Love Poems About Success or Success Love Poems
by Christuraj Alex |
Categories: heart, life, work,

Consciousness Fulcrum

My works need not be successful
Just when consciousness-centered
Success can be spiritual
Mundane and ill-tempered
If the living Holy Spirit of the 
Absolute in me abide
My thoughts, words and actions 
Will, indeed, be love-linked
Linked will be my neighbor with me
Each creature of the universe I see
As part of the consciousness fulcrum
And cosmos would flow in free rhythm...

12 March 2022
Consciousness Fulcrum Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Unseeking Seeker

by Tom Quigley |
Categories: adventure, courage,

The Bridge of Dire Necessity

Moist jungle's steaming breath assaults my face
Molasses air I struggle to inhale
Your ruddy visage slowly drains to pale
Sharp cliff, black knife wound in the verdant space
Decrepit footbrige held up by mere grace
Each rope suspended taut by one sole nail
No time for turning back, it's move or fail
Their fever burns, thin lives that wane apace

We're down to you or me; I see I've lost
Your pallid tremors, so I walk on high
Death matters not, as all will share the cost
Without the cure, those that I love will die
Wood creaks as ropes strain, hands sweat, mind of frost
Firm terra I touch, sweet success is mine


by April Gabriella |
Categories: dream, success, writing,

A Little Secret

I have a little secret
That maybe you should know
Let me whisper it in your ear
Let me get real close
Promise me you will keep
My little secret please
Promise me you'll never tell
Pinky promise please
This is my secret desire
I want to set the world on fire
Afire with my words and phrases
Receiving so much love 
And heartfelt praises
I want my words to continuously amaze
Affect with each line
With each turn of phrase
This is a silly impossible dream I know
My writing will not get me off skid row
It will not make me rich
It will not make me known
But a dream is a dream
And I must let it flow

by Manmath Dalei |
Categories: emotions, love,


Love is nectar.
Love is heaven.
Heaven like home, we always need
where soul  ever smiles,
never feels tension.
In love,
you are my music,
I am your musician.

Love is trust.
Love is hope.
Hope hands success
after little failure
or without any flop.
In love,
Your are my ocean,
I am your raindrop.

Love is life.
Love is relation.
Relation can only be cemented
with  mutual trust
and extreme affection.
In love,
You are my ink,
I am your pen.

Love is thought.
Love is brain.
With a sagacious brain
we can fly to our goal
without any pain. 
In love,
You are my blood,
I am your vein.

by Sandip Goswami |
Categories: art, encouraging, jealousy, life, love, philosophy, violence,

Art of Love

This times, you would receive the two things from others.
Violence or grace. 
Jealousy to your success,
And grace to your failure.

So, you should not be sad.

Survival is meaningless with grace. 

Believe me,
You are the king or queen of love.
Try to distribute your love.
Don't want to see yourself as the beggar of love. 

One day, future of mankind will be written with your love.
You will become history.

(The poem is dedicated to my favorite poet Charmaine Chircop.)


by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: friendship, god, love,


You asked me the other day,  my dear friend,
How come I:

Think of you,
Worry about you,
Care for you?

Feel your grief and partake in your joy?

Share your dreams and face your fears?

You were not able to understand the reason I stand by your side
In moments of:

Success and failure
Laughter and tears

In sickness and in health
In celebration and in mourning

You wanted to know why:

Gave you food and shelter?
Never abandoned you but became your companion? 

Now the time has come for me an 
Answer to give:

It is simply because


© Demetrios Trifiatis
       21 August 2018

by Christi Kopp |
Categories: angst, death, loss, sadday,

Final Days

Thoughts of a world without you
Make me cringe.
I felt you were invincible.
You were the constant,
The strength when I could carry the pain no more.
Always the courage when I was afraid.
My sole source for true love,
Love independent of my success or failure.
Never could I imagine this day would come.
Now, death grips your hand tighter than life.
I try to be strong.
I hope I am brave.
I pray every day I find your traits in me.
The hours seem to fly.
Tomorrow floats so far ahead.
Nothing is certain,
Each breath could be the last.
I weep, sad for the impending loss.
Yet joyous in the knowledge
Soon you will suffer no more.

