Love Poems About Immigration or Immigration Love Poems
by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: beauty, immigration, magic, metaphor, pride, summer, sun,

Sun Dance

~Sun Dancing~         

Bright yellow sparks glisten around the landscape
Sheer environment expose  
Warmth slinks down every step        
So--  Invigorating 
Spur like rays muster in long light
The wolves wait to howl
Soon--Bunch of flowers 
Huddle in with sunlit love
Luminous rave  

By; pd

(For contest) 

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 12th grade, anger, angst, anxiety, discrimination, imagery, immigration,

Go Away

wars drugs poverty famine fear rape death and degradation that's the impoverished world desperate immigrants flee and yet we won't let them in go die on the other side of our new wall stay away from what’s ours we should be ashamed to call ourselves Christians there's no kindness in our hearts or tolerance for others even though God's commandment says to love our neighbors as we love ourselves (Suzette Prime) 8/11/2018

by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: discrimination, history, humanity, immigration, political, racism, social,

Make America White Again

"Make America White Again"
Will never make any sense
Despite the tweets of "GENIUS" Trump
Or Republicans like Pence

Brown-skinned people filled this land
From one end to the other 
And though they had their differences
"Eve" is everyone's mother

Though some are prone to cast a stone
Or ridicule their brother
What makes a nation great again
Is love for one another.

by Arty Rico Jones |
Categories: environment, farewell, feelings, goodbye, hope, immigration,


My new home is in a new country.
I know very little of the language and culture.
Memories of my old country will be in my heart forever
The love of my old country will always remain.
I leave for a better life and new opportunities 
Hoping to make a bright future for me and my family.

by Vee Bdosa |
Categories: immigration, love hurts, sorrow, truth,


Remembering this night of our last touch,
when nothing is between us we should know,
in love with loving you, and just how much
I wonder where in time do such nights go?

Forbidden like a box all sealed up tight,
or like the burning Zeus refused to share
with mortals such as we, and on this night,
Pandora's box is opened everywhere,

you are, this night, my first and only love
and always shall remain this part of me,
created from the earth and waters of
our night when Aphrodite let it to be.

       And I am more than blessed for loving you
          illegal though you are, it's what l do.
©ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

by Suyash Saxena |
Categories: depression, desire, feelings, first love, freedom, how i feel, image, imagination, immigration, innocence, mystery, sweet, symbolism, teenage, thanksgiving, together, trust,


Allow me another moment,
A moment in your nostalgia,
The moment that stretches to eternity.

Allow me another mile,
A mile by your side,
The mile that transcends the dead-end.

by Victor Chavez |
Categories: immigration, innocence, loss, love,

Love's corruption

Oh love, why is it by your touch our soul's happiness withers away?
Why do you corrupt our innocent hearts with your love?
Our innocence is lost, our carefree days are over.
You enslave us with chimerical hopes
and make us suffer the loneliness of reality.

by A.O. Taner |
Categories: angst, betrayal, deep, emotions, heart, heartbreak, heartbroken, hurt, immigration, loss, love, metaphor, places, sad love,


I left my heart in Thessaloniki;
I left my love by the Aegean Sea. 
What in the world, 
what in the world,
is happenin' to me?

by Jerry T Curtis |
Categories: immigration,

Einstein Mindstein

Oh how I love to create
So,I never attended college
Einstein sealed my fate
"Imagination is more important--- than knowledge "

by Fallen Antiquity |
Categories: appreciation, freedom, immigration, inspiration,

Sabah al-khair

The sky unfolded
Strewn with color
From royal red to violet
As far as the eye could see
Standing upon the beach
Waves crashing, sinking into sand
Euphoria and delight fill my heart
Such exquisite music
Feeling pure and free
A refugee before the shining sea
Garbed in white
The sun peeks at me
A blushing sphere
My one true love
I hold my arms open
And the sun rises higher
The untold verses strech before me
Etched in the morning sky
Where I see colors fading to blue
No longer shall I live in fear
Tears fall from my eyes and I murmur,
"Sabah al-khair." 

