Love Poems About High School or High School Love Poems
by Craig Sipe |
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Her Wuthering Letters

You get to a point where 
you can’t read them anymore
and consider yourself a grown-up.

But it wasn’t until I was fifty-two 
that I threw them away. 

How long could they hide
in a high school brief case
next to a box of sweaters 
in the attic?

So…into the Dumpster Doodle-Doo 
they went: her Wuthering epistles, 
and my Heathcliff’s angst

Risen to the “beep beep beep” 
of a trash trawler’s chaw.

By then she was a preacher’s wife
in Pennsylvania, and I was running

Manufacturing trades for a defense 
plant in Rhode Island,
a job for which I was 
wholly unsuited

They were two new skins 
for the both of us 
only one of which
had been redeemed.

by Isabella Lenniro |
Categories: addiction, boyfriend, break up, for him, heartbreak, high school, society,

The Day I Learned

The day I learned,
you were in love with
I cried.
The day I learned,
none of it was real,
I cried for weeks.
The day I learned,
you never loved me,
I wanted to die.
There must be an iota of feelings,
or you wouldn't have said I love you,
at least on the outside.

by Kennedy Lea |
Categories: care, celebration, child, courage, emotions, feelings, first love, for her, for him, girl, girlfriend, growth, high school, how i feel, i love you, kiss, love,

Shortest Love Story

Our elbows collided, 
'cause my desk is wrong-sided.
Made for a lefty, 
When I write
with my right.

by Stefani Nicole Jeppesen |
Categories: depression, grief, high school, loss, pain,

The Broken Ones

A light turned dark and gloom
Needing help but was invisible
Buried in the shadows 
Dark thoughts consuming
A mission brought upon them
Soon to be completed

Warning signs not to be seen
Being warned but not knowing
Unsuspecting they fell
Into the traps of the dark
Bringing panic upon them
Tried to flee but failing

Terrified but united they stand together
They helped and supported one another
United till the end, but not to forget
Love the broken ones

by Hgarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: death, life, love, high school,

Death - Reborn - Balassi Stanza

As I take my last breath
The pathway to my death
Is the Arc of a Rainbow

In Darkness, unforeseen 
With a Soul, so unclean
As a Raven’s or a Crow

I can feel this new Life
Sounds of bagpipes and fife
An Eternity, to Grow 

Inspired by Dr. Ram Mehta’s Contest
              “ Balassi Stanza “

Author’s Note : Dr. Ram has Taught me more English
Than my Jr. & Sr. High School Teachers : Combined

by Christopher Grieves |
Categories: anti bullying, dedication, for teens, friend, friendship, friendship love, high school, missing you, teenage,

Tea For Two - ::new audio::

Take us just as we are;
The rough and the smooth.
Accepted and loved.
With nothing to prove.

Need us too;
Or that's what we hope.
Ask yourself this:
Are you sick, phat or dope?

Gather together in twos, threes or fours.
Uplifting each other.
House and hearts;
Open doors.

Share the mountainous journey,
the struggles, the views.
Friends are honest and patient.
All colours. 
All hues.

Whoever they are, whatever they're like;
Be they short, wide or lanky,
called Steph, Steve or Mike..
We should give as we take
and be present, for sure.. our friends are forever.
And maybe.. some more.

by Paula Goldsmith |
Categories: dad, daughter, love, school,

Awaken For School

awaken for school-dad is there with hot coffee

Date Written: 2/26/2021
Note: In junior high and high school my dad would wake me up each school day with a hot cup of coffee. A dad's loving touch.

1 Place                                                                                
Without Saying I LOVE YOU Contest Judged:3/3/2021                                                          Sponsored by: JCB Brul

by Simran Mendon |
Categories: 10th grade, cute love, desire, high school, imagery, soulmate, urdu,

A Night's Call

it is five a.m and his voice is a hymn i composed to honour my body. 
his history is now mine, and I have sewn myself to his favourite memory. 
his baritone is cinnamon flavoured - the words, crushed blueberries he has plucked out of the garden of his skin and from which I will make the most insatiable type of wine. 
the smoke billowing from his mouth is my scent - the ittar I adorn my name with, 
and this phone is the bridge between our beds - the miles that separate our worlds, 
he asks me if I know how long it takes to fall in love. 
Just long enough for him to say hello.

