Love Poems About Patriotic or Patriotic Love Poems
by Besma Riabi Dziri |
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My Allegiance I Vow

To my terra of roots
my allegiance I vow
I wallow in your fruits
and to your flag I bow.

Dream not till wake of dawn
beaming sun light I wait
burst of glee of no bourn
the feels of the soul, sate.

Awe chills into my spine
as your Hymn in pride sung
for Home in peace I pine
and love never be swung.

How could my pen, you turn
in a fine rhyming word
as my quill longs to learn
inking with grace and verve.

by Solomon Ochwo-Oburu |
Categories: africa, inspirational, patriotic,

I Feel African In Every Vein

I feel African in every vein
the arteries pulsate with love
this continent is so dear to me

I feel African in every breath
the challenges the world paints
I see not but beautiful Africa

All Africans here and far away
join me to hold Africa together
no piece should go to the winds

The unity of the land of Africa
the resources of the land of Africa
are gifts no humans brought here

Patriots of Africa come hold hands
this land you owe loving service
dust off yourselves to build Africa

Old Africa where is your wisdom?
come out of your boxes and unite
the world is vibrant, lets wake up

I feel African in every vein
Africa my sweet-heart duty calls

by Robert Allen |
Categories: patriotic, political,

Assange In the Ministry of Love

Encased in inch-thick glass, Assange displayed;
The plaque upon his cage reads "DISSIDENT;"
The withered man in court is laid;
Imprisoned corpse announcing precedent.

To those "who hold these truths self-evident,"
Behold the Press awaiting punishment;
To be delivered to your government,
The Law so torn in wreckless brandishment.

Abuse! And ursurpation! Tyrant! Swine!
One Nation under God? Or under You?
Your boot does stamp upon that dream of mine
Believing "We the People" to be true.

Reclaim Your soul! For God's sake free this man!
Redeem the meaning of American.

by John Hardison |
Categories: america, god, patriotic, spiritual,

In This Land

In this land there is a mighty voice that can
sing a mighty song.

Often it is a song of I don’t belong and all sort
of other things that are wrong.

This mighty voice can herald itself in the
grateful praise of being strong.

All while asking what else is to be spawn in a
struggle to do no wrong.

Should it be we shall live in all eternal
knowing wrong being strong.

It is God’s place to be so strong and
to know all wrong.

So it is in praise to him we should knell as we
spawn our grateful song.

There is one more thing in his Love
eternal song

We all belong.

by Sunlite Wanter |
Categories: appreciation, childhood, nostalgia, patriotic,

To the Sand Dunes

To the Sand Dunes
With the moon as competition,
A sack full of sky rockets,
We kids will bring fruition.

Firecrackers and dirt devils,
Sparklers and flares,
Sand in our shoes,
Sand in our hair.

Swinging a sky rocket,
We just felt grown up,
And if we got the colored kind,
We’d squeal and jump and jump.

Didn’t know much about
Independence and freedom then,
Just what we learned in school
And flags flying in the wind.

On the rolling sand dunes
In another far away land,
Our loved ones shot real fireworks,
Where there was no marching band.

I love them for it forever
And I always will,
But my 4th of July memories
Are on the tops of those sandy hills.

by Jack Gibson |
Categories: 12th grade, patriotic,


Make America Great Again.
How could this be offensive?
If you express your love for their country,
People start to get defensive.
But if people let their patriotism run free, 
We will continue to be free men.

by Mark Koplin |
Categories: patriotic,

America the Great

America The Great

I love this great country, may she stay the course
We’re protected by God and American brute force

Her life-giving blood is for you and me
She holds many wonders, from sea to shining sea

Through blood, sweat and tears, she’ll weather all time
We are still very young, but forever in our prime

Our people are diverse, an enduring breed
Blessed by God, every color and creed


by L Milton Hankins |
Categories: dedication, hero, patriotic, song,

I Love the Songs of Heroes - a Repost

I love the songs of heroes Who gave their all and more In service to our country They fought and died in war. I love the songs of heroes Who came to the rescue first Battling the flames of tragedy And rushing into the worst. I love the songs of heroes Who gave all for their families Sacrificing for sons and daughters Spending time down on their knees. I love the songs of heroes In memory of the long-gone past Who strove for all that's right and good To make our freedoms last.
[a repost from 2020]

by Alfonce Choi |
Categories: patriotic,

One Nation, One Blood

We are one nation, one blood,
In times of sorrow, we calm each other,
In moments of horror, we cluddle together,
When we slip on the way, we hold each other,
When terror strikes, we defend together,
We are one nation, one blood.
We shed it for each other.