by Creative Chaos |
Categories: city, culture, cute love, home, immigration, new york, urban,

Rush Hour 24-7

A stranger bumped into me 
He never said sorry, neither did I 
It's New York rush hour

by Benjamin David |
Categories: flower, immigration, love, nature,

I Wander For You

Ensue the view of morning dew
In beauties beau that cries for you
The sprinkled sprew cries in two 
As the morning dew lies for you

Blossoms blow in nightly kiss, 
loving's glow when hearts we miss, 
For art thou love and art thou thine?
She is but love and therein mine

Caressing cue in sky-lit blue 
In eternal dreams I long for you 
Dancing dew's red poured petal
Glancing pew as pollens soared settle

We kiss and caress in a suffused glow 
Our love will fluoresce with the infused blow
Beauty weeps but it shall grow;
Ask the heart for thou shalt know

by arthur vaso |
Categories: art, christmas, heart, immigration, peace, poetry, world,


Every man, woman and child passing through this world of ours deserves peace and compassion love and affection a full belly before bed each night a roof under which to sleep healthcare for anyone who ails at all water and wine feasts at holiday times every one and all deserves dignity Now anyone who thinks all of this is for the privileged few be they king or queen or tyrant too rest assured they possess no dignity at all

by Robert Pettit |
Categories: immigration, love, woman, , western,

Indian Doll

This Indian doll is a lot like their cuisine. Hot and spicy in the mouth, she surely is mean! That’s the sensation I get whenever we kiss. No western women I know can measure up to this! This sweetheart is full of sugar and spice. She is both sweet and hot, and everything nice. To find her, I didn’t have to go to Mumbai or Calcutta. She makes her present home right here in America. I consider this Indian doll a wonderful dish. Getting her attention was my number one wish.

by Vivek Agnihotri |
Categories: desire, dream, emotions, freedom, humanity, immigration, love,

Make A Wish

Where morning is new
And so is its grace,
Oh my lover! Let's go to that place,

Where people are strangers,
And so are we,
Where no one asks our happiness,
Nor care for our grieve,

Where neither priests preach,
Nor kazis do teach,  
Where neither mosques make noise,
Nor temples show-off pride,

Where neither exist caste-creeds',
Poisonous stringers,
No existence of any minister,
Emperor nor beggar,

Where bloomed garden is found,
With heart of man kind,
You be the fragrance of flowers,
I shallbe the gentle wind,
Oh my lover! Let's fly to that place,
Where day is new and so is its grace,
Oh my lover! Let's fly to that place....."July 4, 2016

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: emotions, fantasy, feelings, imagery, immigration, love,

Love Grows Even Stronger

Blue skies are bruised purple, 
as a storm approaches me.
And the Gods evoke thunder,
furious at what they see.

I’ll not cower to their rage,
to do so would be tragic.
For love grows even stronger,
when it’s rooted in magic.

Warping my reality,
I pulled you through a portal.
And as myth morphed into real,
a mermaid was made mortal.

With the heat of passion's flame,
hope forged flesh onto bone.
And fashioned a fantasy,
so I’ll never be alone.

I conjured you from a dream
and yet my love remains true.
For neither heaven nor hell
has claim to my soul like you.

by pranay devnath |
Categories: angel, caregiving, crazy, emotions, immigration,


Life is happier, 
When you smiles.
Life is heavy-hearted, 
When you cry.
Life is marvelous, 
When we are together.
Life became plain-Jane, 
When we are disturbed.

The best thing in the world,
Is when people love there nation.
The best thing in the land,
Is when human use there imagination.

by Robert Pettit |
Categories: love, political, women, women,

Russian Women

Some beautiful Russian women come from very selective stock. These fine ladies can live between Murmansk and Vladivostok. They can come from cities like St. Petersburg or Moscow. Anywhere in Russia, they make it over here somehow. Most men think those Russian women are so sweet. They are sweethearts I would drop everything to meet. At anytime, their presence causes such a marvelous sensation. They are greeted with open arms in this nation. Will you get them quickly through customs and immigration?

