Love Poems About Racism or Racism Love Poems
by Honestly J.T. |
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One World

Love is not a color,
No hue, neither a race.
All of our blood is the same, 
That runs deep within our veins.

If we could lift up each other,
And know that we all care.
If we help our sisters and brothers,
There's a bond that we'll share.

©2013 Honestly JT

by Victor Buhagiar |
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A Wind That Blows Loneliness

The wind blows softly over the lonely,
The suffering think of themselves only.
A world of chaos, racism, and turmoil,
Utmost egomanias spoil our toil.

An old man groans, no decent place to live,
Are there relatives? No comfort to give?
Blow softly oh lonely wind, they care not,
They are comfortable, and all forgot.

Somewhere a child is crying his heart out,
Can anyone guess what it's all about? 
Is the child hungry, lost, or cast aside?
Much abused, ill-treated, or love denied?

There are millions of cries heard on the wind,
Alas no one bothers: is man unkind?

by Rico Leffanta |
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Make America White Again

"Make America White Again"
Will never make any sense
Despite the tweets of "GENIUS" Trump
Or Republicans like Pence

Brown-skinned people filled this land
From one end to the other 
And though they had their differences
"Eve" is everyone's mother

Though some are prone to cast a stone
Or ridicule their brother
What makes a nation great again
Is love for one another.

by Neldy Jolo |
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Back To Origin

People are commonly different
Symbol of diversity piece
Pure race doesn’t exists

Color and creed are just an identity
Believe only in human history
God sculptured them from clay

People are equally created
Having many opposites
But respecting others taste

When everyone is treated equal
Nothing appears but peace in hand
Discrimination, disunity and, suffering won’t be born anymore

Written to advocate to suppress racism
Bandar Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia
10:30-11:00 am, November 13. 07, Tuesday

by Stephen Pennell |
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Hope Not Hate

Its not the colour of your  skin
Or the place of your birth
Its the fire in your heart
And the love in  your soul

Your blood will run red
And your tears will be wet
All men are born equal
Never ever forget 

Cast of your chains
Stand tall and be proud
We are all accidents of creation
Not the place of our birth

Pick up your banners
Shout loud and be clear
Theres no place for hatred 
Lets Have hope not hate in your heart .

comp entry 29/10/2017

by Mike Gentile |
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Oh Dark Sister

Oh dark sister
The world has pierced your heart
Oh dark brother
Why are we set apart

Oh different one
In any shape or form
Believe in what you will
No need to conform

One human family
Is all we need to be
When will we learn that love
Is the universal key

by Ann Foster |
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Tiny little house at the edge of the yard.
A place where dolls gather and tea is served.
Little girls learn lessons about life.
Be kind, be sweet, love with all your heart.

High up in the tree, the fort is hanging.
A sign is posted, “Men Only” no girls allowed.
Young heroes are taught about life.
Be strong, be courageous, love with all your heart.

We go to church and school together, 
and learn about life’s lessons.
Places, where we should strive to remember,
Be kind, Be strong, Be Sweet, be Courageous.
Love with all your heart.

by Sherwin Balbuena |
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Pagkamakabayan: Patriotism

'Tis intangible
Unlike the spears and the guns
Of the daughters and the sons
But partly they symbolize
Its abstraction ere our eyes

The time has passed by
And the world has also turned
From chaos into concord
Now we say goodbye
To old discrimination
Racism and commotion

There's a new picture
That appropriately depicts
Our genuine love and respect
For our own culture --
Raising our right hand to pledge
And doing our job with badge

by Mohamed Adel |
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Together We Can

Can the Ameri-can
Love the Afri-can
Can the Afri-can
Love the Ameri-can
Can we all live together as one?
Yes! Together we can

by Charcoal Nsibande |
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Dark Skinned Lady

Dark Skinned Lady. the ever poised legendary beauty, granary of compassion & culture whose stunning reign sparkles the night.

Dark Skinned Lady. comandress of matriotic forces, the earthquake that shakes the pillars of racism & sexism the stream that feeds liberating consciousness

Dark skinned lady. epicenter of the ripples of Africanism. Divinity of a soul tranced by a rhythm, a rhythm forged by the beat of a drum, the drum pumping life into the veins of my Africa!

by Ngoc Nguyen |
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The Absence of Color

The absence of [man's] color will win: white,
     black, yellow, or red make no difference
     in the life-and-death crush of existence
that rocks and shocks with might but is not right!
Clear and sheer-like, with stealth it comes like night
     in strength and power, like a deliverance
     about to split apart Intolerance,
the racist's slight, and the mean bigot's bite.
It is right; and has the appearance of
     soft, subtle Light that reforms the old view,  
and shines a vision of a world suffused with love,
     grace, spirit, and clear sight in hearts anew:
our tribes can live in peace and soar above
     as One, when our disputes become one hue.

by Edward Johnson |
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by David Moananu |
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My Thoughts

these days I think hate is part of the devil's plan
everything I see and the things they say to me
is crucial and un justifying coming from other people's
these days,they don't think think of others like 
really I wish the racial profiling will be over with 
but it will never end
its sad that people fight over things just get by
stop the hate,everyone start to become one.
bring unity towards other's 
love one to another,that's what god would do.
help the people in need.
I look a pound these days and wonder
what would tomorrow be like
but tomorrow is tomorrow,we just have to worry
about today

by Mike Martin |
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Death of a Legend

