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by Andrea Dietrich |
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In Clara's Light

Awake, he felt asleep and struggled, for it seemed upon his back there had been flung a mantle of fatigue he drably wore, and like a hag accursed, to him it clung. His children, sad to see his heavy pace, then fixed him up with Clara, widowed too. He floundered when he saw her sweet bright face and gazed into her eyes of crystal blue. Immersed in Clara's radiance, he dined and listening to her laugh, became entranced. His burden cloak unraveled as she twined her arms around his shoulders while they danced. An ardent kiss. . . and then was gone that coat. For with a jolt, he saw that he could float!
For Deb Guzzi's "Celebrate the Light" Poetry Contest

by L. J. Carber |
Categories: angst, inspiration, introspection, spiritual,


I meander through this maze called world, 
seeing darkness everywhere, 
even in the bright desert sun, 
my soul ripped by doubt and fear,
and utter loneliness, 
saved only by a sudden wave of love, 
a flicker of hope--
O Light! O Light! O Light of God!

[the Light poetry contest, Regina McIntosh, posted 2/5/20]

by Yolanda Scott |
Categories: crush, feelings, friendship love, light, poetry, soulmate,

When The Heart Meets The Moon

You are the season that opened my heart
the birthday present my eyes sought
the sun rises and you’re in my thoughts
as night falls our world’s seemingly apart 
the Spring comes and flowers bloom 
a new friendship blossoming through
I see the stars sparkling above 
and even as they fade the sky 
the glow is left within my sight
sitting in front of a new moon
romantic white clouds before my eyes
unlikely the sign of fire and water
sitting enchanted on cloud nine 
fearless to chance the darkness behind 
for when the heart meets the moon
a Light will shine through.


by Probir Gupta |
Categories: dark, light, poetry,

Your Tray

Deep in the ocean
Two buds bloom in joyous dark
And then it is light

The sky in the boat 
Rides the sail and moonlit wind
Become shining stars

From the mystic bridge
In awe and love we look at
Both the oranges

It is poetry
World poetry day today
Words from your joy tray
21 March 2017

by Brenden Pettingill |
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Evasive splashes rise and fall
Leaving but a trace of mist
To reflect
The taste of awe
For gaping jaws to admit

Could it have been?
Pointers light the way
While the house stares on as the willow
With pursed lips and nothing to say

Catch a slice in frames
Slice a piece to save
Give the rest for the next
To cherish the foggy days

Slide right through the bars
Skip right through the links
Mellow in the bush alone
In wait for the Humpbacks’ wink

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by Michael Burch |
Categories: animal, humor, humorous, light, love, lust, nonsense,

The Mallard

The Mallard
by Michael R. Burch

The mallard is a fellow
whose lips are long and yellow
with which he, honking, kisses
his bawdy, boisterous mistress;
my pond's their loud bordello!

Keywords/Tags: limerick, light poetry, light verse, nonsense verse, humor, humorous, animal, animals, nature, ducks, love, sex, desire, passion, Lothario, mistress, noise, copulation, doing it