Love Poems About Slavery or Slavery Love Poems
by Buhagiar Victor |
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If I were a butterfly
would you love me more?
would you treat me delicately?
look deep into my core?
If I were a butterfly
would you let me land
on the tip of your finger
or let me play upon the sand?
If I were a butterfly
would you be gentle and nice?
breathe softly upon me
and kiss me lightly thrice?
If I were a butterfly,
alas I'd fly away
for staying with you, darling
there's quite a lot to pay.
If I were a butterfly
I'd rather my soul be free
Never tied to slavery
paying you too high a fee.
Yet if I were a butterfly
would you fly away with me?
Or always unfaithful, would you
fly away with a bumble bee?

by Matthew Anish |
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Another Day Before Nightfall

Pen to paper
So no tears today
Monday back to slavery 
I cast my out my lline
Hoping for a bite from a female fish
Do you not see what is meant by love ? 
Do you not see what is meant by peace?
Shalom is where its at, friends 

by Rixa White |
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For What's Worth Breathing

Look at me
I am the life in a wasteland

Look at me
I am the slavery through the ages

Look at me
I am the mirror of the world

Look at me
I am the illusion I’ve fought for

Look at me
I’m still loving you

and I keep being here

for you, for me,
and for what’s worth breathing

by Elijah Zmuda |
Categories: evil, fear, mystery, philosophy, slavery, symbolism, wisdom,

Mark of the Beast

Many worship created things;
Some have engraved images that are dreams.

Egytians worshiped the north star;
Just as indians sought many things from afar.

Reality is a fact from above;
Altered reality is a missonseption of true love.

Law and order keeps tle peace;
Chaos came from the Romans and the Greeks.

God created atoms of many kinds;
Elements from the ground formed mankind.

To worship oneself is to be blind;
Ifs the mark of the beast that's in their mind.

by The Situation |
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Part of my faith is Providence
Which means God meant it to be
Somewhere in the past
God had a plan for me
Slavery brought us freedom
From far across the sea
Persecution gave us liberty
To believe in the God we see
Prejudice gives us eyes
To see the mark of the beast
Breaking both commands
Where only two there be
Providence gives us faith
From which we finally see
God meant it from the beginning.
To show His love for you and me

by Mike Martin |
Categories: political, racism, slavery,

Death of a Legend

You’ve heard of eeny meanie
How he died a fitting death
He had more fame, it seems to me
Than Shakespeare or Macbeth

Held accountable he was
After capture and a bounty
For the sins Stephen Duncan
Boss of Issaquena County

Too bad for mister miney mo
He’ll have to pay the price
Out to the Mississippi Bridge
We’d love to hang him twice

Held to dangle by the toe
So that everyone would know
Said the slaven to the hangman
If he hollers let him go
Copyright © Mike Martin 2015

by Terry Burns |
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Where Does It All End

Idol Worship
Broken Promises
Where does it all end?
It ends Where Love begins.

by Jean Lars |
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Evil is fierce, always lying in lurk, 
Fighting Man's opportunity to sow, 
Infinite value, a souls greatest perk,
All of us need Love and freedom to grow.

The economy and democracy,
A tease in a tie or king with a crown,
The Goddess of truth as authority,
Love expands your mind, fear will shut it down.

Artificial walls, which cannot be seen,
Erected by the beast of many names, 
Keep your mind clear and let your heart stay keen,
Spirit will fly unrestricted by frames.

The Earth is our home and balance the key,
A sovereign man will truly be free.

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by Kishan Sharma |
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Love Connection

Love is you,my dear, you are mine,
My heart and heart are you mine.

You are only my every moment,
I know that you know it.

The love of both are tied together,
Mind you are mine and you are mine.

My luck and wealth are you mine.
You stay only in my heart,
Do you know how to know this?

Since birth is my birth,
 you have separated from me since then.

Just got to meet a little late,
We do not have any clue about it.

Love is you,my dear,
You are mine,
My heart and heart are you mine.

by Karen Ruff |
Categories: courage, freedom, future, god, patriotic,

We Will Not Comply

We Will Not Comply

I never thought I’d live to see the day
When children would be taught that God is dead,
The flag we love, someone would take away,
Or leaders in corruption share a bed.