by Freddie Robinson Jr. |
Categories: fun, girlfriend, love,

New Girl

Lemmie Jimmie is a playa!
Look at him smiling,
walking with his new girl
Why are the other pigtails all hating 
on LJ being so happy ... 
‘cause he caught the eye of the new girl
Watch Leonard James
affectionately always playing
with his favorite new baby girl
He a playa for sho’ ... 
his high school sweetheart wife
oughta know

by Whitney Cooley |
Categories: baby, blessing, boyfriend, family, love, marriage, school,

Life After High School

Life after High-School is gonna be tough
I will do what i can to get employed
Even though it may be a little rough
and I'm sure it will make me paranoid
I will then ask my girl to marry me
We will have a nice house and nice yard
It will be rough. Yes! I guarantee
But i will have her there when things get hard
Nine months go by there is a little boy
I hope that time doesn't fly by too fast
He will be my little bundle of joy
Before we knew it the time flew on past
Hes in college, its just me and my mate
So, life out of high-school i just can't wait.

by Sherif Goda |
Categories: goodbye, school,

A Farewell To High School

What a sad moment to say goodbye?!
And spread our wings so as to fly
Leaving lovely school days away
And tracing our paths in the life way

I will miss you with smiling faces
who draw smiles in school places
I will miss you the shining sky
That with knowledge makes me high

True we may go in multi- ways
But all my life you will be my rays
Forever we'll be as one tie
Never your love in my heart shall die

We may be like fallen leaves
But our stem firm and never cleaves
We will collect drops of morning dew
And warm our minds with learning too

We will join high education 
Then we can develop our nation
We will raise it in the world high
And its progress no one can deny

by Thomas Martin |
Categories: cute love, funny, hyperbole, school,

Ice Skating

I skate
with date

not ready

cling rail
would bail

my maid

would skate

leave rail
act male

fall down
I frown

but she
helps me

cling arm
no harm

we skate
up late

let go
oh no!

spill cup
helps up

red face
no race

to rail
still male

take home
not nome


high school
now fool

by Robert Heemstra |
Categories: baseball, life,

My Baseball Glove

my Macgregor glove
my other true love

for so many years
taken away fears

you made me a some-body
no longer a no-body

through high school and the navy
when my life wasn't gravy

after the divorce
life took a new course

but then it got worse
another divorce

after the first one
realized you were gone

the catches we made
I will never trade

thanks for playing ball with me
I knew had to set you free

by Jimmy Qin |
Categories: child, education, high school, math,

A Student's Work

Occupations are not 
all useful, like when Sisyphus rolls
and nobody cares. Even Camus
can’t justify my love
of quantum or calculus, when it’s burn-lonely
rolling out the integrals: I integrate
myself into a human
-ist Existentialist here’s the point -ist
theory of why I am why I am
and when I differentiate my parents 
chide me. I gather the pieces again.

by Joshua Lacey |
Categories: inspirational, introspection, life, school, me, me, school, middle school, high school,

Not Perfect But Acceptable!

My younger years - I don't know how
At six and seven folks had a cow!

The journey through the mind begins
Do not think the devil wins!

In middle school has a crash
Doing some things rather rash!

In high school had good grades
Then they dropped - almost like Hades!

Drove and walked many a mile
Just to see myself and smile!

God rescued me and set me free
From a thing called apathy!

Love God's plan - it makes me smile
To think of things that are worthwile!

I might have had to just stop college
But in experience have great knowledge!

Born to help others - don't you see?
I think it is reality!

by Elissa Quigley |
Categories: anniversary, blessing, celebration, dedication, heart, high school, love,

Proud Third Wheel

See them hand in hand,
Together they shine brightly
Smiles on both faces
So sweet and caring to me,
Who could ever wish them apart?

Boy asks for gift help,
Girl  matches my craziness,
Perfect for eachother,
An adorable couple,
Hopes and expectations rise.

Gazing gleefully,
Into another's  bright eyes,
Example of love,
Now forever together,
May your paths stay bound as one.

by Christian Guild |
Categories: conflict, high school,

High School Life

“You’re a foot fairy” they say to me.
“You’re a band geek” they mock at me.
“You’re a Jesus freak” they bash on me.

What can I do to gain their love? 
Hatred toward everything I do! 
When will this pass? 
High school needs to die.

“Poetry is for fags” they tell me.
“Man whore” they call me.
“Nerd” they laugh at me.

