Love Poems About Kwansaba or Kwansaba Love Poems
by carmen perry |
Categories: black-african amergirl, girl,

hey little black girl

Hey little black girl keep your head up and walk proud the ghetto cant break you 
and the hood cant make you who you are stay storng little black girl keep faith walk 
the walk of proud sisters talk the talk of black queens a man cant define you and a 
man cant break you hey little black girl only the strong survive like the color of your 
skin that runs like the blood in your body deep like the waves in your hair look up 
little black girl you only have to be you not them they or he can change that no 
tears little black girl your beautiful you'll see love yourself first and others will follow

by Albert Taylor |
Categories: angel, atheist, black love, creation, dream, for teens, sweet love, teen love,

Moon girl

Your arm is Soft like sponge pillow, 

Heavy is the head that rests on;

 Soft but strong, made me embrace loner.

 Serene voice is all you got, deary! 

Your oxygen the fairy has breathe,gem!

 This being none have seen; pretty shorty. 

How I wish this was not...pseudo.