(Dedicated to my beloved Kenya in memory of Westgate attack. In times of difficult we have proved our unit and boundaryless love - God bless Kenya)

by Cathy Ncube |
Categories: dedication, family, fantasy, inspirational, people, political, satire, uplifting, visionary,

With Patriotic Glee

with patriotic 
glee, for love of their country,
all Americans

emptied their accounts,
piggy banks and all, to help
pay their nation's debt

by Linda Jackson |
Categories: emotions, patriotic,

Hinomaru - Japanese Flag

rising blood red sun -
   spatters mount Fuji as
   whalers fly flag

I wrote this poem to try to write what a country's flag might
represent to an individual.  I love whales and dolphins so this
is what it represents to me.

by Tasmina Hayat Khan |
Categories: appreciation, bangla, passion, patriotic,



Bangladesh my Homeland,
Bangladesh my Dreamland,
Bangladesh I love you,
Bangladesh, I live for you.

The green flag out of the red ball,
Plays the flute on golden grains tall.
The motion of charming water lily,
Reminds all Tigers to snatch back lost glory.

Oh my Homeland, Oh my Mother!
Hence you’re rewarded with plenty of rivers,
The Hilsha and its silvery shine
Makes the magpie lovely dance in rain.
Our fishermen and their vessels,
Make the motherland ample
 And secure thy royal castle.

Each tissue of thy Jack-fruit,
Can meet up hunger and play flute
We love you, we love our Bangla
Pretty Mom, you’re softy-sweetie Bangla!

by Courtney Courtney |
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Last Kiss

Open your eyes to the ever turning skies 
I want to here with me through the night 
My heart yearns into your soul 
Burning as if newly lit coal 
I bravely submerg the embers 
That the time I have can be spent with you 
And I remember each kiss every moment 
I was caught in your love that for just this day I remember 
So what happened was a chance for your love 
A time that I kept in a locket tied with a kiss 
 I wanted you to feel, to love, to slumber 
And to awake in my arms with that times kept bliss 
I lay silient in an umber

by Poesy Relish |
Categories: family, home, nostalgia, patriotic,

My Home

The cozy bed, the alarm, a fight to be first in choice The honk, the rush and late for breakfast, moms voice An abode brimming with love, happiness, dreams A place of daily tiffs and of silly screams home is where love exist, where family gleams The familiar nature green and blooming a surrounding, strangers yet loving it is a prodigous family bound by the oneness Treading together no matter how streanous home is where my heart dwell, my country indegenous © Nadiya (26 Jan '15)
*Placed 6th in the contest 'home sweet home' on 20th May 2015 by Skat A.

by Rico Leffanta |
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The White Elephant

Attention all voters
Who love a great scam
The Republican Party
Now welcomes flimflam

Republican healthcare
Fell apart at the seams
Through an absence of facts
And a surplus of dreams

Republican planning
Takes a decade or two 
To discover what's missing
Is an average IQ

American healthcare
(Most expensive on earth)
Will not save your life
But destroy your net worth

So enlist in a Party
Where the money rolls in 
And believe those in Congress
Can spend it like sin

No pilgrim had healthcare
Play the cards that you've got
For, "I am the President,
and you are naught!

by Abdulhafeez Oyewole |
Categories: courage, dad, devotion, grandfather, love, patriotic, spiritual,

African Allliteration

#What we want#

Dear Dada,

What we want is worth

Let love live, 

Peace perfect praise...

...Let long lasting law

rule round reign.

by Karen Ruff |
Categories: courage, freedom, future, god, patriotic,

We Will Not Comply

We Will Not Comply

I never thought I’d live to see the day
When children would be taught that God is dead,
The flag we love, someone would take away,
Or leaders in corruption share a bed.

It matters not to me who ridicules;
I am American, I will rebel.
I’ll keep my God, my guns, my right to use
Free speech the truth to tell.

We never thought to live in tyranny—
Just to stand for truth could mean your life;
We need to recognize we are not free—
We will not save our country without strife.

