Love Poems About Candy or Candy Love Poems
by Linda-Marie Sweetheart |
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Crayon Caresses

"Crayon Caresses" blue velvet sky caresses pink cotton candy clouds beneath a gold umbrella red heartbeats breathing loud. a yellow Sun kisses skin of silky bronze glowation footprints carve love in brown sand while white waves crest formation. green trees hide secret embrace while purple passion prowls viewing an orange sunset rose petals play on towels. silvery stars illuminate beach as amber heavens sleep magenta magic smiles so sweet chase black and grey to ocean's deep. ...crayola rainbow lovers' leap ...
*Written by: Linda-Marie The "Sweetheart" of P.S. *For Tracie's Paint The World Contest ...

by Linda-Marie Sweetheart |
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Listen To the Heart

"Listen! to the Heart" ~~~~~~~~ every heart strums strings of symphony an open book exploring dreams and fantasies the lovebeat touches emotions and feelings serene as candy-filled caramel cremes. every heart twirls in tune to love and romance a paradox portrait of lovers in a trance echoing laughter in harmonious haven or a fickle falsetto black as a raven. every heart is a treasure chest of precious jewels as tenderness comforts those heartaches so cruel the heart always gives; suddenly takes away so listen to the heart; hear the words it must say.

by Gershon Wolf |
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Sweetness - Rictameter

                Perfume, Flowers 
             A Gentle Rain-Shower  
        Candy Kisses, Chocolate Hour  
Spring Breezes, Sheltered Cover, Leafy Bower 
      The Sloping Curves of Your Profile 
          Tempting Lips that Beguile
               Love's Tender Smile

by Franci Hoffman |
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Christmas Recipe

Happy Holidays everyone at Poetry Soup!

A cozy warm fire

2 cups hugs plus one cup love

and a Christmas tree

Gifts favored with care

3 cups grins 2 cups kisses

and snuggly blankets

Chocolaty treats

Tablespoon of handholding

and Christmas stockings

Candy cane delights

Two and a half cups laughter

and Christmas carols

Santa’s ho ho ho

2 cups of Christmas giving

and holiday cheer

Merry Christmas!

3rd publish-prev PoetryPalette and GoDogGocafe by Franci Eugenia Hoffman

by Aurore Severo |
Categories: childhood, memory, sad,

Candy Cotton Dreams

Daddy picked his cotton Six scorched days a week Sundays were sunny gleeful Cotton candy I held in hand He took me to the county fair Pink and pretty as could be Balloons hid my child's tears for the days he toiled away My daddy loved to toss me high up in the air he'd yell, I love you My pink beautiful butterfly Ferris wheels and chocolate pies Sundays truly I the pink happy butterfly One day the balloons all popped Daddy grasping heart Tumbled to the ground there are no more Candy cotton dreams only Somber clown tears

by Paula Goldsmith |
Categories: candy, drink, love, sky, stars, uplifting, words,

Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is a day for love
do you want to be my turtle dove
are you as sweet as candy
here is a glass of brandy
let's go out and watch the stars above

by Linda-Marie Sweetheart |
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Intense Interlude

"Intense Interlude" in sweet magical moment deep mesmerizing gaze kidnapped his heart, in Time, extending fragrant flowers she smiled, through haunting hazel eyes in translucent vapor mist visual aromatic ambiance ensconced emotions beyond whispered words as beauty bewitched a charming interlude love captivated by essence of inhaled eye-candy. *Blending of sight and smell senses. *For Nette Onclaud's Synesthesia: Inner Body Movement Contest. *Written by: Linda-Marie The "Sweetheart" of P.S. *Nov. 18, 2012.

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, dream, heart, love, metaphor, romantic,

Candy Horse Vs Dark Kid

The center of a star reflects just like a diamond...
Returning a pearl within each silver breath that one treasures...
With faceted panels, I promised I'd never...
Sweep over a deep sea of blue waves unmeasured...

There is a pattern woven inside golden petals that kiss the inside of my heart...
Parts of my heart that I've thus' failed to start...
With soft fingers dancing, you're forever entrancing...
My star that's eternally far...

