Love Poems About Jobs or Jobs Love Poems
by Panagiota Romios |
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Maria Elena, My Daughter

Maria Elena

M-is for Motivated, that really is you.
A-is for Aliveness, all the year through.
R-is for religion,you are a lover of God"
   and shows in all that you do.
I-is for Integrity, that honest spark,
   that makes you,you.
A-is for the Alacrity'with which you get 
   jobs done.

E-is for Endurance in work, home and 
L-is for Love, which in reality, your
    name should be.
E-is for Eager at each task at hand.
N-is for National, a woman proud uniquely 
    proud of this land.
A-is for Attractive, your skin, eyes and body, 
   that set men reeling.

July 27, 2019
Noon PST

by Barbara Gorelick |
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Apologies To My Mother

I didn’t appreciate you enough;  I'm sorry, I didn’t know 
Difficult  times, raising us was so tough; I’m sorry I didn’t know
Little money, food in limited supply, yet you never complained
I didn’t notice  your hands were so rough; I’m sorry, I didn’t know
While working two jobs as well as keeping us all safe, fed and happy
You always seemed calm , never  harsh rebuffs; I’m sorry, I didn’t know
I don’t think you ever had  more than one dress or a new winter coat
We had more love than material stuff; I’m sorry I didn’t know
Jeanie now a mom herself and understands what it must have been like
When I speak of mother my voice gets gruff; I’m sorry, I didn’t know….

by Pat Adams |
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What They Do

Carpet layers have to be on the floor
Deep sea divers love to go down
Computer gamers can't seem to stop
Taxi drivers are all over town

A dentist will do it till it hurts
A sailor sure likes a big swell 
A hunter will do it with a bang
While a gymnast will dismount well

Lawyers reach into their briefs
A trash man holds on to his nose
Painters always use longer strokes
A ballerina stands on her toes

Salesmen have learned to use their mouth
While students try to use their head
The police will go on a big bust
And a maid always cleans the bed

by Cheryl Hoffman |
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Phases of Life

As small children we are wide eyed and innocent,
toddle after Mommy like baby elephants,
go to school to learn with our writing implement,
our parents hoping that we don't act indolent,

As teens upon graduation were confident,
some acting wild while others are reticent,
finding our jobs and falling in love relevant,
some marry while others act more dissident,

When we get old hopefully were still intimate,
thinking back on our lives with heartfelt sentiment,
being nice with people till death is imminent,
eulogy at funeral will be evidence.


by Hakeem Sotayo Aro |
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Moral Suasion

Fathers-in-spirit do not teach your congregations
Suicide, massacre, fallacy, bombs, and guns
But facts, piety, love, and peaceful co-existence.

Fathers-in-flesh do not teach your young ones
Neglect, war, begging, rum, and abortions
But care, peace, jobs, juice, and obedience.

Fathers-in-power do not inflate elections
Accumulate billions, dictate the pace, and obliterate our positions
But listen, agree, and act to what is being said by the Audience

Father-in-heaven allow our pleas to act in turns
For you are a witness to these burns
As we shall use these as lessons and evidence.

by Audrey Carey |
Categories: wedding

Our Lives

You sleep, I dream,
imagining tomorrow
and all the tomorrows,
of our life.

Will we have children,
change jobs,
buy a house in the suburbs, 
have outdoor barbeques?

Perhaps we'll stay in the city,
live in a loft.
decorate in bold colors
and ride our bikes to work.

You sleep, I dream,
imagining tomorrows,
and all the tomorrow
of our love.

by John Watt |
Categories: children, family, jobs, love, wife,

My Worth

My worth is not in what I own -
In real estate, or company,
Big car or boat, prized jewelry,
Investments that have grown.

My worth is not in what I do -
The job I work, or what I’m paid
Awards, promotions, deals I’ve made;
How nice the office view.

My worth is not in art I make -
A poem or melodious line,
A bridge or building I design,
Or photos that I take.

My worth exists externally –
In God, my wife, daughter and sons.
My worth is measured in the ones
I love and who love me.

by Nicholas Westerhausen |
Categories: faith, happiness, hope, life, love

The Gift of Love

My life, it is too short.
Not enough of my time can be spent here,
But I'll try my hardest
To complete my task.

Ignore the want and need,
Nothing should be sought after
Except for love.
Love is my task.

Keep away from war and harm.
To hurt is to be quite against my task.
Peace is important,
And reprieve is possible.

I can make reprieve.
It is my job to offer myself to others:
Whether to take jobs,
Or listen with love.

Whatever my task,
I will try to do it without question.
Everyone needs love,
And I want to give it.

by Elizabeth O'Driscoll |
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Nobody Is Born Bad

Nobody is born bad
Lack of love
Lack of compassion
Lack of education
Lack of jobs
And lack of care
Drives people to take desperate measures to survive

by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: history, life, love, nostalgia, people, political, war

Twentynet 1960s - Aka the 1960s a Changing World

Women's liberation
Bras burned
Girls were confused…excited!
Gloria Steinem central figure,
Speaks out.
Women shout.
Politicians doubt.
Equal Rights!
New thinking.  New songs.  New vocabulary.
Debating: Equal jobs for equal pay.
Strong women.
Many followers.
Surprisingly, numerous men quit opening doors.
Woodstock proclaims, “Make love, not war!”
Many soldiers die; "Vietnam Conflict" rages.
Soldiers come home, their world, changed.
War heroes were ignored.
Women worked untraditional jobs.
Many prayed.
Many died.

© May 25, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest:  MAGIC OF DECADE'S MOOD 	
Sponsored by: nette onclaud

by Jimmi Canada |
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Any slide of litany,

and random errant currency,

the sleeping,

the provision and providence,

and then ...

So then there's endangerment,

and the policemen-

then there's pinnacle's of the ages of indifference...

They said in a small circular figure that this is not our place,

when it really is the only thing we love,

as a whole,

our favorites draw us in close,

yet we don't provide them with much,


by Julie Grenness |
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A Manual For Brides

Here, I wrote a bridal guide,
A rule book for future brides,
No matter if you're fair, fat and wide,
 Or not, here's some dependable asides,
First, keep degrees and jobs up to date, 
With some mates you can't relate,
You never know when the rats will turn,
To being a doormat, is what to spurn,
Keep some getaway money set aside,
This is important in a bridal guide,
Always update your roadside assist,
Without that, car bingles can get you miffed,
Ditto home and car insurance too,
Note these well, I say to brides like you,
Never take drugs if to Bali you roam,
Then you definitely won't be coming home,
Herein,  I wrote a bridal guide,
My rule book for brides like you.......

by Jennifer Donnay |
Categories: abuse, addiction, anger, betrayal,

Why Did You Leave Me

I try to reach out to anyone who will listen, who will take my beaten up, tired, hand,
All I get is a turned back, dirty old looks, a hurtful laugh, I can't hold my tears back.
All I get is self doubt, self hatred, and poor hatred for those who love me but I don't believe them.

All I keep hearing is, "everyone has their own lives, kids, jobs, to deal with, well you know what? So do I, one has autism for God sakes. All my life I have been alone, nobody cares I guess, oh well never mind I'm done.

I just want to ask one more question, do you mind? 
Can I GO AWAY too? Because I'm done fighting, I've got Nothing Left!!

by Jerry Wells |
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B28-P9-Toss and Turn At Night








by Jimmi Canada |
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I wanted your life-

I have seen it like the evening star points the drifty sands away from all deserts,

where magnificent protection is an aura I am in fully capacity within-

the storm of dreams,

the delivery,

and endimony,
my new child.

by Sarah Critch |
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“M” is for all the material things she gave me
“O” means only she sees the real me
“T” is for tears she shed
“H” is for heartfelt words in time of need
“E” is for her emerald eyes, filled with love so indestructible;
“R” is for her remarkable perseverance when the going gets tough
Put them all together; it spells 
A job that has so much devotion, and evolvement is the hardest jobs of them all.

by Marquis Mc Mills-Cooper |
Categories: hope, poverty, sad,


The neglected,
feeding off the
coldness handed
to them

Having no where
to go,
Their future so

Watching, all of
the people unknown

Hurrying to their
jobs, then hustling
on home

Their lives,
filled with sorrow
and mistakes

Memories of
their love ones,
what joy that

A joy that
can keep them
warm in the cold

Their memories
so priceless,
more precious
than gold

These people
didn’t ask for
the lifestyles
they live

Their spirits
fast fading
what pain that
it gives

They hope
that somewhere,
out there exist

A solution for
the problem,
A place for the

Written in Queens, New York -Circa 1993

by Reason A. Poteet |
Categories: jobs, love, self,

Loving Oneself

What of loving oneself?
Ponder three allusions
and think through self-love...
Thou shall not kill ever,
don't take what is not yours, 
neither should you deceive.

So say I to you -
you, workaholics -
Don't put your own life
in the grave working
eighty-hour work weeks.

Don't rob yourself
of the pleasure
of true success -
a job well done.

Hear me out!
never lie
to yourself



by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: blessing,

Steve Jobs

Simple works best to suit each face,
Thrill fond delight in easy steps;
Embark fine quest as ideas pace,
Value greets sight where good feel maps;
Enthuse the crowd with measured talk.
Jumpstart the need for great design,
Observe the proud as gains brave walk;
Boom firms the speed finesse aligns,
Set a sure pace for form and feel.
Apply the art of keen insight,
Poise charms the trace of tact and will,
Proof with sure heart the craft most bright;
Love frames meaning in gadgets sound,
Employ grand things where use astounds.

Leon Enriquez
04 May 2015

by Dayana Dikanbayeva |
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Listen To Sounds

Team work it is, it owns everything
You own teamwork too, you do.
Create a jam, a movie, and an image
Do think of it, as something useful 
It might create a global common
It might be heard by integration 
 Please get the inspiration
It needs you 
She needs you

Change the habit of today 
Mother earth wont fear
What in need of soil crops
Will make us loose more jobs
Nothing bad to fear
Something good for real

Use the knowledge that you’ve got
Something good at least from past
Use the good effects of it 
Don’t over think
Don’t Exaggerate
It’s right in front of you
 Do work for love
Not hate.

by Bernard Barclay |
Categories: christian, community, forgiveness, religious, wisdom,

Thou Shalt Not Kill

People claim 
to follow God 
To follow Allah
Moses went up onto 
the Mountain 
and came back 
with the ten commandments 
Thou shalt not kill
Christian's  claim to follow God
Thou shalt not kill
America claims to follow God
Thou shalt not kill
Palestinians claim follow God
Israelis claim to follow God
religious cults claim to follow God
thou shalt not kill
to follow God 
we must live at peace 
love thy neighbour as thy self 
war destroys the jobs
that feed our children
creating poverty
and starvation
to follow God
create peace
with every

by Ashley Chanel |
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My Public Resume

Here's my public resume
For all the world to see
But first, I'll introduce myself,
My name is Ashley

I'm an art school dropout,
I don't have a degree;
But I'm a diligent hard-worker
Try not to judge me

I attended Columbia College,
As well as SAIC;
Oh yeah, plus St. Xavier
And Roosevelt University

I transferred schools a bit
Excuse my curiosity,
I pray my indecision
Won't impact my credibility

I was once a journalism major
I can write about anything
My other interests include fashion,
I can also dance and sing

Feel free to get in contact
For business inquiries
I hope this impressed you,
I would love if you hired me ;)

by Dan Keir |
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There’s comfort in conformity,
The dry herd steps forward to give 
Filed sighs, an enormity
Of purpose, peppered like a sieve
With empty space, paraded fast
Through love and loss, to lie and live,
Splaying bones to yawn death at last,
Our time to pass, we won’t forgive.

by Ria April Avalon |
Categories: life, satire

******** Queen

She wore silver-golden rings,
She drove the newest Ferrari,
She was so incredibly scary
That stuff from the labeled glam bliss
Would still never help.
Yet he paid for this.
They said they were so in love!
He loved her blow jobs with eyes closed
As much as to hear her boast
Her f--- was the best on the Earth.
Asylums of ****
Would pay for them both.
She had sex and dough in her life,
She called it a trifle of dwelling.
However, she passed her excelling
Blow skills to lame-practised mate whores.
Why didn't he guess
She just wanted more?

by Reason A. Poteet |
Categories: husband, love, trust, wife,

I Can Trust Your Heart

I can trust your heart, You're a promise come true We’ve kept our vows – love me as I love you. You leave for work; at home I have jobs to do. I know you will come again without delay to lighten up my weary, dreary day. I can trust your heart, it brightens shades of blue. I do not doubt that when problems we pursue, together we can solve them straightaway. I am not afraid our love, stronger than Fort Knox our word is worth more than gold I can trust your heart for trust that’s shared is sheer joy. Love me because I love you.