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by Richard Palmer |
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Jamaica Nuff Love

Beautiful Jamaica,land of my birth,
This little dot,specially prepared by Mama Earth,
World best seasoning,grown by our dirt,
And the Jamaican Rum,bad nuh blouse and skirt,
Beautiful Jamaica,land so sweet,
A formal dinner or a party in the street,
Our vibes,our style so unique,
Our warmth,our culture,no other can beat,
Jamaica,Jamaica,land we love,
Touring Jamaica feel free like a dove,
Our rivers,beaches,beautiful sunlight up above,
Sample our tasty meals,you'll find one that you love,
Jamaica,Jamaica,land so great,
Great runners,great music,embrace our taste,
God or Jah Rasta Far I,embrace our faith,
Take a trip to Jamaica,it's never too late.....

by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: art, culture, history, poetry, sorrow, symbolism,

No Words

No words

Where there are tears
There are no words

Where there is music
There are no words

Where there is painting
There are no words

Where there is love
There are no words

Where there is passion
Words run and hide

Where there is sadness
There are no words

Where there is poetry
The poet attempts justice to the word

Where there are tears
The poet mystically appears

Where there is death
There are words

Proclaiming dominance to all before
Music art and philosophy

For not all are artists and musicians
All we have left are words and sorrows

How so very sad
And so very absurd

by Paul Callus |
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I read with greed John Master's books,
to Indian culture introduced.
I grew to love a distant land;
by her allure I was seduced.

To Indian culture introduced,
I felt the urge to go and see
the striking beauty of her face,
the charms bestowed abundantly.

I grew to love a distant land
where the traditions are held high,
religion, races, culture, tongues
are deep-ingrained - will never die.

By her allure I was seduced,
this vibrant country in the east.
I plan to take a closer look
and let my eyes in wonder feast. 

Contest: Shall We Retourne
Sponsor: Debbie Guzzi

by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: betrayal, culture, love, lust, romance, sensual, sexy,

Came Alot

Queen Guinevere was quite a sight
When Arthur returned from a fight
He looked up and down
Then said with a frown,
"You look like you've had a rough knight!"

Arthur opened the bedroom door
Where clothes lay all over the floor
"This looks rather bad,"
Said Sir Gal He Had,
"I've mistaken your wife for an whore."

There's more to the story than that
The Kingdom of Arthur fell flat
But Queen Guinevere
Did not shed one tear
For she loved to give tit for tat!

by John Watt |
Categories: love, nature,

Forest Fortress

A forest - sunlight squeezing through the arms
uplifted by its countless ancient trees.
So fortress-like; her inner royal charms
even the time-worn traveler seldom sees.
What culture lies within? What foreign tongue
is chattered nervously by bird and beast?
What joyful hymns of revelry are sung
which, by my drawing near, in fear are ceased?

My love, those hidden parts I find unique
are those which I would most desire to know.
Dark corners which I least wish you to seek -
the very ones you need the light to show.
Though brighter are the colors from outside,
let's pledge to let no hues within us hide.

by A.O. Taner |
Categories: adventure, car, change, confusion, culture, cute love, destiny, lost, love, meaningful, metaphor, miss you, missing, missing you, motivation, passion, people, philosophy, places, proposal, remember, romantic, science, senses, simple, smart, social, spoken word, symbolism, time, travel, true love, visionary, wisdom,


the shortest road
is the one that you know
the longest road
is the one that you love

by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: africa, america, community, culture, earth, race, self,

This Is Not a Poem--- a Singled Out Page


Hey, Poets stop by, give me a shout out.
Tell Me Where You Are From;)
I promise I won't show up on your doorstep.

If you are having a bad day, let me have it
If you have awesome news, don't be greedy 
By all means  --- SHARE THE NEWS!!!