It matters not to me who ridicules;
I am American, I will rebel.
I’ll keep my God, my guns, my right to use
Free speech the truth to tell.

We never thought to live in tyranny—
Just to stand for truth could mean your life;
We need to recognize we are not free—
We will not save our country without strife.

Will we rise and claim our liberty
Or take the lies and bow to slavery?

by Turrner Bodeen |
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Taming Flowers

there's not a flower
can't grow wild
thrive neglected and ignored
but how much better
some can do when caged
tied to stakes
and pruned
their buds collected
to encourage growth
the sun, the rain, the earth
and care and harvesting
no less important
to renew the bloom.

by J. I. Thomas F. |
Categories: humanity, love, power, slavery,

King of Hearts

Fools! They boast of flight and p'wr over minds.
My gift is greater by far, listen well:
For I have sovereign control o’er all kinds,
of hearts; Yea, I can cast the timeless spell.

And by this grace I bind unto myself,
ev’ry human being and all their strength. 
Do you know any greater form of wealth,
than a race that will drive to ev’ry length—

for you; because they love you, they will try,
to please you, they would sacrifice themselves,
or spend their lives toiling ‘neath the sky,
your hand can reach stars, to the core it delves!

A billion minds themselves for you command,
Matchless p’wr, brought by hearts caught in your hand. 

12 June 2016

by Abena Larteley |
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A More Reliable One

Unlocking enslaved brains
Breaking unbreakable chains
How enormous is his humongous Grace
We fail if we perceive success is by virtue of race

Many believe in science 
Others have faith in signs
Because of their own experiences 
And perhaps life's expectancies

But praise be to the one who created the sun
And gave us His Son
To him be the Glory
Who redeemed us from slavery 

It is He whom we ought to trust 
For woe unto us if we should rust
How glorious it is to continually hope in his promises
Than cling to life's vanities.

by Joanna Williams |
Categories: confusion, desire, discrimination, hate, judgement, love, sin,

The Crime of Love

Shall I suppress the hankering of love,
And behold one’s stifle whispering bare,
Or quench thy besmirch of venom thereof,
Or bedight thy fog, doer of despair?
Before perceiving wisdom of thy crime,
Judgement of thyself no question make,
When desires approach years of prime, 
Must respect and morals themselves forsake?
Though slavery gone captured we still be,
Yet must we all have thy person to blame?
Praise thy duets of similarity,
Forswear injustice and love all the same, 
          So even I not man still do yet swain
          For love alone must I wish to gain.

by Jagdish Bajantri |
Categories: addiction, career, dream, kiss,

Kisses For Slavery

Kisses for slavery 

Empire of sexy gesture beauty
 of hot sand smile on my words 
Que of guys line of magical sound 
drink of mango finish for the Mercy
 for slave on the behalf of my love
 to you give the hunt of silence storm
 by you I will be in a family who wants
 Mercy for slave please 
pay kisses for slavery princess 

With love all 
Jagdish bajantri

by Anil Deo |
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F a I T H


F: Forgiven to be forgiving
A: Anyone, everyone, especially family and neighbors, who wounded you and me
I: In the LORD’S Prayer, He ended with a final layer, truly getting by giving … forgiveness
T: The Civil War in the USA shows how healing starts, suasion of minds and hearts
H: History is strewn with nations whose notions of revenge trump love and God!

©Anil Deo 2017

by Edward Ibeh |
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Sojourner Truth

Abolitionist. Slave. Women's Rights Activist. Mother.   
Daughter of James and Elizabeth Baumfree. Wife of "Thomas", a slave
Lover of her five children, freedom, humanity, public speaking
Who feels passion, anger, and love for all people
Who fears injustice and the continuation of slavery
Who would love to see the emancipation of enslaved people
Who would love to see the end of slavery and inequality of human rights
Resident of Swartekill, New York, United States

Date written and posted: 03/12/2019

by George Zamalea |
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The Dutch Is My Father

When still a child
I learned that plantation colony was belonging 
to my father, the one who brought my mother 
from the Dutch East Indies,
and the one whom he loved full in rage.