by Mike Gentile |
Categories: love, strength, success,

Love is Actually the Sweet Foundation

For anything that is built in life’s domain
     Love is actually the sweet foundation
Though finding it, often a tricky campaign
      It’s the basic blueprint for our salvation

While not brick and mortar or earthly terrain
     Such strength it provides without hesitation
 It’s all that I am and forever will be
     Love is actually everything to me


by Joanna Daniel |
Categories: inspirational, motivation,

And I Spread My Wings

And I spread my wings To new beginnings Butterfly, I flit, Am not gonna quit, Flying up above, Moving on with love, Rising 'bove the stars, Reaching toward Mars, To new horizon, My flight is risen, And I spread my wings, My heart leaps and sings, Crossing boundaries, New prospects I tease, Far future's now mine, In success, I shine, What scope I have got, To try out my lot, So here's to my wings, And carefree heartstrings. 04/13/19
Thanks to my friend, Meenu, for the first two lines:)

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: appreciation, character, heart, integrity, pride, success, work,


The rich man is not the one with mounds of money
The rich man works for a living and is proud
He is rich if he can provide for his family’s needs
And able to help out a friend in trouble
The rich man has love in his heart and wears a smile
But the richest man is the one who has raised
Children to recognize what being rich is truly all about

Submitted on December 21, 2018 for contest "TINKER, TAYLOR" sponsored by JULIA WARD

by Angela Crabtree |
Categories: life, people,


I don't believe in getting angry
and arguing over things
yet there are people who do sadly
as does a bee that stings

why can't people be friends
and love as the Bible says
instead a relationship ends
tis what it does

are we doomed to this behavior
or will it one day lend
finding success and not failure
in the message we send

weary as I walk alone 
in my reasoning 
though heavy I carry the stone
tired as I'm weakening

soon strength I'll regain
as time passes through
and joy will remain
for now my time is due

by Sandra L. Weiss |
Categories: anger, confusion, life, me,

What We Perceive

Stress in today's world is hard to relieve.
Surrounded by what is meant to deceive.
How we view things, comes by what we perceive.
Success should be based on what we achieve.
More times than not, how much we receive.
Something we lose, we strive to retrieve.
Losing someone we love, we painfully grieve.
When facing anger, turn around and leave.
Be mindful of lies, in the tales some weave.
Become the person, who you trust in and believe.

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: hate, love, success,

Stop or Start

Stop hating to start loving
Start loving to stop hating
   Which one will it be

For some it's one
For some, the other
   It matters not to me

When all is said and done
   As long as Love is in
   And Hate is out
       We've won

by Lei Strauss |
Categories: dream,

A Filipino Dream - My Spirit

I have a Filipino dream!
Stop the war and wild loud of scream
I have a dream not for myself.
Not a selfish man who thinks of himself.

I have a Filipino dream!
Cease the pain of a poor at the stream.
Three stars are united as one.
My dreams and love are bounded as one.

I have a Filipino dream!
Be the best in our craft and one of the prim.
Eight rays of sun symbolize hope.
Filipinos will rise and reach the peak of slope.

I have a Filipino dream!
Rapidly admired coz we’re now the cream.
I have a dream for my one country land.
An endless peace and success for my one true land.

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I was just trying to remember the past
 trying to remember the good people
 and the bad people,
 that i came across on my way,

i want you to know
that you are among the good people
 that left a good trace in my life,

once again i just want to say thank you
for passing through my life,
is so short but is wonderful
i want you here forever.

by Gargi Saha |
Categories: social


We should love our neighbours as we
love our God,
We should not hate any one for this is
the advice of our Lord:
We should live in solitude
And bring happiness to the unfortunate
and livelihood!
We should be courageous and forgiving
We should be loving and merciful.
We should sacrifice our greed,
Which makes us perform selfish deeds-
We should avoid harming living beings
And also avoid eating at wrong times-
Such is a path which leads to good character;
Character leads to personality and
Brings happiness and success later.

by Jim Pemberton |
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The Family That God Gave to Me

