Love Poems About London or London Love Poems
by Silent One |
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They Walk Amongst Us

They walk amongst us, but in silent ways, spreading peace and love without any praise. When thunder roars and lightning strikes in rain they watch over us, healing bleeding pain. Yet we do not see their celestial light, nor do they shed feathers within our sight. Happy to hide behind unknown faces, empathy guides them to deprived places. Heal and soothe, they prevent tears from flowing, touch our hearts to leave our spirits glowing. From Sydney to London, Rome to Bombay, provide moments that take our breath away Their acts of grace form a ripple effect, kind gestures that help people to connect.

by Xinyue Zhang |
Categories: 12th grade,

The Flowers Fall

That flowers fall

Like autumn comes and leaves begin to blush
Like rains confess the wild’s restraining souls
Screams the rowdy youth of such fragile rush
Roars our untamed minds from London to Seoul

Speak love, speak hate and He may laugh at thee
At crazed and blinded fixations like fame
But though He sings slow ballads to the sea
So does He mourn unruly souls like Cain

And look, oh look, that flowers fall as well
and blushing leaves shower idlers in fall
Like wind lies, like rain dies, like waves shall swell
Like flowers fall, like me, all things befall

Does Nature not die certain as shall I?
As Nature is beauty, I am alive.

by Gail Foster |
Categories: bird, heart, humor, irony, love, myth, pain,

The Gift of Eros

The Gift of Eros

Aloft flies Eros; mischief fluttered wings
With silent rustle whisper overhead
By arrows pierced; the hearts of knaves and kings
The chilly grave, the restless lover’s bed
Blue London air, red Piccadilly light
Above the shifting crowd and constant noise
In summer heat, in neon and the night
He aims his slender bow with perfect poise
Aloft flies Eros; underneath his feet
As shadows of the Circus slowly shift
I contemplate my own love, bitter, sweet
The wound that Eros wrought in me, the gift
And as I turn my tears up to the sky
A pigeon drops an arrow in my eye

by Gail

by David Bucknell |
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Lone Londoner

I look at this wonder, 
This art, 
The landscape behind her blushes, 
Lone Londoner, 
She defeats my love, 
Trumps my harmony, 
Warms my blood, 
She beats my heart, 
Passion in her eyes, 
Collapse my brain, 
Love is devotion, 
Dedicated to her will, 
To cry, 
To sob at happiness, 
I really can not explain, 
I love.

by L'Nass Shango |
Categories: passionlonging,

This Is the Brawl

This is the brawl in which my life began
For I did not live, did not become a man
Until I could speak in the chaos of the crowd
Ran with smoky eyes 
Beside the living love of a fellowman
While police dogs sniffed our heels
And bit the butt of our debates
Leaving only mangled arguments
About decisions being made for us.
Today in London I measure growth
In the fraction of our blood
That flowed more like rivers before
And always I remember the taste of salt
The natal blood on my tongue
God's own symbol of my redemption
Each time I am born
So this fire alone I come fearless
Of death, longing to be born again.

by A.O. Taner |
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Chairs lined with stripes, 
green and white,
became ski jump ramps
for feelings, innocent and pure,
taking off from the edge
hoping to defy the gravity of fears. 

Only a lucky few made it,
others turned into tears
landing on the grass of Green Park
as the warm air was getting dark.

by Elisabeth Sheaffer |
Categories: absence, love, war,

Lost In Action 1917

I might see you in London in three days,
Then shaking hands in gesture of farewell
They move apart, going separate ways.

With anxious feelings she can scarce dispel,
She turns just once to wave to him again
Then hurries on, hoping all will be well.

When he is gone the truth becomes quite plain,
Her life must carry on in duty's ways
To help the others who will wait in vain.

