Love Poems About Society or Society Love Poems
by Sandip Goswami |
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I asked to my father
Baba, What is life ?
He politely said to me, " Life is Duty . "

I asked to my mother
Maa, What is life ?
She said to me with smile, " Life is Responsibility . "

I asked to my teacher
Sir, What is life ?
He said to me with love, " Life is Education . "

I asked to my spiritual master
Gurujee, What is life ?
He said to me with confidence, " Life is Devotion . "

Today my son who reads in class nine
Asked me
Babai, What is life ?
I have said to him, " Dear, You are my life . "


( Father means BABA, BABAI and Mother means MAA in Bengali language .  Gurujjee means spiritual master in Indian society )

by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: allusion, angst, destiny, humanity, introspection, life, loneliness,

I Do Not Exist

I have been erased
no face
no name
Silence invades

I speak yet have no voice
no soul
no heart
Darkness I embrace

Invisible to the mirror
Into society I peer
no one sees
what does not exist

Asleep or awake
there is no existence to partake
Possessions collecting dust
While what does not exist rusts

Who am I, that never existed
That bleeds but never lived
Murdered by love
no matter

I do not exist

by John Watt |
Categories: bird, lonely, lost love,

Little Wren

Wren, wren, hungry wren,
what do you see today?
A lonely man with scraps of bread
he could have thrown away.

Wren, wren, little wren,
what do you see in me?
A smiling man who seeks out birds
for his society?

Wren, wren, with baby wren,
how do you treat your young?
You feed them well, as I once did
and teach them songs you've sung.

Wren, wren, there with your mate,
you ask me where's my love?
"She soars on higher breezes now,
the kind we both dream of".

Wren, wren, little wren,
what do you see in me?
A smiling man who seeks out birds
for his society?

written 24 Mar 2023

by Anne-Lise Andresen |
Categories: goodbye, history,

- Kiss Paper Goodbye -

An ocean of papers
         A collection of a lifetime
         It's not about love letter
         Documents and receipts
         Paper that has been yellowed
         from ancient times
         Dust dancing in the sunlight
         Everything has to be markuleres
         How many kilos
         Nobody knows
         A new generation
         Paperless society
         Computer world ~ thanks

     - A whole week with smiles, memories and tears - 

     18.08.2015 A-L Andresen :)
     Copyright © All Rights Reserved

by Isabella Lenniro |
Categories: addiction, boyfriend, break up, for him, heartbreak, high school, society,

The Day I Learned

The day I learned,
you were in love with
I cried.
The day I learned,
none of it was real,
I cried for weeks.
The day I learned,
you never loved me,
I wanted to die.
There must be an iota of feelings,
or you wouldn't have said I love you,
at least on the outside.

by Poesy Relish |
Categories: child, childhood, evil, loneliness, poverty, society,

Young Lambs In Poverty

In this dark and dreary world, the urchins forced to toil

Their  body bared and tarnished, gain little sleep and boil

Tiny hands and feets famished, no love they had meet

Like young lambs for slaughter, were they forced to cheat

Sold away by father, with no heart but only greed 
How my mind cries, watching this heinous deed

And sighs, its a discriminating fate unfair. 

© Nadiya (22 Jan '15)

*Won 4th place on 4 Feb 2015 in the contest 'Interlocking Rhyme' by Isiah Zerbst

by Afolabi Muideen |
Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, adventure, age, allegory, anger, anxiety, betrayal,


Cessation the love
Household has been scattered
When love lost

Humming in the community
Malicious gossip in the society
Disorder in the society
Degrading the society
Society has been scattered
When love lost

Humming in the state
Malevolent rumour in the state
As the day chameleon to night
Insomnia in state
Peace elude state
State has been scattered
When love lost

Mystery to nation
When    love    lost

Oh! It is a dream
Why do we stop loving
While love exist
Love is above all existent

by Carol Mays |
Categories: angst, relationship, sad love, social, society,

Broken Horses

We long for relationships
that know no borders,
in which hearts can roam free,
frolicking with each other,
and galloping at will
through fields and streams
in broad daylight,
and spontaneous affections
can nuzzle unrestrained.

Yet on our humble ranch,
it is the broken horses
that we so often ride.
Connections become curtailed
that once headed for the horizon,
by trial and error taught
to shield certain wounds
and mind necessary fences,
in many a peculiar pasture.

by Vivacious S614 |
Categories: hope, love, sad, society,

Wake Up Call For Humanity

standing in line
at the local grocery store. 

I stood there watching people
sighing impatiently and tapping their toes
while typing on their phones. 

I was next, elderly lady ahead 
was paying by check. 

I saw her tremble
as her fragile fingers penned
away her social security check. 