.................  LOVE THE POET DESTROYER

by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: culture, death, funeral, music, paris,

Death - Remember Me Tomorrow

Death – Remember me Tomorrow

Votre amour est tout ce que j'implore
Angels took us from France's shores
To the promised land of lady liberty
Hollywood glitter enticing us lovers with mystery

Living the past in a cinematic telling
Ironic that love was sourly spurned
By Bogart’s charming quilted misgivings
Madeline, later would sadly sing

La Marseillaise, while lovers embrace
Paris after dark, they disappear with no trace
Trains to death and boats to freedom
As Casablanca tells of romantic tales

Je suis vieux, est je suis seul
The beautiful one misses the past and you
All the ships have sailed and gone
It’s the cemetery now where I rest under lawn

by Harry Horsman |
Categories: hope, world,


While culture strengthens
In love of poetry,
In give and to take
An exchange of view.

While together
A common cause,
We work so hard
To understand.

In this way
A small task.



© Harry J Horsman  2015

by A.O. Taner |
Categories: beach, beautiful, blessing, boyfriend, break up, culture, cute love, dedication, deep, desire, destiny, devotion, earth, environment, freedom, happiness, happy, heart, humanity, innocence, kiss, lost love, love, love hurts, miss you, missing, missing you, motivation, ocean, passion, peace, planet, poetry, relationship, romance, romantic, senses, sensual, silence, soulmate, spiritual, symbolism, uplifting,


is it the wave kissing the sand 
or is it the ocean
- deep from her heart
sometimes gently,
often hard,
but always with passion?

is it the sand kissing back
or is it the land
- happily losing ground 
with every kiss
to his eternal mistress,
the occupant of his soul?

is it this poem touching your heart
or is it our souls
- hugging each other
on a sandy beach,
wide and infinite,
day in and day out?

by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: culture, people, race,

Color Blind

I approach her with the same
Love I approach my family with.
Her skin is black.
I try to speak a few words in her
Native language to welcome her.
Her skin is brown.
I married a Chinese/Hawaiian
and our child is beautiful.
His skin is yellow/brown.
I write poetry about the Native
Americans to celebrate them.
Their skin is red.
I fit in with every race because 
My color contains all colors.
My skin is white.

© Connie Marcum Wong

Note: In honor of all the recent innocent deaths.

by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: betrayal, culture, love, lust, marriage, miracle, relationship,

Love Versus Lust

Some folk are prone to love affairs
For sex rewards the one who dares
They are hot to trot
Because they forgot
Miracles don't happen in pairs!

by Jeff Kantor |
Categories: community, culture,



Life around me
Lose control
Price of energy
Eats you whole
Life betray you
Purpose lost
Love thy neighbour
Whatever the cost
Consume the falicy
Attain more... MORE
Distract from the dying
Disdainful dead next door

by Barbara Green |
Categories: beautiful, character, confidence, culture, dedication, encouraging, fashion,

Hat Power


My Hat is a rush a power to my head
wear a hat every day or as often as you are lead
hat love and hat passion I must spread
ladies without your hat, your entire look
is in shreds.  

Please take note, this is not a quote
if it's not saying something,
 it's doing nothing
if it's not doing anything
It's not worth nothing
my hat is a rush of power to my head.
Hat Power Yaaaasss!!!!!

by Janis Thompson |
Categories: culture, love, lust, passion,

Extemporaneous Love

Extemporaneous Love

Like a fire 
contained in a crate
extemporaneous love
burning wildly
outside compassionate law

fiery eyed suave, furtive glance
soft, quick stroke at the back of the neck
and a long voluptuous wish

electric current charging
the eros energy of
thought undone dares
elicit naughtiness

beginning with a friendly touch
the words “hello”
suggestive smile
yes, so


by Matthew Anish |
Categories: peace,

Towards a Capitol of the World

The differences betwen us 
are less than is commonly imagined
   We all need food, family, and love
     Meeting people from differnet cultures 
   has emphasized this to me 
The true capitol of the world 
   is in the depths of the heart 
Dancers on an earthly stage 
We gyrate to weather, politics, and culture 
In the end we share more than we don't share 
By letting our eyes and souls meet 
we can find common ground 
War is something that can be overcome
We should build bridges, not bombs
Teach love, not war 
Let the old and the young join hands 
Feel the earth beneath our feet 
Realize that in the end 
We are all stewards of this blue orb

by Romeo Naces |
Categories: age, analogy, anxiety, culture, funny love, humor,

Dangling Contemplation

What's a necktie 
dangling for?

