Love Poems About Horse or Horse Love Poems
by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: angst, appreciation, beauty, desire, endurance,

Not So Easy Rider

I wish to return to beauty
instead of the mundane
To marvel at rainbows
glistening in the rain

To feel melancholy 
Life’s mysteries to explain
Choo Choo engine progress
days chugging like a train

The mysteries of oceans
far deeper than my pain
Why do I live carelessly
while others have to strain

I was born out of love
yet love is hard to maintain
My spirit begs me to listen
why do I yield to my brain

Yet desire keeps growing
I pray it will not wane 
Life’s a horse to be ridden
I’ll cling tightly to its mane!

by Seren Roberts |
Categories: horse, love,

I Lay My Head

I lay my head  upon the softness of its mane
My white charger, no knight for a swain
as I am the gallant rider looking for love.
Riding the green valleys with mountains above,
looking for hope in natures  fertile plain

A dream, a carousel  of  tears  and  pain
With bobbing horses making  a colourful train
Flying above a sure sign of hope, a dove
I lay my head 

Imagination in play as I search in vain
Why from happiness  must I abstain
My empty heart crying out to those above 
Praying each night, please bring me love 
Grabbing a handful of the silky white mane
I lay my head

by Anne-Lise Andresen |
Categories: crazy, death, love,

- Dead Or Alive -

The wolves howling at the height of his past life

As a strangled breath from the grave

The air feels heavy and smells rotten soil

He never forgot his great love

The woman who was his passion

Links and bells chime in the wind

The taste of vintage wine

His blood rushes through a gloriously red rose

The last restraint is gone

If death is a caress, what is life ?

His bride will be transported on a white horse

- 07.08.2016
  Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
  Copyright © All Rights Reserved

by Tom Cunningham |
Categories: death, horse, love, soldier, war,

Death of a Lancer

My one true love with eyes of sparkling blue
Our hearts as one it was our destiny
Heaven sent you for me and me for you
It would not last but end in tragedy.

War intervened I’d have to go away
To the Crimea with the light brigade
My true love I thought of every day
Our lives on hold along with plans we’d made.

The Captain said “suppress your greatest fears
Ride close ranks and do not come asunder”
The noise of hooves were ringing in my ears
Sounds they made were like a raging thunder.

A lance pierced me and off my horse I fell
Then death came down, my life I bid farewell.

Written on 7th February 2019.

by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: husband, nature, wife

-divorce Club-

~~ Divorce  Club~~

Haiku   * divorce trip *
broken promises
eclipse of the sun and moon
dreams that fall like leafs.

Limerick  * never settle*
Like a  gun to my head of course
I married the end of a horse
love was never real,
kids no big deal.
Wow! I gain more money after divorce!

Couplet   * forever vows *
I meant them words "for better or worse" during our holy matrimony
The better now has hit me, once  the Court ordered alimony:-)


by Vera Duggan |
Categories: animal, farm, horse, may, , cute,

My Molly May

My Molly May

I had a little pony
I called her Molly May
So often I would venture out
And feed her bales of hay.

So then she’d frolic
Kick her heels up high
Round and round she would run
Looking sweet as she passed by.

She’d run until she was worn out
Then to the stable she would go
I’d bed her down then for the night
My love for her each day would grow

She was my, cutest Molly may
This pony always made my day.

25 September 2014

by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: lost love, love, pain, passion,

I Love You

I love you
I never kissed
I never touched
Yet I know
We are one
So now I hang my head
I am all done
Death becomes me more and more
Without you life has become a bore
I mount my horse and ride off
Into the mountains high
I am battle ready
A heart so scared
They call me brave heart, fierce and bold
I battle the infidels, behead em all
I am no brave lad, tiss for sure
If I was
I would battle you
For your love I long
Like spring flowers growing in battle scared fields
I have lost this war of passion I seek
You have castrated this warrior tall
Of Passions woes
I lie down
In graveyards sowed

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, dream, heart, love, metaphor, romantic,

Candy Horse Vs Dark Kid

The center of a star reflects just like a diamond...
Returning a pearl within each silver breath that one treasures...
With faceted panels, I promised I'd never...
Sweep over a deep sea of blue waves unmeasured...