I reached over, held her hand. 

said my dear friend,
"this checks on me."

an experience never observed
in "self checkout."

by Julie Grenness |
Categories: husband, romance, romantic, society, wedding, wife,

Wedding Bell Blues

The tradition of marriage,
Bourgeois blackmail and baggage,
Is it all a bargain for men,
Is this what white weddings meant?
All the love that is lost,
And what is the ultimate cost?
A divorce court pizza,
Magistrate smirks like Mona Lisa,
Four corners, one for each,
Dog gets the crust, if it can reach,
Cats get the anchovies, 
Were white weddings all for phonies?
When is the revolution?
Blancmange brides for pollution,
Bridesmaids-Little Bo Peeps on crack,
Does society cut us some slack?

We joined the bourgeoisie,
All ends in tears and hypocrisy.

by Gary Dye |
Categories: analogy,

The Breakfast Club

Dr. Zhivago, 12 angry men  Valdez is coming Clear and Present danger Scent of a woman Armageddon Medicine Man

Top Gun the ninth gate Dangerous minds, Milk money wings of the dove
Cider house rules and shangi noon

The shadow  {knows} Bugsy the firm dangerous dogs Jack
Men of honor Quills WATERBOY
the way we were Dead Poets Society bird on a Wire 50 first dates
Never been kissed

gone with the wind Cactus flower Serpico The little mermaid
good will hunting  unstrung heros

The Labarinth Wizard of Oz Miracle on 34 th street

Beguiled the good the bad and the ugly High plains drifter
Love Story, 2001 a space Odyssey  16 candles
Pretty in Pink Star wars   The Robe...

by Laura Breidenthal |
Categories: change, innocence, power, sad, society, sorrow, strength,


"If I fell in love a thousand times, would it all make sense?" Sense - Tom Odell

Learn to say no, they said
Before you dwindle to dust
Till they drain all of your magic
In their selfish claws that constantly grab
The mouths that never pause
To listen to the cries of your heart

There is a small world I turn to
Where a small hope glistens
And in it, small me awaits

Break from your dungeons of dread
Give yourself some self-respect
Do not disappear in their needs
For they will grab you,
Devour you
Till the last crumb of you bleeds

January 21, 2016

by Fritz Crytzer |
Categories: death, happiness, philosophy, universe,

Sonnet: Elegy In Blank Verse


I wish I could find death before I grow
so I could miss life's pain and agony. 
A child can only feel and hear and see 
the universe with love and happiness.

A child does not fathom those cancered ills
that fog a twisted mass of foundered souls
nor understand the horrid self one needs
to govern and succeed in society.

Nor does it care; it only wants and needs
an unencumbered path to happiness,   
a guiltless trail to heavenly frolic;
a road that's lost when grown ones rule the world.

I wish I could find death before I grow
so I could miss life's pain and agony.

by Ettie Christian-Bowling |
Categories: society,

Where Is the Love

Ive indeed gotten older,
And i can feel the weight of this world on my shoulders.
Where is the Love?

A fellow neighbour has fallen down,
But no help for him will be found.
Where is the Love?

Little childern are dying,
No one is trying,
Where is the Love?
Our army men are dying,
And their mothers they are crying,
Where is the Love?

Thousands are on the street,
With not even shoes upon their feet.
Where is the Love?

Lives are being lost....
But at what cost?

by Nichole Schindewolf |
Categories: people,

I Love Because I Can

I love because I can.
In a society that embraces 
those who have, not those to 
I am still able to share this 
I walk down poverty lane happy 
with a rich heart. 	
My calloused hands are all I 
need to create my world.
My happiness.

by Arijit Bhattacharya |
Categories: abuse, betrayal, conflict, depression, evil, pain,

