Love Poems About Horror or Horror Love Poems
by Vince Suzadail Jr. |
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Lament of a Battered Woman

Bruises disappeared, cuts and scratches gone
The scars inside will never heal
The roses are beautiful, your promises empty
You'll never know the way I feel

Self esteem removed, dignity stripped
Emotions drained, each day the same
How pathetic can you be to think
Somehow, some way, I might be to blame.

A horror story not fully told
Nowhere to run, nowhere to go
A love so warm, now so cold
To be so high, then sink so low.

The battle rages on, each day the same
Our dreams and plans have turned to dust
Why is the pain greater, also the shame
When it's someone you love, someone you trust.

by Bobbie Jo Price |
Categories: abuse, anger, betrayal, depression, first love, horror, pain,

Be My Own Version of Death

wrap your arms around me a little too tight
let yourself be the noose that ends my life
tear ladders in my tights while holding me down
pull a little too hard and drag me to hell
take my heart, its in the center to the left
its yours, my darling, take it right out of my chest
clutch my hand a little too roughly
shatter my bones and call me lovely 
take me to the Eiffel tower, guide me to the top
hold me from behind and give me a gentle shove 
rip my ribs out with your teeth, one by one by one
play them like the grand piano, show them how its done
lather your lips with venom, careful not to taste
kiss me until my last breath, simply watch me break.

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: film,

A Scary Movie

The kind of film most women love to see
is all about romance, thus women pick
a type of show that paints the fantasy 
of love sublime, so it’s dubbed a chick flick.

I like the fun ones and the sad ones too,
but there’s another genre I like more!
Though dramas with great plot will always do,
there is one type of drama I adore!

There’s nothing like good horror and suspense.
Inside the theater there is a hush
as tension builds, and feelings grow intense,
for your adrenaline will get a rush!

The films like Hitchcock made I never missed.
I love a scary movie with a twist!

July 19, 2017 for the S Form contest of Broken Wings:
Sonnet form. Chosen word: Scary

by Heidie Buys |
Categories: angst, life, sad


I withdraw into the dome of only me
Floating unaware through your reality.
Warm and cozy in my zombie state
To the one in the glass I won't relate.

I laugh and dance for I'm insane
Repeat your thoughts although inane.
I'll cheat this life for all eternity
Send my hapless soul to purgatory.

Incessant chatter a barbed refrain
As I swim through the waves of pain.
For all you do is talk and talk
Alone and scared I walk the walk.

Desperately I embrace my own insanity
For all I see in moments of clarity,
I'm not immune nor even above
This horror you call eternal love.

So break the glass and pour the wine
In you empty promises I'll recline.

by Just That Archaic Poet |
Categories: anger, future, happiness, horror, journey, sea,

A Journey Through Eternity

What is the point, what is the reason 
For a new beginning- fresh Genesis? 
To grow, expand; explore new regions, 
And find the path that leads to Bliss? 
What will come; what is to be? 
(Such a fleeting, elusive answer!) 
Who could Love this Monster in Me-
A Creature full of Hate and Anger?
Mary Shelley- her gothic Horror,
With Percy drowned at Sea!
I am my Soul's sole Explorer-
A Journey through Eternity...

by Gregory Richard Barden |
Categories: beauty, death, earth, holocaust, true love, war, world,

Last Kiss

Our mouths and our souls mix as we become one, Love second to none ... The moon, that just moments before bathed our night - Now swallowed by light ... Huge clouds, like fresh mushrooms, bloom pink in the skies, Soft-sparkling your eyes ... Night, turned to day, with bright colors and aura ... Such dazzling horror ... Our mouths and our souls mix as we become one, We burn like the sun ... Our lives and world ... done. ~ 1st Place ~ in the "Half-Eleven" Poetry Contest, Nina Parmenter, Judge & Sponsor. ~ 2nd Place ~ in the "The Last ..." Poetry Contest, Silent One, Judge & Sponsor.

by Wren Rushing |
Categories: dark, death, desire, horror, murder, poetry, poets,

Rest In Pieces

They once met upon a poetry site,
shared romantic words by computer light.
His poems of rose pedals and floating doves,
her verses of broken hearts and jilted love.

Those touching comments soon lit a fire,
innocent flirting now burning desire.
Their public secrets fanned the embers 
and played out before all the members.

Alas unable to contain their lust,
to finally embrace became a must.
Soon they soupmailed their secret plot,
to meet in the nearest Wal-Mart lot.

