Love Poems About Sapphic Stanza or Sapphic Stanza Love Poems
by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: lost love, , sweet love,


Holding Adonis In another place and another lifetime, gazing into eyes that gazed back with passion. Kissing you, loving you and how you touched me. Summer’s moon watched us. Are you in the world, my sweet lover? Are you? Have you gone the way of the gods before you? Blessed was I to hold you so closely. I was holding Adonis. For the "Guzzically Inspired Poetry Contest" Sponsored by Craig Cornish

by Julie Heckman |
Categories: love


Crimson lips, lovers awaken with a kiss
Creamy white skinned Goddesses resting
In a time where Socrates lusted after Sappho's 
Poetry and art.
The Grecian people worshiped her with
her beauty and exquisite prose. On the wings
of her art she played enchanting music arranged 
for immortality.

Golden chariots in fields of apples bold,
yet, solitary like one fallen from the tree, 
Sappho wrote her memoirs and music
while exiled, her death unspoken.

by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: allegory, love, passion,

Veritable Love

Their passion  so unchecked--
                               He dried her tears
                               Before the sorrows struck

V. Anderson-Throop 2015

by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: celebration, love, romantic love,

Influence of Chagall


Cradle garden faithfully, free her petals. 
 Pluck bouquet and playfully tend her, kiss her.
  Praise her beauty soulfully - stem and fragrance.
                                                  ~ Whirligig love her.

Sapphic Stanza with a Jux Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Craig Cornish

*Marc Chagall would often paint his wife flying
like a kite or balloon while he held her hand

by Doris Culverhouse |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, love, me, sweet, girl, kiss, me, sweet,

The Shoals

Walking, talking and skipping stones by the shoals
Caress, hug me  tender while shining bold eyes
Sparkle, playful promises until fall fades
Sensibility flew

Example:  Red cheeked boyfriends tenderly kiss me sweet mouthed
under Boulder coverlets winter springtime
hug me naked laughing & telling girl friends
gossip til autumn
RED cheeked BOY/friends TEN/der/ly KISS me SWEET mouthed
UN/der BOUL/der COV/er/lets WIN/ter SPRING/time
HUG me NA/ked LAUGH/ing and TELL/ing GIRL friends

        GOS/sip til AU/tumn

by Rob Carmack |
Categories: funny, girlfriend, humorous, loss, love, memory, relationship,


Every past that perfectly colors letters,
haunting losses beckon the predecessors,
utter names in passion or greeting, makes a
furious girlfriend.

Written: 01.16.19

by Joe Flach |
Categories: love, , Lullaby,

A Night To Remember

The dark; the gloom; the waning moon dost shine
The beast within the pounding heart unwinds
The night’s delight awaiting sunset
The girl sits all alone

The stars shoot by overhead up high
Crickets sing out a lover’s lullaby
A night to dream a fantasy of love
The boy takes her home

by Joe Flach for Craig Cornish's Sapphic Stanza contest.

by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: life, love,

Planning Adultery Sapphic Verse


Heard his footstep spring upon the stair and stop--
Heard his hand upon the cold brass knob ...and click--
Held her arms as open as her wandering heart could bear--
Heralded her fall...

Victoria Anderson-Throop
Dec 25, 2012

by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: places, together, violence, war,

Rejoice New Jerusalem


Grasped with prideful love-- your fiercely ardent hand--

Entwined my sturdy promise with your potent forward gaze--

Rusty skeletons-- bullet-blazed autos mark bloodshed of old battles--

Resilient land reverent heartbeats savor the fragility of Holiness--

                      Behold Believers of Joy-- The Sacred bloody gates of golden Jerusalem.

V. Anderson-Throop 2013

by Freddie Robinson Jr. |
Categories: christian, faith, love, truth,

Jeopardized Their Lives

They were righteous men who would risk everything for their king
They were mighty men who would sacrifice their own lives even
Only a chosen few had the heart to yield themselves so willingly

Jeopardizing their lives was complete obedience

by Jemmy Farmer |
Categories: love, me, time,

The Morning After the Night Before

My mind is still on your Grecian isle yet lost
Through time to another place where I exist
As Sappho sings her songs to me once more
And time unites worlds.

I dream as you lie beside me of rivers
Winding gently down your sloping hills, curving
Around the whispered breeze as you breathe, inhaling
Senses from my heart.

Awaken Aphrodite with discreet kisses
Placed in indiscreet places as sunlight calls
Revealing the night of cardinal pleasure
And whispers hello!

by Tracy Decker |
Categories: introspection, life, love,

See the Sun

Waking feels like dreaming without the colors;
rising, I will move through the air like water.
When each passing thought is a question, you move
                                                                    farther, I notice

by Jemmy Farmer |
Categories: introspection,

Sapphic Stanzas

A moment of memory still lingers here,
Lost among all the things I long to forget
Refusing to crumble into future dust
Of wasted dreaming.