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: parodyme, me,

The Self-Absorbed Suburbanite to Her Soon-to-Be Maid

(Parody of "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love)

Come stay with me and be my maid
and once a month you will be paid.
("under the table" it will be;
no taxes taken out by ME!)
You’ll clean the toilets and make my bed,
and see the kids and pets get fed.
The benefit for you will be
in sending cash to family
you’ve left behind in Mexico,
while in the States you’re “laying low.”
Your being here will help me too.
I’ve so much work for you to do!
I’ll save a lot of my OWN dough
(We won’t let Immigration know).
Yes, come and stay with me and mine.
America’s “Dream” can be divine!

For Dr. Ram Mehta's Parody contest

by Nina Parmenter |
Categories: fun, funny, humor, humorous, immigration, silly, space,

Take Me To Your Leader

When the Martians came to visit, 
In their pan-galactic speeder,
I said “Oh hello, what is it?”
They said, “Take me to your leader!”

Well, I did as they suggested -
I’m a dreadful people pleaser,
But of course, they got arrested...
Cos they didn’t have a visa.

In a vile detention lock-up,
They’ve met Earthlings by the dozen,
Cos all faiths and nations pop up,
“We love Earth!” they beep, “It’s buzzing!”

While their friends in Immigration,
(Who must rue the day they caught them),
Figure out with trepidation,
How on EARTH they might deport them.

1 August 2018
For Take Me To Your Leader Contest
Sponsored by Caren Krutsinger

by Hadi Ebrahimi |
Categories: lost love, peace, sympathy,

stolen Land

The land I was born in 
has been stolen
Has anybody seen it?
The immigration officer asks:
“Nationality and reason for asylum?”
I tell him I am looking for the thief of my land
Do you think he might be kind and return my stolen land to me?
With a Texan accent he says:
“Write a letter to John Ashcroft
And make a copy to George W. Bush.”

I drafted an ad today
And sent it to the media:
“In this Global Village
I am lost

by jai Garg |
Categories: life, political, travel, home, home,

Flawed Perceptions

Incredible thoughts 
unimaginable conjunctures
section 214 (b) confers the desire
for immigration to non immigrant applicants?

Under stated will
when you assume one leave home for good
for a barren land not theirs
to be a non entity, secondary  to all;

Why would one go
if not for the pleasure and friendship
force anyone to care for them
if one is just a pauper in his life with no work;

What can bind one
to alien land for even that month
and seek immigrant status
when they can't stay from their home within their country.

Love to respect 
are magic words we always relish
you can place barriers at will
Only I know my intent was pure: but how could you?

by Muqudus Shahab |
Categories: deep, immigration, lost, love, magic, poems, write,


My words are incoherent
but emotions -- all tender;
My soul is encapsulated
and thoughts are shackled. 

When it rain, hear;
the sound of thunder ...
where my heart surrender
losing control
over sentiments,
I drowned in verses

and read you like phrases
bluring the boundaries,
irrational juxtaposition 
of imagination and reality
spirit uncaged
poem -- I fabricated.

by Dean Walker |
Categories: black african american, hope, inspirational, love, nature, passion, social,

A Few Peach Petals

The roses I picked for you 
have not withered.
Spiteful, rejoicing flowers.
Blossomed on the coldest days
of early Spring. Opened-out
when the relentless rain
battered the pitch of the house.
Flowered when the wind
lashed out against the porch.
We laid under wide covers
and made love in protest
against our nation's hate.
The xenophobia in immigration
debates. Our Oreo skin, naked
and entwined,  a statement,
an act of rebellion. We made love
to wash away our sins.
And when we woke, 
when the kind sun rose,
a few peach petals lay 
gently by our bed.

Dean Walker

by Michelo Mweetwa |
Categories: hate, immigration, peace, places, power, war, world,

Distant Places

Distant places where they live like royalty
Distant places they love to call home
Distant places where they live with cruelty
Distant places they run away from