What happened next no one can fix,
for her light was turned off at Motel Six.
It seems her tall dark poetic stranger,
turned out to be the "Trailer Park Strangler".


by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: art, flower, garden, horror, humanity, integrity, philosophy,

Telling Tales

Telling Tales

Very telling
truth buried in lies
hate disguised as love
weeds strangling flowers
corrupt gardeners
singing the devils last song
virgins bloom all white
raped by old men
an old ways

by Janis Thompson |
Categories: age, humanity, soldier,

Broken Soldiers

Broken Soldiers Broken soldiers, tend their wounds, in sterile sunless corner rooms. They bide their time in fretful hours, to ward away the memories, dour. These valiant ones, once walked upright, with weaponry and means of might. And nothing can remove the thoughts, of war’s unholy moments caught. Heroes of battles they once knew give thankful prayers they made it through. They went to serve when country called defending home and giving all. Broken soldiers tell their stories, horror, love and bloody glories. In cold, unsettled nights they come, dreams of battles fought and won. 3/4/17

by Areebah Haq |
Categories: 7th grade, dark, hope, war,

Refugees Matter

Hopes of happiness,
Turn into darkness and fear.
A spray of despair.
Tugged in my heart,
Ripping out my hair.
Nowhere to turn,
Nowhere to hide,
So much is going on,
Looking around,
Eyes filled with horror,
My country is falling apart,
Guns shooting,
Tears of sadness,
Dropping down my cheek.
Gone are the dreams,
The hopes of joy,
Because of this war.
This war,
This destruction,
This tragic fate.
Where is the love,
The kindness,
The care,
For refugees?

by M. L. Kiser |
Categories: appreciation, muse, poems, poetry, poets, words, writing,

Poetry Bliss

Oh how I love poetry! Soul songs of life and love; Natural beauty penned by poets. Blissful songs of emotional poetry; Penning through human hands, poets; A vast gift, well-loved. Poems of joy, sadness, horror and love; Observations of many lifetimes lived by poets; We are blessed to have poetry. Poetry-in-motion is the sweat of muse poet's brow; a hobby well-loved.

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: fate, lust, sin, spiritual,


all we wanted was a sneak peek then lust fangs flaunted piercing heart, fickle and weak come back, oh time from your flight that we may undo our feral past savage instincts soul’s blight but destiny’s die was cast heart filled with remorse within womb of life we atone feeling pain pangs borne of force exchanging roles, reliving horror alone spherically experiencing heart’s emote we live and learn to align with love cleansed soul rides God’s boat becoming His peace dove

by Alfonce Choi |
Categories: patriotic,

One Nation, One Blood

We are one nation, one blood,
In times of sorrow, we calm each other,
In moments of horror, we cluddle together,
When we slip on the way, we hold each other,
When terror strikes, we defend together,
We are one nation, one blood.
We shed it for each other.

(Dedicated to my beloved Kenya in memory of Westgate attack. In times of difficult we have proved our unit and boundaryless love - God bless Kenya)

by Thomas Martin |
Categories: betrayal, christian, class, horror, native american,

Native American Boarding Schools

shocked, as hair cut short
buckskins burned
in the darkness for rescue
all our gods forsaking us

pics of Him in pain
Teacher demanded belief
after all
died for our sins

what is sin?
A bright girl asks
later teach replies

now forgetting gods
of earth and fire 
and dressed up in 
lies of white man

kind lady
with love in heart
circles my neck
with crucifix

all our gods
are one

still praying
to great spirit
the one with
wild deer playing
in her heart

by Russell Sivey |
Categories: life,

Insanity - Love Ceases

Cracked mirror, looking in with strange, wild eyes Looking back are tender but deranged sighs Openness holds no bars as pain sets in Focused on the mirror’s opposing sin Before me is a demented figure Posing as what I’ll be in the future I shake, as depression comes to the front I try to touch my soul but only grunt I falter, my mind shakes within its ground Don’t know the shimmering lights that’s around My image reels back as if in terror My blank stare hits home, I stare in horror Mirror shatters to thousands of pieces Just now do I hold myself, love ceases Russell Sivey

by Ezra Cook |
Categories: beautiful, death, horror, lost love, marriage, murder, mystery,

Lady In Red

The Lady in red
awaits my arrival
 The Lady in red
lays and waits
The Lady in red 
never-more so beautiful
The Lady in red
Who is my newly wed
The Lady whose white dress covered in Red
is no more

by Joe Inka |
Categories: sad

Harm's Way

For the contest finish the dream

I soon began to panic
As I yanked upon her arm
Somehow, I could not move my love
From the eminent path of harm

