Love Poems About Rhyme Royal or Rhyme Royal Love Poems
by Andrea Dietrich |
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My Love

My love is gone, but he has not gone far.
I see his golden locks in waves of wheat,
the blaze of his blue eyes in each bright star;
in dewy blooms of red, his lips so sweet;
his smile in morning sun I rise to greet.
Oh, whether it be day or night, I swear
I see my wondrous lover everywhere!

His scent is with me too, for I inhale
him as I walk through woods of tall pine trees.
I taste him in fresh rain, and I can tell
that he is near me when a summer breeze
caresses me; my mind can be at ease!
For though he’s gone, I know my love will be
In beauty evermore surrounding me.

by Solita Reed |
Categories: love, visionary, me,


If you were to come to me Wow
In sight unseen before now
No longer just a vision of your smile

I would want to walk right up and
 wrap my arms around you

Sigh and say ....
"Finally my life is complete"
I prayed that before heaven 
      we would meet

" I've Always Loved You 
    my precious soulmate"
You are my fate...

Oh your lips look so sweet
then you would sweep me off of my feet.

Solita R. Edge-Reed

by John Hamilton |
Categories: absence, change, love hurts, missing you, relationship,

Autumn's Desires

Autumn's desires

Your amber-umber eyes, penetrate me
as saffron sun sets on faces, ashen
Your suspicious mind raves with jealousy
as pumpkin winds chill our summers passion
your love transitions to winter's fashion.

Fire and ice keep flowing through your bold veins
Wild imaginations portend cold rains.

I dream of your ruby-red crimson lips
my mind won't rest until you have returned
the  touches from your ginger fingertips
we can rebuild the bridges that have burned,
then, we will laugh at all the lessons learned

I think of your flowing cinnamon hair
mem'ries of our home, and you being there.

John Derek Hamilton
September 16,2017

by Daniel Cheeseman |
Categories: passionlonging, love, me, sensual,


Fill my night with your smile
Lay my side and rest a while
Press your flesh close to mine
And let me sip of love divine

Planting kisses on your breast
Of honey and starlight blessed
Tongue to trail that velvet skin
And release desire deep within

Pore to pore in sensual flow
In rhythmic moves feel aglow
Let inhibitions  leave the soul
Free passion, make me whole

Take this kiss from asking lips
Take my love in longing sips
Take this nectar from my loin
Take the fire as we join

Amidst the stars the word it spreads
Loves sweet odour will fill our heads
An angels chorus to fill the heart
A love profound and never part

by John Streeter |
Categories: lovelife,

Dream of Rapture

Dreams are implemented by the conscience of memory. The spirit of long
lost past, often opens your mind to reminisce life history. For life teaches us
something new everyday, "but that's O'K, cause sometimes we needed it
anyway". Dreams are sometimes good, sometimes bad, for there's always
hope; Always Dream.
My Dreams are about strength-the Eagle is supreme! for he soar's to the highes
of all to prove its strength. I'm caught up in Rapture, of a Peaceful Dream!...
Close our eye's, Our lips are on fire; Dreams of love, dreams of Rapture &
Now my love, lay your head on my pillow, close your eye's and "Dream". See
us naked in the Meadow!.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: fairy,

The Garden Fairy

The garden fairy is brilliantly aglow
From deep within comes her all-knowing light
Her sparkly silver wings are quite the show
At first I have a tiny bit of a fright
Perhaps as it is a deeply ominous night
Immediately garden fairy surrounds me with fairy love
Proving she has been sent by our God from above.

by Richard Palmer |
Categories: funny, happiness, history,


Always find things to laugh about,
Laughing makes us stress free,
Nice things are not always, the first that we see,
So lots of time,we tap into great memories,
Remember when you fell from your bike or a tree,
Got bit by a bee or bullied by Tommy,
Running to the house,screaming daddy or mommy,
Sorry my child,a comforting hug,
Soothing the pain,with parents love,
They ruffled your hair a pat on the back,
Got it dressed and then a snack,
Now smile or laugh at the thought,
How sad things of the past,now makes us laugh.....

by Amit Dhiman |
Categories: corruption,

Corruption Free India

India is incredible country, 
India   is   my   country, 

Believing on religion, 
but doing corruption, 
don't take action, 
against the corruption, 

India is incredible country, 
India   is   my   country, 

Politicians pollute the country, 
cannot take care of country, 
please corruption-free my country, 
because I love my country, 

India is incredible country, 
India   is   my   country, 

If we want India corruption-free, 
we've to be a big united tree, 
then & only I, you & we're free, 
then & only then India is corruption-free, 

India is incredible country, 
India   is   my   country.

by Shereeen Esther J |
Categories: beautiful, beauty,

You Are My Strength

You are my strength

I need you in times of trouble
for I find strength in all my struggle,
hold me tight with all your might 
for you are my breath and sight .