A co write written by Liam and Christian

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: angel, beautiful, beauty, emotions, feelings, love, moon,

Magic Star

You're the angel dust 
sparkling silver stars wishing away
Sprinkling magic in misted gems 
dazzling pure trails 

White as the driven snow 
falling within a beauties vision 
Rising wishes blowing whispers 
upon a breeze silently touching 

Smiling golden gleams ivory
candy to one's eyes colors rainbows
Chocolate sleeping warm melting
tender soft satin feelings

Sweet velvet talking honey
sunshine emotions, beam rays 
Golden dew of a rose drop
upon sunflower petals smile 

Regal in light of day 
I pray in darkness of night 
you sleep well watched over by angels 
Held in the warm light of love

by Rachel St.Cross |
Categories: beautiful, girl, love,

Cotton Candy Caresses

Summer's surf rising from ivory tides be her light...
Reflecting from an hourglass these prisms she sways
Breaking waves their eyes conversations ladies they gaze.

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: baby, beautiful, love, sweet,

Ever So Sweet

My scrumptious baby girl's half-awake, half asleep. And her toffee yawns are sweet as caramel cream. Her cotton candy cheeks glow like pink marshmallows. And dark chocolate curls adorn her pretty head. She sports blueberry eyes and red licorice lips. And her creamy face hosts a million-dollar smile. A confectionery treat, she is delicious. And gives sugared kisses that taste ever so sweet. (Verse) 7/24/2015

by Simone Segal |
Categories: love

Honey Suckle Candy Kiss

Honey suckle candy kiss

Soaring towards heaven

State of bliss

Touching you

Heaven in palm of my hand

Falling like Alice in wonder land

Essence of you

Grips me tight

Tranquility light

Marshmallow comfort

In your hold

Our love is young

And also old

I dreamt  of you

Since time began

Our souls entwined

Love birds sang

You are and always eternally

The life and breath

Engulfed in me

by Dr. Upma A. Sharma |
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Box of Chocolate Candy For My Little Poet Destroyer

Box of chocolate candy for my little poet destroyer

In warmth of love, heart thumps a rosy red blush, chocolate candy melts.

To- Linda
From - US

Written Feb 11th, 2016
For poetry contest "Melt my heart with One liner or Monoku # 5"
No of syllables - 17
Sponsor - PD A

Awarded 7th place win

by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: husband, love,

Valentine's Hug

No flowers or candy can express
the feelings of love I did possess.
Your kind words and your gentle caress
would evoke the greatest happiness.

I could read emotions on your face,
the ones that led to passion’s embrace.
The strings to my heart you could unlace
and time will not these feelings erase.

For now I can only see you smile
when I stare at the clouds for a while.
The love I felt walking down the aisle
made all life’s challenges feel worthwhile.

I need no gifts from a love so true;
I adored you at first sight, first view.
A Valentine’s hug I send to you,
knowing I’ll join you when this life’s through.

by Cherie Durbin |
Categories: children

I Am Bored With Math

I am bored with math.
Two plus two always equals four.
Why can't it equal an ice cream cone
Or a trip to the candy store?

Four plus four always equals eight-
Never a video game,
Or a Disneyland vacation.
No, the answer's e'er the same!

One times one always equals one.
Where's the fun in that?
I'd love to see the answer be
A brand new baseball bat!

by Cherie Durbin

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: christmas, romance,

My Christmas Love

My Christmas love has eyes as warm as cocoa sipped by a cozy fire. A candy cane smile draws me to him. It is a treat to taste sugar plum lips so sweet! Written Dec. 19, 2015 for Kim Merryman's A Christmas Waltz Wave Poetry Contest

by Jared Pickett |
Categories: dedication

Caramel Love

**** For my Caramel Swirl****

Cinnamon flavored,
my caramel love.
Soft inside with a tough candy shell.
My after work
A cure for my sweet tooth,
not a pervert,
I yearn for her vermouth

Name held until contest is over.....