Why do they do this? 
Discrimination flowing through their blood.
What will stop them? 
High school needs to die.

by Honestly J.T. |
Categories: adventure, care, courage, desire, devotion, emotions, faith, feelings, for her, freedom, girlfriend, happiness, happy, heart, high school, hope, how i feel, journey, joy, life, longing, love, me, memory, passion, philosophy, poetry, relationship, romantic, summer, sweet, teen, teenage, truth, valentines day, wedding, woman, youth,

For Always

Every moment I can't see your face;
These are the days and nights when I miss you.
I ask that you stay for always,
On sunny days and when it rains too.

If I speak to another pretty dame,
She's not the flame inside that grows.
In my heart you will remain;
This one thing I'd like you to know.

©2013 Honestly JT
For Skat -Love's "Under 10" Poetry Contest

by K.M. Braxton |
Categories: funny, high school, hilarious, love,

Pole Catching

Sitting there so beautifully-
the one who had stolen my heart from me.
I walked right by to catch his eye,
but caught a pole instead.

by H.Y. Fu |
Categories: confidence, future, girl, high school, life, youth,

Sweet Sixteen

We are young
Love to sing the red maple’s sorrow
Love to ask why people are so busy
Love teasing merchants as they crazily whooped 
Sometimes we see sparrow’s head overturned
We will laugh all day long

Life is dancing with the cloud and moon
Poetry is the vintage
Drunk together with sunset
The days passed, nonsense with reveries 

The old prophet read my palm prints
He saw a great success in my future
But, what if it lost its tune, just like a song
No more applause and I will be totally alone

by Carlos Kipkoech |
Categories: crazy, earth day, funny love, high school, silly, student, sweet,

Why I Fail In English

Ten minutes past time she enters,
She's too beautiful to be a teacher,
Her favorite short skirt exposes her thick thighs,
Lips red and pouting, she's a killer,
Right away my concentration flees,
Her and me far away at planet Jupiter,
With a bungalow and two exuberant kids,
I just wedded my teacher at Jupiter,
And it's Only within fifteen minutes,
Don't worry,Maybe we'll fix and visit earth later,
Bell rings,and she ends,
Only to notice,I didn't even open my locker,
Am back to Earth,not with her,but with several boys.

by Stephen Barry |
Categories: celebration, childhood, desire, hello, high school, longing, love,

Text Poems

Text Poem #1-afternoon

Park bike ride Random
Puppy Playdate creek
Romp with young Hippy
kid with boxer and California
hash crisp fall breathe
Dappled sunlight
Sherwood Forest

Text Poem #2-midnight

October full moon wheeling
Search for werewolves in the mire.
Tell a tale at Robin Hood’s fire.
Make a left at Sycamore pool.
At the door for a Dollar;
I’m a disco fool…

Text Poem #3

English grad
Council meeting
Turned into Irish
Fesh banshee 
Pub Scout weed
Debates unknown
Live rock n roll still

Text Poem #4

129-minute hellos
Where you been’s
And how’d it goes
So much time
so much space
soon  remedied
face to face

by Liz Engel |
Categories: analogy, anxiety, education, encouraging, for teens, high school, power,


words, structure, voice, ring 
compel, rigor, empower
sharp, shape, decide, noise
tracks, choices, streams, tasks
insight, dreams, feelings, contact
competence, level

schedule, assignments
deadlines, fear, drafts, concepts
chance, dare, divulge, honesty

pressure, self-imposed
restrictions, dedication
serious, static

life, love, liberty
social, ethics, compassion
morality, judicial

by Carlyn Parent |
Categories: loveschool, heart, body, heart, school, middle school, high school,

First and Only

First and Only
by Carlyn Parent

My heart tingles around the boy
in our middle school hallway,
inducing my body to a pleasant numbness.

My words stutter 
the first time we innocently speak.
Time stops
when his soft, thin lips passionately meet mine. 

Surely this is just puppy love…

My heart tingles around the young man
in our high school hallway,
inducing my body to a pleasant numbness. 

My lips waver 
when he smiles my direction. 
My legs weaken
when our blue eyes connect.

He is my first love.

by Boipelo Mo |
Categories: high school, image, psychological, teenage,

Self Image

The mirror is her worst enemy
Yet she looks at it everyday
The magazines girl so skinny
She wishes,starves and runs her weight down

Should she be this way?
Should she hate the mirror?
Why can't the mirror be her best friend?
She was told she's too fat
Loose weight,get taller wear make up

She was once a happy little girl
Until her smile was taken away
She now feels unwanted
And she doesn't know love
Her self esteem has reached her breaking point
And suicide was a choice she made