Closed all the doors and double bolted hatches
Deny that one thought a single moment more
Of emotional response to that selfish hate
Carved in empty smiles.

Thirst no more for a world hidden in old lies
Drink freely in the beauty of truth’s openness
And walk silently towards the rising sun
And love shall thrive.

Form: Sapphic Stanzas

by Tracy Decker |
Categories: angst, life, love,


Certain, certain be when a heart is breaking,
banish doubt and conquer the simple truth: that
love does not defer to the circumstantial
                          (nor to my logic)

by Tracy Decker |
Categories: angst, life, love,


Falling in the beauty of graceful silence,
wanting but the echo of lover's glory,
mourning for the death of the passing hours
                  under this darkness...

by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: life, love,

Love's Messages Sapphic Stanza


                   Hunted fiercely through the eye attacking ragg'ed crowd of din--
                   Sorted swiftly through the stone cold features--haggard face by haggard face--
                   Fought gut fear -- he’d read love’s secret message wrong again;

                   He glimpsed the boot clad foot that led her floating from the train….

Victoria Anderson-Throop  2013

by J P Marmaro |
Categories: kiss, love, passion, romantic love, sensual,

Kiss Me, Love

Love, I’ve never known you to be as gorgeous
As you are in lying beside me sweetly,
At this very moment; and nothing other
Pleases me better…

Come and kiss me now, my beloved:  tender
Touches take me, ravish me, make me breathless,
Eyes and lips embodying invitation!
Kiss me forever…

Note: I hope the subject matter isn't too racy; it seemed appropriate for a poem using a form Sappho used. I also wished to capture something of the fragmentary nature of much of her surviving work.

by Olusegun Arowolo |
Categories: life, love, love,


Booze I love to take to forget about them
Pain and failure make me to feel dejected
right from time I hated to see oppression
       love is so treasured.

by John Anusie |
Categories: caregiving, life, love, prayer,

The Candelabra: For Mummy Precious Richards On Her Birthday


Euphonious today is the tone 
And though tomorrow is shrouded , unknown,
I trust it holds a blissful opaline pod
And to this repose a prayer to our Lord and God.


Some court are songless and dark
Some have lost their Eden park
But I saw a songbird over your window sill
And you sat cushy on Croesus seal
Away, away from fears,away from tears.

Your place is among the stars
Where the twelve streams of Elysus 
Flow; God has made you 
 A salt to this nation,
The candelabra of the world!

Choice birthday greetings to you.

by Yoni Dvorkis |
Categories: allegory, art

Grace of 42

When the time is right for the child of laughter
Look on all corruption of love from anger
Place yourself in hands that could end the madness 
Fade into graceful

by Jemmy Farmer |
Categories: love

Xanthous Yellow (Sapphic Stanza)

I fell in love amid the xanthous yellow
as clarions of daffodils awaken
in the gently warming winds of April's song
to the springtime air.

As soft as the breeze she took hold of my hand
and led me to places only lovers see,
draped in faded charms of cherry tree blossom
my heart came alive.

In her kiss, a tender moment of rebirth,
the empty soul I was stirred into being
my transition in her loving embrace
a heart’s destiny.

by Tracy Decker |
Categories: angst, life, love,


Waiting only forces the old wounds open - 
suffer, silent, pray that the guards will falter,
standing vigilant at mistrusting doorways;
ego, their master.

by Daljit Khankhana |
Categories: educationmum, , cute,

My Mum and Me

Love,  calumniousness and my calmness.
Caste, colour and religion, castrating me pish. 
Pitiable placability, pendiculation and scurrllity,
A scullion leads ashtray, arrogant, juggling kiss.
In funds gainsay gad about, execute fustigation,
Fulsome excelration and Ju Ju, jest misconceived stress. 
A gawk but gallant frizzled fuddle and frolic,
Exert pickings pick some picaroon phrenetic bliss. 
A cry diverted diversion, a dither distrusted hope,
A burning light touched a grand heart becomes bless.

by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: life, love, romantic,

Lovestruck Sapphic Verse


                               Saw the eagle turning of his hero head

                               Saw the whisper of a smile upon the lips for kissing

                               Yearned for a night without a dawning;

                               Silently he nodded while sat I with folded hands…..

Victoria Anderson-Throop

by Jemmy Farmer |
Categories: places

Top of the Chair

My mountain place beneath the storm,
a home to spirits from long ago,
the place where floating clouds are born
and look below.

The voice of Man cannot compare
to solemn songs of mountain breeze
where I sit in deepest prayer
while spirits tease.

In silence, they overcome me,
in hazy gasps of living breath.
Released, my soul is ever free
and fears no death.

The view of nature’s love surrounds
and modern days just fade away.
Upon her peaks and hallowed grounds
I see gods play.