There is a pattern woven inside golden petals that kiss the inside of my heart...
Parts of my heart that I've thus' failed to start...
With soft fingers dancing, you're forever entrancing...
My star that's eternally far...

A co write written by Liam and Christian

by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: body, dark, devotion, husband, marriage, wife,

Queen and King


Knights delight
Off with the head
Public appearance 
Ruler of her domain
Kingdom all in love with her
Joker enjoyment of her day
Crown comes with hope, more than expected
King is nothing with out her by his side


Crown from birth
Battle with in
Gravel at his feet
Castle guarded armor 
Feast prepared just for a king
Lovely mistress among peasant 
Medieval time war brought down the peace
Queen rules kingdom, when horse returns alone

by Michael Byte |
Categories: happiness,

Lost Herd

As the sun rises
a young pioneer saddles his ride.
Mounting his horse
his young bride
his love as he rides
Off to find his herd.
 His proud mare  
goes through the prairie
next to his barb wire.
He wonders in his mind
how far have they strayed.
How many day
must I ride. 
He sings aloud
a song his herd
has heard 
as he rode.
On yonder hill he sees
two cows grazing along
next to their side two young calves.
He hears their cries
as he tops the hillside. 
In the green valley below
he sees his lost herd.

By michael Byte 10-9-2013

by Lisa Ricci |
Categories: horse,

This Love Affair

"this love affair"
they'll never understand why why you hypnotize me so
the love is not of a man and woman yet there is no stronger bond I know to know of trust and understanding you and me riding through winds winds that take us far far away together we travel to freedom
they'll never know this love affair this love affair that can be theirs
for the love of horses of course (lol)

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: angst, cowboy-western, imagination, life

Cowboys Cry Too

C  casually stands next to his saddled horse
O  openly he weeps (so) full of his remorse
W  what is left of pale pink running rose that grew
B   blood floods from thorn pricks he's getting his due
O   oh! tangled web with his love he did weave
Y   yesterday she discovered all his cowboy lies believed

by Robert Lindley |
Categories: dance, deep, dream, horse, imagination, love, memory,

In This Olden Soul, a Fast Dancing Horse

In This Olden Soul, A Fast Dancing Horse

In this olden soul, a fast dancing horse
lively one I now can not ride, of course.
Looking on this world, it races away
saddened by hidden darkness holding sway.

With echoing hoofs tapping stronger beats
I dream of my love between silken sheets.
Her long, pretty hair with its golden sheen
as I recall, fantasies of my teens.

Pounding of my heart when love's race is on
sorrowful stampede when my love has gone.
At such pain, horse speeds into the mists
I beat wailing walls, with my bloody fists.

In this olden soul, a fast dancing horse
its premature death, my greatest remorse.

Robert J. Lindley, 3-04-2018
Sonnet, 3-04-2018

by Larry Bradfield |
Categories: cute love,

She Walked Away - Make Their Jaws Drop Contest

He watched her walk away that day
The tears ran down his nose
Her walk was frisky from behind
She knew just how to pose

He recalled those soft summer nights
When they would ride 'til dawn
He'd rub her shoulders gently then
'Til all the ache was gone

Then they'd stand high on mountain tops
While she would breathe the air
They'd watch the world as it rolled by
Without a single care

Then hard times came and raised their head
He was forced to sell her
He was a horse breeder, that's all -
Not a wealthy feller

May 13, 2016, for contest Make Their Jaws Drop

by Bryn Strudwick |
Categories: adventure,

Roy Rogers


Roy Rogers on Trigger his horse
Was a regular tour de force
He made it his quest
To clean up the West
Then end with a love song of course

2nd May 2022
High Noon poetry contest
Sponsor - Joseph May

by J. I. Thomas F. |
Categories: fire, horse, light, love, romance, silence,


In blood-washed canyonlands a stallion stands,
soft eyes trained on a fire-hearted mare.
Watching her nervously circle the sands,
prancing forward and back; she weighs out his dare.

He's seen her run, heard her cry out with joy.
She wears her bright soul like her shadow mane.
An arrow of light free from ev'ry ploy -
Fate decreed he'd try if he would stay sane.