Will we rise and claim our liberty
Or take the lies and bow to slavery?

by Jan Terry |
Categories: america, dedication, freedom, patriotic,

Freedom's Call

For my country, right or wrong.
Respect her flag and sing her song.
Earn my right to breathe free air.
Evoke God's blessing with earnest prayer.
Defend the weak against evil force.
Open a path to honorable recourse.
Made a pledge and this I swore:
Serve her well in peace and war.

Call on brothers to join our cause.
Assist each other without pause.
Love my country and give my all.
Lay down my life at freedom's call.

July 18, 2015

by Dennis Curry |
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England,My Country

The rolling hills so green and tender
 Mountains on high i will always remember
 Colours of the seasons so fresh in my mind
 All of the beauty so easy to find
 This is England,the country i live
 The country i would die for,the country i love

 The fields the forest the mountain stream
 The hills the dales the lakes agleam
 Scent of summer so strong on the breeze
 My land of beauty thats so hard to leave
 This is England the country i adore
 Home of truth,faith,hope much more

 And if the time comes then leave it i shall
 To a foreign country an unknown land
 Where the thoughts of England will always remain
 In Gods own country ,Gods domain

by Manmath Dalei |
Categories: imagination, patriotic,

I Need

I Need.......
I need a magic needle
To sew,
Abundant love with my heart,
Dignity with my society,
And a package of peace
With my country as a whole!
Dear friends,
This is my goal.

I need a magic soap
To clean,
Rage from my soul,
Passion from my society,
And ferocity of violence
from my country as a whole!
Dear friends,
This is my goal.

I need a magic brush
To paint,
Vicious glimpses of terrorism,
Enormity of corruption,
Darkness of dirty politics,
And the eye of poverty
for my country as a whole! 
Dear friends,
This is my goal.
By, Manmath Kumar Dalei/Odisha/India

by Rajat Kumar |
Categories: patriotic,

This Feeling of Indian

We lie
We shy,
We fight
We cry,
We vary
We envy,
We love
We sacrify,
Innumerous ways to unite.
A spirit which dignifies
Above all highs,

Lies an INDIAN inside.

by Rachel Blake |
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3000 Miles From 3am

You're 3000 mile away
its 6 am
I'm in my own bed
dead asleep
my phone rings
its 3am
but your voice could wake me from a coma
you're 3000 miles away
and its only 3am

by Julie Grenness |
Categories: allusion, dedication, home, patriotic,

Australians Do Well

What do Australians do well?
At the football we really yell,
All sports have cast their spell,
We are all quite laconic,
With work, it's really platonic,
We love a long weekend,
We wish holidays never end,
We even have a public holiday,
For our horse racing day,
Yes, that's Melbourne Cup Day.
What do Australians do well?
Well, we welcome all, do tell,
One multicultural southern land,
Progress changed us to helping hands,
We can work hard, and play hard,
Looking for weekends too far,
We Aussies do lots of stuff real well,
Yes, Australia has cast its spell.

by Carol Davis |
Categories: love, patriotic,

Under the Stars

Look close at Old Glory

Pick up one of the stars…

Names, faces engraved under each one

Of those who protected our stars and bars

Supporting our freedom-- never easily won. 


Ghostly faces of men

Fighting, suffering, dying for our land

Each hero holding onto the flag

Traumatized, wounded but making their stand

Look---special stars for those who lost their dog tags.


Americans supporting their causes

Promising our banner will never fall

Stand up citizens, cover hearts, pause

Proudly look at the flag, and then stand tall

Tattered maybe, but to us-- 


Old Glory's the same...not old at all.

by T Wignesan |
Categories: destiny, leadership, patriotic, rights, vanity, violence, war,

Limericks Crochetes: Once a Cardsharp Comic Called Don Dump

Limericks crochetés: Once a cardsharp comic called Don Dump

Once a cardsharp comic called Don Dump
Made father’s money jump during slump
Dreamed of ruling this earth
Joined campaign (in) stand-up mirth
Made people laugh without using trump.

He played to the gallery hirsute
Soon his jokes turned sauerkraut through soot
Before long they cried : Heil !
Jackboots clicked, people wail
In goose-step, give : Sieg ! Heil ! salute.

Moral : « Listen not to funny man Dump !
Migrants all know how to scale wall jump.
Ten million there love US
Minus some (who) think like louse !
Live not solipsistic world on rump ! »

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2016