Then as the nation clings to hope and prays
And life leads each one in different ways,
She can always hear his voice as he says
I might see you in London in three days.

by Thomas Martin |
Categories: beauty, london, love,

So Beautiful

are so beautiful even now
in memory
I regret leaving our letters
in a trunk in the north end

by Thomas Martin |
Categories: girlfriend, london, lost love,

Buttermilk Sky

buttermilk sky
clouds race the moon
walking through russell square
where we first embraced our love

by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: assonance, best friend, black love, conflict, cry, engagement, irony, leaving, london, lost, myth, rainbow, truth,


The will shall supplement my fitness,

categorize my songs,

and ejaculate a witness!

He shall shuttle our smiles through the day,

complicate our wrongs,

and dish out the bongs,

sing along with songs,

in rooms of grape with walls of shakes,

tomb smoke and tokens-

taken in by notes,

domes inside zones,

landscaping Vogue-

no real reason to pose unless you are gold.

by Denitia Boshoff |
Categories: farewell, friendship love, life, london, loss, love hurts,


It doesnt hurt anymore 
Like it hurt me before
So just walk out the door.

Love is a four letter word
Its a two edged sword 
That can scar you for life.
Love has a bitter sweet taste
Precious time that you waste
In a world full of strive.

Let it go let it flow off of you
Let it settle like dew
On a flower in spring
Wait for the sun to come take
All thats left of that ache
So your healing begings

And it dont hurt any more
Like it hurt me before
All i want is my heart
So it's best that we part

by Thabang Ngoma |
Categories: africa, international, love,

International Love

I snowed love
   In Moscow
I showed love
   In Warsaw

I kissed love
   In Paris
I romanced love
   In Rome

I showered love
   In London
I lived love
  In Sweden

I sited love 
   In Dubai
I tasted love
   In Mumbai

I burnt love
   In Jamaica 
I fell in love
   In Africa

by Jeremy Jeffers |
Categories: appreciation, celebration, devotion, joy, london, love, pride,

Your Majesty

Your Majesty

Long have you reigned undeterred
While in the world Darkness has Stirred
The Light your Illuminating from your noble face
Shines out with your blessings and grace

As our queen you rule with poise
Within our hears a joyful noise
A song of pride and adoration
From a grateful people and grateful nation

So much weight with that crown you bear
But that great burden you cannot share
In your struggle we firmly stand
Wishing we could lend a helping hand

With out Sovereign our loyalties lie
And from out souls we shout and cry
"God save our great and gracious Queen"
The Best the world has ever seen

November 2014

by Gordon Mcconnell |
Categories: holiday, life, travel,

Fly Away

Fly around the world
that would be great
start in the US of A
touch down in every state

Visit the continent of Africa
love the city of Cape Town
so much colour there to see
makes one never to frown

Travel across all of Europe
visit many great places
London, Paris, Rome to name a few
showing many different faces

Then down to lands down under
New Zealand land of Kiwi
crossing all over Australia
such vast land to fully see

There's so much more to see
but time gets in the way
maybe for another time
and on another day

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: food, life, love,

Long Leisurely Lunch

Lazy, long, leisurely lunch,
    Lolling, laughing, lingering,
     O'er lamb-stew, linguini 'n lager.

   In Louisville, Los Angeles, Las Vegas,
    London, Lisbon, or Lyon;
     At Los Olivos, Las Palmas, La Paloma,
      La Scala, La Baguette, or La Castilla:

   Let lunch lie palatially on your palate,
    Let lunch slowly settle in your limbs,
     Let lunch last always:
      Let it lustrate and luminate
       Life lived long and lived well.

by William Robinson |
Categories: children, love, people,

Lucy Lancelot

Little Lucy Lancelot lunching on an apricot,
Looking like a lovely London lady.
Bully Billy Ballantine wants to be her valentine,
But Lucy loves the goodly Graham Grady.