I was a small Negro, beautiful, fat, and disabled,
helping her as far as the porch
along its edge where I now walk
what silence reigns among them!
I remember when slavery in Suriname was abolished
by the Netherlands in 1863, but my mother
was not fully released her love toward my father
until I grew as a star,
and  I remember, back there, in Paramaribo,

along the its outskirt where I now walk
what silence reigns among them!

Still I remember.

by Marie/Ismarili Gardener/Isreal |
Categories: black african american, time,

Heart Ache

Heart ach comes daily
No words are true
What you chice to believe
Is completely up to you
Love your life
Seek for the truth
Hold on to your youth
For it is not yours
It's all a demise
Lost in the hands of others
Before our own eyes
It's time to wake up
It's time to realize
That your stilling slavery
You are locked up
Your just asleep
Running with your eyes wide shut

by Mark J. Halliday |
Categories: conflict, death, fear, military, slavery, soldier, war,

Vultures Feed - a Quatern

Vultures Feed  (Quatern, 1 May 2014)

The vultures fed upon the plains
As one tribe enslaved another
All they left were the dry remains
Husbands, fathers, sons and brothers

Then came the vikings from the north.
The vultures fed upon the plains.
Knights died trying to prove their worth.
Bezerkers killed and terror reigns.

Europe's Napoleon campaigns
Echoed later by the Third Reich
The vultures fed upon the plains
And two Gulf Wars were much alike

Love will fail, the Moon will redden
Nuclear winter, poisoned rains
Prophecies of Armageddon
The vultures fed upon the plains

by Rosemarie Rowley |
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Postscript To a Passion


I was hoping you would prove me wrong -
Under the ship’s sides the barnacles still cling -
I would have thought you’d never sell our song
But true to typecast, summer mothering -

You, too, proved to be full of guile
To love meant having, which ever was the worst -
In the quiet of my trust, so deep, so fragile
I live down the purple passage of remorse.

I’d sing you happy but you were buffoon
To my trammelled wanderings a parody
Set stiff in coupled rhymes to swoon
With the ecstatic rhetoric of equality -

So passion plundered, what’s left is my disgrace
My jewelled head tortured in your embrace.


by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: blessing, brother, moon, morning, sister, slavery, truth,

The Climate Changes

Humanity has taken a chainsaw to the tree of life 
every tear came as a visitor as my eyes they drank 
from the well of the moon 
Somethings within memory last forever 
each thorn was love protecting the rose 
twilight of morning dew upon the grass
it's there a deadly silence enters the soul 
What good fruit comes from sin 
we have to submit to the Holy Spirit 
defending justice is a spiritual submission to the truth 
To do what's right and just rewiring our minds 
guarding it from the true nature of man

by Edward Ebbs |
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Believing In Life

My journey begins
from an angry seed
a heart starts beating
a rape victim
carries a child
my mother
embracing life
she taught me to love
not always easy
I did not want
to be just baggage
waiting for a smile
I love you mom
I am thankful 
you chose to keep me 
believing in life
deserves love 
deserves a chance

Edward J Ebbs- Feburary 19, 2017

by Curtis Johnson |
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Sin's Cure

Sin’s Cure
Curtis Johnson

Been around since the beginning of time
It’s older than Methuselah and all mankind

It has concern for neither your life nor mine
It’s often aggravated with a little mix of wine

It’s irresponsible for leaving destruction behind
It might strip us of food, shelter, and every dime

To be dislodged cost a pretty toll
It’s deep down into the human soul

It’s stronger than a wild bull
It’s desires are never full

It can be a mocker, 
and also a shocker

It may be as scarlet,
or red like crimson

It can become as wool,
or even whiter than snow

With a touch of The Carpenter’s blood,
love covers sin like an overflowing flood
cj09242016 PS

by Olise Egbune |
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America America

?America America

the beautiful land across the Atlantic

that once desolate land:

where like sardines in can; we were shipped

to labour with our blood and sweat.
oh America, the greatest

that distant land;

we’ve all accepted as home…

give us this day our liberty,

and forever remain blind to our colours, stretch forth your hands in love and embrace the beauty within.
America America…

my sweet America,

land of our heritage…

in God we trust;

and the dreams of our fathers we must keep alive.