Naked Truth

~~~ Naked Truth ~~~
We often feel
The society is filled with
Love, affection, adoration and romance.
But, the flabbergasting naked truth is something
It is not the apparent.
The world is full of turmoils,
Even a son parents spoil.
Conceit and complacency are everywhere.
Faith and trust are nowhere.
People treat their child as a 'wishing well',
In spite of intimate blood relations,
They are not wishing well!
Everybody is masked,
Full of false vanity and hypocrisy,
The world is the devil's place
Full of brutality,
At stake is the friendship,
In danger is the love,
In danger is the humanity!!
All rights reserved

by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: food,

Loosening the Bible Belt

Bless your heart — Southern Sugah’
Pecan pies love clouds,
smothered and smothered in peaks
— fresh whipped cream, Darlin’
Sinful recipe — 
sweet lil’ hymn.


From Wikipedia: The Bible Belt is an informal region in the Southern United States in which socially conservative evangelical Protestantism plays a strong role in society and politics, and Christian church attendance across the denominations is generally higher than the nation's average.

by Punnia Viswan Bhatia |
Categories: love, spiritual,

You Are Love

Dark side of the existence this is 
A lovely side also there is 
Where there is only Love 
Selfless and unconditional Love 
Fearless you go of the mundane society 
For it's the mere reflection of your insecurity 
With Love and only Love, 
Life is all love 
You are a substance of a whole bunch of LOVE

by Kenneth Cheney |
Categories: culture, drug, how i feel, pollution, society,


I came from a place of bean pots and tea pots
I love my trusty three-decade old crock pot
One holer, two holer, three holer, four
Another kind of pot, if your keeping score
Clay pots and tin pots not related to pot shots
Pot belly stoves found in old country stores
Soup pots, flower pots and pot holes galore
Cast iron, copper, stainless and Teflon  
All make great pots and I could go on
Now there’s another pot staining our land
The stench of it all my nose can’t stand
It’s worse than a poop pot and I’m not a fan

by John Blake |
Categories: emotions, feelings, friendship love, how i feel, perspective, relationship, society,

A Difference

I see girls send each other cards and cake,
Condolences or hugs, the sweetest rhymes,
Given as free as breath, to share or take,
True friendship’s memories of happy times.
How much is meant or lied I cannot guess,
But when men wish for kisses, ears to hear
Our dreams and heal our grief with tenderness,
We fail in finding ways to bring us near.

I see girls send each other cards and cake,
Men don’t. The very most that men will do
Is mock or give strong words. It’s our mistake
To hope the same old ways may bring us through.

Men still believe in strength, coping alone,
Deluded that a heart is made of stone.

by Joseph Spence Sr |
Categories: devotion, faith, family, forgiveness, introspection, people, places,

His Testament (Sedoka)

Joseph His servant
Enslaved by those in the dark
A female falsely accused
Delivered by God
Displayed a heart of pure gold
True testament of God’s love

Comments:   One does not have to look too far in today's society to find a modern 
day Joseph. The Sedoka is an unrhymed poem made up of two three-line 
poems called a katauta with the following syllable counts: 5/7/7, 5/7/7.  A Sedoka, 
pair of katauta as a single poem, may address the same subject from differing 
perspectives.  The katauta is an unrhymed three-line poem with the following 
syllable counts: 5/7/7.  This Sedoka highlights Joseph, God’s noble servant and 

by Woodrow Lucas |
Categories: endurance, faith,

I'M Pushing

I’m Pushing
I’m Pushing,
I’m pushing into shadow bringing light,
Trapped in a prison of my own misgiving,,
I am living,
But every morning I wake up tired,
Because I am pushing,
Into a kingdom that awaits me,
Into a harmony that awaits my family,
Into a compassion that awaits my society,
I am pushing into shadow bringing light
Fighting with weapons of unconditional love,
Holding to the promise that by his stripes we are healed,
I’m pushing,
I’m tired, 
But I will win,
For there is a man who holds the victory in his hand,
And he gives it to me freely,
I’m pushing, 
And I will win,
Thank God!!

by Eric Wemerman |
Categories: deep, society,

A Virus

Just how it comes out in writing poetry.

An invisible virus grips our life
An invisible problem causing so much strife
A visible wear and tear on the mind
A visible wound to human kind.

A virus of rage, anger and despair
A virus in the mind, body and air.
A virus of the soul
A virus of control

A virus of lossed life
A virus of financial strife
A virus so small 
A virus so tall

A virus of love and care
Will cover the despair 
A virus of empathy in mind 
Will recover human kind.

by Joe Dimino |
Categories: evil, introspection, leadership, philosophy, political, wisdom, words,

The Ego of Democrats

What we create we have tendency
to love – even our failures – nurturing
children representing a nation's moral decline – 

Too often binding ourselves to the lesser
characteristics of human nature – ego
is a two-way street: it is the connective
tissue forming a cooperative society, while
also a path for degradation, presently
being trans-versed to divide and conquer
for Totalitarian Rule –

by Robert Lindley |
Categories: encouraging, freedom, independence day, philosophy, society, strength, truth,

Virtue Is More Than Mansion and Great Wealth

Virtue Is More Than Mansion And Great Wealth

If ones honor and word is not intact
What the hell ever else truly remains
Whenever ones word is considered fact
There exists no deep doubts no wicked stains.
Virtue is more than mansion and great wealth
It is the light, the truth, the commandment
So goes the truth, medicine for one health
When rights are guaranteed by government
Hold love and mercy to be way of life
Family a treasure its meant to be
Far, far more happiness instead of strife
Our nation a shining beacon from seas to sea

What does real freedom really, truly mean.
Is it far more than a mirrorlike sheen.

Robert J. Lindley, 6-13-2023