     Too stiff, too thin 
     to be scarf, a bib 
     or an apron,

Too smooth to be 
a hankie,

     too short to be 
     a suicide noose
     to contemplate on!

by Kenneth Cheney |
Categories: culture, drug, how i feel, pollution, society,


I came from a place of bean pots and tea pots
I love my trusty three-decade old crock pot
One holer, two holer, three holer, four
Another kind of pot, if your keeping score
Clay pots and tin pots not related to pot shots
Pot belly stoves found in old country stores
Soup pots, flower pots and pot holes galore
Cast iron, copper, stainless and Teflon  
All make great pots and I could go on
Now there’s another pot staining our land
The stench of it all my nose can’t stand
It’s worse than a poop pot and I’m not a fan

by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: culture, peace, war,


Yesterday Asians, Jews today
Yet Native Americans pray,
"To settle a score
Grant us love, not war,
So children can go out to play!"

by Weydene Winster |
Categories: africa, america, animal, birth, color, culture, faith,

Worldly Greeve

If we just let go...
If we just let go 
To not live in fear 
To just go with the flow 
I think the world may just be a better place 
The world may... just turn out allright
Where peace could live and love could embrace.

If the soul is so dark that not even a sprinkle of white 
Paint could cover it 
What has become of our species...?
We cant just go with the flow
Sometimes it can be poisonous
We cant live fearless when danger is all around us .

Everybody is doing something for selfies reasons
The world might never be a better place
The world might never turn out to be allright
We can choos... 
We can choose in which direction we want to go!

by Steve Voorhees |
Categories: funny

Surreality Tv

From every side of a culture filled with "pop"
I could flip through five thousand channels non-stop
Surfing through waves of Pepsi and Spears
wading through starlets priming in mirrors

Oh, Oh!! Its Paris!  Never more substantial things to see
I hope her new BFF is Britney, or Whitney...or Whatever
I saw Miss Hilton's soul walk out of her lithe body
It looked like a celaphane bag filled with pink cotton candy
Walking chin up with Tyra,  picking our next Top Model
to marry the next American Idol on a special 
edition of  "Making the Bachelor of Love" 
Oh the Humanity!  Oh the Reality!

They found true love on TV....Isn't life botoxiful??

by Curtis Moorman |
Categories: beautiful, ireland, love, romantic love, truth, woman,

Tribute To Native Culture


'Tis the Irish homeland
Racing in me blood lad
On it, I'll take me stand
Of me heritage, I am glad

The bonny lass I call me own
Keeps me feeling true
When days on end I must be gone
With the chores I have to do

But when the time is o'er
For me to be back home
I close and lock the door
Vowing not to roam

I'll keep her by me side
As long as breath is mine
She'll not be denied
On that, she is relying

Irish eyes were smiling 
Of that ye can be sure
To send one so beguiling
So wholesome and so pure

15 November
For the contest sponsored by Line Gauthier

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: culture, devotion, love, peace, prayer, uplifting,

Her Inner Garden

There she was alone
Sitting against the window
In the middle of the bus
Off in her own thoughts
Dressed dark and different
From some faraway culture
It wasn’t till I sat next to her
That I realized she was praying
I felt a bubble of peace and love
Exuding from her heart
Her devotion was palpable
In the midst of commotion
She was transported
And I was touched she trusted me
Somehow letting me share in her 
Private ritual of reverence

AP: Honorable Mention 2020

Submitted on December 6, 2018 for CONTEST NO.525 sponsored by BRIAN STRAND

by Sherwin Balbuena |
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Pagkamakabayan: Patriotism

'Tis intangible
Unlike the spears and the guns
Of the daughters and the sons
But partly they symbolize
Its abstraction ere our eyes

The time has passed by
And the world has also turned
From chaos into concord
Now we say goodbye
To old discrimination
Racism and commotion

There's a new picture
That appropriately depicts
Our genuine love and respect
For our own culture --
Raising our right hand to pledge
And doing our job with badge

by Arty Rico Jones |
Categories: environment, farewell, feelings, goodbye, hope, immigration,

New Country

My new home is in a new country.
I know very little of the language and culture.
Memories of my old country will be in my heart forever
The love of my old country will always remain.
I leave for a better life and new opportunities 
Hoping to make a bright future for me and my family.