Love Poems About Hybronnet or Hybronnet Love Poems
by L Milton Hankins |
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Autumn In Florida

I shall return to Florida In late autumn, a driving trip When blooms have lost their stamina, And I shall need to get a grip. Surely before the first cold spell Settles in, ere the first snowfall I shall find a small place to dwell Near the seashore where I can scrawl Short verses on sandy beaches, Where children collect fresh seashells And play well above the reaches Of the tide, I love ocean smells. A watch on the skies I will keep Lest a storm strikes while I'm asleep.
written July 23, 2021

by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: desire, longing, love, passion,

Hypnotic Eyes

Hypnotic are your eyes in light
of sun and stars and luring moon.
Eyes crystal blue flame coldest night
then look away as lovers swoon.
Like them, I long to lose my head
and heart to love, not just a game.
Enlightened by a kiss, we'd wed,
a charmed new life with a new name.

My feet tread soft, my blood burns deep.
I scour for deeds to draw you near.
Unheeded, this beguiled soul weeps.
I've failed to sway your heart, austere.
Caress me with hypnotic eyes.
if love's a dream, I'll fantasize.   

Written 2/10/17 for Form H Contest

by Christopher Thor Britt |
Categories: beach, love,

In Your Eyes

A summer’s walk on painted sand 
Along the beach at night 
The salty air may bring a chill 
But my arms will hold you tight 
I feel you look into my soul 
You see past my thin disguise 
At once the world just fades away 
Lost here in your eyes 
What life had I before this night 
Before your love’s sweet calling? 
No shade of peril to hold me bound 
My heart’s already fallen 
Your kiss that lingers at my lips 
Draws out a gentle sigh 
You bring life into this man who’s 
Lost here in your eyes 
In your embrace I find myself 
Lost in your sweet eyes

by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: happy, nature,

My Woodland Haven

The forest is my last retreat.
There breezes sing a quiet song.
As flowers scented air stays sweet,
My heart with music sings-along.

There, nature has a love affair.
Squirrels’ treetop tricks solicit smiles.
The beastly beings living there, 
Array the day with fun lifestyles --

Protected by the land itself,
All creatures seek and find refuge.
I love to walk there by myself.
In quiet peace where hearts grow huge.

So, sheltered by the hand of God,
Until I die, I shall be awed.

Written for Poetry Form H contest

by Andy Craig |
Categories: forgiveness, god, how i feel, jesus, love, seasons, spiritual,


Back on track with
my faith. Sometimes
I just feel ashamed,
chained down a disgusting

Why do I once again
slide away unsure if I'm saved?
I hold onto God's grace, a free gift
showing how much he truly loves

Christ alone is my cornerstone.
I could never survive this journey on
my own faith alone.

by Goddess Queen Yahudah |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, for him, heart, i love you, i miss you, smile,

I Can Not Help Myself

I just can not help myself
How I feel inside for you
Rhythms flow ocean side sea mine for you
I cannot say to you I don’t need right here by my side

Favor brought us together
Destiny they collide
Ecstasy there to be told in all these lines for you
I just can not help myself 

How your words vocally make me feel
Your touch 
Your kiss
Your smile 

I miss all of you
Can you here me when I call you
In the spirit
Can you hear me when I lift up your name?

All the same
I release to you that I care so deep
So deep for you
I just can not help myself

How you are you!

by Larry Bradfield |
Categories: lost love,


Her eyes sparkled as if from wine,
But it was early in the day.
I could near feel her lips on mine,
But she made no effort to stay.

Her feelings hidden somewhere deep
Within her mysterious soul .
She turned to walk as if in sleep,
And left me there alone and cold.

She had buried our only chance
Beneath some dark and hidden past.
As I looked on a dead romance,
And pondered the die she had cast.