What does she think of his strange, silent way?
A rose grown in secret, till it bloomed true.
A gift, mayhap unwanted, brought to day.
Red riddle of romance, asked with no clue.

The stallion stands silent, waiting to see -
will she come to him ... or will she run free?

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: love,

A Knight

Shining armor clad 'pon a white horse
Eternally strong knight my love, my guide
Reign in, hold, steer my feeble course
Encircle with loving arms, shelter, hide
Now let it be known I'm your pride

Delighted in you, you're love constant source
Intriguing the very thought of you implied
Passionate moments spent no remorse
Incomparable joy, rapture when by your side
Touched, tasted of  tranquility yearningly tied

Year: 2012

Sponsor: Francine Roberts 
Contest: Romance Me With English Quintain
Written: November 5 and 6, 2012

The first letter of each line read downward
spells another word plus the first letter of year.

by Donald Meikle |
Categories: history, native american, nature,

Clan Call

Tearing gusts of highland winds dim the sound of pipes
No one knows and no one sees and no one sets it right, 
Heavy hearted sadness carries, other souls who went ahead, 
Ghosts of kindred spirits living now or living dead, 
Running through the gorse and heather wishing for a horse to ride, 
Disregarding wind and weather, Grim, the reaper by my side. 
Places I would rather see.... Home's still where I yearn t' be, 
I'll never have you there with me... 'tis lost...
both love
and pride

Jonji ‘s dance within my mind
and well within the ken o’ men
I just prepped the canvas

by Nigel Fawcett |
Categories: caregiving, friendship, lovemay, me,


I am woken by your cries in the night
I mount my steed and prepare to take flight
Tell me of the dragons that I may fight
To rid you of pain and restore your sight

Let down your hair from your prison towers
That I may place you amongst the flowers
And soothe your worries in April’s showers
Restoring your strength with all my powers

I will mend your heart and banish distress
And, with love and care, will make you hurt less
Relax and be touched by my mind’s caress
And let me serve you, my precious princess

I may not ride a horse, or dress in white
But I promise I’ll always be your knight ~

by Zoe Coade |
Categories: animal,

Forgive Me

As I run my hand,
across your soft face,
I ask please don’t ever
think me a disgrace.

I do make mistakes 
but I try to learn each day,
too become my best for you
in each and every way.

Your thoughts and your feelings
are all I think about,
who you are, what you do,
it really does count.

I ask for your forgiveness
because you are to me,
the most beautiful horse
I ever did see.

Although your choice is limited
and you cannot roam free,
I promise to love you forever,
because you saved me.

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: fantasy

Love In the Afternoon

All is quiet
The room is still
I hear this tapping on my window sill
I look out and there you are
My dashing knight
On your white horse

by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: dance, funny,


We’ll Ride a Horse Down Rocky Path

We’ll ride a horse down rocky path
Fall in love in the aftermath
Well do-si-do and do it right
Me and honey can dance all night

Roll away to a half sashay
‘neath the moon’s where we’re apt to stay
We promenade around fig leaves
with rolled up jeans and shorter sleeves

Hanging out in the doghouse tree
I circle left and she don’t leave me
Promenade with a giddyup
Be home in time for kiss-make-up.

Allemande left as we make things right.
all things beautiful, all things bright.
Weave the ring, a forever link
All ‘lone till life turns blue and pink

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: freedom, horse, journey, universe,

Princely Pony

   On the back of her pony
     the universe lay
   comets and starbursts above
     periwinkles below spreading love
   O, princely pinto
     you're all I need
   Gallop the galaxy ~
     mane streaming free

by Robyn Campbell |
Categories: horse,

Running Horses

Twilight is coming
after munching on meadow
horses love to run

by Corinne Curcio |
Categories: people

Sagittarius (Astrology Acrostic)

Spiritually inclined
Altruistic to the nth degree
Generous and kind
Intellectual, yet carefree
Travel a lifelong love
Thighs like a thundering horse
Aiming for the stars above
Ruled by Jupiter’s course
Irrepressible, friendly and happy
Unselfish and never a bore
Sagittarius, the Sagacious Centaur