by Edward Ibeh |
Categories: celebrity, people,

Winston Churchill

Politician, Leader, Orator, Prisoner of War
Son of Lord Randolph and Jennie, husband of Clementine, father of five
Lover of cuban cigars, trenchcoats, and hats
Who feels love, compassion and righteous anger
Who fears defeat, failure, and Adolf Hitler's victory
Who would love to see the end of WWII, Hitler's downfall, and World Peace
Resident of Chartwell in Kent, South East London, England

Writing Challenge 2 - Bio Form- January 2019 Poetry Contest
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Date written and posted: 01/28/2019

by Kelvin Gathiru |
Categories: 7th grade, america, baseball, blue, football, fun, games,

Chelsea Fc

There is a team in London,
Which consists of youngsters like Mason,
A team greater than Man U 'n Southampton,
A club where love and winning are common.

A team which wears blue,
A club with players who obey's a whistle blew,
It's fans are many and not few,
And they always cheer as the players queue.

A club full of respect,
A football team with no defect,
Whose players always genuflect,
To ensure no racism as a result of dialect.

by Dhruti Thakkar |
Categories: introspection

Dhruti Thakkar

Counselor, mother, teacher and wife.
Sister in law of aditi, dhwani and sonu.
Love of nature, God, and teaching.
Who feels nurtured, compassionate and cared.
Who fears God, failure and water.
Who would like to see London, Paris and Switzerland.
Resident of India, Mumbai.

by Kat Crane |
Categories: cowboy-western, life, places

Texan Rose

London rain and Texan skies
Warm my heart and thrill my eyes
Flooded streets and clouds for miles
Think I’ll stay here for a while

Bright red buses and trusty steeds
Carry my spirit wherever they lead
City bustling and cattle at graze
This is where I spend my days

Royal parks with Texas Rangers
Sounds of home could not be stranger
London Symphony plays Tex Ritter
Here is where you’ll see me linger

Buckingham Palace address Dealey Plaza
My horizon spans farther and vaster
Cockney slang welcomes y’all
To a place my happiness befalls

Union Jack flies Stars and Stripes
A family parted again unites
An English rose with roots state side
A love of each, to both I’m tied

by Carl Halling |
Categories: dance, london, lost love, love, romance, sun, youth,

West London In the Sun

West London in the sun,
Last summer of the millennium,
We were in love
And having fun,
But fun wouldn't last too long,
Love didn't have too long to run.

You, a Dance kid 
Of sweet nineteen,
Your record collection 
Was Rock and Roll free,
Me, a relic 
From a bygone scene.

We had nothing we could talk about,
All you ever did was shout,
About the DJs you'd seen,
In Ibiza and Berlin, 
In the Babylons of Dance,
I didn't stand a chance.

West London in the sun
Last summer of the millennium,
We were in love
And having fun,
But fun wouldn't last too long,
Love didn't have too long to run.

by Robert Pettit |
Categories: fantasy, love, social, me,

Put the Concorde Back Into the Air

No matter how much it costs, I do not care. Please put the Concorde back into the air. If not, then just fire me out of a big gun. I want to get to either Paris or London. There is a little girl waiting for me. On the continent of Europe is where she will be. I want to get to the other side of the Atlantic. I have been both impatient and frantic. I want to buy my ticket and get on board. That pretty little woman will be my reward. Fly me at double the speed of sound. The other side is where I will be bound.

by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: city, creation, fate, green, howl, inspirational, london, sad love, tree, true love, vanity, visionary, wine,


So fishy to wish upon the forcery star-

a daze un-far,

to be so alarmed...

Falling car,

no weed-

but then we spar,

to the denial part,

to the serendipity,

to the dark.

by Kishan Sharma |
Categories: leadership, leaving, little sister, london, longing, loss, love,

The Pain of Waiting

Wait waiting for you to wait.
Come on,let me tell you once.
Love you, love you, we love you.
But you can not meet us once.

You have been irresponsible, irresponsible.
But do not come.
Why do not you.
You love us now.

Tell me today why do you have
Become a friend from me.
Or you are not with us.

by Khulud Shahid |
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