Was it love that she had hidden?
What role was this I'd been bidden?


by Goddess Queen Yahudah |
Categories: best friend, true love, word play,


You know Yah and s it for me to feel this way
I felt some type of way
I don't want to mess things up

I never asked you to pass this cup
All I ask is for you to help me to press on
Moving on to the next chapter
In my life

How long 
What must I do
To be patient with this
A kiss I miss

On the sensual sensation of my lips
What do I say today
It seems so strick
I see you love me of course

Is it really dangerously in love
Matters drops on the floor
More information my diary is filling up
I never asked why

Never to pass my cup!

by Goddess Queen Yahudah |
Categories: beautiful, feelings, love, memory, sympathy,

Undeniable Truth

I just cannot help myself how I feel inside for you
Rhythms flow
Ocean sides sea mine for you
I cannot say to you I don't need you right here by my side

Favor brought us together
Divine Destiny they collide
Ecstasy there to be 
Told in all of these lines

I just cannot help myself how your words vocally
makes me feel
Your touch your kiss your smile
I miss all of you

Can you hear me when I call you in my spirit
Can you hear me when I lift name
all the same
I release to you that I care

So deep 
So deep 
For you
I just cannot help me self 

How you are you

by Vladislav Raven |
Categories: beauty, dream, love,

A Beauteous Sight - Hybronnet

My eyes, they beheld A Beauteous Sight,
Before my eyes, it did shine like the sun.
I did see such beauty within the light,
Tonight, passion’s fulfilment would be done.
A woman did stand on Heaven’s bright plain,
Her temple praised by the Angels on high.
I knew Love it would forever remain,
When I did leave this glory in the sky.
Where you did stand, it was as bright as day,
Your glory, I did not know I would find.
But there you did stand, there you did stay,
A beautiful light held within my mind.
Now all around us, everything was still,
As now your sweetest dreams I would fulfil.


by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: emotions, love,

O Heart

O HEART Tracing its symmetrical shape — claustrophobic butterfly wings, sensate sweep, with kisses my nape. The flutter of my heartstrings sing. Don’t break my wings of happiness, this bellyache ballerina, this lavender oil of sweetness, and lover’s splash of katrina. O pheromone pulse! Rapturous! A dance in the mirror with you — my slipper toes adventurous! Love’s over the rubicon queue. Lover , you trace my passion’s heart — if it dies, it will not restart. 2/5/2018< Early Feb Standard Contest/Brian Strand Hybronnet Form - 8 syllables per line *Katrina - pure **Rubicon - the limiting line

by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: first love,


Don’t Worry Love

The hot redness of her face, as if Mars,
     Surrounded by flashy yellow a-bright;
And pure snow clouds dancing, chastefully, light.
     Orbit’s blush and puppy love eyes with stars.
Latterly, bestie speaks it out loudly.
     A sudden volcanic moon of madness
dries her throat, a disruption of sadness.
     Virginal countenance, burning brightly.
Then her crush softly grabs her hand in his.
     “Don’t worry love. Let’s step outside,” he croons.
She is startled - her cheeks begin to swoon.
     Fresh air cools her down. She enjoys the chills.
The robins sings of lovely things - knees weak,
     as he brushes a kiss upon her cheek.

by Mahtab Bangalee |
Categories: writing,

Careless Voicing

Before publishing contest news
I was on the floating sky heart
With the blinking stars to reuse
The love for lyrics on wise art

Mortal I’m for the birth cradle
But the astute light of the heart
Shows the couplet of hope bugle
To live long in the verse of smart

Immortal wisdom defeats lamp
Of the writing challenge in flow
But the winner sun runs on ramp
Cause the loser has no tint show

Rainbow recites the winner’s line
Dark cloud absorbs the loser’s brine

© Mahtab bangalee

by Nazim Zarsinner |
Categories: heartbroken, humanity, lost, memorial, poetry, rain, trust,

I Need You

I am living alone
In barren universe.
My soul seeks a soulmate,
To be so terse.
I stretch my hand in rain,
But, drops don't know my pain.

My heart says there is none
Who can realize love,
I want you to know that,
Love's all above,
This is not such a clue
You know that I need you.