His love was gone.

by James Watters |
Categories: love, places

Heathrow, In Transit

The warmth of Nairobi in January is gone now.
Here it's cold and drizzly, a savannah 
of tarmac and metal jumbos before me.  
My natural rhythms have given way
to this soaring erratic chase of the sun.
But I return to warmth—the desert heat
of southern Arizona, and the ardent glow
of my heart when I hold you in my arms.

by Sandip Goswami |
Categories: confusion, deep, humanity, inspirational, philosophy, psychological, world,


We are learning lessons.
But why?
We don't know!

We are visiting holy places.
But why?
We don't know!

We are  reading holybooks.
But why?
We don't know!

We are writing poetry.
But why?
We don't know!

We are making atomic weapons.
But why?
We don't know!

We are falling in love.
But why?
We don't  know!

We are living in the world.
But why?
We don't know!

We are thinking thoughts.
But why?
We don't know!

We are human beings.
But why?
We don't know!

We know nothing about life,
Although we are conscious people.

'Why' is an unanswered adverb in our life..


by Tim Smith |
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Not Afraid To Say I Love You

Just thoughts of your sunset eyes slowly drifting off to dreamland excite my senses sending soft tickles throughout my body those ruby red lips whisper sweet lullabies putting an ease to my muddled mind. tonight my heart smiles kissing your soul as it enters places never touched never allowed to be touched and I am not afraid I am not afraid to say those words the words I think all the time. the world won't stop for us and yes I love you

by Lucilla Carrillo |
Categories: lost,

Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves Like the waves of the ocean that come in so strong, that's the way you came into my life, with such force that in your arms, your kisses and your love I got lost. The force of the waves seperated us one day and we couldn't get back together again. I never knew the places you had been to, or what kind of lovers you had loved. Maybe You went to different places in a world I never knew. Maybe the lovers you had betryed you. I don't know, or could it be that you didn't understand them. I was not from your world and I couldn't understand you. I still watch the ocean waves , but not with you...
10/18/2013 Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo