Love Poems About Retirement or Retirement Love Poems
by Mark J. Halliday |
Categories: art, conflict, inspiration, world,


Creative, artistic, musical, analytical
Brother of Michael and Susanna; son of Fred and Marlyn
Lover of Nelly (Bourieau) H., science fiction novels and films, private serenity 
Who feels respect for God and humanity, love for nature, worry for the Earth’s future 
Who fears mediocrity, retirement, economic collapse leading to a popular insurrection
Who would like to see successful sons, grandchildren, his songs produced/recorded 
Marina, California (for the moment) 

by Julie Grenness |
Categories: feelings, love, men, retirement, romance, women,


Here, I dwell in no man's land,
On the flip side, there's men unwomanned,
They can be a miserable band,
Desperately seeking a hand,
I read their profiles for online dating,
Is this pulp fiction they're creating?
"Honest, sensuous, sincere men here,
Tactile and reliable...", Great, my dears,
All searching for affection,
BUT, I want your ex's true opinion!
Can I have her phone number, please?
What do you mean she's overseas,
Like forever and permanently?
Oh, really, really, really.....
What does your ex say about you, please?
Why complain about her to me?
Honestly, why are you unwomanned?
While, here I dwell in no man's land.........

by James Fredholm |
Categories: hope, retirement,

Oh Spring Day

I was wrong about spring, 
for all those months I painted the blame on winter’s dark face.  
Wave after wave of cold cloudy, darkening days,
saturated my damaged point of view.  By the way
I am sure I will die on a winter day, blaming the solstice, 
waiting for the capricious spring to finally arrive.

But my heart will be frozen, and perhaps not even alive.
God how I love the way you make the sun shine.

I was wrong about my fate,
I filled the frame in haste, too busy to wait.  I didn’t listen.
I ate my own eyes, and blamed the skies,
I chased the horizon and wrapped it in lies.  

Oh spring day, it is never too late,
to fill me with mercy and grace as I wait.

by Dan Keir |
Categories: adventure, angst, autumn, business, confusion, dark, dedication, depression, fear, grief, growing up, happiness, happy, hate, health, home, hope, humorous, imagination, inspirational, introspection, journey, life, lonely, loss, lost, love, on work and working, pain, parody, people, relationship, retirement, sad, satire, school, social, stress, success, sympathy, time, work,

Reflections: Midlife Crisis

P     aranoia permeates, etching itself into your fractured face,
A     cacophony of constant pressure; life remains a stressful race,
N     othing to hope for, no positives like promotion in the workplace,
I      nability to love, relationships lift anchor and set sail without chase,
C     hildren crushing dreams under mortgages; age grows with disgrace

by Scribbler Of Verses |
Categories: allegory, art, beach, beautiful, beauty, dance, dedication, dream, farewell, freedom, friendship, girlfriend, happiness, happy, heaven, home, hope, introspection, journey, life, lonely, loss, lost, lost love, love, memory, metaphor, nostalgia, ocean, passion, relationship, retirement, romance, romantic, woman,

The Beach of Promises

The Beach of Promises


Fingers entwined, barely touching,
turquoise waters teasing your dancing toes,

strolling along that serene deserted beach,
our promised dreams within aching reach.


Hands clasped, holding on,
sea-breezes tickling the nape of your neck,

walking together, alone, vowing to never breach,
the dreams dreamed on that faraway velvet beach.


Hands in my pockets, alone,
traces of you linger, teasing,

lost in my scribbles, your memory fading out of reach,

my thoughts ablaze, now and then,
catching a whiff of your fragrance,

wafting through alleyways of nostalgia,
your hand in mine on our pristine beach.

by Cory Long |
Categories: fantasy

My Retirement Place

LOVE crystal blue seas, with snow covered sands, dreaming of this place.
Grass skirts, necklaces, pig roasts and coconut drinks. Soaking up the rays, hanging 10 and snorkeling, a FUN place to retire at.
I'm sitting around the fire. Speak of island legends, take with me words of wisdom, and POETRY of this land. Fun and frolic contest cory long

by Anna J Carroll |
Categories: retirement,

No Praise

Resistant to all
No love in my heart
No care for anything
I'm ripping apart
No feelings for anyone
No passion inside
No sympathy still
No remorse to hide

by Jean Murray |
Categories: animal, retirement, sad love,

Retired Ram

There once was a ram who retired,
who really was terribly tired.
Having serviced the lot,
he should have have been shot.
But the gun thankfully backfired.

by Robin Silver |
Categories: adventure, beach, dream, retirement, sea, summer, vacation,

Seaside Dream

The there is a place I like to be,
To get away from the city the neighbours and some family,
To lay on the beach without a care at all,
Watching people swimming, sunbathing or just playing with a ball,
At the seaside you can eat fish and chips,
Or you can simply gaze at the distant ships,
Listening to the rocks crackle in the ebb and flow,
Of the blue crisp ocean going to and fro,
The cool sea breeze and Cornish ice cream,
Will always be with me in a seaside dream,
Yeah I really love to be by the coast,
And I hate going home the most,
So one day I will make the move and live by the sea,
Until I get old and life’s had enough of me.

by Abdulhafeez Oyewole |
Categories: retirement, sympathy, visionary,

Heaven Is a World

In getting into a conclusive unit

We may need a saturated balloon

From what we have got is far from accepting 

Those who insisted beyond lying pits.

Dear men under siege, from back and forth

who face scratching soil and the scorching sun

Yet have to account for what they have earned.

Who will call who into justice burst forth.

Heaven must have been right reward for them.

But libido instilled in them a love

Of touch, riches, mantle, mansion and fame

Waved their fat claimed hope, achievements... But tough.

No amount of clarion call to guidance
Will stay their world, if they won't be guided.

by Amber Davis |
Categories: life


Short term the school.
Long term the house of love.
A career until retirement.
My world.

by Curtis Moorman |
Categories: career, military, retirement, soldier, sweet love, travel,

My Life


Born in Dublin on Saint Patrick's Day
School; spelling champ; steady girl
Senior Prom; graduation; went away
Air Force career; traveled the world

Turkey; Germany; England; Japan
Korea; Vietnam; Philippines; Guam
Austria; Hawaii; Azores; Alaska; all grand
Thirty eight contiguous states fit the plan

Fully retired  --  more to be told  --  stay tuned 

22 September 2018
For the contest sponsored by Anthony Slausen

by Helen Reimer |
Categories: faith, inspiration, religious, retirement,


No, never retired,
Only refired.
Zooming down life's highway
With Jesus, the Life, the Truth, the Way
We've given our pact
To serve God with more tact

So make a "peep" and we'll find you
Multitudes, not just a few
Take a deep gulp of Living Water
Be refreshed, never falter
Receive the joy of salvation
The Lord of every nation

Are we old,
Shifting sand or gold?
Precious life has given wisdom
Many stories of the Kingdom
the sand cleaned out
The gold stout

Through the fires and the storm
Whether night or morn
We will rest and pray
Trust God every day
Fearless and love inspired
Never to be retired.

by Monica Bradley |
Categories: character, courage, encouraging, forgiveness, growth, how i feel, retirement,

Never Hate Your Haters

To hate your haters
                                  is never in your favor 
                                          just pray a prayer
                             and let your haters be your motivators 
                                 never look up but above
                        An don't hate your haters, save it for love
                         so stay strong and never give up
                      to let the haters know enough is enough 
                                 your more than different
                                      and that makes you tough

by Gordon Mcconnell |
Categories: love, retirement, romance,

A Lovers Day Away

These two mature lovers together
been married for many a day
now both retired from employment
can enjoy time together come what may

So they look forward to days away
using the free bus pass to get about
after checking the weather and the route
they plan their day then get out

They love to enjoy the countryside
seeing it's beauty spread so wide
walking in the grass so green
marching out in equal stride

Lovers they are in fullest measure
it's grown so much in years gone by
looking at each other marks a smile
that could only be this gal and guy

They travel all across the land
north, south, east and west
hoping to do this forever more
hand in hand so much blessed

by Kevin Shaw |
Categories: appreciation, flower, garden, retirement,

Pruning the Roses


Prune Roses here, Prune Roses there,
Dancing in my garden,
With Sweet William and Fred Astaire.

Wallflower there, Gardenia over here,
My Fuchsia’s looking bright,
I’m going to retire this year.

Working on the Rockery,
and making it a Dahlia routine.
The Hydrangea looks wonderful,
Magnolia’s standing supreme.

Perennials in here, Heather over there,
Talking to my Sunflower,
Petunia’s shrug and stare.

Slug pellets there, Slug pellets here,
Touch my French Marigolds,
and its salt on your tail my dear.

Love to spend the day, working in my garden,
Then relax in the evening sun.
Surveying creation all around me,
With a nice Cuppa and a Currant Bun.

by Connie Pachecho |
Categories: celebration, love, retirement, romance, valentines day,

Cupid Pulls Back the Bow


Their life has been their Valentine day

Cupid's heart and bow

on Valentine's day

shooting golden arrows aglow

touching their senior hearts to ballet

Chocolates dance nicely gift wrap

red roses sing delight

with a dinner and then a nightcap

to candlelight throughout  the night

For two graying doves

nestled the passage of time

so much in their love

with everyday a chime

As senior's years a golden 

bright eyes still excite

their love, still beholden 

two little gray doves cooing the night

She flies on his ageless wings
still, to new discoveries as he sings

connie pachecho


non contest entry

by Memphis Stacks |
Categories: anxiety, dark, depression, father daughter, father son, fathers day, feelings, how i feel, husband, loneliness, lonely, lost, marriage, mental health, motivation, my children, parents, people, perspective, poems, poetry, poets, retirement, silence, social, society, solitude, strength, suicide, time, truth, uplifting, words, write,


Alone in this world
Alone in this society
Alone in love
Alone in life
Alone in fatherhood
Alone in my time of need
Nobody to help me
Nobody to care about what I need
Nobody to care about my feelings
I keep going for me
I keep pushing forward for me
Nobody to turn to
Nobody to call
Silence isn't always a virtue
Solitude has a maximum capacity
The most alone a person can be
"The silence is deafening"
A person must learn to be ok with being alone in life
We all go through the darkness alone at one time or another
Be your own light!
Stand tall and don't stop!

by Harry Horsman |
Categories: nostalgia, retirement,

Got To Go

I stand here and implore you to believe me
No, I am not Jack White 
Although you say I’m a liar
This shaking all over, is over
I’m going home to track my youth
Leaving your accent behind, put on my I.D
And look literal life in the eyes,
I need to get away, my Rock ‘n’ Roll has died,
MTV is full of four-letter words
And love is not one of them,
I’m taking the next train back to nostalgia
Then an airplane across boisterous seas,
Satisfied to live with memories
Along the highway of vinyl,
Where old labels are still shining
Unlike me, long after their demise.

© Harry J Horsman 2018

by Mike Gentile |
Categories: life, memory, perspective, retirement,

Blonde and Twenty-Three

When I was blonde and twenty-three
The world held open doors for me
The streets would speak, they were my friend
I thought that love would never end

Scarlet lips on sunset kisses
Promised all that passion wishes
Mirror friendly faces glowed
I sought the life I thought was owed

When I was wise and forty two
There were so many things to do
No time for flowers in the park
A pawn on board to make his mark

Future still an open dream
Rising fast to taste the cream
When did clocks leave me behind
Forcing a new path to find

Now, it seems I can’t be seen
A wrinkled package casts no sheen
I miss the days of fancy free
When I was blonde and twenty-three

by Mark J. Halliday |
Categories: angst, art, grandchild, guitar, inspirational love, soldier, travel,

Warrior Poet

Musical, analytical, religious, artistic.
Son of soldiers.
Lover of Nelly, ragtime pianos, and rhythm guitars.
Who reels angst, inspiration, and regrets.
Who fears retirement, isolation, and mediocrity.
Who would like to see Scandinavia, wealth, and grandchildren.
Resident of the Monterey Peninsula.

by Valerie Bellefleur |
Categories: love

Lil and Frank

True Story

My hubby's aunt was ninety three
Spry and full of energy

Lost her man of sixty years
Remembered all the joy and tears

Retirement living she could thank
For meeting up with new beau Frank

Her new mate was ninety five
"Hey, she said I'm still alive!'

Lil and Frank have set the stage
Love can flourish at any age

Hand in hand they share their love
Until the call from up above..

by Alye Lee |
Categories: break up, i love you, lost love, love, retirement, soulmate, true love,


a relationship reborn
on a skeleton 
where love is the support, 
two yearning souls seek wholeness,
prepared for the pains of growth.

by Sai Lin Lip |
Categories: age, beauty, god, happiness, image, love, stress,


Retirement is just taking a break
Like a graduation 
From your previous journey
And now you've embarked on a new journey
A new life
It can be full of adventures, love and happiness too
Different stage different scenes
Different stage different mood
Different stage different acquirements
Different age different beauty
Different age different status
Different age different ideologies
But now you're free from routine,tiredness,stress
and pressure
And so you can be nearer to your soul 
And so you can be nearer to god

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: humor, money, retirement, time,

Time To Rewire

When a person retires
  It's time to rewire

The first thing to do?
  Break your clock in two

No more 'early,' no more 'late'
  No train to catch, no bus for to wait

And when you no longer obsess about time
  For Pete's sake, stop counting every last dime

Go ahead, sport, enjoy spending your money
  Your grandkids will love you, and so will your honey

Now just follow these tips exactly as written
  ~ And an early grave is what you will sit in

                 November 07, 2020
    Completely Your Choice (39) Poetry Contest
                Sponsor: Brian Strand