Find me in the midst of all my storm
to take me and make me your home,
You are the place I long for 
without you I cannot go .

You seem so far in my eyes 
I long to be with you come and rise ,
when would I see you my love
be there some how.

by Esther J

by Nancy Jones |
Categories: death, eulogy, family,

My Uncle Died Today

My uncle died today
I don't know what to say
He was my fave.

Full of vim and vigor
Didn't need gun and a trigger
To have his say.

Slightly misogynist
But ain't the best of us
Flawed in some way?

I'll miss Abbott.
Has been my habit
To love him every single day.

by Michael Jordan |
Categories: devotion, love, wife

My Devotion

Devotion is a very special word to me
All of mine belongs to my wife
She is my very soul you see
The forever-true love of my life
She removed all my pain and strife
Speaking on devotion all I can say
She is my every second of everyday

For Trudy's contest

by Jagdish Bajantri |
Categories: art, beautiful, beauty, fashion, romantic,

Nose Ring

Nose Ring

  Shine of our love,
  Plain of Liquid
  Cold of Mountains
  Glass of transparency
  Mould of Nature
  Beauty of Tamil
  Breeze of breath
  Body of Art in you
  Strength of electricity
  Circle of full moon
  Fashion & Style of a woman

  Your nose Ring
  Your nose Ring 

 With love all
 Jagdish Bajantri

by Paula Swanson |
Categories: faith,

Rise Above

Wipe away acrid tears of yesterday, unchain the unforgiving guilt inside. Listen, for a moment, to what I say. You must, to yourself, open your heart wide. Allow His lasting love to be your guide, flounder not in the sea of broken souls. Rise above. Feel His love. Heal, become whole.
Paula Swanson For the contest: Rhyme Royal Sponsored by Dr. Ram

by Kelvin Gathiru |
Categories: age, anniversary, celebration, crush, cute love, happy birthday, june,

Happy Birthday To Me

A fresh new birth has come again,
I still have got more in life to gain,
Memories of joy filled in my brain,
Been through downs 'n' mountain,
But I deserve happiness not pain.

It's yet another birthday without a wife,
To lift me up to the heights of joyful life,
Sitting down while holding my penknife,
Always busy thinking about my afterlife,
With less time to spend on my social life.

Can't believe that today is my birthday,
I have set date nineteen as my holiday,
Feels like a weekend but its a weekday,
Maybe  because a star sparkled today,
Being born in the month of June not May.


by Shola Ayanleye |
Categories: anger, betrayal, care, children, happiness, heartbreak, heartbroken, hope, love, poetry,

Don'T Worry, Be Happy


The euphoria of sorrow gathered momentum;
Anticipating the arrival of the streamlines,
No holds barred for imminent tears
Turning a happy face to a nightmare 

An iconic ace  control of its beat;
Pounding hard to beat the hit
Leaving medulla to works at its peak
Comporting the body from losing its ease

The agony of sorrow may weaken the ego;
Even nerves could only manage to control,
When the brain is restive and all alone
For inability to calm the body to compose 

The dept of love comfort the mind of sorrow;
Making mankind give and not borrow
Even when there is no hope tomorrow
Loving thy neighbour dearly to bone marrow;

by Gary Bateman |
Categories: allegory, emotions, feelings, love, metaphor, passion, romance,

Sentiments of Love

Sentiments of Love

Our passion defines two loves now as one, 
And what we share now is life’s great treasure!  
Our emotions My Love burn hotter than any sun, 
Ensuring that our rapture as two is such a pleasure, 
And that a love so grand is truly beyond any measure!  
When we stroll together—and talk, embrace, and kiss; 
It’s like being in Heaven—something never to miss! 

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved,  
May 9, 2015 (Rhyme Royal)

*Originally released in my new book of February 19, 2015.

by ... Gigno |
Categories: lost love,

Faded Line

Looking back at a time
I envisioned you were mine
And now that I can see
I was viewing things blind 
Never did I read signs
I had not reasoning to spy
We were sadly drifting
Outside of that faded line
I know to have met you
Was something truly divine
For the life we let go
Never known until we tried

by Regina Mcintosh |
Categories: love,

His Love - I'M a 7

Like a gentle poem, he whispers against my skin Loving, warming thoughts of hopeful expressions Making me feel alive again, filled up within The yearnings for his touch actually chastens Touching me with scents of jasmines Piercing my skin with a sense of pure affections Awakening the joy inside that always destines I’m a 7 Birthday: 11-20-1965

by Joseph May |
Categories: peace,

Make Love, Not War

Make love not war
Keep peace on the radar
The generation of the 60's did define 
Free love,    and the peace sign 

People today are still seeking peace 
But governments seem only to want war 
As tear gas and bullets they release 
To maim kill and scar 

Peace appears to be a distant dream 
As those in power plot and scheme 
Shooting their missiles from afar 
They should learn to make love, not war!

by Emenaha Godwin Holiday |
Categories: age, anniversary, february, happy birthday, holiday, i love you, me,

It's My Birthday

The mind cannot grasp its beauty's
even though it count the colour's
just like rainbows _ pretty's
the heart accepts its glamour's

your heart accepts its glamour's
till the sky falls from the heavens
a conundrum so candour
with tears from the eyes of a raven

adding radiance to life's breath
saying goodbye to hurt and lust
love that is stronger than death
calls us back _ when we're lost.

by Tammy Snyder |
Categories: beautiful, devotion, fantasy, feelings, fire, nostalgia, visionary,

A Warm Heart

A warm heart, yet…

It sizzles with anxiety

And melts away emotions

That still linger on.

A sincere heart, yet…

 It chokes with evasiveness

And chars  every feeling

That flickers with hope

A bleeding heart, yet…

One sleeve is left exposed

And burns with desire

To escape all flames

A singed heart, yet…

It smokes it’s own desire

And reasons with love

That flares without control

Tammy Snyder

by Sofia Ra |
Categories: deep, destiny, for her, life, lonely, pain, time,

Wandering In Life

Lost in the turbulent waves of life
Crashing down on her soul
Perpetual sadness continues
To wash over losing control

Insatiable craving for love
Seems impossible to fill
Any form of attention 
Gives her a temporary thrill

Inflicting self destruction
Is her only form of control
So many of her secrets untold

Whispers of the past
Remind what she wants to forget
Blurs of memories play incessantly
Which Happen to only be regrets

Wondering if she can ever find resolution
And piece within get shattered heart
She wanders the world
Looking for any form of a start

by Aron Jacob |
Categories: flower, love, nature, romance, song,

Hearts and Flowers - Romanticism In Rime Royal

If roses alabaster white e'er deign
To cast in crystal eyes one purposed song,
Dare tenderly to grasp the bluest vein
O, golden tears, a reddened heart ere long.
For blown, a wind of breath, whisked far along
Does shimmer in all time stood silent--still,
And by the lunar light, a broken will.

Come morning, to the rose in bed, love spoke
A cantillation voiced in bluebird tongue
How doth thy petals rise with blood of oak?
How dost thy stem ascend the fairest rung?
On heights o' heaven hast the soul been hung
For all, for all, to bare no droplet spared
O Life, in alabaster love repaired.

- Aron Jacob

by Ayo Okpaku |
Categories: lovelove,

The Poetic Arithmetic

I fear i woyld always be
the lonely number like root three
if there is all thats good and right
why should my three be out of sight
Beneath a vicious square root sign
i wishi were the number nine
cos nine could cause a single trick
with just one simple arithmetic
i know i'll never see the sun
as 1.7321

such as my reality
more to my irretionality
our love would always smooth-sailby
together now we multiply
From a number we oprefer
rejiocing like an integer
We break free from moral bonds
and with the wave of magic wonds
our square root signs are all so good 
and love for me is being renewed.

by Carma Sanderson |
Categories: love

Bed of Roses

Bed Of Roses

Your face, i awake, Each day,  
warms my blood, with true 
bliss, our love is, the reason I 
get up, to shine on the pages of 
your chest, I lye tightly 
breasted, because you are my 
star, that never dims the eye, 
where it all becomes so clear, 
that I can't live without, you...
Come dear, let me embrace, 
closeness of bodies, dream, 
A heated passion, soaks the 
Beat gently in your bed of 
roses, I will resume forever...

Carma Reed