The Family That God Gave to Me I think about the family, that God gave to me... And think about where they'll spend eternity! I think about the good times, that we've had. And the trials we've faced... Both good and bad! God helped us to overcome adversity together! And proved his faithfulness... Today and forever! He showed us the Godly path, that we should follow... And promised to be with us! Today and tomorrow! He's proven how much he loves us! And how much that he cares for us! Thank you my lord, for all you do! Where would we be? If not for you? You've proven yourself over and over again! Thank you so much, for being our friend! By Jim Pemberton

by Masereka Amos |
Categories: sad, satire, success,


A cloudy, gloomy, cool, rainy morning
Fresh, transparent, and sparkling,
Muddy dreams pouring and droplets springing

And all my things left in an open to get dry
Love, trust, life, joy and here is none to supply

I place not a blame
They art wet all the same
Found it interesting as a computer game
To see these teardrops of shame

Sorrow shared is half the sorrow
But I have the audacity to see tomorrow

Rain has seasons
And also reasons
To bind boundless
For with time it will be cloudless

To strengthen strongly
When the atmosphere is misty
And words exchanged wrongly

by Anthony Scandrick II |
Categories: anniversary, baby, beautiful, beauty, caregiving, child, childhood, confusion, courage, dark, dedication, depression, devotion, freedom, goodbye, graduation, growing up, happiness, hope, humorous, lonely, lost love, love, mystery, passion, satire, slam, sorrow, sorry, success, suicide, teen, thank you, uplifting, write,

Dear Michelle

You almost had me,
I wanted you,
The way you stuck to me like super glue,
I was feeling you,
But I knew,
I could never have you,
But, the way you looked at me,
The way my body pleads,
We can never be,
Because I’m too old,
And your only thirteen.

by Ken Nwadiogbu |
Categories: people, metaphor,

I am ME

The only one of my kind
The undisputed champion
I'm the one you need find
If you're not gazing  for presumption

I'm the megaphone of my world
The gateway  to success
The daredevil of love
The pioneer of  my Highness

The panoramic view of paradise
Exalted the beauty of black
A paradigm of high class
Dominate like a spark

I am the synecdoche of mighty
The metaphor of wonder
The personification of Christianity
And simile of thunder

I am Kenechukwu Nwadiogbu A.K.A Kbillion

by Dan Keir |
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Haikus About God: III

Beauty of nature
Why condense it down to God?
Isn’t life enough?

by Dan Keir |
Categories: allah, angel, angst, courage, dream, education, faith, fantasy, fear, funny, god, heaven, history, hope, humorous, imagination, inspirational, introspection, jesus, journey, life, lonely, loss, lost, lost love, love, miracle, mystery, nostalgia, on work and working, parody, passion, peace, people, philosophy, political, prayer, recovery from..., religion, religious, spiritual, stress, success, sympathy, teacher, time, write,

Haikus About God: V

Omniscient guy
Yet he lets bad things happen
How can he exist?

by Daniel Turner |
Categories: loneliness, sad,


Tomorrow has become today once more
Another day has passed in loneliness
Afraid to love, it's my fault I confess
That feeling of rejection I deplore

This emptiness inside I can't ignore
The love which I now save but can't express
Each time I try, it ends without success
It seems my heart has a revolving door

Although my time will soon come to an end
To die alone would be a tragedy
But looking back it seems my ship has sailed
Without a passenger to call my friend
Sad lonely poems will be my legacy
To die a lonely death, means I have failed

     by Daniel Turner

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: people,

Tom Cruise Clerihews

World famous actor Tom Cruise
in talent and looks cannot lose.
Success is the guy’s middle name.
It’s his love life he just can’t maintain!

A younger and hotter Tom Cruise
must have had to wear lifts in his shoes.
His first wife Nicole was so tall!
Did size ever matter at all?

With a much younger starlet, Tom Cruise
got attached, and it made for great news
when he jumped on a sofa with glee
for the whole world to see on TV.

The now over-50 Tom Cruise,
 to avoid more marital blues,
ought to find a new partner who
adores Scientology too.

by Dan Keir |
Categories: allah, angel, angst, confusion, courage, dream, faith, god, happiness, heaven, history, hope, imagination, inspirational, introspection, jesus, journey, life, lonely, loss, lost, lost love, love, memory, metaphor, miracle, parody, passion, peace, people, philosophy, political, prayer, recovery from..., religion, religious, stress, success, sympathy, teacher, time, uplifting, write,

Haikus About God: IV

God made all people
But some better than others?
Stop being silly.