So I gathered all of my passion
Though her face, I could not see
With a strength I surely don't posess
I finally broke her free

I dragged her through the darkness
Toward a lonesome light
I ran with the pace of Hermes
Obeying the instinct for flight

And as we approached, this subtle glow
Her hand grew colder and colder
Then the light revealed, to my horror
She was dismembered at the shoulder.

by Stephen Kilmer |
Categories: addiction, horror, love,

Leave This Place

Dark wing
In the night
Flying towards
The moon
Tis’ but a demon
Upon it’s way

Makeup on the counter
Teeth in my drink
Powder by the faucet
Canned roaches
Don’t run or skitter
They fly in the night

A white wing in my hand
A gun upon my soul
Snapshots of posters
Rotting on a train
Rumbling through a vision
Of coyotes and dogs that bite

Waiting for a dungeon
Damp and dreary
Chains around my heart
I can’t leave this place
I can’t leave this place tonight.

by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: dark, halloween, horror, travel,

Haunted Lighthouse - the Free Flow Style

~ Haunted Lighthouse~ (Free Flow Style) Perched above water Full of ghost stories Lighthouse is so old Lightkeeper still here Love doing his rounds This is still his home Never wants to leave it Lighthouse is so old Some folks see his ghost Sometimes he appears They listen at night Footstep sounds upstairs Lighthouse is so old He still cares for lighthouse It's always his home. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2012

by Earl Schumacker |
Categories: absence, death, horror, identity, image, life, love,

When Love Dies

When Love Dies

When love dies it takes sanity under ugly 
Drops it in a foreign land beneath cold sand 
No rock will take it underneath
It cannot fit or breathe there with the bugs
Because it stinks of death
Lost in decay disinteresting
Rocks have better things to do 
They sit there on the brink 
Some are solid in their dark
Say nothing of their fate 
No reason to think of culture or living things
Malignancy is not their cup of tea
When love dies trees forget to grow
They know the better part of valor
Rooted in the truth
Discretion knows nothing of the pain
When love dies the memory remains

by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: adventure, allegory, depression, drink, film, horror, humanity,

Freddie Mercury Rising

I am starting to like Freddie
At least he is steady
He may enjoy the drink
He may bring Liverpool to the brink
Honesty is all you will get
Even if his heart is scorched and bled
He has that iconic ironic smile
His verses crosses the hippocratic oath
From veins his prose flow
His love is pure his demons proudly on display
His bitterness feeds the infinite glass
Of the waiters last call
His words may bite spewing spittle and spite
Alas, who I ask, shall cast the first stone?

by Kay Roberts |
Categories: halloween, horror,

Trick Or Treat

Happy Halloween everyone 

??"Trick or Treat"??

Zombie pirates,
Ghoulish ghouls,
Slimy monsters,
Oozing drool.
Floating ghosts,
Warty witches,
Covered in stitches.
Bandaged mummies,
Dracula's bride,
Hairy werewolves,
Slicing your insides.
Possessed dolls,
Ugly scarecrows,
Thirsty vampires,
Slurping up blood flow.
Red devils,
Scary clowns,
Possessed princesses,
Terrorising the town.
The grim reaper,
Evil cats,
Scary Mary,
Oh I, Love all that.
Tonight's the night,
For "Trick or Treat",
Kids of all ages,
Eating too many sweets.

by Robert Johnson |
Categories: black african american, depression, desire, heart, hope, horror, loneliness, love,

Dear Depressed Girlfriend

Though your heart be breaking and you don't know what to do.
I think it's time to quit mistaking and maybe get a clue.
The writing is clearly reflected in the mirror.
Away from this cad, you outta steer clear.

You see my dear misguided soul, it's plain for all to see.
He hasn't any need for you, so you should let it be.
You have two sweet and beautiful kids who need you to be sane.
So try to find somebody else, and start to use your brain.

Your Agony Aunt who never say's can't. 
But surely will advise you, that you shant.

by Sam Toil |
Categories: hope, love,

A Horror

i lay searching  
the night-grain nothingness. 
discharged from the world.
still, It comes.

oozing through undefined space
in fire-grinning simplicity.
humming like steel .
It beckons.
and i am ready.

but It has long been in place --
as all men die --
by suffocation.

the black streaks 
violet and orange.
you stir.
your untainted eyes open.

hold me 
precious wife
in the world 
a while longer.

by Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty |
Categories: fun, funny, nonsense,


Anabelle the queen of horror

                                     Fell in love with a big corn borer

                                         Borer bellied up to queen

                                            In a Trombadios inn

                                And found she had made not an  error