You’ve heard of eeny meanie
How he died a fitting death
He had more fame, it seems to me
Than Shakespeare or Macbeth

Held accountable he was
After capture and a bounty
For the sins Stephen Duncan
Boss of Issaquena County

Too bad for mister miney mo
He’ll have to pay the price
Out to the Mississippi Bridge
We’d love to hang him twice

Held to dangle by the toe
So that everyone would know
Said the slaven to the hangman
If he hollers let him go
Copyright © Mike Martin 2015

by Patricia L Graham |
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Them that never cease to claim
Everything that’s ours is theirs.
They take our lands,
They spill our blood;
Our children are consumed by lust.
The future, but a toxic mix:
Ancestors lived and died for this?
This legacy, blighting as a spell;
Contaminating, burns a living-hell.
Who is man and who is beast
When one pretends to love but hates?

Copyright 23.10.14

(Written for Black History Month Oct in UK
The killing continues in plain sight and in various guises)

by Terry Burns |
Categories: religion,

Where Does It All End

Idol Worship
Broken Promises
Where does it all end?
It ends Where Love begins.

by Tom Quigley |
Categories: granddaughter, heartbreak, history, lost love, racism,

A Day In a Town

Evening. A harbinger, the breeze is redolent with petrichor. Soft rain begins. Across my bucolic demesne, I see My erstwhile dalliance’s town Ephemeral it was But such passion lives on That day A willow tree Where serendipity Turned propinquity to romance The epiphany of our love brought not Open doors, but a higher fence. Ancient love eons old Recalled from my wheelchair. Jade eyes Chocolate skin Casualty of hate. Granddaughter rolls me back inside Efflorescence crunches under the wheels Her eyes flit to the ebony Young man down the road Perhaps times change. Hope lives. 4/10/16

by Rodwell Gibbons |
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Mother Land Cry

My love for you became ephemeral
My eyes now moist with tears
The flowers on gardens-are dry now
The annihilation i cannot face

I scream for peace and joy among my people
They paid keen attention-I wish
The guns-the murders- i heard their cries
Their lives stood on melting ice

My people fight my people
Who put labels on their faces
The racism, the sexism 
Hiding under party hats

Now i'm tired
Should i sleep, or should i die
I pray that god brings solace to my heart
So i can survive, the plight of my land

by Andrew Crisci |
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If Peace Is To Thriumph

The Melting Pot is a city
where everyone seems
to live in harmony...
although racism and hate 
sometime make ugly headlines!

On Saturday Ballotelli
brought glory to Italy,
we was praised for his decisive goal;
how can we, as a civilized nation, allow haters 
to spread prejudism among us and build a thick wall?  
It's ignorance that causes
unkindness to others
of different colors and faiths!

My adapted city should be an example of hope
for everyone who wants to make it their home;
I have lived here and seen changes in people
who came together when tragedy stroke:
the wrathful hurricane Sandy was one of them!
If peace is to triumph, there must be love in all!

by Jesz Ika |
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Dear Racist

You have your roots forgotten
Your perception's now rotten
Noticing oh so sudden
That brother's a great burden

No love for brother or sis
With contempt at them you hiss
And the sharpest point you miss
That racism can't bring bliss

People can be blue, black, white
I can name colours all night
But do remember alright
Only yourself you do fight

Because we all are on par
And you're left behind so far
Still your scars with spite you mar
Frowning at those black as tar

With the same hands, all God made
Watch as you do colours grade
Without love, away you'll fade
For we belong under one shade

by Adrian Robinson |
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My Ink Is My Blood

Lick these writings of mine  
Let my ink stain your taste buds 
Can you stand the taste of my pain?

Wounded by the sharpness of thy mind       i bleed continually- my ink is 
my blood
The words of my qull flow from my vein

I'm standing below the poverty line
Will manna fall from above?
There's no nourishment in the rain    

The freedom I search for is yet to find 
I want to be free like a dove
Free my brain from the mental chain    

Racism should be once up on a time
Pour me hate and i dilute it with love 
Hate me with passion- what's your gain?

by Gert Wewege |
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The Same Sun

Our lives are passing by and we look down
Someone with holes in their shoes and we frown
People are so different, city and town
Even if you wearing rags or expensive gown

All our hearts pump the same red
Some of us are lucky to have bread
Cold winter nights in a warm bed
Others living like, the walking dead

Our hearts have gone to stone
Every breath we take is on loan
Regardless your palace or time-zone
Is everyone too afraid of the unknown

After all is said and done
And caring less for everyone
In the long run
We are all under the same sun

by Verlena S. Walker |
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[In High School, this took place].

The White Boy said (excuse my French), if I fall in love with V’lena, I would be a 
V’lena stated if I denied my love for Butch, I would be a damn fool. 

At once, both responded you are a racist.

{These are all lines from my Senior Play}.

     The Title
Penned on May 24, 2014!

by Pheko Motaung |
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African hair under siege
Kinky racism

by Brad Nicolas |
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Blood On the Leaves

Blood on the Leaves

It makes me sad
To think, then mad
To be associated with them,
only by color.
You play us like they judged that man.
The blood on the leaves;
Warm and full of life.
Don’t put that on me, Ricky Bobby.

We lost someone today.
Sad is all this is,
Pushing us 100 years in the past.
I can’t imagine that town’s shame.