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: christmas,

Sing a Song of Christmas - the Six Senses Part 2

What Makes Christmas Sweet  (Taste)

It’s taffy, chewy in my teeth,
And chocolate melting on my tongue,
The crunch of candy bars like Heath;
It’s taffy, chewy in my teeth,
Bright gumdrops from a homemade wreath,
Or candy canes from tree limbs hung!
It’s taffy, chewy in my teeth
And chocolate melting on my tongue.

I Love  (Touch)

I love to feel the fire’s warm glow
And touch your face by its soft light.
To be back home, out of the snow,
I love to feel the fire’s warm glow,
Your breath against my cheek and know
You’ll be with me through all the night.
I love to feel the fire’s warm glow
And touch your face by its soft light.

For PD's Any Poem Goes #6 Poetry Contest

by Eve Roper |
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Pleasures of Tender Love

Pleasures Of Tender Love confection for the sweet a taste of delight if only I could show you the pleasures of tender love that shines like golden honey caramel apples aureate strewn across the heavens of cotton candy on ole buttermilk sky set it free from its trap in the terminal enchantment blanket of pea soup fog into the clean crystal clear wet river and quench the thirst to the taste and pleasures of deep warm, tender love like wealth of blushing candy apple red and rainbow colored flowers seasons of warm and cold like silken sheets as they drape and cling tightly to our embrace 7/25/2015

by Debra Squyres |
Categories: family, children, love,

Pocket Kisses

From sweet bowed lips 
to soft chubby hands
sticky with chocolate candy
Squeezed in lovingly
until pockets are bulging
kisses reserved for Granny

My first Members Contest Entry....for Short and Sweet.

by Mark Anthony Cotterman |
Categories: love

A Watercolor Lie For Two

upon the painted grains of sea
I posted dreams of a candy-cane
barely on the verge of belief, we
drown myself to sleep in a bed of insane

within the breathing skin of a canvas
you rub your brokenness into my heart
shallowly I drift to clean up the mess
that neither of us would ever start

by Sunlite Wanter |
Categories: addiction, fun,

Sweet Tooth

Used on Poetry Soup 3/23/17

Sweet Tooth

She always asks for candy,
When we ask what she wants for her Day,
Or on Christmas she asks for pralines,
That come from far away.

She never asks for diamonds,
Nor an eco friendly mink;
Only some kind of truffles,
Or a gooey chocolate drink.

Jelly beans by the handfuls,
She keeps at her kitchen door,
I’ll want that candy dish in her will,
Just in case it fills some more.

We all just call her Sweet Tooth,
She never puts on any pounds,
If she did, we’d love her just the same,
For GrandMother is sweet as it sounds.

by Tom Zart |
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Where would we be without sex 
Like coffee minus the sugar and cream. 
As Adam was before he knew Eve, 
With no purpose to dream and scheme.

No reason for fathers and mothers, 
No reason to buy flowers and candy. 
No reason for diamonds and jewels; 
Viagra, wine, liquor or brandy.

No reason to purchase a sports car,
A fine house, muscle shirts or a new dress. 
Basically, a cake without icing,
So thank God and pray for more not less.

by Michael J. Falotico |
Categories: lost lovehalloween,

"just Four Walls"

I took the pictures down and folded all the clothes...
The carpet seems new where the couch used to sit...
A freshly painted outline used to hide behind our photo...
The plants are gone ,the fish tank is empty, only left
are echoes of our life...
His and her's boxes sit by the door like Halloween candy
ready to be given out..
Where love once rang out only whispers can be heard...
No more lights in the window or a lit candle on the piano...
The welcome mat is all rolled up like so many holidays went by..
One last glance as darkness fills the room, still the only warm
memory is lingering smell of your perfume...

Empty Apartment contest

by Nicole King |
Categories: lost love, love, day, day,

My Lover

To and fro 'cross the floor in one reminesce,
Of just a day derived a many months ago,
Of what to not happen of candy kiss,
From angel's embrace and blow.
This time feels a'far as stroh.
A tear for you placed upon thy cheek,
A cheek wished to be met again;
From the day love played hide and go seek,
A day my heart you began to reign,
Now, yearning to be beside your sustain.