Love Poems About Games or Games Love Poems
by Daniel Turner |
Categories: philosophy,

The Sum of a Life

This life we're living
Is so unforgiving
Reminding us every day
Of games that we played
Choices we made
Dreams that faded away
Paths that were crossed
Loved ones we've lost
Still promising a brighter tomorrow
When that promise is broken
Our wounds rip back open
Leaving hope to drown in deep sorrow

From our very first breath
We're stalked by death
We live our lives in fear
Knowing well it won't last
So we live loose and fast
Look up and the days have become years
We add peace, subtract strife 
Find the sum of a life
Discover we've love left for giving
Love that goes wasted 
On the bitterness tasted
In a life so unforgiving

  by Daniel Turner

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: evil,


Monsters live in houses, like you and I.
They eat and sleep and go to work each day.
They laugh and they feel pain.  Perhaps they cry!
But they have different games they like to play

They need to have control. Therefore, most seek
a victim who is young or not so strong.
They think they are almighty, but their mind is weak.
Depraved, they pay no heed to right or wrong.

They may seem crude, but some of them are slick.
The ones with brains play too well at their game.
All monsters love what normal folks find sick.
They brutalize and rape, and feel no shame.

Beware! One could be living on your street
or be that charming guy you’ve chanced to meet!

by Cecil Hickman |
Categories: history, life, love, mystery, nature, science, space

Half-Lit Moon

Haze up in the heavens encircles this orb.
Half-dark, half-light, shines from above.
Twinkles of light appear to absorb.
Fractions of darkness within lighted glove,

Speaking to lovers held in each other’s arms.
Answering questions of science to some,
Floating around spreading blessed charms,
Listening close at times, hearing a hum.

Lovers for centuries, graciously, captured by,
Sweet serenity and magical mystery,
Others entranced with secrets, which fly.
From words written and spoken in history.

Satellite, orb, lady, they are all the same.
Mythical goddesses, gripped in flame.
These tales have spread so many games.
This object seen most nights has no shame.

by Tim Smith |
Categories: love,

When a Heart Pounds

Cinderella dreams across yellow brick roads
Creating Prince Charming out of simple silly toads
We play hopscotch, jump rope and other little games
Trying to produce magic and a feeling quite the same
Dancing through life with rose colored eyes
Wishing and hoping love doesn't float on by
Finding the one that just makes us smile
Holding on tight, hearts entwined for awhile
Happiness comes to those who are blessed
Sharing our all when two lips are pressed
Suns set, moons rise but one thing still remains 
When fairy tales meet blood pumps in our veins
Whether young or old we seek out love to surround
There's no greater feeling when a heart in love pounds

by James Inman |
Categories: sister,

Study In Form I

Heavily broken our love is but a token,
from words left unspoken, you ruin me.
Your vow betoken my soul is now oaken,
as I'm left heartbroken, you don't seem to see.

My world has gone gray with these games that you play,
the price that I pay, as my mind fills with doubt.
You've lead me astray, but I can't stay away.
There's nothing more to say, so please, let me out.

In another life, maybe, you and me
could possibly be, but now the pain's ceaseless.
Just set me free and perhaps you will see,
worlds apart are we, yet, you leave me     ...speechless.



by ... Gigno |
Categories: i love you, life, me,

No Games

I never should have let you go
You were trying to reach to me
Everything seems all messed up
And this life feels incomplete

I am asking you to share your life
Please tell me fears have subsided
Let me know if you can handle this
To give you my attention undivided

Just look inside to see me now
I am the real what is right
Larger than a physical romance
Next to you, beyond delight

I just needed a little more time
To try evening out this score
I am ready for our life together
To see what I'd missed before

You know I don't mean it literally
Because our love's never a game
I'll forever show you can trust me
Why I love you remains the same

by Hamida Yamin |
Categories: betrayal, devotion, first love, i miss you,

Where Have You Gone, My Love

Where have you gone?
I am lonely and forlorn
We swore of not parting ever
You've vanished in a wink, what’s the matter?

We promised to be together in rain and sunshine
The sun and moon be eclipsed but you’ll be mine
We are made for each other, you said
You brought me the gift of roses red

Where are those promises, where are those days?
The games in moonlight and seashore plays
The sky of my life is now overcast
I am bewildered, I am aghast

Lost are those whispers, lost are those songs
The replay of past moments my crying heart longs
My happiness has withered, my joys are gone
My heart is a desert where thorns have grown

Sintra, Portugal 22/01/ 2015

by Gary Radice |
Categories: christmas, family, fire, love, memory,

Yuletide Fire

behind the logs on this crackling fire
the dulcet sound of a distant choir

wakes up the child and times in me 
like lights around a Christmas tree

and takes me back when sixties' chills
left ice inside our window sills

when Jesus lay behind the door 
of advent's number twenty four

when the greatest presents that we had
was the presence of our mum and dad

when love and laughter fun and games
lit up the room just like these flames

that dance each year to times gone by
before they flicker, fade and die.

by Scott Macdonald |
Categories: bible, conflict, creation, fantasy, god, jealousy, religious,

Jealous God

Wodon gave them song and verse
Promethius gave them fire
Dionysius gave them wine and games
Orpheus played the lyre
Atlas held the world aloft
Fenrir consumed it whole
Ceres gave them seeds and crops
Ran the waves that roll
Pandoras box kept evil locked
Rati set love free
Boreas brought the winters frost
Eostre, springs fertility
But for my name they are nothing,
Upon these you may not call,
For I am christ the jealous god,
And I destroyed them all
So do not sing mousai's songs
Rebrand all festivities
For each of you are heathen
And theres is only me

Scott (loki) MacDonald 2017

by Kate Mcnaughton |
Categories: brother, daughter, children, happiness, love, nostalgia, sister, thank you,

Me and My Sister

i mind when i was wee
playing games with my sister

we kept each other free
me and my sister

we loved with all our hearts
protecting each sister

even after having kids
joined each sister

Combining all these things
playing all the games
loving with our hearts
loving each others kids

We are glued, me and my sister!!

                By Kate Mcnaughton.

by Edwin Alluso |
Categories: child,

Our Little Boy

Our Little Boy

Our boy named Dione Henry
Comes from our fathers name
He’s so cheerful and friendly
But sometimes he’s naughty
He loves to play and full of energy
Even his stomach is empty 
At the end he is so hungry

He dream of becoming a pilot
Reading his books he always forgot
But playing games he did not
I’ve thought to tied him with a knot
So he could stay in my front
And guide him in his right plot
To show his wisdom that he got

I know that he is our little boy
Who loves to play with his toy
Sooner you’ll become a man
Enjoy your time and have fun
I will always there to guide you
To reach your dreams I'll support you
I’ll be there for you because I love you

by Jennifer Proxenos |
Categories: games,

My Prince

Holds me tight in his arms every night,
Soothes me if I’m not feeling alright,
Strokes my hair, my body, my soul,
My heart many decades ago he stole.

He falls asleep still holding me tight,
I look at my prince, also my knight,
He sleeps on my pillow with me,
A single bed just right for me and he.

But our king size bed is there,
For when we wake up, so much spare
Space playing games so sensual, making
Memories both quaking and shaking.

God Bless my Prince, hope God will,
Give us many years more, we fill,
Each other’s life with a love so deep,
It is a blessing to have and to keep

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: beautiful,

Passion of Fire

From the sea's froth emerges a woman for whom men are toys in her lusty games. As lovely as sea's finest pearl, she is of water, but her passion is that of fire; it burns with love or with rage; she is Aphrodite. Jan. 5, 2019 for the Fibonacci Contest of Dear Heart

by Jean Murray |
Categories: friendship love, fun, games,

Aging Valentines

Won't you be my Valentine
Even though we're past our prime?
Now our kids are up and running,
we could escape to somewhere sunny.

We've been neighbours now for years,
let's bring each other some cheer.
You lost your love, I lost mine.
Won't you be my Valentine?

Nights are lonely don't you think?
Instead we could be at the brink
of something new and exciting.
Isn't that thought inviting?

Life's for living I always say.
When the sun shines, make hay.
We could be so good together.
Please won't you tell me whether

you seek comfort just like me.
The kettle's on, I'll make tea.
I'll be yours if you'll be mine.
Won't you be my Valentine?


by Collin Wolfer |
Categories: emotions, games, i love you, sensual,


You make me want to scream. 
You are clouding my brain. 
Your hair is thin. 
Your back cannot be seen. 
Beautiful... loving you is my sin-- 
Five hours that have been-- 
So slow, so painful, desert ridden. 
You are a permanent stain. 
It's not your fault-- 
That you won't go away 
It's not your fault-- 
That you are clouding my brain. 
I still love you. 
Every minute without you is pain. 
It's only been three days. 
I can't stop thinking of you. 
You make me want to scream, 
Because you are clouding my brain. 
Stop playing me like a game-- 
Before I go insane.
These antagonistic games remain the same.

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 12th grade, analogy, emotions, feelings, i love you, imagery, love,

You Are My Love

You are my love, and I am yours, you're the rudder, and I the oars. I am the arrow; you're the snare and the answer to my prayer; when I take a breath, you're the air. You found me stuck behind closed doors and took me to see foreign shores, revealing a whole world out there. You are my love. We fight battles, but never wars, refereeing games without scores. As burning flames of passion flair forging one heart that two can share, we meld together at our cores. You are my love. (Rondeau) July 26, 2018

by Peter Rangus |
Categories: i love you, love,

Sonnet No 3

I love you silently in every night, I love you fiercely through the fires red, I love you brightly with my heart alight I love you bravely on the roads ahead. I love your morning eyes of blur and sleep, I love your stubborn dance when we contend, I love your trust when you in front me weep, I love your will to make myself amend. I love our walks and smiles in nature's streets, I love our fights when none of us is mad, I love our vestal games wrapped in white sheets, I love our ease when one of us is sad, I love our jokes, I love our downs and tops, I love when time is ours and for us stops.
Ljubljana, 28.3.2016

by Maggie Flanaganwilkie |
Categories: lost love, , sweet love,


I've gathered hearts for seasons, and the reasons are my own; 
I'll spend no end or effort to defeat a sweet love, sown. 

So, should you ask, my task is one that really feeds my greed; 
I'm Misery, by myself no fun, your heartbreak's what I need. 

Behind the guise of caring eyes, lies Grief, disaster's clone; 
My desperate end, is you, my friend, beside me, all alone. 

With "Dear John" reams, our vacant dreams, your heart mismatched as mine, 
I'll reel you in, with half a grin, and blame it on the wine; 

Then hold your hand, play understanding games with you awhile, 
And as you sleep, I'll try to keep from laughing and just smile.

by Catherine Deslippe |
Categories: caregiving, child, confusion, future, language, love, parents,

A Whole New Meaning

Out of the mouths of babes isn’t like it was before.
What they here is worse, than they speak poor.
Words that a young one should never hear.
Innocence than fear.

So please choose your words as kind as can be.
Please don’t hurt the babes, there as sweet as you can see.
Let them grow, learning there is joy all around.
Sweet words of love is an awesome sound.

They are only little for a short time.
Read them story books of rhyme.
Play games, go for a walk.
Listen to them as they talk.

So young, so innocent and when school starts.
Show them confidence with kind hearts.
Let them know how proud you are.
Using words of kindness can help them go far.

by Billie Willard |
Categories: friendship, husband, love, people, sister, social, wifeme, i love you,

Why U Lie?

you know how much i love you and you know how much i care why then do you lie to me and act like you dont really care
i tried being the best a person that loveing another can be.
yet you find the time to always tell a lie to me.
yes you break my heart after each and every lie some times its hard for me to hold the tears back so i cry. i try to hold on to what we have but it getting harder by the day for you to continue lie's, i think maybe tomorrow will bring about a change for you not to sneak around and play your little games
but i see that is your nature and you do what you do that why on today i say I'AM THROUGH WITH YOU!

by Sarah Hales |
Categories: inspirationalme,

Essence of a Dream...

New minds attracting
A begining of something
A mystery of two
For me and you
Mystifying moments 
Timeless thoughts going round
You ask what has been found
An innocences of mind
Experience told of heartless cries
How the heart has died
Shared smiles of another kind
A seed planted
Trust granted from an open heart
Feed the seed and watch the flower bloom
See its petals admire as you walk in the room
Truth of wise one 
No games to be played
Age has taught me well
These two minds will live to tell
A story of a love tune 
essence of a dream 
A garden of eden of all contentment 
Two stong hearts sent
I promise you 
All is to be true ...x

by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: life, love

Love... Love... Love.

Love... Love... Love.

kill love.
with the ones you love
tests the strength of their love for you.

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
January 28, 2010

by Ron Cervero |
Categories: faith, forgiveness, philosophy, me, me,


Cannibals gather,
for the feast of knowledge,
devouring themselves,
in games of fire & instinct.
In desperation,
lost kings search for the King,
anointed in love.
Shepard’s forked tongues,
breed wounded warriors.
Share me not in the
bounty of bitter roots,
and darkened dreams.
Cleanse me in Lamb’s blood.
Set me free. . .

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: fear, heart, longing, love, relationship,

To Possess Your Heart

Careful what you wish for
Wise advice wasted on fools.

I recognize the danger signs
Yet rush in most willingly.

If only I’d be satisfied
In this blissful state of longing.

What’s sweet far exceeds
The aftertaste of bittersweet.

So why tempt fate with games
And long to possess your heart.

It’s best not to seek fulfilment
I don’t know why, I can’t say why.

I wish I could just hover in eternity
Dangle in suspended animation.

Hovering midway between here and there
And not take for granted this state of bliss.

Be freed of longing, somehow and forever.

AP: 2nd place 2022

Posted on February 27, 2022

by A Yorkshire Poet |
Categories: absence, devotion, home, life, loss, love, sorrow,

So Softly Haunting You

The lights still shine though electric doesn’t flow but shine for you the lights still do.

Life plays it’s games on hearts and souls and it’s playing, oh it’s playing a game with you!

These eyes still smile at your delight but the twinkle’s lost from their fool. This heart and soul of what you love before its demise still and will always love you.

This space you see before your eyes is playing with your fool. Though you believe you see the person of your love its spirit is so lovingly and so softly haunting you.